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Andrew Huberman’s SMV

We had a discussion about Andrew Huberman on the Open Thread #348, in which we also explored this guy’s SMV. I elaborated on my view in that thread already, but I there is an interesting aspect related to age and financial success, which is why I decided to expand on my views a bit.

For context, the once well-regarded US publication New York Magazine, which broke the Watergate scandal, among others, published a hit piece in which some woman wrote a dissertation-length article about Huberman banging a bunch of middle aged women (but not her). I only skimmed it, but some of the parts I read came across as comical if not satirical. Still, the question remains why this clearly very successful guy does not bang hotter women.

Andrew Huberman does not need an extensive introduction. He is an associate professor at Stanford, but rose to prominence via his YouTube channel. Huberman is a Jew, which may have helped him with getting his name out, similar to Ben Shapiro, Ethan Klein, and Lex Fridman, who also seem to have an audience of a size far larger than you would be inclined to consider plausible, given their content and personality. On his YouTube channel, Huberman gives very detailed lectures on various health-related topics, often covering issues that have been discussed in male spheres online as well.

I consider Huberman a bit of a scammer because he is using his academic credentials for his YouTube channel, even though is day job is in a mostly unrelated field, albeit there may sometimes be a partial overlap. This is dishonest as the undiscerning viewer is led to believe that he conducts academic research on bro-science topics. I also find his subscriber numbers fishy. He has over five million subscribers but his view counts, with the exception of a few outliers, are in the low six-digits. My impression is that a channel that grew organically has roughly the same number of viewers as subscribers. Look at Michael Bordenaro, as an example: plenty of his videos have as many view as Huberman’s, yet he has less than 10% of the latter’s subscriber count.

Andrew Huberman is almost 50. He does not have children. Apparently, he is dating barren women, so if this trend continues, he is not going to have any children either. Yet, he does bring a lot to the table, so he should be able to do reasonably well with women. He is tall, at 185 cm, i.e. a little over six feet. I am not sure about his financial situation. His channel only really blew up in the last two years or so, and as an associate professor he is surely comfortable but probably he will not really be able to live a luxurious lifestyle. Still, I would not be surprised if he was worth a few million dollars. In addition to his money and professional success, Andrew Huberman also managed to become a minor celebrity, which counts for a lot as well.

Overall, Andrew Huberman should get plenty of women, so why does he not get any? I think one issue is that he likely internalized a loser mindset. You do not end up as a professor in a STEM field if you are not a geek. Yet, the geek mindset does not make pussies wet, albeit such people can probably expound at great length on how and why vaginas self-lubricate, and what hormones your body produces when your erect penis makes it into a tight, moist vagina. Chad knows none of this, and he does not need to either. In contrast, Huberman has probably spent all his life being a geek. You cannot shake this kind of socialization so easily.

Also, the status of a professor is not nearly as high as you may think, in particular in an environment in which there are a lot of guys with money. The Bay Area is home to more HNWIs than London, for example, and many of these guys are probably a lot younger than Huberman. While he has only really hit his stride in the last few years, he is competing against guys who have been making six figures since leaving college. Being a college professor does not really cut it when he has to compete against guys whose quarterly RSUs dwarf his yearly salary.

Still, Huberman should have no problem with getting hot, young pussy. He could easily do this via his dayjob as he is placed in a natural position of authority as a professor. This will not put him in front of some tatted up sluts with fake tits, but instead some ambitious undergraduate or graduate students. At the very least, he should be able to get a hot Asian chick. Huberman is arguably an 8 on the SMV scale as he is tall, rich, accomplished, and popular. However, his age is starting to be a problem. Prime-caliber women can get guys who have a similar amount of money but who are much younger. Mainly due to his age I would not put him at a 9, even if he had more pleasant facial features. He will likely strike out against reasonably good-looking finance or tech bros in their late 20s or early 30s who pull down $300k/year. There are a lot of good-looking guys out there and he probably would struggle to even compete against guys making $150k/year.

