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Want a head start? Buy my books!

By now you have learned that “just being yourself” doesn’t get you girls, unlike your mom told you. You may also have learned that approaching hundreds of girls indiscriminately doesn’t get you laid either, let alone with “10s”. So, what is left? That’s easy, check out my books.

My free ebook Debunking the Seduction Community played a major role in bringing the scummy PUA industry to its knees. I co-wrote a follow-up, likewise available free of charge, which detailed the personal experience of one of my long-time readers, Johnny’s Journey: Critical Lessons from my Involvement with the Seduction Community. This should be enough to make you stop clinging to any PUA dogmas.

Afterwards, you may want to really learn how to get better. My approach is to teach you how to make the best out of yourself, with a justifiable amount of work. My books have helped relatively average guys get a good handful of girls a year. I also know of above-average guys who were able to get dozens or, in a few cases, well over 100 girls in just a few years. Minimal Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls provides you with an excellent foundation. I wrote it precisely with regular guys in mind who do not wish to turn their entire life on its head to pursue women. Of course you’ll have to make an effort, but Minimal Game tells you about the 10 % that get you 90 % of the results.

For more advanced guys who want to rack up their notch count fast, Club Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls in Clubs and Bars is a great follow-up to Minimal Game. If you have some experience with women, you can jump right to that book as well. I focus on clubs and bars because this is where you will find the greatest number of sexually available women. It’s primarily a guide on how to master one-night stands. Flings? I got that covered, too. Club Game takes different goals and experience levels into account. If you are not very confident yet, you’ll have a slower game plan laid out for you. The really advanced guys, though, will learn about getting interested girls (no, not any girl) to leave with you in 15 minutes or less, or have sex with you in the venue.

For inspiration, you may want to check out Sleazy Stories: Confessions of an infamous modern Seducer of Women and its sequels. In it, I write about my adventures picking up women in London and Berlin. The first book in this series is also available in German. My Sleazy Stories series has three entries so far; more will appear in the future.

18 thoughts on “Want a head start? Buy my books!

  1. Hi Aaron,
    “Debunking the Seduction Community” should be required reading for all men. That being said, I am not sure if the seduction community was brought to its knees by it. You were the first in a long line of critics. The community has probably lost a lot of its novelty and fallen out of the mainstream, though it still has its pockets of supporters who chugged the kool aid and are not letting go. A lot of the PUA types were not too stable from the get go and it is a business model that is hard to maintain over the long term.

    1. How long was that line of critics? During the PUA heydays, posts mentioning my name or my “Debunking” ebook were routinely deleted. “Debunking” has been downloaded over half a million times. Other people joined in criticizing the community long after it was obvious that it won’t be able to sustain itself for much longer, and it was often done by PUAs who tried pivoting their business, for instance, into life coaching. Also, I had quite an effect on the B-team in that industry, the highlight being one guy somehow getting my phone number and leaving a message on my voicemail, telling me that he would track me down, beat me up, and rape my sister. His speech was slurred, presumably due to alcohol, so it was much more amusing than intimidating. (His business has long folded.) I think I can safely say that my work played a major part in wiping out the B-team, and knocking down the bigger names.


    Just kidding mate. BTW, it seems that there aren’t more paperback editions of Minimal Game and Sleazy Stories. Also, I’ve tried to buy the Kindle versions in Amazon, but it tells me that isn’t available for my country or some shit like that.

    1. If you order the paperbacks, you’ll eventually receive them. They are print-on-demand.

      Can you order buy other Kindle ebooks in your country? I am not aware of having placed any restrictions on them.

  3. “Debunking” was downloaded over half a million times? I had no idea it was that big. I did find your eBook and blog first, but when I searched I found other critics of the PUA community, so I assumed it was a larger group than it was.

  4. Why do you say that indiscriminate approaching leads to no results, when 90% of your premise that sex is a numbers game?

    1. There is no contradiction. I don’t advocate indiscriminate approaching. Yes, it’s a numbers’ game, but you can dramatically improve your odds by selectively approaching women. Further note that I don’t say that indiscriminate approaching does not lead to any results. Instead, it will lead to an abysmally low success rate.

    2. There is no contradiction because it isn’t the same numbers game in all contexts.

      – Approaching women who seem open in the context of a niche where you have high status – is a numbers game.

      – Randomly and indiscriminately approaching women on the street or in a club where you’re a nobody – is a numbers game.

      But it’s not the same numbers game.

