An example why Western women are fucked in the head

This just popped up in my Facebook feed: A thread on Quora on the following question posted by a girl:

A guy asked me out today and I told him “no,” but I wanted him to try harder. Why didn’t he try again?

Here is what a sane man would do:
– take your “no” at face value, and move on
– realize that you are playing games, and move on

Western women, it’s no surprise so many men don’t even bother with you anymore.

9 thoughts on “An example why Western women are fucked in the head

  1. This also popped up in my Quora feed 😉 Quora is actually one of my favorite sites, beside the usual SJW crap, if someone wants to learn something about physics, math, astronomy, science in general etc. –> Quora has amazing content in these areas, by far the best “question and answer” site on the net.

  2. I once asked a question about the absurdity of women expecting their husbands to pay for a life time of her expenses just because they love them by forcing ideals of marriage. I got similar responses from Feminists. One even suggested that men live longer in marriages. Like that is going to offset the loss of money due to paying her expenses for a lifetime.

  3. A key element in emotional intelligence is empathy, or the ability to understand how other people feel. Frankly, a lot of the women I run into are so narcissistic that the complaint of the woman on quora might be common to a lot of them. I never cease to amazed how many women quite openly think all men are idiots, but expect we should have telepathic abilities with respect to them.

  4. Their nature becomes rebellious,vindictive & hedonistic after one or two bad experience(s) they are then justified to act as vile as they’d like w/o criticism.

  5. If you are hunting for virgins then waiting longer is actually good. I spent 2months chatting with my best girlfriend to date before I met her. I just thought she is too good looking for me. Funny thing is they are somewhat repulsed by quick offer of sex. Ofc you can mention justin bieber, but how many of them are there 😉

  6. Isn’t this woman looking for some kind of bad boy who doesn’t take no for an answer and always takes what he wants? It’s related to rape fantasies.

  7. Plenty of very mentally disturbed women everywhere nowadays thanks to Feminism that destroyed their brain cells altogether. MGTOW is a real lifesaver.

  8. Its all about how we as a people raise girls and I say this as daddies little princes is truly a real problem and its sadly one that men later on have to deal with . I sadly ended up with one and now she left me after 33 years and I stayed with her through 2 cancers and with one cutting her vag out but still I stayed with her for over ten sexless years only for her to leave me 3 days before I needed an operation and with her saying that this was amicable well maybe for a princes . I have since cleaned the whole house and the filth that she left is amazing . But no problem for a princes as shouldn’t somebody have cleaned it up as I am a princes .

  9. We as a society have accepted the wacked out thought process of women in order to maintain a structured balance in our not so perfect life. I have had so many men who worked for me long term to find out that when their kids leave home, the women abandoned them then palimony comes to play. I to deal with a psychotic who on occasion remindes me what a piece of crap I am after supporting her for over twenty years, the next day it’s like nothing was ever said life is great. IDK maybe its us men in general go figure!

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