Huberman’s biggest problem is his age. Assuming he meets a young slut to have kids with today and knocks her up tomorrow, he will be almost 70 by the time his kid is an adult. Women who are able to think ahead are also aware of this. Thus, I would argue that if maximizing his success with women was one of the goals of Huberman when setting up his channel, then he was way too late to the party. He at a point where he cannot really make up for lost time anymore, regardless of how much money he may be able to acquire. He could probably do a lot better than he currently does, for instance by banging women in their early 30s rather than their late 40s, but going below 30 will be very difficult for him, outside of his teaching gig.

Perhaps Andrew Huberman is also a good warning tale. Sometimes, you can come across the claim that you can always make up for lost time, and that no age is too late to become rich. While you can certainly make money later in life, its utility will be much more limited. If you become a millionaire in your 50s, you may want to use some of your money for getting a spot in a better retirement home. In contrast, in your 20s and even in your 30s you can still get great experiences without having to directly pay for it. In your 50s, the hottest women you can get you may have to pay for. In your 20s and 30s, plenty of women will want to bang you if they learn that you are rich. You will be better off being young and not broke as opposed to being middle-aged and financially comfortable.

15 thoughts on “Andrew Huberman’s SMV

  1. Money and status are always life-boosting at any age, I don’t think huberman is a good example to the contrary.

    As you say, he was probably a geek, and I would add brainwashed and surrounded by academia his whole life. He’s literally living in a reality where pursuing hot younger women is creepy and pedo. That brainwashing doesn’t drop by itself that easily.

    If he got the money and status younger, he would have entered a 15 years relationship with the first feminist who sucks his D, not banging hotties.

    Getting money and status doesn’t automatically debrainwash you. The only exception is if it’s such a high level of Fame that chicks literally throw themselves at you and you see tons of girls cheating on their boyfriend just for a chance to lick your d in a ravenous manner.

    For everyone else (moderate high status and money), it doesn’t automatically translate into pussy. You still have to leverage it and understand things.


      I don’t think anybody could have put it much better than you did here. I really don’t think it can be overstated the service guys like Aaron,Rehab Room,HoeMath,Think Before You Sleep (also a youtube),etc. do for us guys to get us out of the brainwashing.

      I would say I think I would fit the profile of a “De-brainwashed” geek. Had I never learned about Aaron,I might have ended up fleeced by some post-wall jane in my later years. I rejected the first one who threw herself at me. The first ever woman who had outright thrown herself at me. I was 18 years old and she was 29. I was able to reject her advances because I was young and just wasn’t attracted to her. (probably would have been a different story if I was..)

      Loneliness at an older age tends to make almost everybody desperate however. If you’re young putting up with a bad situation,you can tell yourself you have a future ahead of you,but not so much when you’re feeling the creep of old age. so I can imagine that if I were left ignorant,older me might have eventually become vulnerable to some conniving manipulative hag.

      I don’t know whether or not I will necessarily “strike it big” in the future (there’s some very real promising things that have been going on in my life though,but I don’t want to get my hopes too high just yet),but even if I don’t,I’ll at least be able to avoid the terrible future of the henpacked husband by an ugly (both inside and outside) broad like what’s happen to more than a few of my relatives. I have seen the dynamics of their relationship play out and I am NOT envious of their positions.

      Before I ever learned about Aaron,I probably would have been gaslighted to accept these terrible circumstances as a normal consequence/drawback of a relationship,and that the pursuit of sex (especially sex with younger legal age women. Just read some reddit comments and see how many brainwashed cucks are on it) outside a relationship is somehow evil.

    2. Yep, it’s often easy to forget how blue-pilled the average guy is. Like they’re literally disney-level delusion. They believe only “the worst of the worst sluts” would ever bang a guy without a minimum of 73 dates and a commitment to everlasting love.

      The only way to break them out of that brainwashing is if

      A) they’re lucky enough to stumble on this blog or something else in the de-brainwashing realm.

      B) they become so attractive (physical 9+) or famous, so they witness the true nature of women without even looking for it or trying. When chicks dump their boyfriend right in front of you just to get a chance to suck your dick, you will get it even without discovering de-brainwashing content.

      We often forget that it’s next to impossible for guys to escape societal brainwashing otherwise.

      The one caveat is that there’s a nuance to option B. There is a level of fame, status or looks where you can get the benefits, but only if you know about them.

