Western degeneracy: “refugees” burning down housing is enrichment!

I just watched Black Pigeon Speaks’ truly sickening video of the Grenfell Tower incident. Let me give a brief summary: a large residential building in London went up in flames. As it turned out, the cause was a fire in an apartment. Many of the tenants were illegal immigrants.

I don’t want to belittle the personal tragedies that resulted from the fire, but it rubs me the wrong way that those illegals are now supposed to get amnesty, i.e. permanent residency if not British citizenship. Also, they got new housing in a luxury development, provided for by the tax payer.

Here’s the video by Black Pigeon Speaks:

As a reminder, setting taxpayer-funded housing on fire is a popular strategy among “refugees”. Here is a case that many of you may not know about. Last autumn, “protesters” in a German city burnt down their housing, causing roughly 10 million Euros in damage because, well, you’ll never guess it:

Groups were angry when chocolate spread and confectionery were not available after dark, despite it being available during the day. Meals at the centre had been cancelled because of Ramadan, when Muslims do not eat during daylight hours. Protesters shouted: ‘There isn’t enough Nutella, Gummibears and chocolate’.

It’s un-fucking-believable.

14 thoughts on “Western degeneracy: “refugees” burning down housing is enrichment!

  1. Londen is lost anyway. Maybe they should burn it all down. I wouldn’t want to live in londen even if they would pay me. He makes some good points. On the other hand doesn’t this apply for most off the city? The english gave most off their capital city away to immigrants. I think londen is a great example what not to do with your country. It’s mayer is even a foreigner with a other culture. Basically you could say it’s a foreign city in England. I travelled England one time. The country side and small villages are ok. Most of the big city’s are horrible places. The weather is horrible. The women are horrible.I never felt the need to go back to England.

  2. I am glad BPS had a video on that apt thing. I was wondering why even in North America that the building fire was world news. I mean a building on fire happens in the world. Why is it that this building on fire is on repeated news cycle?

    Oh and how come we don’t see those nasty activities these European newcomers are up to on TV?

  3. When a plane crashed into two buildings in Amsterdam. They had the brilliant idea to house some off the mostly african people livings there in a new build luxury area in my city. After two months it was unrecognisable. It turned into a ghetto in no time. When they had found other housing after six months and they were relocated they had to renovate the hole area. Almost all of the homes that were just build six months ago already needed renovation. They kept it out off the media in the time before social media. Maybe somebody should make a before and after video of the luxury homes in Londen.

  4. Aaron, this is only semi-related to the current post, but I’m gonna ask you something that I’m surprised no one has asked you in this blog AFAIK: what is your stance on the so-called alt-right movement?

    I rather sense that you align with them on a lot of issues but have given up on any “romantic” views about a Utopian all-white Europe, past or future.

    1. You are correct. I would consider myself part of the alt-right. However, this does not mean that anyone can now dig up some obscure claim by other self-proclaimed alt-right members and state that those views are my own as well. In addition, I am convinced that the Western world is doomed. The only hope would be a strong leader, think along the lines of Duterte, who would be willing to restate law and order and clean up the whole fucking mess. You would have to start at zero, create a very small government, close all “universities”, with the exception of a very small number of technical universities, and those would have to be pruned of leftist influences as well. For instance, you have professors teaching “gender perspectives” in computer science and bullshit like that these days.

    2. As you say, each individual has its own definition of what alt-right means to him personally. If I may, problem with the common member of the alt-right is that:

      1) They don’t seem to believe there’s something like an irrelevant jew. They usually attack not only the Soros or Rothschilds (jews with power), Israel or hardcore Zionists, but any run-of-the-mill jew.

      2) It plainly discourages integration from other regions. I’m a white-skinned 6’0 guy, but since I’m Latin American, I’ll be forever out of touch with them. Which in the end is fine I guess, since our struggles are different, even though they align in the desire for an excretion of Socialist influence (a century-old fight by now) and “Progressivism” (a modern one), which would go a long way in fixing the region’s problems (but not completely).

  5. Man the right is getting scary nowadays with ppl like you calling for a new dictator, questioning holocaust and glorifying the failure that is Hitler. Im worried because more and more ppl are turning right
    Then again, for a balanced view, i also dislike the extremism from the left
    As a moderate liberal im worried about the possibility of conflict this could bring. like to avoid conflicts as much as possible.
    Why cant we all just be friends and live in peace with eachother!!! It shouldn’t be this hard! I might disagree with you but i don’t hate you or wish to bring harm/violence to get my way.

    1. Why cant we all just be friends and live in peace with eachother? That would be wonderfull. Sadly it’s not how human nature works. People from different tribes fight. It’s nature. It’s biology. You can see the same with lots of animal species. That’s wy it’s a stupid thing to force one tribe to let in a other tribe. To live among them and use their resources. It’s a natural reaction for them to fight. This is wy it’s better for everyone if they all have a territory for themselves. Humans are tribal and territorial. They fight for territory, resources and women. multiculturalism doesn’t work. Specially when you force one group to give up on their resources to benefit the other group. The natural reaction off every dominant territorial animal will be to chase off or kill the intruder. Nothing to do with good or evil. Just nature.

    2. I was talking about the inner-tribe conflict though ben, since the left and right are both white ppl.

      In any case are you sure humans are tribal by nature? This article says we’re all communists instead. By nature.

      So taking in that,i feel like we can do this and europe doesnt have gun ownership so i dont get where you get the civil war idea from. Was there a civil war between jews and nazis? It was pretty orderly. Genocidal efficiency.

    3. The left have created a extreme situation. The survival off the tribe is at stake now. There are only two opinions left. Fight or flight. Whites are running every time a area becomes diversified. They are running out off spaces to flee to. So the only option left will be to fight. It’s about survival. It’s about the right to exist as a people. The left has been radical for a long time now. For years and years they silence every other opinion. That time is over. People on the right are not afraid anymore. They are waking up to the fact that unless something radical is done soon their people wont have a future. It’s not a question if there will be civil war. It’s when will it blow up. When people fight for survival all politics go’s out the window. Only one group can have a future in the west. The others will die. We already past the point off no return. This is goings to be the most brutal war the world has ever seen. After this ww2 will seem like a picnic. If there’s anything left after this.

    4. White people are going to fight eachother as well. The left will fight with the migrants against the right. Some will switch side. You already see this happening with women leaving feminism. It’s hard to predict everything. But there will be killing amongst whites as well. Civil war is very chaotic that’s wy it’s so brutal. But people will fight that’s a sure thing. maybe tomorrow, maybe in 15 years. Oh and the communist propaganda wtf? It’s not that i didn’t see communist propaganda before. I was bombarded at school with this stuff every day. It just doesn’t work in practice. In theory it’s not looking that bad. But it always fails and it will always keep failing. It go’s against human nature. When things go bad people only think about themselves and the people close to them. Nothing else matters.

  6. Jon ‘europe doesnt have gun ownership so i dont get where you get the civil war idea from? You are right that most European notions have strict gun laws. That doesn’t mean you cant buy them. It’s part off the problem. Criminals have guns. Terrorist have guns. The government has guns. The only ones without guns are the law abiding citizens. If i want a to buy a gun i can do this within a hour or two. I can get a AK47 within a day or two. I can buy every gun i like. Just because it’s illegal doesn’t mean you cant get it on the black market. Oh and you dont need a gun to do damage. You can make a bomb with household items. Or use a car, or knifes. If people want to kill eachother they’ll find a way. Have you seen the shooting in Paris? Were that guys concerned that they didn’t have a permit for their guns?

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