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“My mom looks young for her age”

I live in a typical Western progressive city, which means that rampant degeneracy is all around me, which I contribute to with my taxes. I still get something back, namely bizarre interactions with society. In this post, I describe a recent one, which would have been impossible in a properly run country.

Last weekend, I took a walk and when I came across a small park, I sat down on a bench. A small playground is part of this park as well. I sat there, minding my own business. Yet, after a few minutes, a white little boy approached me (I’m mentioning the race because white kids are already the minority in this city). Then, the following dialogue unfolded:

Boy: “Hi!”
Man: (somewhat startled, yet amused) “Hi!”
Boy: “I’m Sven. What’s your name?”
Man: “I’m Isidor.”
Boy: “How old are you? I’m 8.”
Man: (laughs) “I’m a bit older than that.”

At this point, I was wondering what was going on because I’m not used to little kids approaching me. I had no valuables on me, not even my phone, so it seemed rather unlikely that someone was about to rob me, for instance by snatching my purse while I’m distracted.

Boy: “So, how old are you then?”
Man: “29.”
Boy: “My mother is 39.”
Man: “…”
Boy: “She looks really young for her age!”
Man: (nods)

What the hell?

I was not quite sure how I should react to this, so I just ignored this little boy from here on. Moments later, his mom walked past, with a smile. I ignored her. She said something to her boy, and then they were off. His mom looked about as young and healthy as you’d expect a degenerate to look: pudgy, tattoos, dyed hair, and wearing clothes that would look good on a teenage slut, but not on a 40-year-old wannabe slut.

This exchange was disturbing. Just imagine the scene: there are single mothers out there who send out their kids to approach men for them. The kid seemed to rattle off a script, so I don’t think I am the first man he was sent to talk to. If we lived in a sane society, this mother would not even think of doing that. Well, there would not be any single mothers in the first place.

I would argue that single mothers who send their young kids to help them approach men engage in a form of child abuse, just like the occasional single mom I see around here who brings a date with her. The men are generally completely disinterested in the kid, just like the mom, so they let it run around without anybody watching, while the dude french-kisses that whore. We clearly live in the best society ever.

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2 thoughts on ““My mom looks young for her age”

  1. You are a smart guy to realize that it was indeed scripted with the woman telling the boy to do that so she can try to entrap a simp. What a sick world.

    In the US most of our criminals come from single mother households…..these are the most hardened and crazy killers that you guys see on TV doing the school shootings, mass shootings, rapists, pedophiles, etc. In the black community alone something like 70% or more are born to single mothers and total births in the US something like 42% of all children are born to single mothers. Any wonder why the US and the West in general is completely imploding?

    Female sexuality unleashed and unchained leads to dystopia and it doesn’t matter in regard to race in the US because it is causing havoc among all racial groups now except for Asians who make up a small percent of US population anyways.

    I don’t think the US makes it to 2030 without a full blown collapse. I would seriously like to hear your opinion on the future especially regarding to collapse and what your prognostications are regarding such an event that seems inevitable from where I am.

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