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Guest Post: Reflecting on Cluster B-Type Women (By Pickernanny)

Pickernanny just posted a detailed and highly accurate post on the correlation between porn-like sex and dealing with a cluster B-type woman, which I have decided to repost as an article to give it greater visibility.

In light of Cheeky_James recent arrival and skimming through the conversations, and reflecting on some of my past encounters with women I wanted to try and touch on a certain aspect that may or may not be related to a lot of what men with a higher than average (mine is certainly not huge—though above average) lay count experience.

I think when a guy sets out to bang a ton of women he inevitably comes into contact with a disproportionate amount of cluster B women by default. These are the types, in my belief, that tend to be the sluttiest. I’m not saying that the rules of hypergamy and modern cultural phenomenon don’t apply in these cases and that they’ll fuck any average Joe, but I find it incredibly unlikely that if you’re venturing about and banging a ton of women that you’re coming into contact with the most virtuous among them.

Borderlines in particular, with which I’ve certainly come into contact with on several occasions (I swear these types gravitate towards me as some sort of savior archetype), have a certain flare about them that makes them both incredibly alluring and simultaneously soul crushing. If you don’t stick around to witness the full extent of the play that they put on, i.e. you bang them and move on quickly, you can mitigate a lot of the more unpleasant aspects of their personalities. However, having witnessed how dysregulated they can (will) become it is quite harmful to your own psyche and can even bring out narcissistic tendencies within your own self whereas before these traits were largely either suppressed or even non-existent.

When they idealize you early on it’s as if they “love” you fully and unconditionally while elevating you to the heavens above, only to eventually become dysregulated, split, and devalue you so that you end up being cast down from the heavens into a fiery hell pit of anguish and self-loathing. One can become very jaded with just a handful of these encounters (perhaps even one). If you’re like me you want to keep the good times rolling with the more attractive ones, and sometimes you feel as though you can actually step into the role of the emotional regulator that they so crave and even help them. This is a massive undertaking and a essentially a full-time job. They’re constantly oscillating between idealization and devaluation, and fear of becoming fulling engulfed or enmeshed in their love object and then fears of abandonment, rejection and humiliation.

It’s with these types and cluster B women in general that the love and sex bombing is just awesome. It’s a dynamic that can become addictive to the average man. You meet this sweet wonderful angel, she inflates your ego, and then suddenly she’s fucking you five times a night and then showing up with toys, butt plugs, and sexy leather outfits a couple nights later.

I guess my conclusion is that I just wouldn’t be surprised at all if a lot of this “Chad-tier” sex is just Chad coming into contact with a lot of crazies. Should Chad ever find a good girl to settle down with then I somehow doubt that he’ll be able to recreate that same sexual dynamic as he did with all those cluster B women. I’m not saying that he will be sexually dissatisfied or anything, but it seems to be that the focus has shifted from getting as much porn-like sex as possible to seeing sex as more of a function for propagating his offspring and maintaining the relationship by that point.

Also, consider that mental illness seems to be at an all time high in the West in general, and it’s spreading like a disease faster and further. It just stands to reason that the vast majority of women that sleep around and without first carefully screening and selecting a man are probably at least somewhat mentally ill to begin with. Sometimes I wonder if I did find a solid and mentally stable girlfriend if she’d just be too “boring” for me.

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  1. I keep in contact with a buddy of mine who dated someone in my family who has legitimately been diagnosed with BPD. We were recently discussing the maladies of such women as well as other women we had fooled around with that had similar issues, and he told me about a recent encounter that he just had dropped because he just couldn’t be bothered to delve back into such a dynamic. He has instead descended into being a high functioning alcoholic and works 50-60 hours a week in between his binge sessions, and seems to much prefer this lifestyle for the time being.

    Within the past couple months I became familiar with a chick that most certainly had some form of covert BPD (I suspect). This chick was 21 years old, very petite and super cute. I’d say she was a solid 7/10 in my view. This type of BPD tends to go inward with their dysregulatory symptoms, which can manifest in self-trashing and self-harming types of behaviors (suicidal ideation, drug/alcohol use, cutting, reckless behaviors such as risky driving, impulsive life altering decisions on the fly with little contemplation, becoming a sex object etc.). They tend not to lash out at others as much and lash out at themselves instead.

    I remember how she immediately took up with me and quickly began idealizing me. She knew exactly what buttons to press and exactly what to say. It didn’t take long until she asked me if I was single, told me she had just gotten out of a “particularly awful relationship”, and start filling my ego with all kinds of amazing insights she had about me.

