Interracial hierarchies of sexual attraction, or: why Asian men are almost as fucked as Black women

I’ve been writing about issues related to dating Western women recently, with the obvious implication that non-Western women may be worth exploring. In that context, we have also had some heated discussions about interracial dating in the comments. Among others, readers brought up that Asian men might have difficulties dating, as they tend to be shorter and less masculine than whites.

The topic of interracial dating certainly deserves more attention. As a first attempt, though, I’ll paint with rather broad strokes. This means that I will greatly simplify the complexities of the real world. To make it really simple, let’s assume there are only three races: Whites, Blacks, and Asians. (If you are a lefty and want to whine about me using an antiquated term like “race”: get the fuck out. You’re not welcome here. Oh, and of course this post is completely tongue-in-cheek, like srsly.)

How do men of our three races stack up: I’d say the ordering is pretty clear: White, Asian, Black. Whites are smart and taller than Asians. Asians are smarter than whites, but less imposing. Blacks are normally limited by their IQ and “culture”, albeit there are certainly exceptions to the rule. If IQ is your primary consideration, then the ranking is Asian, White, Black, but the real world only rewards IQ if it leads to money. If you could chose in your next life, become a white Aryan God with an IQ of 130+ instead of an Asian genius with an IQ of 150+. You’ll be better off overall.

With women it’s almost the same ordering: Asian, White, Black. You can see this play out in everyday life if you just look around. Successful black men want white girlfriends. Successful white men want Asian girlfriends, and thankfully, plenty of petite Asian girls love themselves some tall, smart Aryan genes. Heck, one of the foremost authorities on race, Adolf Hitler, called the Japanese “honorary Aryans”, so miscegenation of Asian women and White men can be understood to have been approved at the highest level.

But let’s be a bit more systematic and look at each race in isolation. Let’s start with whiteys: White men are disinclined to date black women, can tolerate their own, but top-shelf white men tend to pick Asian women. White women, with the exception of garbage-tier mud sharks, normally want to date a white man. They reject Asians. Only when they get older and less attractive, they may settle for a black man. Indeed, there is rampant sex tourism to Africa.

Asian men like dating their own, would not want to date black women, but have a hard time dating white women, as they tend to be taller and bigger than Asian men are. Thus, they are essentially limited to their own race. A problem Asian men face is competing with white men on their turf. White expats in Beijing and Tokyo are cleaning up with the ladies. True, it’s only a particular kind of women, but there is a significant portion who consider a white boyfriend or husband a status symbol. Their genes are also desired, as they normally lead to significantly taller children than they could expect with an Asian partner.

Black men only stick to black women if they have no alternative. Head over to your favorite alternative to Google, and search for posts in which black women complain that black men don’t want to date them. Yes, it seems that black men view white women as a status symbol. There is certainly no shortage of famous black dudes with white wives and girlfriends. Black man/Asian woman pairings are quite rare, though. Lastly, black women: their own men don’t want them (see above), Asians don’t want them, and whites don’t want them either. Even worse is that, they want to marry up, like all women do, but Daddy Government is hard to beat, and a lot of their male peers aren’t doing so hot on the job market, so the only demographic they would have a reasonable shot at isn’t all that attractive to them either.

So, that’s my totally serious take on interracial dating.

59 thoughts on “Interracial hierarchies of sexual attraction, or: why Asian men are almost as fucked as Black women

  1. Just that I disagree with the title: “why Asian men are almost as fucked as Black women”

    In my observation, it is a strict inequality (Asian men are even more fucked than black women). Black culture puts a much stronger emphasis on athleticism, men on average score higher in masculinity and dominance than even white guys, that means Black women only look for these traits in their partners, so gone the chance for Asian guys. Black women do have good booties to put on the table, they share traits similar to Latino women, so they are still spicy, best served when in heat.

    The correct order in terms of the size of sexual pools is as followed: white, black, asian (EAST ASIAN, SOUTH-EAST ASIAN, SOUTH ASIAN). Those who grow up on Eurasian steppes (Mongolia and Kazakhstan) or Caucasus mountains (Georgian or Chechen) are a different breed altogether, they will laugh and kick you in the arse if you dare to place them at the bottom, so a strong categorization of this “asian” term must be applied.

    Now within that specified “asian”, we can place Korea apart, as it will be shown in my upcoming post, they fare quite better than their brothers in other areas (including these Japanese). So this left us with some typical countries (but not all): China (PRC and RPC or Taiwan); Japan; Vietnam; India).

    India deserves a separate treatment, which I sadly cannot afford due to my utter ignorance of this region, I will leave it Johnny, the author of Johnny Journey’s to speak for himself as a representative.

    1. There is no absolutely no way that Indians can be below East Asians or Mongoloids; many Indians are basically dark skinned White people because they belong to the same “Caucasoid” race, and many Indians from different regions of India basically look like Middle Easterners and Southern Europeans (especially North and Western) parts of India. There is a diversity of looks within India, and South Asia as a whole and you can’t generalize it into a box. I really don’t understand why people generalize Indians and South Asians as being at the bottom; when clearly they can clean up with women if they have their act together, and they do.

