Debunking the Seduction Community

Debunking the Seduction Community is a free ebook on the problematic foundations of the seduction industry. It exposes many of the myths purported by the vast majority of businesses active in this field.

This book has two goals: First, it aims to expose the mainstream seduction industry, to describe its borderline fraudulent machinations, and to explain why it can’t keep its promises. As a contrast, in the second part I describe how simple seduction really is. The principles are in fact so simple that it is no surprise why the human race has prospered for so long. (Don’t worry, not all of them are completely obvious.) If you have problems attracting women, this book will give you some blunt pointers on what to do.

You seem to be the only one being real as of now with how the community really operates. It doesn’t affect my life, but I’m tired of these gurus taking people’s money and giving shitty advice.

However, if you have not been exposed to the seduction industry before, feel free to skip the first part altogether, or read it strictly for entertainment purposes.

Key points:
・Commercial foundations of the seduction industry
・Why game is not the “great equalizer”
・The disastrous role of Neil Strauss’ book “The Game”
・Why phone numbers and make outs are red herrings for seduction
・The unfortunate marriage of new age and the pickup scene
・A very simple overview of seduction and how it really works.

Aaron Sleazy: Debunking the Seduction Community (rev. 1.01) – PDF (200 KB)

This ebook has received a very positive reception and has been spread all around the Internet. As of 2016, it has been downloaded several hundred thousand times from this website alone.

Feedback from Readers

Say what you want about this being bad business but Aaron Sleazy’s anti-seduction industry slides and e-book were excellent and indispensable. Without them I doubt I would have came to my senses about PUA and would just try a different PUA system. Well maybe I would still but he still did a great service to guys by doing that.

What you said about the community and how it’s a marketing scheme is a sad reality that many guys like us don’t want to admit, probably to keep the false fantasy that it’s possible for a nerd to date a Victoria’s Secret model.

Thanks for this book man it has really opened my eyes. I’ve never paid for a boot camp but I was being pressured to take out loans and do it. How fucked up is that? Anyway, I’m gonna just do what feels right from now on. That is where I’ve been leaning anyway and I have not gotten laid from it yet but I’ve had a lot more success with getting girls interested. I just need to make a move. Have a good one!
-Kelly C.

Thanks Aaron for exposing these scammers. I must admit I never believed you when you said that PUA is all BS. But from personal experience, I now know what you said to be true. I used to think you were kind of a douchebag, but now I see why you hate these guys so much. Keep up the good work bro! Hope you can save more people from getting scammed.

So, I just bought “Debunking the Seduction Community” Not because I needed the seduction community debunked, but just because I needed to hear your unique voice about seduction again. Something you said in there struck me, about kissing and making out with girls. You said they’ll do it just to have fun, the barrier there is much lower than actually getting laid. Well, I happen to love making out with hot girls. More so than having sex with them, sex always seems awkward to me. I’m not one of those “driven by sex” guys that’s desperate to get laid, I suppose.
I definitely do not put girls on any stupid pedestal, but I didn’t really understand how quickly they` will make out with random dudes. But it makes sense, I’ve made out with far more girls at bars than I’ve ever taken home. When I read that I was like, “hmm, wow, I should def try that.” Sure enough, tonight, immediately after reading your stuff, a girl I met at the bar was perfectly willing to make out with me after practically zero interaction. Just some nonsense bar conversation. I told her she was very pretty. She seemed genuinely touched by that, so I looked for an opportunity and when I found it, I dove right in. We kissed to my hearts content, and nothing more or less was demanded from the situation.
I can definitely see where you’re coming from when you say that pickup gets boring after awhile. But for me, making out with girls never does. They’re all so very different, it’s like playing a different video game every night. I can feel their energy, their vitality. I suppose someday I’ll get good at sex too, but for now, I love the non-verbal interaction and physical contact. I’m not a virgin or anything, I just realized that, the vast majority of the time, sex just isn’t as good as the interaction surrounding it.
Cheers dude, you’ve said more that’s useful about seduction than anyone else I’ve ever read. Thank you for giving voice to that little feeling inside that says that most of all that crap is just total bullshit.

