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30 thoughts on “Open Thread #299

  1. I received a call from my neurologist yesterday. Results from my blood level panel came back and apparently I have (chronic?) kidney failure? I am and I have been confused about the whole matter. Not sure what to make of it. On coming Monday or Tuesday I will know more….

    It could be an interpretational error because I occasionally have kidney colic(s) and during those colics some blood and urine values like erythrocytes, CRP and creatinine typically are highly elevated.

    I am still counting on false alarm. Previous medical examinations never showed any abnormalities.

    1. I hope this is a false positive. If not, I would be curious to learn about the root cause as this seems to be a pretty severe condition and not something that you should learn about out of the blue.

    2. Yeah, goo luck to you man. Kidney issues are a threat even to young people if you don’t drink enough water. Since a friend my age had surgery for kidney stones a few years ago, I’ve made a point of not ignoring even the slightest of thirsts. The country’s weather is too hot, and even if it wasn’t…

    3. Hoping it’s just “signs of potential early stages of”. But since it came to you as a complete surprise, it most likely is. Apparently there are stages to this, and its associated with some symptoms that would be hard to miss or ignore.

      So if its a surprise to you, it’s most likely (at worst) early stage, or false positive.

    4. I hope so too.

      She rambled on about “high” Creatinine (1.2 mg/dl) and was quite hysterical. From my knowledge an isolated Creatinine value is not too meaningful. You can get acute high Creatinine values from sports, body building, injuries, diet, infections etc.

      I don’t know whether she had other values measured to make such a strong “diagnosis” via telephone. (GFR, albumin, urea etc. come to mind). No urine test was done.

      I will keep you posted.

    5. There is a good chance that this doctor was simply incompetent. Were you talking to a GP or a specialist? Also, I would be very skeptical of any doctor relatively recently out of university and further training. The curriculum has been dumbed down to an absolutely incredible degree. It used to be very difficult to get into a medicine degree program but nowadays, you can just do a few interviews and if you happen to belong to an underrepresented group — females still count as underrepresented even though they make up the majority of students in this field nowadays — you are a lot more likely to get in. In the German curriculum, the mathematics and physics content, as well as the Latin requirement, have been modified. Today, maths and physics are roughly at 10th grade-level and for Latin you no longer need to have a good fundamental level of knowledge. Instead, you an do a quick course on Latin terminology. The rest is just rote learning. There have also been lamentations by deans of medical schools that they no longer get the most driven and talented applicants as those prefer other subjects nowadays.

    6. @Manuel S

      Thanks. I indeed don’t drink enough water. My weak sense of thirst doesn’t make it easier. I will have to pressure myself to drink more.

    7. @AlekNovy

      Yes, I don’t have the major symptoms of fully blown renal failure (high blood pressure, yellowish coloration of skin, urinic smell, edema, peeing less, nausea and vomiting etc.), therefore I too think that it’s most likely early stage or false positive.

    8. Did they tell you your BUN? A creatinine of 1.2 is barely out of normal range. You could see a rise in BUN/creatinine levels from like what you were saying, or even from a rough massage session leading to rhabdo. Do they want to do an ultrasound or anything? Disclaimer: Not a doctor, have no idea what all is going with you.

    9. @Pickernanny:

      No, they didn’t tell me my BUN. I am not even sure whether they measured BUN. I contacted my GP to get the results from my neurologist via FAX (lol). I will know more on Monday or Tuesday. I will insist on an ultrasound or other visualization technique. I probably should visit a nephrologist.

      At the beginning of 2020 I visited an urologist at Hamburg Hafencity to have my kidneys checked (checking for stones and such). They did an ultrasound, urine sample and took blood. Everything was fine.

      I really hope COV19-vaxx didn’t do any harm O_o

    10. @Aaron “Sleazy” Elias

      She’s an older doctor, but I agree with you in regards to medical school in Germany. I have dealt with some med school students and grad students: Their biggest fear was “physics lab”. Highest failure rate. Physics Lab usually is the simplest stuff @ engineering studies at college.

      I dealt with some psychiatrists and neurologists in the past and their lack of professional knowledge was mindboggling. Some didn’t even know what a binding affinity (Ki) in nM (nanoMol) is. That’s like a computer scientist not knowing what a byte / bit is.

      I am going to talk to a GP or specialist in the coming days.

    11. Great, my GP is ill, other GPs have waiting times around a week and getting through to nephrologists is really difficult. Those fuckers don’t take calls. Germany in a nutshell.

    12. Be glad that you do not live in Berlin. There, you could end up waiting for months for an appointment. On a more positive note, I keep hearing that some gynecologists have so few patients that you can just walk in. It surely has nothing to do with the vaxx that there is a sharp drop in pregnancies.