      Then you have the Indians from the Southern parts of India, and these are the really really dark skinned Indians but even they can be tall and they basically look like white people with black to dark brown skin. Basically they can enjoy the best of both worlds, they have Caucasian features with black to brown skin, and if they don’t have any cultural issues, then they should pull just fine. I would say Indians that aren’t short, or don’t have confidence or social or cultural issues, would up there with Latino or Black men and assimilate fast, and absolutely have no problems with women. And I have seen this play out in real life…..

  2. I’m filippino which is considered the blacks of Asia and I do prefer black women which feels like a curse; however, they are as much as unattainable as any other race to me. I’ve dated a black woman who actually preferred Asian men but recieved a lot of attention from men and was happy to socialize with them and thought nothing of it but strictly apart of her personality to be a social. I’ve been online dating and 90% of my responses come from black women (no surprise) Since they have to be open minded to dating down but it does suck knowing they all have an agenda and monkey branch as soon as something better comes along or use you for whatever reason.

  3. This is interesting. A friend of mine complains about being caucasoid asian and dating women of a caucasoid race. What do you think about his situation?

    Come to think of it, I don’t he’d have a problem if he tries to stick to his own race though.

  4. This is by far the most idiotic article on the internet. The fact that you believe that because you are white, that white is a more dominant race. You are exactly what’s wrong with America. Your radical and derogatory comments are appalling.

    1. My problem with this article is the other way round: it seams like Aaron read my mind – he writes exactly what i think about this topic. And it is beautifully politicly incorrect.

      Now this probably means i am in my own echo chamber when i read this blog, so i shouldn´t do this too often 🙂

    2. Dominique you completely misunderstood the article. Read it again. Pay attention this time.

  5. Aaron what do you think of cases like this?

    Also the IQ’s of East Asians nations are false and fudged up and highly distorted for a fact.

    East Asian countries like China, corrupt and distort their IQ samples by only selecting well performing or well off school districts and then leaving out their massive peasant populations with double digit IQ’s out of these surveys. They also have their students practice tests like the IQ test before they take these global surveys thus shifting the results unfairly.

    The real mongoloid IQ is very low and is in the double digits, this can be seen in the mongoloid nations that are not well off, and don’t resort to such measures. Like the Tibetan or Uighyur or Bhutanese IQ samples which is double digits.

    1. Interestingly, East Asian immigrants also have higher IQ than local whites.

      Population IQ is strongly influenced by reproductive arrangement therefore I think Tibetan, Uighyur and Bhutanese shouldn’t be put in the same basket as China, Korea and Japan. Polyandry and polygyny compared to monogamy have dysgenic effect on population IQ. In China, Korea and Japan monogamy is much more prevalent compared to Himalayas and even rest of the world.

      I’ve read somewhere that if you draw a line in central Asia separating muslim from non-muslim countries you will incidentaly also separate normal IQ countries from below-average ones. Author claimed this was caused by polygyny being more common in Islamic countries.

      In Europe not only was monogamy enforced(at least for majority of population) but also Roman civil law demanded from spouses to be consanguinicaly separated by at least 4 degrees. Catholic church continued this practice after the collapse of Roman Empire.

    2. What we see with many of these so called “East Asian” immigrants, is a selection effect whereby the affluent and wealthy and well off ones are the primary migrants to Western countries. Because there are so many of these Mongoloids (3 billion?), a couple percentage of their population being well off and having a “high-IQ” makes it seem as though the majority of them do indeed have a high IQ falsely when only this select percentage are the ones that migrate overseas or to western countries; combined with the fact that the many of these East Asian countries like China falsely report their IQ scores by only selecting a portion of their populations from select well-performing district and cities, (in the case of China, usually their coastal and affluent cities) and then also having their students take mock IQ tests or standardized test preparation classes unlike the students from non-Asian countries, before they take the actual global IQ test surveys, thereby unfairly slanting and artificially boosting the IQ scores of their population on world surveys and rankings. Once the Chinese claimed their IQ was actually 200 on average, which is impossible given the logistics….

      However, since the outside world only glimpses this percentage of their population on paper and on these surveys; one needs to live and actually inhabit these East Asian countries, to actually see their real authentic populations and peoples in action. And having done that, there is absolutely no way that these Mongoloids are high IQ people. Because the vast vast majority of these Mongoloids in places like China are not intelligent people at all, if not downright dimwitted and stupid, and I would venture to say the IQ of the masses of Mongoloids not covered by these tests, are very low and actually in the double digits.

      If the actual low-IQ mainstream masses of these mongoloid countries, from the rural and not so well-off areas of these mongoloid nations, were to immigrate to the U.S, the stereotypes and perceptions of them would change, and be akin to how online HBD racists perceive low-IQ ghetto Hispanic and Black populations and there would be massive backlashes against them in the West, just like against illegal Mexican immigrants in America.