We don’t hate the pickup community because we’re frustrated. We hate it because it’s a scam. Thus, Sleazy bashing on the community as a respected member and as an insider is great because it gives us more credibility. It’s as if Hulk Hogan would turn against the professional wrestling community and say to the fans, “I’m sorry, professional wrestling is not real, it’s all staged, we just pretend we fight”.
—Clitorious BIG

Admittedly, Aaron Sleazy occasionally sounds like a braggart. Yet, whether his stories are true or not is completely irrelevant. Fact of the matter is that what he writes is true. I’ve had many experiences myself that confirm this. Especially, I’ve had success with women despite disregarding sacrosanct “laws of pick-up”. A lot of what’s accepted in the community as law is utter bullshit.
—Nils Strauss

I recently read your e-book “Debunking the Seduction Community”. I really liked it a lot. Everything you said about the “seduction community” makes perfect sense. I used to be into Real Social Dynamics (RSD) but recently realized that its just bullshit. Everything they claim is just so ridiculous its actually funny. I used to think that the Mystery Method was also somewhat good until I came to the conclusion that it’s just stupid and idiotic. Anyway your e-book was awesome.

What this book is good for is giving you a great perspective to build your foundation on. And you will be a regular, cool, talkative person, and not one of those routine spouting acronym junkies.

The best book about pickup I have ever read.

I’m one of those guys who unlearned how to pick up women by studying David DeAngelo and RSD’s materials. Your ebook Debunking the Seduction Community was a major thing that happened to my life and I really liked it.

I have read The Game two years ago but after a bit of toying around with the idea I pursued other interests. A week ago I thought I will see how good I can get, so I went out for about a week and then I thought I would read some stuff online. I was heavily biased towards LoveSystems since I saw Cajun’s performance on Keys to the VIP.
But somehow, searching for their Beyond Words DVD I found yesterday. I found the guys there hilarious and then I read your book today. Very interesting thoughts in your book on the community — and what you say actually goes with my experience (I probably bedded 7 or 8 women in my life, I’m 26) and the long talk/discussion got me probably one girl — and she was older (40) and put up with the talking probably only because she was more interested in me than I was in her. Like you said — the rest were “fools mates”. Thanks for your advice!

Just read your ebook, man, it really meshed well with my own experiences. Maybe 3 years ago I started getting concerned that I couldn’t meet women, and so I found the “community” and spent a lot of time listening to David Deangelo. One day I got sick of how artificial it all sounded and stopped listening to it, and did something truly amazing in the world of pickup. I went out and talked to women. I mean talked with them, not rapped out idiot lines.
Now I’m about as successful as I want to be right now. My main concern isn’t getting girls, but keeping my time uncluttered. Once I got past all that artificial yearning that the seduction community instills in you as a sales tactic, I realized that nearly every woman I ever met got a little googly-eyed around me. It really opened my eyes, just how harmful these schools are. They managed to convince me, a naturally serene, confident, funny, good-looking guy, that I needed systems and tactics to do what the human race has been doing since the dawn of time. I don’t think I ever got laid during the entire time I was listening to that bullshit.
Way to go, Aaron. I think I’ll pick up your book. I love the idea of shotgunning through the usual chatty bullshit, and it looks like it’ll have some good clues on how that’s accomplished. I’ll take them and adapt them to my own desires.

The shocking thing is a lot of what you say is incredibly obvious. How can people going out for weeks or months not realise how much rubbish is spouted by commercial interests.

