Peak SJW: leftist video game forum NeoGAF disintegrates

Alek Novy recently mentioned some drama happening on NeoGAF, which is (or was?) arguably the biggest video game forum on the Internet. It’s sadly a liberal cesspool. Over there, people get banned for stating that they vote Republican. Yet, if you write that you will buy the new Wolfenstein game because you want to shoot Nazis, you get applauded. NeoGAF is so big and so lib-waah-wal that they were one of the biggest traffic sources for Hillary’s website in her failed run for president. I used to skim NeoGAF every once in a while as it is a decent enough news aggregator, even though the site is full of idiots.

NeoGAF has been down for a few days now. It’s quite amusing what the reason is. What happened is that as a sign of protest due to the alleged sexist behavior of the guy running the site, the moderators collectively quit. Probably one of those douches wiped out the server, which caused the outage. You may now wonder what has happened. Is the guy running NeoGAF really such a sexist asshole? Quite the contrary, he’s a bit of a tool who occasionally writes about his encounters with women and the old-school PUA stuff he awkwardly pulls off. What broke the camel’s back, though, was one particular encounter:

Years ago, he traveled with some chick who had a boyfriend. Said chick got wasted. In their hotel room, she first vomits, then takes a shower. The “NeoGAF CEO” sees an opportunity and joins her in the shower. She does not want it, so she refuses his advances. Yet, sometime later (weeks?), she willingly enters a fuck buddy relationship with him. That was years ago, though. Now she’s pissed and wants to get back at him, so she claims sexual assault, and the leftist mob of moderators on NeoGAF tears down the forum.

(There is another story floating around according to which he grabbed the ass of a girl who asked him to buy her a drink. He justified this, like a PUA-tard, as a “power move” to establish his dominance.)

This story above is downright bizarre. First, if a woman hangs out with you one-on-one, travels with you, sleeps in the same hotel room and gets wasted, it’s nigh certain that she wants to fuck you. Second, if a woman becomes your fuckbuddy, she can’t plausibly claim that you sexually assaulted her in the past. Seriously, how traumatic could that experience have been, considering that she readily hopped on his dick? You can’t just pull out a sexual assault claim whenever it is convenient. She trusted the dude enough to let him fuck her repeatedly, after alleged sexual assault happened, for crying out loud! Yet, now that the fuckbuddy relationship has ended, for whatever reason, a sexual assault charge comes in handy, right?

But, hey, since when would a leftist mob be impressed by reasoning and logic? In their worldview, a woman can do no wrong and if she says she has been sexually assaulted, then it is proven that she has been sexually assaulted. The outcome, i.e. the likely imploding of NeoGAF, is quite positive. I, for one, am very happy that this leftist cesspool has been taken a serious hit.

16 thoughts on “Peak SJW: leftist video game forum NeoGAF disintegrates

    1. The left glorifies violence against anyone who is not on the left. You may have come across slogans like, “let’s punch Nazis” or, which Richard Spencer so admirably mocked, “this machine kills fascists” as a T-shirt print.

    2. Yeah but Nazis are a perennial villain of American pop culture ever since the 1940s. It’s not really ideological any more than a video game where you fight the Soviet Union would be right wing.

      Btw the “this machine kills fascists was something Woody Guthrie put on his guitar during WW2, so again, referring to actual fascists, not anyone who is not on the left (though it has been co-opted).

    3. according to the left now, if you voted for Trump you are a nazi and should be shot.

  1. I think this “hey me having consensual but regrettable sex” is called “Grey rape” by the great SJW crowd.

    I wonder if guys in university (or any guy for that matter) needs to install those Nest apps and devices.

    Of course, SJW logic would say “see! By installing those video cameras and protecting himself against a false rape charge he knew he was committing a crime!”

    1. True fan: By installing those video cameras and protecting himself against a false rape charge he’ll be guilty of revenge porn. No matter what you do. You’re fucked if a woman accuses you. Even if you escape legal problems. Even if she later admits she made the story up. Your social life will suffer damage. And likely your career will suffer. It’s not very likely anyone will hire you for a job. They won’t risk their name being damaged by hiring someone who has been accused of rape. Even if these accusations are proven to be false.

    2. True fan: Sadly i speak from experience. I was lucky it never turned up on the internet. But almost all of my social circle turned against me. My career suffered for it. And even after the girl admitted she made the story up. There were still people who treated me like a rapist. And the girl suffered no consequences at all for doing this to me.

  2. Granted, I last played Wolfenstein many years ago, but the bad guys did dress like, talked like and acted like Nazis. It is also set during the second world war. Unless the new version has guards wearing MAGA hats, I think people are a little jumpy. Shooting Nazis was a thing back then.

    1. I think the connection is that a libtard with an XBox can find an outlet for his frustration by shooting Nazis in Wolfenstein and view them as stand-ins for Trump supporters. On that note, NeoGAF was also very excited when it was revealed that Mafia III has a black protagonist who is put in situations where he can mow down white men.

  3. I hope all the cuck’s and male feminist wake up. The news is full with story’s of dude’s like this being thrown under the bus lately. These male feminist supporters are all stabbed in the back. That’s what you get for kissing a woman’s ass. Women dont respect men that suck up to them. They are the first in line to be sacrificed on the feminist altar.

    1. That’s the main thing that surprised me about all of this. Let’s be real for a second… It’s not like people on the right are “angels”… At least not according to the crazy definition of what constitutes “assault” or “harassment”.

      A lot of these leftists are falling for shit that’s at best akward attempts at flirting or escalation. Let’s be real, there’s just as many akward attempts at from people who aren’t leftists…

      But why are all the victims of this witch hunt leftist men? That definetely says something. I don’t know what (can make guess), but it’s definetely saying something.

    2. Alek Novy: why are all the victims of this witch hunt leftist men? They are the one’s trying to put their dick in crazy leftist women. They are like the black widow spiders. After they are done with the males. They eat them. This is mostly the case when the women are stronger than the men. That’s why it’s stupid to try to empower them. If you kiss women’s asses. You communicate that you’re lower status than they are. It turns them off. They will lose respect. And they’ll eat you alive if it benefits them.

    3. Correct. Any man claiming to be a feminist just wants to get his dick wet.
      It’s a very submissive form of cooperation.

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