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Article Requests

My consultation sessions are for tailored advice and also a bit pricier, but for more general topics, you can submit an article request as well. The procedure is simple:

1) You send at least 20 Euros via PayPal ( with the note “Article Request”. Higher amounts lead to more detailed responses, of course. In the PayPal message, add a brief description of the topic you would like me to write about. The message you can attach to a payment can be up to 300 characters long, which is a limit enforced by PayPal.

2) I will contact you via email, with an estimate by when the article will go live on the blog. Expect a turnaround time of about three to five days.

3) If the topic does not fit this blog, I may publish the response on

4) If I don’t think I can adequately discuss your topic, I will refund the money.

3 thoughts on “Article Requests

  1. Aaron,
    I think you should charge a little bit more than 20 Euros. Honestly, you’re cutting the learning curve for a lot of your followers and clients. You can’t find information like this anywhere else. There are a lot of gurus and relationship experts who are clueless about relationships, dating, and sex. I’m more than happy to contribute more.

    1. I changed the phrasing to make clear that people are welcome to contribute more.

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