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Watch this train wreck: fat, ugly, nasty 30 y/o female PhD can’t figure out why no man wants her

Alek Novy posted the following link in the current Open Thread. In it, you’ll witness a highly unattractive woman bitching about the fact that she can’t get a man. She’s also bitching about people who pamper her ego and tell her that she’ll eventually find someone and other bullcrap instead of telling her the honest truth. This is the result:

She seems to genuinely think that it’s a big fucking mystery that she is single. Really, fatty, do you think you should have tall, smart, rich guys chasing after you? Seriously? She also can’t figure out why her married friends don’t want to hang out with her. I have no idea either. I’m genuinely stumped.

See, shitlibs, this is what you get if you don’t tell people the truth. If a woman like that wanted to get married, it would have to be with garbage-tier men. Then again, if you’re a meth head living on the dole, you’re probably not going to trade Internet porn for a whale with a shrill voice.

13 thoughts on “Watch this train wreck: fat, ugly, nasty 30 y/o female PhD can’t figure out why no man wants her

  1. She is not fat to me rather the problem is she has no shape at all. I would say the problem is what she said in the first few minutes.I love my job. No doubt this woman has a good paying job and wants to be the boss in the relationship. Also woman are unrealistic these days. They want perfect men even though they have multiple flaws themselves. The guys these woman could get they don’t want and even the low level guys don’t want to put up with their BS these days as marriage is a raw deal.

    1. She is fat. “No shape” is at best a euphemism.

      Also, I doubt she has a decent job. She’s got a PhD in History. Her options are academia and Starbucks. Both don’t pay very well. History is saturated.

    2. Dude, that chick is fat… Although maybe it’s Europe vs. America difference.

  2. If I was desperately single, I do not think my best option would be to do a TED talk to complain about it. If I did not already have a complex about it, this would probably push me over the edge. She did have a bit of a point in that the general advice people give if this is your problem is usually not helpful. Most generic advice involves changing nothing and waiting for members of the opposite sex to have a sudden revelation that you are in fact wonderful. In fairness, if you tell people more practical advice, they might not respond well.

    If members of the opposite sex are not flocking to you then logically you either are not meeting enough of them and/or you are not attractive enough. Nobody is entitled to have a hot girlfriend or a boyfriend. The only things you have influence over is where you spend time and how you look (to a degree) and behave. It is a bit sad that the woman had no friends who would flat out tell her she needs to lose weight and expand her social circle. Aside from that, refraining from mentioning her credentials in every second sentence she utters might also help.

    I have gotten into tons of these sorts of conversations over the years. Looking back, it is pretty funny that everyone wants someone physically desirable, but few click to the fact that potential mates may not be willing to forego that just for your “special qualities”.

  3. education doesn’t up a woman’s sexual market value. women like this are the bottom off the pool. problem is she thinks she’s on the top because she values thing’s like education in a man. while in reality men dont give a dam. i take a nice ass and a pretty face over a degree every time. personally i don’t date women old enough to have a degree. i consider them too old for my taste. why date a 30 year old with a demand list if you can date a 20 year old who just wants to have fun and hump all day?

  4. her best bet would be to lay down naked in front off a bar after midnight and hope some drunk falls on top off her in the dark while leaving the bar.

  5. In all fairness she’s not *physically* hideous. Her face is alright. Her body, while not great, isn’t disgusting.

    What’s hideous about her is what’s on the inside. What a vile human being.

    1. I agree that her face is good.
      If she would spend her time in the gym instead of bitching and complaining then she would do pretty fine on the dating market.

  6. I know of a foolproof test you can do to see if her face is good. Try to masturbate looking at it. I assure you you can’t.

  7. This woman who mentions many times that she has a PhD can’t figure out that a woman of bottom barrel sexual market value can’t find a man of sky high sexual market value. Of course, that’s because she uses her over educated feminist brain to convince herself that she’s a real catch. Lol. Notice, she is also looking for an alpha male of high SMV who simultaneously is a lefty feminist who likes cats. And, she feels her totally unrealistic expectations are a compromise from the head in the clouds Disney list of her 20’s. Can’t imagine why she can’t find a man.

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