      “Population IQ is strongly influenced by reproductive arrangement therefore I think Tibetan, Uighyur and Bhutanese shouldn’t be put in the same basket as China, Korea and Japan. Polyandry and polygyny compared to monogamy have dysgenic effect on population IQ. In China, Korea and Japan monogamy is much more prevalent compared to Himalayas and even rest of the world.”

      This is false and you obviously completely missed my point; Tibetans are not Muslims and don’t really practice polygamy, neither do Bhutanese people, and many South East Asians (whom are of Mongoloid extraction), and Uighyurs do not practice mainstream Islam but their own version of it. However what all these people have in common, is that they have majority mongoloid genes and markers and genetically close to mainstream East Asian populations, if not identically racially to them. Also many Central Asian populations TODAY, and not Ancient ones, are basically genetic mongrels and hybrids of White Indo-European peoples and various types of Mongoloid types from Eastern Asia.

      And yet their real actual authentic IQ scores are all in the medium double digits. Why is that? Well because since these nations and peoples, whom are racially akin to the Mongoloids of Eastern Asia or share genetic ties with them, are not well off and affluent like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, coastal rich Chinese cities, (all of these nations were once third world cesspits and cesspools before the Western countries made them developed and affluent for globalization and trading reasons etc and not affluent by themselves independently); and since they don’t selectively bias and corrupt their sample populations for IQ surveys by only selecting well-performing school districts for their IQ representation and samples on global surveys and having a school system primarily based on standardized test practice and rote memorization; what we see from these double digit IQ mongoloid nations is the real true original actual IQ of the mainstream mongoloid masses of Asia. It’s funny because the IQ’s of these affluent Mongoloid countries BEFORE MODERN DEVELOPMENT, ARE NOT REPORTED ON GLOBAL IQ SURVEYS, I wonder why? You can figure that one out yourself!

      Although there are exceptions, but even countries like North Korea and Mongolia also highly distort, exaggerate, and artificially boost up their IQ scores on international surveys by utilizing the exact same methods and practices as the other East Asian countries do, but when one goes to these countries, one can see the real authentic low-IQ masses that characterize their population in action.

      Also polygamic practices were seen in Asian countries independent of Islam and still in some circles and areas are still practiced today in countries like China and have been practice in a de facto manner by the elites of these countries. I thought I would just like to point that out.

      “In Europe not only was monogamy enforced(at least for majority of population) but also Roman civil law demanded from spouses to be consanguinicaly separated by at least 4 degrees. Catholic church continued this practice after the collapse of Roman Empire.”

      Europe may have been strictly monogamist even to to the period of the dark ages and middle ages. So called Indo-European peoples like the Scythians and Alans and Gothic peoples, the progenitors and ancestors of today’s White European peoples living in countries like Sweden, Germany, Ukraine, Denmark, Switzerland etc etc etc were said to practice incessant inbreeding and monogamy of various kinds before their conversion to Christanity. And their IQ’s very obviously not that high, given ancient descriptions of them by the Greco-Romans and the time period they arrived to Europe from Central Asia and Siberia…..

      However using the same IQ distortion tactics and methods that the Mongoloid nations use on global international surveys by corrupting their sample population represented; educated African immigrants from Africa migrating to Western countries outperformed both Eastern European and East Asian Mongoloid immigrants to Western countries on surveys taken of them. Because only educated African immigrants were selected and held represented in these IQ surveys, for IQ tests and assessments in Western countries, they found that they were equal to or outperformed Mongoloid and European immigrants. And many African nations are big on polygamy.

      The point is to critically think and question a lot of the stuff that’s espoused and repeated all the time, without proper context and background……

    3. I think you should add some sources to your wall of text. In particular, I would *love* to read about educated African immigrants outperforming any other ethnicity. In my opinion, the average IQ of a country is pretty obvious if you visit it. Shithole = bunch of morons. Clean place that runs well = smart people. Thus, some African who is four standard deviations away from the median would never make me believe that Africans are superior to, for instance, the Japanese. On a related note, I had the doubtful pleasure having had to work with black PhD students, and also a few Master’s students, a few times. It makes me cringe to think that those guys took the place of people far more deserving. But, hey, we’re liberal in the West, so let’s not bother with instruments of the patriarchy like standardized tests. In the end, the proof is in the pudding.

    4. I still remember from elementary school Bhutan being used as posterboy for polyandry.

      “In Bhutan in 1914, polyandry was “the prevailing domestic custom.”.[33] Nowadays polyandry is rare, but still found for instance among the Brokpas of the Merak-Sakten region.[34]”.

      Nowadays polyandry is rare but dysgenic influences don’t go away so quickly.

      I’m not trying to defend the Chinese but I’m just saying that judging their national IQ based on Bhutan sample means committing the same kind of sampling bias you are accusing Chinese of.