    She was super hyper-vigilant. I overheard coworkers discussing how some confused old man yelling and screaming (not even directed at her) caused her to go into a crying fit. So, she didn’t show up for her shift the next day and I reached out to her (gulp). I was in fact becoming intoxicated. The cycle was beginning, and had I not been so aloof we probably would have ended up in some sort of entanglement.

    Anyways, what happened was after I reached out to her and gave her some encouragement she suddenly became very enthusiastic about finishing her studies to move up from an orderly to a registered professional (of sorts). She started coming to work on time and even improved her appearance. She’d run up to me asking if I needed help quite often, or would just ask for help with silly little things and we’d end up spending much more time together than really necessary.

    Problems quickly arose because I would get busy and do my own thing, or just be super chatty with another person (usually a chick). I remember the exact moment when she split. Just several minutes before she was happy and enthusiastic, then suddenly she shut down, stopped performing her duties, and would give no more than one word answers to anyone who had an inquiry. Someone reported that she left out at the end of that shift with tears streaming down her face, and she never came back. When the supervisor finally was able to get in contact with her she said she had changed all her majors and was done. Even if I wanted to check with her and ask what happened (I suspect I know) I couldn’t because I was blocked on everything. She just completely ghosted.

    On an intellectual level I know there was no way in hell I could’ve done anything to appease such a chick and that I dodged a massive bullet, but another part of me wanted to take the shot.

    1. @pickernanny
      Its very obvious to me how you can “save” her. Recently ive been into watching hot autistic girls on social media, just for research purposes. I must conclude she has undiagnosed autism.

      You also literally described that gal getting sensory overwhelm and then having autistic meltdown. It must have been very painful to her senses when that crazy guy screamed.

      Also described her hitting it off with a guy she likes then getting autistic burnout when he completely contradicts her expectations of human behavior. Why did he ignore you if he liked you? Autistic ppl dont understand Neurotypicals and Neurotypicals dont understand Neurodivergent.

      The solution is to buy her some noise canceling headphones (200-300 if Sony quality) and watch how her BPD suddenly fades. You can suggest she has socially acceptable SPD or HSP and thats why you bought it for her.

      BPD SPD HSP PMS PMDD OCD ARFID ADHD Anxiety Depression alphabet soup is often simply misdiagnosed autism in women, and coping mechanisms/comorbidities instead of the underlying issue of undiagnosed autism and ignored sensory overload.
      Research shows there are more autistic women than autistic men. We can blame patriarchy for the fact that so many are walking around unaware without support, because women r not supposed to have autism, whose diagnostic traits are based on white boys only. Society forces them to hide/mask.

      But beware, she might get attached to you if you do help her out this way. But im not sure if its the natural feeling of love or just an obsession similar to how an autistic boy is obsessed with his model train. But in this case you are the model train.

      Or you can just let her suffer 30 years of misdiagnoses and trauma. Your choice if you want to be the good guy that saves a hot girl from decades of suffering.

    2. I think you are oversimplifying things a bit too much. My ex-wife was most certainly on the bipolar spectrum. She did not need noise-cancelling headphones or anything else when she put on her happy face. However, part of her issues was that she needed some excitement in her life, so she would just do stupid shit, for instance causing some kind of drama over nothing. If anything made her tantrums go away then it was filming her. I also think that BPD is also used as an excuse, i.e. those women embrace their mental illness and therefore go all out, even further escalating situations they have put themselves in. Afterwards, they just shrug and say that this “wasn’t her” or that “something has gotten into her”, and that you do not need to worry.

      You cannot fix those women. The only valid move you have is to disengage. Even better, after you have been burnt once, you should know what red flags to watch out for and avoid such women altogether. Lastly, it is not your duty to “save” some woman. Her life is her responsibility. What is worse, by wanting to save her, you may very well end up ruining your own life.

    3. @Aaron

      Poor executive functioning is actually a trait, so Im not sure if you have confused personality with a trait. There should also be rare cases where somebody has alphabet soup but not autism. Furthermore irritability and emotional dysregulation is also a trait of autistic burnout.

      I agree that it cannot be fixed. Autism is incurable plus autismspeaks is some kind of nazi organisation because they tried to cure autism instead of changing an ableist society.

      Apparently Dr. Asperger was a Nazi as well.