      What do I mean by this? Let’s take your looks, and look at two scenarios. Imagine these are two guys who are a 7 and not in great shape.

      A) First guy puts on muscle, gets ripped, and becomes a 9 in looks. For whatever reasons, perhaps getting ripped changes his face in such a favorable way that he goes to a 9 in looks because he had a chiseled jaw just waiting to be uncovered.

      B) Second guy puts on muscle, gets ripped, and becomes a 8 in looks.

      Both of them now can get laid with hotter chicks (or have more casual sex, i.e. non-provider sex). The difference is this.

      – The first guy has become so hot that he doesn’t even need to know anything about the true nature of women and that it’s possible. He’s so hot that he will have hotter women hitting on him, until he gets that it’s possible. Or when dating women he’ll realize the true nature of women and how they act around hot guys vs providers. So it happens AUTOMATICALLY. No need to discover blogs like this one etc…

      – The second guy might notice increased interest, but it won’t be so dramatic that he gets what’s possible and leaves brainwashing behind. If, however, he discovers this part of the internet, he will be able to get hotter chicks, and more casual (non-provider) sex from his improved looks.

      This is true with status as well

      Guys often think of hyper-high levels of status (fame) when they think of “status gets you laid with hotter, younger chicks without providing”. If the status is high enough, it happens AUTOMATICALLY. They throw themselves at you (like the guy who became a 9+ looks-wise).

      What a lot of guys don’t consider is the intermediate level. Where you can get similar results, but it doesn’t happen automagically. So your status is high enough to where you don’t have to settle for 35 year old women, but not high enough to where you have 25 year olds throwing themselves at you.

      tl;dr = it’s easy to conclude that status doesn’t confer benefits if you look at the intermediate level, where it doesn’t happen automagically. You have to know how to leverage it. As it is only at the super-high levels where it confers benefits automatically.

    3. Alek, Aaron, how exactly should I leverage money to attract women? I live in a first-world non-US country, but I am making US salary, which means I outearn 99% percent of households. You have to be a director at a good company here to make more than I do.

      But because I’m so unique, women don’t know about it, and when they learn what I’m doing, they imagine I’m making like 20% of my real salary. How do I let them know I’m rich without boasting?

    4. A relatively easy way is to get a fancy car and a nice watch, but I am not sure I would recommend this just for the purpose of trying to impress women. Does your apartment or house reflect your income situation? If so, then you only need to get women to come over. I know a guy in his 40s who makes a lot of money. He likes taking fancy vacations, sometimes with women he has barely met. This also gets the point across that he is financially very comfortable. Of course, the risk is that you will attract gold diggers this way.

    5. I’ve talked about this in the comments many times. If someone has the time they might compile it into a PDF or something, but I wouldn’t have time to summarize.

      The short answer: Convert that money into status and attention

      – Only gold-diggers care about your money. Most other women care about status/attention. It’s a bit primal.

      Logically, women should care about money, but that’s not how evolution works. Takes thousands of years to catch-up. Bank statements didn’t exist a 1000 years ago.

      For a woman to look at your bank statement to decide she wants to fuck you, would be like a guy looking at a woman’s fertility tests to decide if he wants to fuck her. We don’t do that, we look at hips-to-waist ratio and markers of fertility. It’s the same with markers of success.

      Here’s a fun test for you since you can afford it. Hire 5 escorts that are nines in terms of looks (just as an experiment), and show up to a venue with the 5 of them. Ask them to act like they’re in love with you, think you’re the best guy ever.

      Then approach and try to escalate on girls in the surroundings, and let us know what the difference is in conversion rates. Just giving you a hint. I’m not going to lay out a system. If I had the time to do that, I’d package it in a PDF and sell it.

    6. I would even say that he doesn’t need them to act all “fawning” over him, just acting like they want to be around him would sell it. Having hot female friends seems to give men a lot of status. If they’re not hot, not so much.

    7. @AlekNovy This is excellent point, which I did not pay much attention to as I do not base my life decisions on the question of how other people around me would view them. However, for someone who has been socialized in an academic niche, it is absolutely the case that people will look at you askance if you show up to a social gathering with a woman who is twenty years younger than you. What is worse, the men in this environment act like jealous women, so instead of bro-fisting you for pulling a porn-star-caliber 20-year-old they will roll their eyes and openly accuse you of being a “pedophile”.

