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Manipulative “Fact Checking”: The Link Between Aphasia and the Vaxx

I recently rewatched the first two movies in the Die Hard franchise. It’s quite clear that the first movie was not supposed to be the start of a franchise. Because creativity is limited, the sequel basically repeats the plot of the first movie, except on an airport rather than a skyscraper. It also uses self-referential humor, for instance by the lead repeatedly lamenting that “the same thing is happening to the same guy a second time”. Die Hard is a classic. Die Hard 2: Die Harder is a cash grab.

After this intro, you may be wondering why I am mixing up action movies and the vaxx. The connection is Bruce Willis who is the face of the Die Hard franchise and who once was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. While it is true that he has not been doing that well as an actor for a while, he still managed to make millions via direct-to-video productions. All of this came to an end after he got vaxxed. He contracted aphasia, meaning that he got brain damage, perhaps due to a vaxx clot, and now he can no longer speak properly or even understand language. How bad his condition really is is not clear as his family keeps him out of the view of the public.

It is quite curious how many health issues there are following the vaxx. Of course, according to the mainstream, these are only coincidences and there is no causal connection, albeit there are so many health issues that you can make statistical analyses, just as they are done for all other health interventions. Side effects are determined based on statistical frequencies, but in the case of the vaxx, all side effects are apparently unrelated.

In 2021, there was a paper linking the vaxx to intracerebral bleeding (ICB), using a 52-year-old patient as an example. Look at this conclusion:

A second dose of a SARS-CoV-2 vaccination may be followed by ICB. Though the pathophysiology of ICB remains unexplained a causal relation between ICB and the vaccination cannot be excluded. Risk factors for ICB should be carefully monitored in patients undergoing SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.

The key part is: “a causal relation cannot be excluded”. This means that even though the doctors do not have perfect proof, they suspect that the vaxx may be to blame. They certainly see no reason to claim that the vaxx is not at fault. Probably this is also because there are no other good explanations for why this patient ended up with ICB. Consequently, the vaxx is a possible cause.

Soros-affiliated fact checkers spin this story much differently, however. Referring to the same study, they claim that there is no proven link between ICB and the vaxx. However, this is extremely dishonest. The problem is that there a hypothesis that the vaxx is linked to ICB. The original authors write that this link cannot be excluded. This is basically the exact opposite of what the fact checkers claim. In their article we read, “aphasia for sure has not been proven to be linked to the COVID-19 vaccines”, given as a direct quote. The correct statement would be that the vaxx has not been proven NOT to cause aphasia. This is not a subtle point. Of course, the Soros-backed fact-checkers from Reuters would not alert you to this fact. They cite a bunch of “health experts” that tell them what they want to hear. Thus, they want to give you the impression that by citing a bunch of random medical practitioners they refute the original publication.

At this point, “fact checking” is little more than a meme. Still, it can be helpful to look at their shady techniques so that you recognize how these people try to manipulate you. Incidentally, the same techniques are used by other actors on the political left.

7 thoughts on “Manipulative “Fact Checking”: The Link Between Aphasia and the Vaxx

  1. OMG I hadn’t kept up with Bruce “Yippi-kay-yeah” Willis at all. This is absolutely shocking to read.

  2. I saw Die Hard again recently and noticed it presaged some stuff we associate with the 1990s. John’s wife Holly is a career grrl whose career is naturally more important and well-paid than John’s. She shuffles paper for a rich Japanese corporation*, whereas all he does is try to keep NYC safe from drug dealers and murderers. So she reverts to her maiden name, takes the kids, and moves across the country to LA. She’s so badass that, of course, she even gets the better of uber-villain Hans Gruber:

    Gruber: What idiot put you in charge?
    Holly: You did, when you murdered my boss.

    When John isn’t busy killing the terrorists who intend to kill her, he sits around bleeding from his injuries and worrying about whether he’s been sensitive and accommodating and apologetic enough toward her. Then, at the end, he and Holly are both saved by a heroic black cop from a terrorist that John neglected to double-tap earlier.

    * This reflected the belief at the time that Japan was going to take over America (and at this point I wonder if we wouldn’t be better off had they succeeded.) Also, Japanese corporations weren’t (and aren’t, as far I know) known for promoting non-Japanese or women into the upper echelons, so her meteoric ascent from (presumably) housewife to second-in-command of a multibillion-dollar Japanese corporation is unlikely to say the least.

    1. The US messed with the Japanese via the Plaza Accord. Japan is still alright, though. They celebrate anime waifus with big titties, take in barely any refugees (still too many), and are still an industrial powerhouse.

    2. Fun fact, regarding the japanese boss: it was thought to be the future normal at the time. Die Hard came out in 1988, right around that time the end of the USSR was imminent, and people thought Japan would overtake the US to be the n 1 power in the world.

      Other films from that time, “Alien” (1979) and its sequel “Aliens” (1986) saw the far future dominated by japanese-american corporations. Ripleys employer in the films is the “Weyland-Yutani Corporation”.

      Back to the Future II (1989) also had future Marty McFly working for (and fired by) a japanese company.

    3. Well when people claimed that Japan was going to overtake the United States as the world’s top economy they didn’t factor in that the US has military bases in Japan, and surrounding countries for a reason: to maintain their hegemony. Japan for all its faults is still in a better position than the US and over 90% of Europe.

  3. If you want too see a red pilled movie, check out Chuck Bronson’s Kinjete-Forbidden Subject! The Japanese “protagonist” is a pervert who harasses high school girls on public transportation! IT also has some “wokeness” with the innocent Jap girl OD’ing on heroin or fentanyl. How she had the stuff after she was rescued from the jive talking’ vibrant is anyone’s guest!. Funny scene at the end, Bronson throws the jive talking’ vibrant into a prison cell where he is likely too be butt trapped as the other convicts are cat calling him and saying he is a pretty boy. Woke Amerikkka would never let a movie put a scene like that in todays movies as we all know anything that portrays gays as less than the perfect victims is racist and misogynist!!!

  4. I bet actors like Sly Stallone, Arnold Schwartznigger and Clit Eastwood faked there vax papers so they could still work but are still healthy despite massive amounts of rhoides and human growth hormones!

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