      Also, are Japan and South Korea also cheating on IQ surveys and PISA tests?

    5. If you want to accuse countries of cheating on studies, then please present proof. Feel free to believe that the intellectually superior Asian countries cheat, but then explain why Africa is such a shit hole, while Japan or South Korea are not. The West has wasted literally trillions of dollars, in an attempt to bring Africa, in which the median is factually a complete moron (IQ70), to our level. For the same amount of money we could all live in our own palace. Seriously, dude, compare Africa to a success story like South Korea. (No, don’t bullshit me that I confuse the continent with its constituent countries. It doesn’t matter as there is no successful African country. Pars pro toto.)

      Oh, and if you want to shit on the Chinese, then look up how their national exams work, and what cultural consequences they have. Hint: those exams have been the key to powerful positions, which means that smart people got rich, or at the very least comfortable, and had the means to procreate. Thus, this leads to an outcome that is the diametral opposite of the West, where we subsidize low-IQ scum to outbreed us.

    6. @Aaron
      I assume you share Roger Köppels view about the West pumping money into Africa for nothing: that is to just stop it.
      Although, he does not refer to the IQ, which I find strange, since he does not have an issue being politically incorrect.

      Btw, this is practically the only Swiss news paper not contaminated with leftist idiology. So much as for their “neutral” stance (hint: they totally lick Brussels and USA’s ass). Since Women were allowed to vote in the early 80s the country has been on a decline, but that’s a whole different topic.

    7. Frankly, if Africa doesn’t prove that there are enormous differences in ability and ambition among ethnicities/races, then nothing does. Of course, leftist morons have their “magic dirt” theory, so they are like drunkards taking a walk on a highway, firmly convinced that cars don’t exist.

    8. So Aaron, I notice that you were completely silent on the linked story in my post; doesn’t that story negate the fact that looks don’t matter that much at all? Just please read and look at that story. Or do you think that girl is a desperate gold digger in a poor shit country hence this odd arrangement?

    9. What does one single case prove? Besides, if you follow the story, you’ll learn that he has been doing pretty well for himself. Looks/Money/Status does not mean that you need to score highly in all three categories. Money and status go a long way. Besides, it’s not as if he is deformed. He looks pretty okay.

    10. Aaron

      That guy is ugly as fuck, just admit it; he looks like he has down syndrome; he is definitely not “okay looking” in the Western aesthetic sense, infact he looks down right ugly from any other girl’s standpoint besides that of an Asian; no way would you expect a guy like that to pull any sort of hot girl in real life, especially non-Asian ones. Especially not the girl like in this story; are you finally admitting that perceived social status and money can overcome looks?

      Please give a large lengthy analysis, and overview of your thoughts on the linked story and why/how this case came about! I am sure lots of readers here would appreciate something like that….

    11. 1) I never said that you need to score high on all of L/M/S.

      2) You are a guest on this blog. You don’t tell me what to do.

  6. @xaxsparrior:

    I would agree with your commentary. I personally think many Indian people, both males and females, can be physically attractive. The sort of beauty that is comparable to those in Iran (the Persians), in Iraq and other Muslim countries.

    However, when it comes to talking to Indian males, it just makes me cringe. They have a lot of obstacles in their way: their accent, their cultural imprints, their mannerism.

    This is why I said India deserves a separate treatment, since it represents its own unique contradictory characteristics.

  7. I don’t care about race too much as long as she’s reasonably young and in shape. Ideally I’d be with a white girl (I’m white), but for whatever reason the girls who’ve been interested in me have all been either black or Filipino. So that’s what I end up dating.

    1. You allude to an important point. While I can’t tell you much about blacks — no, I’m not a racist, but black women just don’t turn me on —, I have experienced that non-Western women don’t tend to play games. With a Western girl, it may easily happen that they are completely into you, but play hard-to-get. That gets old pretty fast. On the other hand, basically all non-Western women I’ve interacted with made it very clear when they were interested in me.

  8. I’ve always liked that the fact the you just speak what’s on your mind even if it comes off as politically “incorrect.”

    Hope all is well with you, Aaron.

    Interesting, how you say white men tend to prefer Asian women? Perhaps this is more common in Germany? I definitely see this race pairing in Eastern Canada and now in Western Canada but I don’t find it to be super common. Even though us Canadians are supposed to be more laid back and liberal, I tend to hear nothing but racists jokes and snide remarks about white men who date Asian women. “He’s only with her because he can’t get a white women.” I suppose that’ll never go away. I do know the odd white guy guy who prefers Asian women, though. I also some white guys who only like black women. I guess at the end of the day it just matters if you’re happy.

    1. Those remarks tend to come from bitter women as well as from men who can’t quite compete on the sexual marketplace.

    2. You’re just afraid of strong women is a similar remark you get as well when you prefer more domestic oriented women.

    3. …top-shelf white men tend to pick Asian women…

      Well, where I live, the top shelf white lawyers, doctors, engineers and Ivy League men are married to top shelf white women. There is only one man who is married to a Phillippino woman. He is not a top shelf man but has an adequate amount of money to take care of a family. He drinks and beats his wife often. White or black women wouldn’t want him.