After finishing “Debunking The Seduction Community”, I immediately deleted all the PUA stuff from my computer. Indeed I’m so glad that I found your report yesterday, which will definitly save me a lot of time and energy.
I decided to “get this part of my life handled” just a few months ago. That’s when I also got interested in this PUA stuff. However, as with self-help in general I was highly critical of the whole PUA world. For some reason I always suspected that there was something inherently wrong with it. Maybe these counterintuitve dogmas that age and looks didn’t matter at all as well as some bizzare and ridiculous stories from RSD’s Tyler, in which an 80 year old guy pulled girls in their twenties, made me sceptical.
But I still thought that there’s something I could learn from PUA instead of trusting my own basic instincts regarding sexuality. I remember quite a few occasions where I got approached by girls, which is of course a big green light, and simply screwed it up because I thought I was not yet on that skill level — due to my lack of knowledge about ‘routines’ and such. Since I now feel educated and reconnected with the ‘mammal inside’, I know what to do next time…
I want to hereby really thank you for clearing my mind and opening my eyes, Aaron!

I just read your e-book and I agree with probably 95% of it. I am so fed up reading FRs and tactics and techniques from people who are so wrapped up in being this PUA personality that they can’t fuck the dripping wet pussy right in front of them. Sometimes girls just want to fuck and when they do you fuck them. Of course, some idiot always chimes in… “How did you know you wanted to fuck her if you hadn’t screen tested her?” WTF? The answer is of course, “Because she had the good sense to ask ME to fuck her”. I could go on but I think you covered the bulk of it in your book. Anyway, it’s nice to know there’s a voice of reason out there.

All good points in there and very little in the way of lame crap. All opinions expressed within can be shown to be true. Overall, pretty awesome!

Just read “Debunking the Seduction Community” and I think it is pure gold. I have known about the community for about 4 years and have indeed tried a great many of the tactics and tricks mentioned (even a embarrassing short stint trying Magus’ tapping). In the end, I have had very little success from my years of the community.
The little success I have enjoyed had little to do with routines or tactics, but just *gasp* when I started to man up, grow a pair, and start talking to girls. Why I don’t “grow a pair” more often has more to do with a fear of failure, I think, and it permeates my life, preventing me from being more successful in work, etc. etc. So, I do agree with you when you say that people should first work on their lives before starting to pursue women whole-heartedly and that is what I am going to do.
Thank you for writing the book and making it available for free.

I finally read your ebook Debunking the Seduction Community. It was a great read and very liberating to me. My exposure to the community was very short (a couple of months of very intense reading and neglecting the important things in my life) but much of the bullshit stuck in my head, even until now. It’s well written and has made me aware of some of the marketing strategies that are commonly used.
Your tips for seduction were good too. The bullshit you read about seduction renders one blind to the obvious and healthy things like the ones you state (finding your environment, getting your life together, becoming a cool guy, having your own style etc.). Even after getting most of the pickup stuff out of my head, some of it still stuck there and I often became recidivous, beginning to read bs on the internet again, doing reasearch on what is attractive etc. I think your book has helped me free myself further from these unhealthy tendencies and I will probably never come back to this freak-world again.
So thank you very much.
(And sorry if I have been harsh to you sometimes in the past.)
—Django Reinhardt

I had been in the community for about a year and was getting nowhere. I got more lays in one month after my first girlfriend broke up with me than I had in this entire year of learning ‘game’. Realizing this, I started to change and deleted the blog I had (SectorLV if you happened to have heard of it). A few days later I saw Assanova’s review of Sleazy Stories and read through your free ebook Debunking the Seduction Community. Wow, it’s everything I had been thinking about all along, particularly about the Mystery Method. I started with Roosh’s Bang and never liked Mystery from the very beginning. I found it insanse how people were worrying about moving from letter to letter. I subsequently deleted all my material, links and other stuff related to game. Since then I’ve already picked up two girls.
I was close to giving up, but your book pushed me over the edge and helped to me realize what ‘game’ really is. I just want to say thanks. If your other book gets a Kindle version I’ll definitely pick it up.