    8. @Maou, yeah I gave that as an extreme “experiment” that proves the point. If you were to do it, you would see that your conversion rates go way up.

      It’s not an actual “technique” to use. It’s obviously impractical, and doesn’t make sense. I’m not saying your system should be “pay hookers to act enamored with you, and then hit on other girls”. It’s just something simple that proves the point. More practical things are entire system that could fill an entire book.

      I wanted to fully round out my answer to cycle though

      how exactly should I leverage money to attract women?

      To make this even clearer… It’s a two-step process…

      1) You use the money to “buy” status and attention
      2) Then, you can try to bang hotter/younger girls than you currently do

      The impractical example is just to prove a point. The fact is that if you can only bang 5s as you are currently, if you get a lot of status and attention, you’ll be able to bang 7s, all else being equal.

      If you sat down to think about it, you might be able to come up with a system to achieve the first step.

      After you achieve step 1, you’re basically in the same place as the guy in my gym analogy above. The guy who became an 8. He’s not going to get girls throwing himself at him (like the guy who became a 9 by hitting the gym), however, if he tried to bang girls, he would find that he can bang hotter/younger girls than before he did this transformation.

    9. However, for someone who has been socialized in an academic niche, it is absolutely the case that people will look at you askance if you show up to a social gathering with a woman who is twenty years younger than you. What is worse, the men in this environment act like jealous women, so instead of bro-fisting you for pulling a porn-star-caliber 20-year-old they will roll their eyes and openly accuse you of being a “pedophile”.

      Basically. Academia is literally a feminist matriarchy run by the geeky girls who got zero attention from guys in high-school.

      Just had some articles come out on my feed bashing Huberman. They are coming from that niche, and by the way they’re titled and written, you would think he pulled a Weinstein. I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He followed all their rules and limited himself to ugly middle-aged women, but they’re piling on him and acting like he pulled a Weinstein by merely daring to date more than one feminist uggo at a time.

      I imagine that if he dated even a single 25 year old teaching assistant (not even a subordinate or colleague, even someone from a completely different institution), they would be calling for his resignation and acting as if he was a pedophile. It’s pretty bad.

  2. There are now rumors going around that this weirdo was into BDSM. In fact it is said that “protocol” is a term from that lifestyle. He wore all black to signify that he is an alpha bad guy and the women he sought out were submissives. They all new what they were getting into and BDSM is a joke were abusive people congregate to abuse each other. Then when things go wrong they want all us norms to cry about how tough they have it. None of these schmucks deserve any sympathy.

    1. Good for you. I find the idea pretty of being part of a gang-bang with an aging OnlyFans whore off-putting. Give it a few years and in hindsight your evaluation of this event may be much different. I look back at my years of philandering much differently nowadays.

  3. Mr. Nightroller,

    I read your post and (no judgements) as I’ve written my experiences on Lady Boys hear! I do have to observe if there is an element of bisexuality as you will be near other guys and see penises going into vaginas/be aroused near other men. I don’t judge you if you like this but just stating that dong this in close proximity to other guys might be bi.

    I might be bi too so I am not saying it like you are a bad guy!

    1. P Ray,
      Thanks for the feedback. I’ve explored in sex clubs myself and have realized pretty distinctly that I am not bi (life would be easier if I was). The object of my affection can’t have a penis, or have had a penis, else I’m turned off. However, unlike many guys, I don’t have the disgust reaction if I and other guys are around each other naked, with all of us sexually focused on girls and not each other. It’s more like background scenery to me—they could be there or not be there and I wouldn’t care either way. I also don’t have much jealousy towards partners. These two factors could (?) be linked.

      Thanks for the insight. I may change my mind about the experience, but so far it’s been a highlight of my life. I’m also ambivalent towards whether or not a girl is an OF girl, and in some cases it may make me slightly more interested. But that could be because the kind of girls I’m looking to meet now may be different than the ones you seek (different priorities), and I know for nearly a fact my own priorities will adjust as I age.
      tl;dr you’re probably right, to some degree, and I agree somewhat

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