      But the symptoms can be managed even if they cant be fixed for good. Alcohol/ drugs is a poor way of managing sensory overload. Headphones during ADLs much better and probably knowledge of more advanced methods that im unaware of.

      Its ofcourse you guys choice if you rather have judgment instead of empathy. ND probably come off as mean to many NTs and vice versa likewise as well. Im sorry about your experience in the past. Hopefully this knowledge will be helpful in the future.

    4. I chuckled when I imagined how odd it would be to hand this chick I barely knew some headphones and being like, “teehee, to help from being overwhelmed.” In this particular environment you have to be aware of your surroundings and, in her case, being able to discern when something is awry and report it to your superiors. Having her galavanting about with noise cancelling headphones would be heavily frowned upon for one, and second she would probably feel quite bizarre about receiving the gift in the first place let alone actually being seen utilizing them regularly. This chick was highly sensitive to criticism and it would most certainly make her feel self-conscious to be seen like that.

      I get that mental illnesses are complex and often people who are messed up tend to have a lot of overlapping symptoms with other disorders. For example, a lot of psychologists have begun to draw correlations between ADHD/autism and narcissism/psychopathy. I don’t know if everything can be boiled down to autism, though. If this chick is what I strongly suspect she was (BPD), then performing the task of being her emotional regulator would be like a full-time job with lots of overtime. It would likely take a highly motivated expert to be able to manage that. What I believe she really needs is not some guy who simply wants to fuck her and simultaneously pities her, but some very solid counseling and therapy (meds won’t help). Which, btw, I highly doubt she would be able to find even if she went looking. C’est la vie, I suppose.

    5. @pickernanny

      I understand your decision, I did put “Save” into quotes. Society is typically not accomodating to NDs, so why should you put in the effort to?
      Well, knowledge is power, so I guess you could suggest to your family member the possibility of HSP, SPD, unmanaged sensory overload or autism so that she can seek better accomodations, since you would know a family member better.

      As for headphones, I believe there are now miniature versions of earplugs capable of doing the same job, furthermore noise-canceling is not about eliminating stimulus, but just reducing the superfluous ones, so reducing overall load. You should still be able to hear ppl talk.
      There are even earplugs capable of translating foreign language in real-time nowadays, so imagine the possibilities, as Im no expert in this tech.

      In any case maybe its for the best she stopped working in an environment that overstimulated her. That involuntarily bursting into tears after being overwhelmed is very similar to a story I heard from another autistic girl.

      Its a harsh world for NDs and probably only gonna get harsher, so taking the responsibility to care for somebody with special needs is a huge task indeed. Furthermore Ive known for a long time that we are probably headed into a Depression with possible ww3 and return of nazis, where Dr. Asperger supposedly put nonverbal NDs into camps, so who know what tragic events might occur into the future. Those banking failures could easily be the starting sign.

      Sometimes I wonder if IQ is actually dysgenic, since high IQ ppl reproduce much less and its a bit demoralizing when you have knowledge others dont, and they are unable to understand you, when you know the fixes. Its a bit lonely in that way, and then I wonder whats the point of being smart…

  2. I would add to this that a lot of young women (and also men, for that matter) are on some sort or other of psychiatric meds these days, cuz they seemingly cant cope with life challenges we used to deal with in a more stoic manner.

    Over the last few years i have looked a little into it and become convinced that psychiatric meds almost always end up making things worse. This may be the confirmation bias speaking, but I have seen it happening in real time recently.

    (Look up Dr Peter Gøtzsche on youtube if you want to start delving into this issue yourselves)

    1. There should also be a dysgenic evolutionary effect. In the past, some people who could not cope with the hardships of life killed themselves, or engaged in activities that could easily lead to their death. Thus, they removed themselves from the gene pool. Today, we pump those dysfunctional people full of meds, thus removing evolutionary pressures from those individuals. They end up passing on their genes and as a result hereditary psychological issues become more and more prevalent.

    2. I also wonder what kind of effect anti-depressants, benzos, and other psychotropics has on the developing fetus. Couple that with genetic predispositions, as well as the near guarantee that the mother is most certainly going to create an unhealthy environment that will stunt the child’s mental development. There are only so many generations of this that could possibly endure, right?

      I know I pretty much mentioned this before also, but mental illness becoming more and more prevalent spreads like a contagious disease. Maybe the child has good genetics and a good home environment, but then there are peer groups and social media etc. to look out for. It’d be amazing if anyone made it through reasonably unscathed, especially younger generations today.