  9. @xaxsparrior

    singapore turned from a swamp to a semi-first world country in 50 years and is measured to have the highest IQ in the world. asian american make more money then other races. obviously IQ is correlated to ones standard of living, as sad as that inference maybe. hbd is actually a very sad theory which makes me as an original liberal uncomfortable.


    look up african immigration to USA wikipedia article. This subgroup of blacks do extremely well and better than the average asian american

    also maybe you should add muslim/arab males/females in the mix. I’ve seen german white women with arab guys, but rarely see muslim women with other races.

    1. I’ve also noticed that quite a bit of African immigrants from places like Ghana and Nigeria are pretty damn smart and have their shit together. Some of their parents are even more strict than Asian parents. This is all anecdotal though.

    2. Yes, it’s all anecdotal. A bunch of guys with an IQ four standard deviations from the mean doesn’t prove that the average African is as smart or even smarter than the average non-Muslim Asian.

    3. Singapore is actually the worst case one can make for HBD; Singapore was literally built by drug money of the British empire; and because the British empire needed an outpost and stopping place for their fleets and trade ships to stop to while they were busy trying to loot as much of Asia as possible. Which is the genesis and main reason why rich city states like Singapore exists.

      Singapore was entirely built up and down by the British and Western investors and mercantilism; much of the economy of Singapore as well as it’s infrastructure was financed by Opium and Drug money that the British were garnering as a result of the opium wars. Without such Western intervention and kindness of the European colonial throwing bread crumbs here and there and “investing” in certain places, Singapore would be the swamp shit hole it was before the Brits landed there. Singapore is the worst example you can use for arguments supporting HBD sorry to say!

  10. @xaxsparrior

    I don’t think that asian guy is that ugly. he just about average which sounds right to me. It may be that that Ukranian girl is actually an average girl too in that country. and your just blinded by the low quality white women in your neighbourhood. Or the men may be lower quality(drunkards etc like in Russia where alcoholism is common. So the sexual marketplace may favor men disadvantaged in the West.

    And as Sleazy said a N of 1 isnt really proof, as there are alot of other “mismatches” on the web.

    Also you may have quite anti-Asian views for whatever reason. Down-syndrome is just too big a word for that guy. He still taller than her too. Also there are white women with an asian fetish. She may be one of them.

  11. I remember reading somewhere about how the ashkinazi Jews are the most intelligent race. Though I’ve never met one. I wonder which race is the most influential in the arts? Asians, musically, don’t seem to produce the most creative music, but I’ve seen performances where they’re technically extremely proficient at an instrument. But then whites seem to be at the forefront of innovation in the music scene. Though, there was a brief movement of blacks in the US some time ago which were very creative and influential, but they seem to have mostly regressed since then.

  12. Ok, Aaron, what the hell happened to you?! I remember how you were holding a sane middle ground between feminists and “manurespherians”, but now you are pretty much indistinguishable from Roosh with the exception that you are better with women. However, in all other matters, you might as well be one of the writers at Return of Kings.

    I mean, didn’t you criticize Roosh for his catering of “lowest common denominator of the lowest of the Internet” with his “race totem pole of attractiveness”?! And yet now compile such lists yourself?!

  13. I’m an Asian and I think you are spot on. Asian males “lose” out due mainly because on average they are smaller. I am 1.8m and do Olympic weightlifting, I was above average even in the UK. Personally I never encountered any racism at all in daily life and even some good looking mulattas were attracted to me at the gym or in clubs.

    1. Did you read carefully?

      1. Black men only get garbage tier white women but white men get the top tier white women.
      2. White men swear off white women by choice but Asian men lose out on Asian women.
      3. A alpha pick-up artist that claims white women only want to date white men is incapable of utilizing this advantage to get a quality white woman!

      “Those remarks tend to come from men who can’t quite compete on the sexual marketplace.” Oh the mental gymnastics. :’D

    2. Asian as in South Asian or oriental? Because Asian in UK refer to South Asians like Indian people…..

  14. Hey every, here is a complete list of mental gymnastics

    1. Black men only get garbage tier white women but white men get the top tier white women.

    2. White men swear off white women by choice but Asian men lose out on Asian women.

    3. A alpha pick-up artist that claims white women only want to date white men is incapable of utilizing this advantage to get a quality white woman!

    “Those remarks tend to come from men who can’t quite compete on the sexual marketplace.” Oh the mental gymnastics. :’D

    Aaron, have you noticed the way you swear off white women sounds exactly like the men you criticize?

    Have you noticed your mental gymnastics in claiming black men only get

  15. My father is white and my mother is Filipina. People say I look more white than anything, but I associate strongly with Asian culture. I live in a state that is home to a small Asian population and that has made dating within my race difficult. So, should Asian and half-Asian men consider dating black women? What are my options as a person of mixed race?