      It’s similar to sales really. As a salesman you learn that it’s a numbers game.

      – If you set up meetings with highly qualified leads, you might or might not get that sales contract – it’s a numbers game.

      – If you dial random numbers and try to sell them – it’s a numbers game.

      A completely different kind of numbers game though.

  5. for example
    for example
    1 second ago
    I wish men would stop lying to themselves. The PUA industry began as the phoenix risen from the ashes in lies of dire strait hopes from Incel men all over the world. It all started with a simple phrase “just be yourself” way back when you, as a hopeless loser, ask someone how to get girls. From that phrase the PUA industry came to market their sham into a package that fulfills the hopes of many men around the world. The funny thing is, none of us have gotten any better. No one are true to themselves for what they really are and keep lying to themselves about looks. Ask yourself if you are willing to date a masculine female with a deep voice and a beard? I guess not. Neither would I. Just as we have our looks preferences women have too. There are guys who are successful with money and status but still cant even get scrapes from women. You might end up like this guy:

    Now if money and status got you anywhere, why would guys like this be hopeless? First impression, he is an ugly dude with severely bad genetic makeup. He is hopeless. And any woman who would date a guy like this would have to sacrifice sexual desire for the luxury of money. Reverse the position of the sexes and a women in that position would have life little bit better. You see, women rate 80 percent of men as below genetic material in terms of fore-planting. If she made her decision that you are bad genetic makeup, that’s it. Game’s over. And 1 womans opinions is a generic opinion as bad genes is not something that is opinion related but arbitrary. Study genetics at Uni and you will find out that the mating game is tough for a reason, there really are people who are not sexually adhesive enough to copulate. Accept who you are, pack your bags, leave the game. Quit your tinder account. Accept your fate – or keep going and end up where I am( Approached over 5000 women and still be single)

    1. He is not that bad looking. He seems tall, has good teeth, full head of hair… at least average.

  6. Hey Aaron, a bit off topic. Just finished reading Club Game. I happen to be in Berlin soon. Any places you could recommend?

  7. Aaron, in your book you minimal game you simply advocate minimal effort. Isn’t this the same idea as just being yourself? Just doing the minimal when it comes to meeting women since everything revolves around looks, status, and money?

    Second, how important is conversation if one is seeking casual encounters vs long term relationships?

    1. This is a gross misrepresentation of Minimal Game. You must suffer from seriously impaired reading ability if that was what you concluded from that book. Have you even read it? In Minimal Game, I don’t advocate minimal effort but focused effort, with the aim of being a lot more efficient.

      Conversational ability is a red herring. I have fucked a few women in club bathrooms through completely non-verbal pickups and the total of my conversation with women for plenty of my one-night stands would barely have filled two pages. For long-term relationships, personal compatibility plays a much more important role, though.

    2. He must not have read the book, but only the title lol. It’s impossible to write the comment even if you merely skipped around and skimmed it.

      With that said for anyone who hasn’t gotten it yet (it’s on kindle btw)…. the minimal refers to an occham’s razor approach, where you the maximal return on investment.

      That’s true in most self-help niches btw. People sell overloaded systems that heve 150 elements, where 145 of these elements are responsible for anywhere between 0% to 0.1% of the final result. Yet they require as much investment of time/effort/money as the five elements that are responsible for 99% of the result.

    3. That’s true in most self-help niches btw.

      This refers to a paragraph I never wrote lol. The paragraph refers to the fact that Aaron came at a time when the niche was dominated by these overcomplicated systems where you spend most of your time effort and energy on thing that bring no results. As in maximum investment, minimal returns. (low roi)

      For the record, minimal is used in the bodybuilding community too these days. Where they’re having a similar revolution with people focusing on having a “minimal approach” to weightlifting.

      It’s about putting all your effort on the 20% that make 80% of the difference, not about “making no effort since your physique is mostly genetics” lol.

  8. Selective approaching is spot on the money. Perhaps an article about spotting the signals would be good? It would no doubt lead to a discussion in the comments section as there could be a lot to say about what seems a small subject.

    1. We’ve talked about this before; also you’ll find further pointers in Minimal Game and Club Game.

    2. It has been discussed before. Every single clarification has been made too.

      I’m just going to pre-empt this if anyone asks “But can you go and compile it for us and hand-hold us to the exact comments that we need?”

      Answer: That’s what the consultations with Aaron are for.

      You can get all of the knowledge for free but reading through the archives (posts and comments). If you want to save time, book a session with Aaaron.

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