    3. I agree on principle, but the effect would be near impossible to disentangle from the changes that culture and technology have brought to the uprising of children in the last decades.

      I suspect these changes are more important as an explanatory factor, since the effects have been too quick to for the generational turnover to affect the genepool that much.

  3. Definitely , a decent % I’ve hooked up with from bars clubs & online fall into that category and obviously moreso for the” Chads” I’d imagine. My gen used to have a saying “ the crazier the girl, the wilder the sex”. I recall hooking up with one from a Club and getting the great porno sex. After a 2nd encounter , I received an email from her detailing her various mental issues plus the medications she was on and advising me to make sure I was serious about persuing something with her. I was young and she was tall blonde and VERY hot so I proceeded for the fun times nonetheless(!). 2 months later I sat her down for the breakup talk. She went supernova on me at the train station in public. Very bad scene..

  4. Finding it quite funny the idea of filming a woman having a tantrum ???? but if it works it works ! Not the best way to deal with tho imo.
    But anyway, I thought it was ‘women basics 101’ that all women love DRAMA ? Hence what they watch , what they read, womens gossip magazines plus the constant gossiping and swapping relationship dramas with girlfriends. And hence the universal appeal of the Bad Boy ie constant drama. (Besides his appealing looks of course)

  5. Mmm yes , and I see how that turned out. The reaction of the woman grabbing the phone and running off locking herself into the bathroom , making threats and demanding deletion of the video etc etc To me that’s escalating her from frustrated to “fucking furious” plus adding in some serious resentment and eroding respect BIG time.
    It’s basically resorting to threats and backing her into a corner. Next step there for her is involve her father or even the police and claim ‘recording without consent’ . Not good! Unless you were happy to burn the relationship I suppose…

  6. Or else I guess if she’s smart she might say “so what ?who are you going to show ? The cops? (Nope) Her friends?( they would lol) Put it on social media (embarrass yourself) ?” – that pretty much renders that move useless..
    Either way it’s a lose – lose that one imo and kinda Beta really. You lose respect as it’s either totally crossing the line or has no power.

    1. You assume hat you are dealing with a rational actor, which is just not the case. Also, when your woman throws tantrums at you, you should assume that the relationship is basically over. This does not mean that there is no value in you getting her to comply or calm down, for instance because you still need to retrieve some of your belongings from her apartment.

  7. Nope , I’m not assuming that at all . Because I know women across the board are not anywhere near as rational and logical as men! That’s a fundamental misunderstanding . Women are almost completely ruled by their emotions and their hormones?
    That’s why they rationalise ‘Backwards’ after the fact.
    Hence why every field of work that requires rationality logic and analysis is dominated by men eg mechanics, engineering, systems, coding etc
    and every field of work requiring feelings, emotions and caregiving etc is dominated by women ie, nursing, childcare etc etc
    Plus women multitask better so they dominate all fields of administration.
    Every western woman ‘tantrums’ and regularly? That’s just women being women.
    I thought this logic Vs emotions stuff was men and women 101 basics (?!).

    1. I think you’re taking what he said way out of context. There are plenty of examples of well adjusted women that can regulate their emotional states well enough and even apply rational thought to what they’re feeling instead of going berserk, condemning you, and even throwing objects across the room while screaming like a lunatic.

    2. Furthermore, nobody can “multitask” effectively. Anybody who proudly tells you that they are great at multitasking has difficulties with focusing on tasks. Those people tend to look busy, yet get very little done in the end.

    3. They’re still taking you seriously? ????

      I always give the benefit of the doubt to people, but you then went to argue WAY TOO HARD in favor of settling down with former sluts, like really focused and rambling at the same time. Nope, a feminist chick, Alek’s right again.

      BTW, “women love drama” is conventional wisdom that is true but only relative to the average man. As Pickernanny said, there is a difference between having a tendency to make small dramas out of nothing every once in a while (as anyone who has had a relationship with a healthy-minded woman can admit) and throwing tantrums regularly.