I came across by chance to your ebook Debunking the Seduction Community. You know the truth. From 20 to 22 I was really deep into “game”, after the book The Game came out. Well, the game fucked me up for 2 to 3 years. I also got kicked out from university so I had to go to another country to study, mainly because of this get girls stuff. (I had other issues as well)
I was actually pretty good at this, had like 6 or 7 girlfriends before turning 20 which is pretty OK for where I am from. The game messed me up. I was young and stupid, so I (and my friends) listened to those american gurus on the internet. The fact that I got thrown out of college and that I got a threesome doing everything the community teaches NOT to do got me really thinking. So I quit listening to those Internet marketers. I am now doing things my way. I am happy and I have a dream girlfriend from Lithuania.
For old time’s sake I recently watched a couple of videos of Tyler from Real Social Dynamics. They made me laugh so hard. And then I googled if I was the only one, and found your blog. I don’t know who you are and what your motivations are. But your ebook is spot on. I do not agree with 2 or 3 minor things, though. I hope this email encourages you to keep telling the truth to (young) guys like me. I really think you are a great person for doing so. Thank you!

I discovered the seduction community about 1 year ago and the methods from there — “Mystery Method” and others…, so I began to read books and to start to apply these methods, but without much success. One day I was thinking that there must be some other people who don’t agree with those methods. After a quick search on Google I found PuaHate, and then a blog where you were mentioned, so I looked for information about you and come across your book. Thank you, Aaron, for your advice and your inspring book!

Your book has helped to steer me in the right direction and I thank you for that. What a relief, part of me was worried that getting girls was like learning astrophysics. i just started reading about all this seduction crap about 3 months ago when i got this random girl’s phone number (I’m newly single) and our first phone call went horribly, which prompted me to get on google and discover the seduction “community”.
Your advice in this book confirms what i felt on some level, that most of the stuff that has worked for me so far is common sense stuff. Feel good about yourself, talk to girls, practice getting over shyness by just interacting with more people in general, have some confidence, have fun, dont be afraid to be sexual, etc etc. i’m sure there is advanced game as you describe at the end of your book, but the basics are so simple. and just practicing them, from what I imagine, allows us to gain a feel for it all in our own way. Over-intellectualization is no way to live.

I have found in 2004 and followed the “scene” for the next two years. This was about the time, I think, that things started growing with bootcamps, videos on the field etc. It’s sad to see that now everything is just a bunch of scams and crazy guys; I’m glad I got out of it and didn’t let it pollute my mind. Cheers for your website!

Thank you, Aaron! Your Debunking The Seduction Community is eye opening. It woke me up from a lot of bullshit.
—J. K.

I greatly enjoyed your book. I was a slave to the pick up community for 3 years, always watching videos and reading posts from RSD and PUA Training, using those irrelevant lines at malls and parties. For a while I did believe my 11 partners were all because of “game”, but then I stopped lying myself. I was for the most part either wasted, confident, and/or the girl wanted me. I’m 21 so I’m very grateful I’m getting a hold of this at a young age. Even though I had minor success I was disconnected from myself and believed the shallow promises given by these dishonest scums. My personal life took a massive hit, because of have brainwashed I was from PUA. Friends, family, life, and social life all took a massive dip. I’ve closed the door on pickup for about 4 to 5 months now. It’s funny how I came across your book at a time that made it all relevant. Your words and facts solidified my view towards PUA: It’s an infected bandage over a large wound.

Thank you for writing and distributing Debunking the Seduction Community. It was an eye-opener, giving clarity to so many vague reservations I had about the “community” but had repressed; thankfully I discovered it before I wasted too much time or money with “structured” game.

I think Debunking the Seduction Community is at its strongest when you point out the deficiencies, corruption and misleading language involved in the seduction industry. It has become an almost-too-easy target but most are still incapable of hitting it. I commend you for doing so. Structured game in particular has so much wrongs to answer for. It’s got to the point where guys are screening girls on the dancefloor “for qualities they look for” after the girl has approached and said “Wanna fuck?” I work from the presumption that if a girl picks me she obviously has taste. Try having this argument on mASF and… well, I can’t believe the resistance to the idea that if you find a girl attractive, available and fuckable that’s all the ‘screening’ you need.