  16. “A problem Asian men face is competing with white men on their turf. ”

    ^That’s your point of view though, not Asian men’s. They’re not as bad as you might think or hope for.

    Try hanging out with a bunch of them every once in a while, especially in their native countries. Most Asian men aren’t bothered at all and don’t feel like white men are a competition. They usually don’t care about Asian girls with white men, because those girls are almost always peasants or unattractive by their own standards. A bunch of PUAs in Asia that I’ve sarged with are also aware of this, but have no problems with it since those women would still make better GFs or wives than the average white woman. The Asian men who might feel like they’re in competition with white men are the bottom feeders. I guess the ones who are bothered the most are the ones who fear that too much miscegenation might kill their cultural identity and civilization.

    You’d be surprised by how much their ways of seeing things are different from yours. For example: In the west, we go to nightclubs to meet hot girls. Even celebrities do that. In Asia however, nightclubs or public parties are generally seen as something for losers and for rich peasants (if that makes sense to you). Cool people tend to just have private parties and events by themselves.

    Anyway, I think…

    1. the black men that go for non-black women tend to be the higher-status ones among blacks,

    2. the Asian women that go for non-Asian men tend to be the lower-status ones among Asians,

    3. and the white men and women that go for non-white men and women are pretty much “whatever status”.

    1. 1) is correct
      2) is wrong; spend more time in Asia
      3) LOL; white women going for black men are trash, generally speaking; forget about Heidi Klum dating Seal

      If you think Asian men are cool about white men snatching up their women, go hang out in China, which has a huge male surplus.

  17. All 3 are correct.

    I doubt you’ve spent more time in Asia than me. The time I spent there is enough for me to somehow be able to see the world through their eyes. Those weren’t just my personal opinions. I’ve discussed these things with PUAs in Asia (not the manosphere guys of course) and asked Asian men for their opinions as well. I also remember a poll/thread on race and dating in Japan Lair before, and most of the comments are congruent with the things I said. Asian men wonder why foreign men are always with unattractive Asian women, and some guess that maybe it’s a difference in tastes, or maybe because Asian women with foreign men are seen as slutty or desperate by many, or maybe unattractive and poor Asian women want to take advantage of foreign men, etc.

    Going to Asia expecting you’d be treated like a white god would get you a horde of women longing to feel desirable and worthwhile (either their own men never wanted them or only losers went after them), but hurt your chances with women who don’t have such issues.

    It’s not that Asian men are cool with it, but more like they normally don’t even think about it. They normally don’t think “white men snatching up Asian women” like you do. China has a huge female surplus too. Ever heard of terms like “leftover women”? Plus recently, Chinese men are having this thing about marrying Eastern European women (with high female-to-male ratios), maybe as an alternative to those women.

    As for black men with white women, I guess it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world, but my third point wasn’t just about black men and white women.

    1. Where in Asia were you? What is your socio-economic status? It’s a big place, you know.

      Top-shelf Westerners in Asia do very well with high quality local girls. Of course I’m talking about women with a solid middle class background, a conservative mindset, and a very good education. LBHs (“losers back home”) who come to China to teach English may not fare nearly as well. Oh, look up “Pinkerton Syndrome”.

      In China, white men with Chinese women are not very welcome. No, moron, there are no “surplus women”. In the Chinese population, there is a surplus of men. This is not incompatible with the fact that there are some “leftover women”. You can’t even compare those two facts.

    2. Relax, geez. Here, let me fix it:

      It’s not that Asian men are cool with it, but more like they normally don’t even think about it. They normally don’t think “white men snatching up Asian women” like you do. China has a huge female “surplus” too. Ever heard of terms like “leftover women”? Plus recently, Chinese men are having this thing about marrying Eastern European women (with high female-to-male ratios), maybe as an alternative to those women.

      Nevermind the LBHs. Average men, successful men, and Calvin Klein model-looking men with “captivating” Asian women. Except that those are women who have always been compost heap or nothing special for many Asians. It’s funny for some Asians. Epic fail, in case anyone wants Asians to feel like Gollum whispering “my precious” while seeing his ring on someone else. Well, at least miscegenation is still a threat to the future of their ethnic/cultural identities.

    3. You make me laugh. What’s left for you, now that both Western and Asian women don’t want you? How about some charming black welfare queens that describe their physique as “more to love”?

    4. i’m actually a husband and a father now. your delusions and degeneracy just amused me.

  18. Dear Aaron,
    Thanks for your post, but actually, I’m an Oriental dude from Vietnam who studied in the UK for 3 years. I also traveled much to EU countries for holidays and just came back to my home country to start my real life after graudation.

    From my observation, yes, in general Asian men are on the weaker side compared to other men, especially white men, but that’s not the whole story. It’s not that we cannot date other races, blacks, whites, latinas, middle easterns….but its all about the confidence and the way we are taught since we were born. Things like approaching gals, flirting at public….are considered not nice, slut….ofc things are changing but that affected us a lot.

