Tailspinning Sweden: Muslims gang-raping Swedish girl live on Facebook

Whenever you think things couldn’t get any worse in flaccid-dick country, Muslims find new ways to push the envelope even further. Today a story emerged according to which a bunch of Muslim immigrants raped a Swedish girl for hours and live streamed the event to Facebook.

I don’t really know what to say to that. Swedish shitlibs still shout “racist!” whenever you point out that Sven, Olof, and Henrik don’t engage in that kind of activity. Just watch the last two minutes of this clip, which shows the typical moronic Swede expressing his beliefs that the Holy Immigrant can’t be blamed:

Just imagine what would happen if a Muslim minority wouldn’t apply such verve and creativity to rape but instead, I don’t know, make a concerted effort in science, literature, culture, mathematics, or any other intellectual discipline.

5 thoughts on “Tailspinning Sweden: Muslims gang-raping Swedish girl live on Facebook

  1. It’s worrying how many leftists are out there that genuinely believe it’s a wise decision to let in a swarm of illegal immigrants, without screening of any kind, purely because we can.

    The irony is the women out there who firmly believe in doing this are the ones who are getting raped. It’s not going to stop and instances like this will unfortunately continue to be ignored in favor of ‘diversity.’

  2. Over the long term, you cannot have a country with open borders and wildly generous social services. Likewise, trying to assimilating a lot of illiterate immigrants with a medieval worldview into a liberal democracy is not likely to work out particularly well. Kudos to the Swedes for trying, though. It used to be a nice country.

    1. Sweden is massively overrated. Yes, they have a very cushy welfare state, but that money goes disproportionally to the dregs of society, which is an aggressively (pun intended) expanding part of society. To maximize welfare income, you’d need to either not work, or work a comparatively poorly paid job, and have a lot of children. Otherwise, your “free healthcare” is paid by 25% VAT and ludicrous levels of taxation all around. If you are in possession of marketable skills, you will be a lot better off elsewhere. Furthermore, the weather is complete shit at least 8 out of 12 months. Sweden is awesome if your ambitions in life don’t go beyond living on the dole, which might explain why it is so incredibly attractive to the uneducated masses from the Third World.

  3. I have not visited Sweden, but in the 80s and 90s, the Nordic countries in general pretty much topped all the quality of life and upward mobility indexes. They may still do so. The current policies on immigration and refugees are a gigantic experiment that no sensible person would have embarked on.

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