How Taylor Swift is able to make every guy lust after her

I previously wrote about how women deceive men with makeup and fancy clothes. When I see a woman with a lot of makeup in her face, I’m immediately turned off as I presume she’s hiding a rather ugly face underneath. Likewise, clothing that disguises the shape of the body is a clear no-no. However, there are also women who don’t want to hide fat rolls and instead dress and style themselves to attract a particular kind of guy.

Some time last year I let it slip that I’m a fan of Taylor Swift, and her music, too. Of course, I have a soft spot for our Aryan goddess TayTay, partly because your enemy’s enemy is your friend: feminazi rag Jezebel has writers whose pussy dries up because of her. TayTay doesn’t have any bwack fwiends! They’d rather see her mudsharking, presumably.

But what can we learn from TayTay? That’s easy. She shows the world that with a slender body and a pleasant face, you can appeal to the masturbation phantasies of absolutely every straight guy out there. The screenshots below are all taken from her video Shake it Off, which has a staggering two billion views on YouTube.

Is the virgin-next-door your type? TayTay’s got you covered:

Do you like fantasy role plays and dream of ravaging a swan? TayTay can arrange that:

Is “urban clothing” still something white guys wear? I don’t know, but if you’re a wigga you may want to stroke it to female wiggas. TayTay provides some inspiration:

Do you like classy, adventurous, go-getting women who are sexually confident? Yup, TayTay it is. If you look closely, you’ll spot a camel toe, as I’ve been told:

Do you still listen to Lady Gaga? Go ahead:

Are you a black dude who likes ’em mudsharks? TayTay shows little Crystal what she has to do once she’s made it to puberty:

Do you want a woman who looks nice and clean and proper, i.e. the kind you could introduce to your parents? TayTay totally fits that bill:

If your parents are divorced and you are some libshit loser, you may want your girls to have an “ironic” clothing style. Look no further:

Are you like most guys, i.e. you can’t get laid and therefore you watch loads of porn? In case you like stroking it to Johnny Sins plowing cheerleaders:

The point of this post is not to make it publicly known that I find 24-year old Taylor Swift attractive. Instead, the point is that a genuinely good-looking woman can easily dress in a way to attract a particular guy. This isn’t just something Taylor Swift can do. Every cute, slender girl can do the same, and they do. Keep this in mind when you think that you want girls with a certain “style”. Instead get a girl who is in shape. For instance, if you’re hung up that she’s not a hipster, you can most certainly get her to agree to let you buy a few pieces of clothing for her. Getting a slender woman to wear what you want, and even if it is just for special occasions, say when you feel like ramming your massive cock deep into her pussy, is a lot easier than trying to get a woman who dresses in a particular style to slim down.

17 thoughts on “How Taylor Swift is able to make every guy lust after her

  1. I enjoy a bit of Taylor’s music, though it is weird that magazines seem fit to comment on her lack of diversity in her social circle. Iggy Azalea hangs out with lots of black people and she gets accused of cultural appropriation because she raps.

    It is always good to see a pile of articles from you. Thanks, Aaron!

    1. There’s no pleasing these detractors!

      Thx sleazy for the slew of posts!!

    2. Iggy Azalea hangs out with lots of black people and she gets accused of cultural appropriation because she raps.
      That’s because she’s an attractive, young white woman. If she wasn’t attractive, that would be totally ok.
      And if you’re confused on why libshits seem to be contradicting each other all the time, just remember: reds can’t even agree on which version of marxism should be applied. Maoists, Trotskyfags, Tankies, and a huge etcetera. All fellow travelers on the war against capital, but once everyone turns their heads, they’re poking their eyes each other.

  2. Yea, she’s pretty hot or whatever. But anyone on this blog saying that her music is even remotely enjoyable seriously lacks taste. Not to mention she’s become a full blown femtard. Paul Joseph Watson exposes her retarded hypocritical statements in the video below:


    1. If it helps you feeling better about yourself, you’re welcome to believe that TayTay’s music is tasteless. She’s an airhead, though.

    1. She’s a product for the masses. She’s sexually attractive so any guy can spray pictures of her with cum, she generates drama to feed the masses thirst for banal gossip, and her music is catchy enough to be sold. Expecting more is futile.

  3. who really gives a dam? celeb culture is for teenage girls. you can find hotter girls everywhere. i dated hotter women. just a other slut shaking her ass. nothing new. if you really like videos with women shaking their ass your better off watching porn. she’s overrated.

    1. This wasn’t a post about Taylor Swift, but about the fact that, when it comes to style, a good-looking woman is like a chameleon.

    2. Way to completely miss the point. I actually wanted to chime in congratulating Aaron on this post. This is probably one the most valuable nuggets of wisdom to make a guy’s sex life tons easier. Unfortunately many might not get the message.

  4. they all are. has to do with sexual demorphism. the human female is weaker. she must manipulate men in order to get resources and protection. otherwise she would be powerless. she cant overpower a man with force. so women developed their social capacity better. evolution. adapt to survive. it’s female nature. manipulation is the only tool they have to level the playingfield. she cant fight off a attacker her self so she needs a man to be willing to fight till the death for her. this is why women complain when we are not emotionally available. because she cant manipulate you unless you open up to them. so when the day comes you’ll sacrifice yourself for her. ever noticed how women are romantically and sexually turnt on by movies where the man sacrifices his life for a woman? women are manipulative by nature. it’s instinct. they cant help it. it’s just more easy when she’s beautiful. but all women do it one way or a other. so next time a woman ask you to open up, just remember the end goal is you dying for her.

  5. it’s more then just attraction. they need the acceptance and protection off the tribe/men. if they not fit in they will die in nature. women are better socially adaptible. because it’s crucial for their survival. while most men would do just fine on their own. so yes all women are like chameleons. socially, sexually. they have to be in order to survive.

  6. Interesting, when you said 2Billion views, I thought of that Psy guy with that Gangham style song.

    (I found this “what happened to Psy” video, somewhat recent on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKKfAuvnL_0 )

    Part of the video talks about how Psy got depressed after realizing he probably won’t be able to match the success of that Gangham Style song.

    Sorta reminds me of whether guys realize (or feel, without knowing why) they are down because that dream unicorn girl (the “One”, haha), they got…and they think, “uh, this princess is what I pined for???”

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