  2. I was not aware that Netflix had been working on a live-action adaptation of One Piece. It turned out about as well as you would imagine:

    Where did all the busty maidens go, you effing Pedowood faggots? Also, can we get just one character that does not look dysgenic? I guess even that is too much to ask for.

    EDIT: The spell checker pretends to not know the term “dysgenic” but it wonders if I meant to write “transgenic”.

    1. These live action manga movies never turn out well. It also seems to me to be an exercise in futility to take something like One Piece which has hundreds of chapter, and then try to condense that into a coherent hour and a half long story. You’d have to have extensive knowledge of the universe already to even begin to appreciate what you were seeing, but if that were the case you’d probably just end up realizing how butchered the adaptation was. Back when the Death Note movie came out I watched about 3 minutes of it before realizing how retarded it was going to be and turning it off.

    1. I had a coworker who was in Europe and visited the house. He said that the public isn’t allowed to take pictures of the facility.

    2. This does not surprise me at all. Remember, under no circumstances are we allowed to question the mainstream narrative. Nowadays you probably get jailed if you take samples from the walls of the gas chambers in Auschwitz. This is obviously entirely correct because it is sacrilegious to take a piece of a brick with you that Jews have breathed on. This would be similar to digging up cemeteries.

    3. I have. The house, not Auschwitz. Yes, you’re not allowed to take pictures inside the house, but neither are you in Van Gogh’s museum for instance, so it sounds like a Dutch thing rather than a Jewish thing.

      While I’ve read about the diary probably being mostly fake and embellished by Anne’s father, I can certainly see Anne’s struggle being true (her eventual death in a concentration camp is outside the scope of the diary and even the official version is not clear cut). They encourage you to leave a message on a notebook, soI left one of sympathy to her soul, she was an innocent teenager after all. It doesn’t preclude me from also doubting all the mainstream narratives that have been pushed down our throats about WW2, Juice, etc.

    4. I have not been to Anne Frank’s house but I visited Auschwitz once.

    5. Aaron, were you struck by anything at Auschwitz? I mean anything that gave you the impression of what actually happened there. When David Cole visited the camps it seemed pretty easy for him to find flaws in the official narrative.

    6. I obviously do not question the official narrative in the least but if I did, then I would probably look into the logistics of the mass gassings and incarcerations. Those National Socialists really must have developed some highly sophisticated processes to burn that many bodies. Then again, I am not quite sure what to think of the repeated downward modification of the death toll at Auschwitz even though the total remains steadfastly at six million. I am also appalled that the utter cynicism of the Nazis using a de-lousing agent not for the purpose of delousing people but to gas them. Also, the gas chambers were not quite as solidly built as I had expected. Probably their condition was due to the passage of time and, obviously, the heavy wear and tear they had to endure. Either way, there surely is a very good explanation for all of it. If anyone has good recommendations on the official narrative, then let me know and I will order those books right away. I am not quite sure what the official narrative nowadays is, considering that in school I was still taught that the Nazis turned Jews into soaps and lampshades — and the history book even had pictures of this so how could this not have been true? It boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

  3. Aaron,
    Americans will now be required to get a visa if they planned to travel to any of the 30 European countries. According to the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS), the implementation of visa is due to a recent increase of fear of terrorism. Perhaps, ETIAS should banned all those doctors and engineers from flooding Europe, and mirror Poland immigration policies. Poland doesn’t have the same issues as France and Germany.,measure%20designed%20to%20prevent%20terrorism.

    1. I feel like there’s more to the story. Perhaps the European Union, wants to starts grooming foreigners and native people in Europe for the Covid Passport.

    2. The German government wants to pass a law according to which they can ban you from traveling abroad if you are an “extremist. Remember that you were an extremist if you did not want to get vaxxed to the hilt or if you questioned the usefulness of triple-masking. Of course, nowadays you are an extremist if you wonder whether those doctors and engineers perhaps overdo it a little bit with all the stabbing and raping shenanigans. I mean, it is really racist to object to groups of 50 to 70 ganging up on women and raping them:

    3. I was not even aware of this. I am almost tempted to view this as karma striking back to the US, which got us those ludicrous safety inspections at airports in the wake of 9/11, which were supposed to be temporary yet are still with us. The TSA seems to be just one giant workfare program for certain segments of society that doubles as a humiliation ritual for whites. I recall one Indian gentleman in London, I think it was at Heathrow, who felt empowered by virtue of his job to pester me, separating me from my luggage for minutes to do a very thorough job making sure that I am not a terrorist. Who does not like those people rummage through your luggage while they pat you down for weapons and traces of explosive agents?

    4. “The TSA seems to be just one giant workfare program for certain segments of society…”

      We call it organized welfare. Its a complete joke. A lot of the people who work for the government whether its at the local, county, state or federal level would never be able to maintain a real job or make it out in the real world. Thanks to the unions you cant even terminate some of these people even if you build a case against them.

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