Sleazy Stories

Sleazy Stories: Confessions of an infamous modern Seducer of Women is a collection of Aaron Sleazy’s most memorable encounters with the female sex. He retells some of his most memorable, his most entertaining, his craziest, and his most bizarre adventures on his quest of picking up women in the night life of London and Berlin. This book is a memoir that can be best described as a journey to seduction mastery. It is a collection of not even one year’s worth of experiences but it contains more variety and absurdities than a lifetime’s sexual history of probably 99.9 % of guys out there.

While it is not an instructional manual to seduction, the stories contained are not only highly entertaining, they also give in-depth insight into many common and not so common situations in the pursuit of seducing women in night clubs.

Some of the many stories in this book might indeed be outrageous. Yet, there is definitely a lot to be learned between the lines. Also, Sleazy Stories covers a wide variety of scenarios, some probably familiar to you, others maybe less so. It’s your choice whether you want to be entertained, educated about women, or inspired, but no matter what your preference is, Sleazy Stories will deliver!

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Paperback: 200 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-942017-00-8


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Feedback from Readers

Just left a review on Absolutely loved the book.
I just wanted to let you know, I did my first bathroom pull in 20 minutes yesterday, and it was a very thrilling experience. Thank you for writing this book, it really helped me believe in doing what I wanted. Bye!

I really enjoyed reading Sleazy Stories. It’s like an XXX-rated version of The Game. This guy walks around making out with girls, getting jerked off in public and fingering girls in clubs. It’s very entertaining and you might find yourself acting like Sleazy after reading it. His “I take what I want” attitude is contagious. And his ballsy direct style is something to be admired.

Before I knew more about seduction I happened to make out with a girl in a club about 10 seconds after meeting her. We kept going for almost and hour and hooked up again a few days later. I made a few mistakes (like not having a condom in my car) so I missed a chance to get laid but since I know it’s possible, your book Sleazy Stories makes a lot of sens and is a good motivation. I believe the “direct approach” is the most exciting way to get girls. Therefore I was already getting suspicious about the PUA methods and routines and crap that I don’t need.

I have now read a lot of both useful and not useful books on seducing women.
I found this book to be the best ever and worth every cent. It opens your mind for actions you never thought possible, inspires and motivates you to improve your seductions skills. Because what you witness when reading, is perfection in its finest form. I absolutely love this book and will read it over and over again over time, to understand more each time.
Buy it. Period.

Sleazy Stories is the modern male corollary to Nancy Friday’s My Secret Garden. For those unfamiliar with Friday’s 1973 provocative classic, it’s a tell-all anthology of sex fantasies from hundreds of anonymous women. Many women cite the book as sexually liberating, saying it gave them permission to accept (and enjoy) the sexuality society expects them to repress. Although Aaron Sleazy is writing decades later, and to men who have much less sexual inhabitations, he still tackles a subject equally taboo and socially unacceptable. Most men refuse to act on their sexuality, not because it’s repressed, but because doing so with strangers, in public, is condemned as obscene and vulgar.
—Rob Judge

If Aaron’s intention was only to entertain and excite readers, then I’m afraid to say he managed more than that! I got down and dirty with 2 new girls in just 1 week right after reading this book, where usually I would manage only 1 per month doing about 15-30 approaches and wasting a lot of time with phone numbers.

Aaron Sleazy is a living legend in the world of seduction. What’s great about this book is that it follows the year he spent in London getting good while prowling some of the captital’s edgiest nightspots. His development from a guy who did OK with girls, to seduction master is a great read, and as well as containing plently of juicy details, he writes in a dry engaging manner which will leave you smiling. Once you start reading it just sucks you in, you want to keep reading and the stories just get better and better. Highly recommended.

I found myself laughing and shaking my head in astonishment about what I was reading: This book is not just about a player who seduces easy girls in bars and clubs, it’s so much more: It has an excellent structure since it shows the development of an intriguing character from one phase to the next and the reader is taken on a journey towards seduction mastery. And in between the lines I could read that he is aware of the responsibility that comes with the power he now holds and this makes him a great seducer with a heart.

I have read Sleazy’s stories, and have had success using faster escalation. I’m always thinking of fast escalation now. In the past two weeks, I had nighttime hookups in an elevator, bathroom, and most surprisingly a daytime fingering in the stands of the pitt football game. I never would have thought to do the escalations that quickly without reading his work!

Aaron Sleazy may be the only guy who has developed a system to meet and have sex with women in a matter of MINUTES – and get this, he doesn’t use any weird manipulations or psychological tricks – he’s simply a smooth, cool guy who has figured out a way to personify women’s fantasies. This book is his chronicle of his development as a PUA during a year living in London. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to improve their success with women and break down their pre-conceived mental barriers. It’s truly inspiring stuff.

As usual I had an amazing night after night for months now. All credit goes to you though as your stories inspired me to push limits and test new boundaries. I went through the time of my life (3somes, 4somes, lots of crazy stuff) during the last few months and it’s been a heck of a ride.
—Alexander K.

It’s a great book, but it’s annoying to read, having to stop and have a wank about it every 10 minutes.

They should make a porno of Sleazy Stories!

This is hysterical and the fact that it’s non-fiction is even funnier. This should be required reading for all college students — an eye opener to reality!

I did get your book, it was pretty awesome. I couldn’t put it down. Finished it in three sittings. I’d never understood why people went to clubs before. Your book inspired me to try a few.

Last night I went out on my own and promised myself I would be aggressive and not back down until I open every set possible. I got couple of sets with very smooth games, yet I was way too aggressive and very sexual compared to those outings I had in my previous years. I had logistical problems, though. One girl was willing to leave with me but I told her to go to her place instead. She said she got a friend there who was having a period. So I only scored a couple of makeouts. Some of the moves I took from your stories. Your “method” is beautiful just the way it is.

I finished your book yesterday. I enjoyed every single story. You have a very likeable and entertaining writing style, describing the situations very lively. By the way, I liked your arrogant undertone in particular settings. What appreciate most about this book is that it showed me new possibilities when it comes to seducing. It kinda transports the fun you had picking up the girls.

The stories are well written streams of conscious that give you play by play accounts about how everything went down. Will reading these stories improve your ability in picking up girls? Not so much, but they will entertain you and give you motivation to get out there and try for yourself. That is what truly matters in the end. Aaron does his work without game as it is generally described and had been more successful than lots of guys out there. You can spend years studying game or you can pick up this book and see how it’s done in the real world.
—Sean Rocco

I wish I had read Sleazy Stories instead of The Game. Then I would not have been so stuck in PUA bullshit for so long (2years) with little results and lots of time wasted.