    I myself while in the UK used to date a Chinese mainland gal, 2 Westerns including a Welsh and a Canadian. So I see no reason why we cannot do that, it’s just about that in Western countries Asian men are desexualized and cosidered not attractive and Western ppl judge Asians based on what they do in Western countries like nail, chefs, take aways….You know what? They are almost the same like most white losers who abandoned their home countries coz they could not afford a good life and hope that Western countries can give em benefits,

    While back in Asia, most of the men here, even the ones who study abroad (they are all wealthy af), come back so they can earn a good life and high quality life. What you say is true, but mostly for the States and white countries, not really true in Asian countries. In our places, Asian men are still the dominant ones who control everything, we are in charge of things not poor white losers coming here as backpackers and ESL teachers. We locals look at backpackers as poor, drunk ones and ESL teachers or some sexpats as losers from their home countries.

    About he women? Really? I would say a big majority of Asian women in Asia WHO go for Western ones are the low quality ones, or medium qulity at best. Our high quality, rich, educated women understand that not all Westerners are rich, nice, galant. There are plenty of white hoaxers, scammers, losers as most the expats come here as ESL teachers, nothing else any better. Only a small percentage of whites come here as specialists, experts, managers….of international firms are good, so they are on a balanced scale with high quality Asian men here. The rest, backpackers, teachers, hoaxers….only attract poor peasant country gals, the too old ones, the ones who divorced and get abandoned by local men, or just some students from poor places who want to learn English, at best.

    Stop bragging about how whites banging a lot of Asian gals in Asia, coz we locals understand it much deeper than you all. They are, at the bars, pubs, or get to know white losers initiatively, sadly, are mostly the poor gals looking for a green card, for financical support or simply sex with a new race, or leftover women who are ugly, bad-mannered by local standards. The medium class, top tier women….will mostly find a top tier Asian men, or at least, they will find high quality whites as good partners. And those high quality whites is just a very small amount in Asia. Coz we know, if you are a good one, you lready have a nice job and a hot wife at home, no need to come to poorer countries as teachers, scammers….

    We Asian men do not care much about those matters, as we welcome white losers to come and tale away our ugliest and leftover women. Most hiipgh and med quality women dont have to find white partners as we have too many educated, respectable and kind, generous Asian men here. All things about Asian men are short, not masculine, not romantic…for fuck sake, is right and wrong, you whites also have thoses as well. It’s just coz you never met a high quality Asian dude from med and high class doesnt mean you say us all are like that okay? Why must pair with a bald, fat loser with no money and future just coz he is white? No we Asian are not that stupid to be tricked back in many years ago.

    No offence, but plz, judge things carefully and stop those illusions like whites are welcomed as gods in Asia, no thanks, we welcome good ones who come here and help and contribute to our places, not poor losers who cannot live well at home, and come here for cheap sex with low quality women. Pls bear in mind that the women you think as high quality and good ones, may not be perceived in the same way as how locals do, and this is our place, so we think and do the way we want.


    1. If you are a Western guy who dates an Asian girl who is either an expat or an exchange student, what are the chances that she is at least upper middle class back? I’d say they are close to 100 %.

    2. Maybe, but at least, that Western guy should be good looking or polite, and seems to have a kinda good future, not the bald fat ones. If you are the bad one with stupid look, it’s most likely that only those gals who are curious about Western guys, or gals who think dating Westerners is cool, or gals who think she can get some benefits and money from them. I tell you this, if it’s about true sentiments and love, we have nothing against it; but if it’s all about a fetish, a trend or money/benefits, we mostly look down on those women who go for foreigners, no matter how her situations are.

      And 97% of gals going with Westerners, I can see that they are normal women with acceptable/average/below average beauty, not the hot ones coz they don’t bother with it, they have too many good Asian dudes around them. Except if the Western dude is as cool as the Asian dudes, then there’s almost no chance he can compete with local men. About expats, except the very good top tier ones, otherwise, they are still looked down coz buying good and centered houses here has never been cheap. Several hundreds to several million US bucks shall be required in order to acquire a private house with owner document, and cars as well (living in big cities, as there is a huge gap between different cities and rural/countryside areas). Mostly, the foreign professionals have jobs which are paid a bit over average income of locals, nothing more, and you also know that salary/wage has never been enough for any life and a decent life. Apart from a small percentage of businessmen, otherwise, people who work as employees, employers for firms, are not seen as wealthy, rich.

      I’m sad to say that based on my exp with both Western and Asian women, Asian women are much much more materialistic. A wealthy, decent one will not go for an average/normal white man, coz those top tier white men already got a good life in white countries with gorgeous white wives, they don’t need to flee to poorer countries hoping for better lives because they think they are white. And there is now always high awareness among local Asians coz there has been way too many cases of white/Western hoaxers, sexpats, trickers, scammers and crooks, they have been realizing that there are good ppl and bad ppl in every country, and there’s 1 thing for sure: if a man is a decent one, 90% of the time there will be no need to go to a less developed countries to live and find cheap, free sex from low moral/manner Asian average women.

