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The Baltimore Bridge Boo-Boo and the Problem of Societal Collapse

The other day a cargo ship took down a major bridge in the United States. I got a bit suspicious when the media incessantly pointed out that this was a “Singaporean vessel”. Singapore is a high-IQ society, thanks to its Chinese majority, and the Chinese are rather rule abiding. The video below gives a good impression of the damage this cargo ship caused. There obviously a lot of videos floating around, but I liked the footage of this German video best as the camera angles gives you a good sense of the scale of this disaster.

Now, onto the topic of societal collapse. While the vessel may have been “Singaporean”, it turned out that the entire crew was Indian. This information seems to be suppressed in Western mainstream media but Indian media openly talk about it, perhaps because they consider it an example of their own people — 22 of them, to be precise — making an impact on the world and “doing the needful”.

Of course, IQ is just a construct of racist scientists, so we should probably not jump to any conclusions here and muse whether the significantly lower average IQ of Indians may have been a confounding factor. I would never make such a claim myself. Yet, it is a bit odd that IQ seems to reflect real-life achievements, or the lack thereof, remarkably well. I also cannot quite recall reading about all-Chinese or all-Japanese cargo ships causing billions of damage, but perhaps such stories get suppressed due to all the Japanese and Chinese owning the Western media and deciding which stories to run. I really have no clue.

On a more serious note, I am fully convinced that Western civilization is on a long and drawn-out downward trajectory, partly due to multiculturalism. Running a company in which the workforce is highly inhomogeneous is bad enough. It is even worse when we hand Western technology to people who would never have been able to come up with such inventions themselves. The outcome are plane crashes, cargo ships bumping into bridges, and customer-service agents who speak incomprehensible English.

I wonder if that bridge would still stand had a white all-male crew, held to the highest standards of training and discipline, been put on that cargo ship. We tried putting white women in command, but sadly with inconsistent results. Obviously, sex or race have nothing to do with ability, in theory, but in practice there are some differences the many thousands of gender researchers out there have not yet been able to convincingly explain.

As long as we keep pushing diversity, we will see more disasters. Boeing is a great recent example. I only wonder if we are getting to the point where planes routinely will fall out of the sky, ships will crash into obstacles, and trains will derail so regularly that it will stop making the news. If we model such disasters on timelines, taking into account the available workforce and its skill, I wonder how soon it will be until we will no longer be able to even repair the damage our diverse and ultra-woke workforce causes. There is a tipping point beyond which recovery is no longer possible. I call this the escape velocity of diversity-induced damage. I know of a few tech companies that will invariably go down, as a consequence of embracing “diversity” and pushing out the white man. On a societal level, such an outcome would be horrific. Yet, our hostile elites are going to get us there.

8 thoughts on “The Baltimore Bridge Boo-Boo and the Problem of Societal Collapse

  1. It’s been reported that the captain of said Baltimore ship presumably is an Ukrainian. I don’t know whether this is true or false, but if it is true, then that very detail makes this incident just more hilarious.

    1. This would be great karma, after the most recent Ukraine-led terrorist attack on Russian soil. On a related note, Ukraine seems to have handed out citizenship rather freely, seemingly for ideological reasons. It does not surprise me at all that there are Indians who also hold an Ukrainian passport. I met two black guys who were Ukrainians.

    2. On a related note, Ukraine seems to have handed out citizenship rather freely

      That’s news to me, I’ve heard about a Russian guy who was living in Ukraine for a decade and was trying to naturalize. He was eligible, but couldn’t get it because apparently there was a quota, and the quota went to whoever paid more (under the table, of course). That was before the war, though, where they didn’t require cannon fodder. On that note, before the war a ton of applicant for Russian citizenship, who were waiting for months or years, got it approved within a span of couple days.

    3. The Ukraine brought in a lot of “students” from Africa. It does not surprise me at all that Russians trying to become Ukrainians are treated in a less welcoming way, considering that the Ukraine has been waging a civil war against their Russian population.

  2. “On a night of lashing sleet, in the first week of February, the Mississippi bridge of the Atlantic Southern collapsed under a passenger train. The engine and the first five sleepers went down with the cracking girders into the twisting black spirals of water eighty feet below.

    “You can’t have your cake and let your neighbor eat it, too,” said Francisco d.’Anconia. The fury of denunciations which the holders of public voices unleashed against him was greater than their concern over the horror at the river.

    On the evening of February 15, a plate cracked on a rail joint and sent an engine off the track, half a mile from Winston, Colorado, on a division which was to have been relaid with the new rail. The station agent of Winston sighed and sent for a crew with a crane; it was only one of the minor accidents that were happening in his section every other day or so, he was getting used to it.”

    – Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

  3. Once again I get the feeling you overemphasize the role of IQ too much, to the detriment of other factors like culture, which I think are at least as significant in their own right.

    IQ may not be constant, but it seemingly changes slowly on a large timescale, long enough to be considered a constant for most historical occurences. Fundamental changes occur much quicker, as I see it.

    I see cultural practices as evolutionary adaptations, they are by and large not consciously designed, so they can compensate for lower iqs and replicate as long as they are successful.

    The chinese may have high IQ on average, but that did not prevent them from importing one of the most destructive ideas the West has ever spawned (communism) and killing millions of their citizens and destroying much of their ancient culture in the process (interested readers may want to google up on the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution). Also, they are pretty corrupt and like to cheat and cut corners, something you would hardly expect from a Singaporean (ethnically pretty much the same) or a japanese (close enough).

    Ashkenazi Jews supposedly have some of the highest IQs around, no doubt a result of centuries of selective pressure, but that did not prevent them from turning Israel into a socialist backwater during most of its history, and a genocidal cuasi-fascist statelet with at best an uncertain future now.

    Lastly, high IQ white population did not prevent Europeans from launching themselves into two consecutive World Wars, where they destroyed much of their own civilization at their pinnacle, and ended up as vassals of either the Americans or the Russians.

    I know you, and probably most of the readers of you blog have a higher than average IQ, otherwise we would find it much easier to find comfort seeking to fit in intellectualy with the normies. But I think we fall into an intellectual trap if we focus too much on it ad disregard other factors that, critically enough, are easier to modify.

    1. To pick out the example of Ashkenazi Jews: First, it is not entirely clear if their IQ is as high as it is commonly purported. Based on what I read, the one study that pegged their IQ at 115 had whites at 117, but this part is normally not reported. Also, this population does not seem to have any experience at all with building a sustainable society as they seem to have spent basically their entire history living within existing societies. Thus, Israel is arguably their first attempt at having their own state. Tthere are people whose first attempt at nation-building was already great, so the root cause may be genetic and, indeed, have little to do with IQ. My hypothesis is that it is an issue of low trust. Perhaps amazingly, there is a genetic component to trust:
      It could well be that Jews are genetically (!) incapable of building a sustainable country, just as other people are genetically incapable of ever grasping higher mathematics.

    2. There are lots of things which I disagree with in your post Yarara.
      First, the blog post is not about wars or famines caused by some ideologies. Rather it is about “ Western civilization is on a long and drawn-out downward trajectory”. This decline can be caused by a declining IQ or declining culture.
      Second, you assume that the decline in IQ is not easy “to modify”. But it is fairly easy to change – just don’t import low IQ people. Also don’t pay low IQ people to get children and instead pay median and high IQ people to do so.
      Third, yes high IQ countries can be very destructive. But they are still a much nicer place to live in than low IQ countries. I would take living in China, Soviet Union or Israel (whose IQ is lower than that of Western Europe just btw) above any low IQ country (such as those in Africa and Middle East outside of the gulf states).

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