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Expensive Schools Will not Keep your Daughters Chaste

Recently, Pickernanny posted the video below, with the apt caption, “Successfully subverted. I give you modern Western woman”:

This is a brief clip, not even half a minute long, in which several teenage girls brag about being total sluts, as if it was a badge of honor. Not only is there not a shred of self-awareness or embarrassment, those girls are giddy when telling the world on TikTok about their depravity. (It seems they want to cover the school logo, but don’t do it consistently.)

I came across this clip a few months ago already, but it did not even strike me as particularly noteworthy. I thought it’s just another video of a bunch of sluts, which is exactly what it is. This is the new normal. Yet, when watching this clip again, I noticed something: all the girls wear the same clothes. It seems there is a school logo on it. The ceiling light in the room is also not what you would find in some run-down government school. On top, one of the girls says that the school thinks her sugar daddy is her real dad as he is “signing her out every week”. Is this enough information to deduce where this video happened.

With not much of a drum-roll, this video was most certainly shot at a boarding school. Otherwise, there would be no need for those girls to get “signed out”. Furthermore, we can be quite sure that this must be an expensive school. I’m not even sure that there even are cheap boarding school. In any case, only expensive schools go the extra mile of having fancy logos. Do you think the parents of those girls spend tens of thousands of dollars a year so that their daughters can turn into such sluts? They could have done the same at a government school that is located in a decent-enough neighborhood. What this hints at is that there is almost no way to protect your daughters from turning into sluts anymore because our society is too far gone.

Rewatching this video also reminded me of a conversation I had a few years ago with a friend from Berlin. He has two daughters who were about to enter primary school. We talked about the desolate state of schools in Berlin, which most certainly did not improve in any way since then. I remarked that probably the best option would be to send your kids to a private school, possibly to a boarding school, if you can afford it. At this point he chuckled and revealed that he attended an expensive boarding school himself (I knew that his family is very well off). His parents thought along the same lines as me, i.e. putting your kids into an environment where they are somewhat sheltered from a rotten society. Yet, reality did not live up to the promises of expensive marketing materials and the promises of obsequious employees during the school open house.

My friend dryly commented that, yes, it may be that the kids don’t consume as much weed or cheap beer as in a government school in Berlin, but instead they pull out bags of cocaine and bottles of Jim Beam black label. Also, because adult supervision was quite limited, they had hazing rituals, even though this was supposedly “moderate” and had the intention of “building character”, which is why staff didn’t suppress this, despite knowing about it. Eventually, school life deteriorated further when a program was launched to give several spots to “disadvantaged youths”. These spots were financed by the government and the school collectively. The end result was that the quality of the education took a nosedive, which my friend remarking that his school experience was probably worse than what he could have gotten at a government school in a good neighborhood, and considering that Germany has a fairly segregated school system, this does not strike me as implausible.

When I lived in London, the biggest sluts I met all went to very expensive schools. I recall one girl who boasted about the number of cocks she has sucked and told me stories about how she clandestinely had sex in her school. She found it amusing that sometimes other sluts were using her favorite spots (sleeping quarters were separated by sexes, and sometimes this was enforced). If you just want to get laid, that’s probably the best kind of chick you could pull, but you must be demented if you think that this is a positive life outcome. I also don’t think that her family would be happy if they had known that. Imagine spending in excess of $50k a year for this!

We are at a point where it is next to impossible to protect your kids from getting government garbage pumped into their brains. Even the upper-middle class is finding it increasingly difficult to protect their children, and the sluts in the video above are a perfect example of this because it is implausible that any well-meaning parent would like their daughters to turn sluts who have not a shred of shame left in their STI-ridden bodies.

Societal cancer has reached its terminal stage. If you have kids, or consider having some, then your options are severely limited. Your best bet is probably home-schooling, if it is legal. You can’t even plan this properly anyway. My friend got divorced, by the way, and his ex-wife got the kids. Now they simply go to the closest government school, which isn’t very good. He is spending a significant amount of time tutoring his kids because the teachers are doing such a bad job.

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10 thoughts on “Expensive Schools Will not Keep your Daughters Chaste

  1. I have to say as a 28yr old man in the US that the best thing that I have done is never married anyone and never gotten anyone pregnant. I see what my coworkers and relatives go through and it is not worth it not to mention how this society is completely imploding in real time. Besides, my options aren’t any good anyways unless I wanted to marry a fat slut.

    I have had several coworkers admit to me that they are in sexless marriages and yet these same guys make fun of guys who aren’t getting laid which makes me laugh. I had two prior coworkers who used to take their rings off before they came into work and in front of women in the hopes of trying to get laid. One of these guys wives was actively selling her underwear online and traveling to “conferences” having sex with other men…….later on this guy did divorce this woman but it was quite interesting seeing this stuff go on. I have seen my own brother thrown into jail based off false accusations alone and he later had the charges dropped but he had no way to get retribution for what happened. The US is effectively an inverted totalitarian gynocracy.

    1. I swear to God married American men are the biggest fucking shit talkers. Probably miserable and taking out on single men. All that it’s evidence of is one woman liking them….. And it’s probably zero women wanting them. I don’t envy them at all.

  2. Thanks for posting this and for your thoughts. I didn’t realize they were attending a boarding school when I watched it. Sometimes I think maybe I should sacrifice for the future and have kids, however the more you think about it the less feasible that option becomes. Literally every disincentive is starring you in the face right now with the way things are going, and unless the collapse really gets going sometime soon then the incentives for merely existing are starting to whittle away.

  3. I can’t even resist my urge to vomit after seeing this video. In modern Western societies, ethics is no longer a meaningful word. These girls cannot even discern what is right from wrong.

    It is a consequence of modern liberalism.

  4. I know this is just a nonsensical doubt, but do you think do these things for real, or they are just doing empty bragging?

    Whatever it is, if they think that way, they will eventually do it anyway.

    1. Either way it is nothing to be proud of. If a guy pulled off the converse it could at least be considered a coup. But this shit is easy for girls. This is yet another example of women trying to act like their sexual exploits are on par with males. Like the examples we’ve mentioned before. Plane Janes fucking a Chad every weekend is not the same accomplishment as a dude fucking a Stacey every weekend. Feminism has taught them that it is. The toxic cult that it is.

    1. The video is titled, “‘Asian Women are White-Boy Worshipping Sluts’ Signs Rock UCLA!”. I wonder who is behind it. Could it be toxic white women who are frustrated that Chads are telling them to fuck off? I was amused that the talking head spoke about this targeting “both Asians and women” (lol).

    2. I remember this – it happened like 10 years ago or so. It was almost certainly done by Asian guys. A lot of them get upset by WMAF couples. Can’t really blame them, I suppose. Over 40% of Asian women in America marry out, and almost all of them marry white men.

    3. That girl is a typical female liar, sucking up to PC sensibilities. Saying that she loves diversity. Most of LA is a dump. Downtown LA looks like downtown Tijuana. I’m sure she loves living in a Third World, crime ridden city, being a middle/upper class white chick. She probably doesn’t go outside of Westwood (beautiful area where UCLA is located). Just STFU. You’ll move back to Colorado once you get your Communications degree.

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