  19. Not all Asian men are not masculine. There are masculine, proof his arab men, they have beard, mustache.

    1. That’s the new thing on mainstream media to make arabs look beter. You take the crime statistics of chinese and japanese people (asians). You mix the arabs with their much higher statistics with the low asian crime statistics. You’ll get a more positive average. same with IQ score. Than you present the average crime and IQ numbers as scientific proof that arabs aren’t that stupid and violent. And people who protest against mass immigration are racists bigots. Most people in Europe would gladly trade mr Amed for mr Wong.

  20. Here a couple of observations that I, an almost Asian American from Vietnam, have collected over 6 years in Shanghai and 6 years in the USA, living in different states:

    – HEIGHT: We all know that height is the most important factor that attracts females. In this department, Southern Chinese, Vietnamese, Laos, Cambodian and Japanese fall behind the West. I would say the average height of a Vietnamese male is still 1m63 (5.34ft). Note, however, that boys who grow up in countryside are shorter than guys who spend their childhood in large cities like Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) or Hanoi (our capital).

    Northern Chinese, Mongolians, Kazakhs are higher. When I was in Shanghai, the number of Asian men who were 5’11-6’0 was not small at all, but still not as prevalent as in the USA. Sons of wealthy families are usually tall and have a good sense of fashion. On average, a Northern Chinese is usually taller their Southern counterparts. Mongolians and Kazakhs were also of large built and taller, though they tend to be rather fat due to their typical diets.

    The good news for newer generation in Vietnam is they grow taller. Whenever I take a stroll through Saigon’s streets, I could spot quite a few guys whose heights fall in the range of 5’11.

    – MUSCULATURE: Whether Northern or Southern Chinese, Northern or Southern Vietnamese, men are not particularly strong and muscular. The first reasons for this is there is no strong sport culture in China or Vietnam. Men look scrawny (I looked very skinny when I was young). One factor that contributes to this is the education system in two countries. Sports are downplayed while heavy academic subjects such as Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology become the main focus of academic life. Mastering these subjects is the golden ticket to a good and cushy job. As a result, smart guys do not have time to work out and devote their time to study. We almost lose our childhood due to this cursed system, so gruel and cruel that we have to endure for a good 12 years.

    Luckily gyms are rising right now in Vietnam, at least in my city (Saigon). I am positive that more men in post-college participate in these gyms. So we are slowly improving.

    In contrast, Kazakhs and Mongolians live in a very martial society. They love martial arts and contact sports. They are very well-built, muscular, tall, strong and aggressive.

    – FACIAL SYMMETRY: I have to say that it is rather hard to find a Vietnamese or Chinese guy that have pleasing facial features. Nevertheless, when they are handsome, they are both very handsome and youthful. Think of Johny Tri Nguyen:

    In my humble opinion, he is the most handsome Vietnamese within the last 30 years. He could easily become a male model in the US.

    That being said, most males in Vietnam, China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia do not have very facial features. The Kazakhs and the Mongolians have other redeem qualities like musculature, beards, etc.

    – BEARD AND STUBBLE: This is also a feature that many Asian males do not have. This gives us a younger appearance at the expense of our masculinity. I find that Caucasian males have little problems of growing stubble and beard, and that these things have become an important factor in shaping male beauty standard in the Western world. Stubble, particularly, sort of holding your frame and accentuate your jawline. Sadly, most East Asians do not have these things so it is like we are damned

    – SEXUAL EXPERIENCE: We tend to lose virginity much later than in the West. And we only have 1-2 girlfriends before we settle down with a girl suitable to be the mother of our unborn children. Dating style in East Asia is also very different from the West. We tend to emphasize long-term relationship and marriage. One night stands are rarer, casual relationships are also less likely to occur. As a result, we tend to be much shyer, much timid, much less bold and aggressive. It is not in our culture to walk up to a girl, introduce ourselves and ask her for her contact info. We tend to get to know each other from classmates, close-knitted circles.

    We perceive Western culture to be more opened (Chinese: 開放-Vietnamese: khai phóng, thoáng) and we think that Western guys and girls lose virginity much earlier and have many more partners.

    These are my thoughts on what hold back Asian guys from dating white girls. I also suspect that black guys do better with Caucasian girls than Asian guys because they are more masculine and aggressive.


    Man this video says it all about Asian men. My experience is that I receive attention from white girls, but I extremely doubt that this is because the crowd of my university has been pre-selected for me. I was in Shanghai, they were also in Shanghai, they probably have some interests in Asian culture (cuisine, etc.).

    Now that I am in the US, I receive 0 attention from white girls.

    I start digging black pill videos, especially FaceLms, he has done a great service to men around the globe, just like Alek Novy and his team with their seductionmyth.

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