    4. Really? Where is all this evidence I’ve never experienced that in any LTR . And I’ve been in a lot of those. There’s a misconception here that when women “argue” (I would say ‘Vent’) that they are looking for a solution to a problem. They are not . Men look to rationalise and ‘ fix’ whereas a women want a man to just listen and appreciate her feelings (blah blah) .just listen to her vent. That’s where the problem arises. Men are rational, logical and ‘Fixers’. Women are not. Fundamentally. They communicate differently. When you have kids you can see this clear as day, the differences between a Boy and a Girl at 2 , 3 and 4 years old are stark and easily observable. Girls develop language much much quicker and are role playing relationships, networking and gossiping from the get go . Boys for the most part do not.
      It’s a different brain altogether you are dealing with.
      Womens multitasking and communications skills are evolved for motherhood and for social networking , family , networks etc
      Men evolved to reason and problem solve, hunt and provide etc.
      Re multitasking – quick example can you seriously say you can watch a movie or read the paper and have a coherent conversation at the same time? I can’t .most men can’t afaik. All women can do this easily.
      Have a look at the picture in the article below of the woman holding the baby. There is probably a toddler out of shot she’s managing at the same time.

    5. I’m stating the argument for settling with a “good girl” who has 1-3 LTRs only is not solid. Because there’s no way to know For sure that what she’s telling you is true about her history anyway!
      Unless there is some new online “database” I haven’t heard of … “’ where you plug in a name, social security number and it spits out an accurate result.
      You will never know for sure unless she keeps a journal and you read it or hack her phone.!

    6. Multitasking is not very effective regardless of which gender is doing it. Our brains do “task-switching” on the fly, but you pay a cognitive penalty regardless.

      How many tasks you can manage simultaneously depends on both your intelligence and the complexity of the task. Changing a diaper while checking your other kid isnt wrecking the living room is not very demanding, cognitively speaking. Neither is cooking a simple meal while listening to a podcast.

      Attending a lecture while scrolling thru social media, or listening to a podcast while reading a newspaper, will quickly show the difference. Nobody will be able to do it efficiently

    7. Yarara
      That made me smile re the kids comment. I suspect someone has not yet become a parent 🙂 Let me fill in some important details for that scenario ;
      The child on the change table is screaming. Its cry is peaking around 110-120 DB (it’s comparable to a big powered circular saw right next to your ear and merely 10 dB less than the intensity of noise from an airplane departure ). The child won’t stop slapping and kicking you and twisting their body against your efforts with the nappy. Despite your skill , the shit is literally hitting the fan and it’s on the change table , your hands and possibly clothes. The toddler is whining loudly and incessantly from the other room demanding something some item “NOW”. In the meantime. You hear the sound of a chair being dragged towards a high shelf where said item is kept . disaster is imminent . Also all of this noise is also the crazy making “merry-go-round music” of the kids TV that is on at all times to entertain said kids.
      Thats a pretty high cognitive load .
      Most men at this point only should be close to blowing a fuse.
      Then add on top that important phone call that has to be taken , cooking in progress, laundry , and a To Do list of other shit to remember and plan also etc.
      That’s a pretty typical situation for most mothers every day.When kids come it’s clear how much a woman can multitask vs a man.
      But it’s evident before this also.

      So yes cooking beans on toast and listening to a podcast at the same time is relatively easy in comparison I would say 🙂

    8. “James”, did you just now admit that you are a woman? There seem to be a lot of mothers who put their kid in front of the TV in order to distract it whereas men widely frown upon this issue. Men also don’t have a problem with changing diapers because they can block out all the other other noise. In situations where women melt down, men become laser-focused. They do not blow a fuse. It is particularly unfortunate that women often end up in such situations because they think they can “multi-task”.

    9. Hahaha. Aaron I’m guessing you don’t have kids either. “Laser focused “ that is a good one! 🙂
      You can’t ‘block out’ the sound of a circular saw or any other power tools making 120 DB that’s why tradesmen wear ear protection. Unless they like migraines and tinnitus.

    10. Of course, women can do all that and still chat with their friends on Zoom, right?

    11. I never said a Zoom call 😉
      Look , go survey any dad with 2 kids and ask him how he goes on an average day at it , and if he would prefer to be a Mr. Mum or work a day job. And if he reckons the mother can multitask better than him. Assuming both are interested of course.

      I’m still waiting for an answer on how any man can be sure of a woman’s LTR or hookup history because she told you so. and is definitely not hiding her past in any way just because she gets a good read on a guy and tells him what he wants to hear.

    12. Manuel

      BTW, “women love drama” is conventional wisdom that is true but only relative to the average man. As Pickernanny said, there is a difference between having a tendency to make small dramas out of nothing every once in a while (as anyone who has had a relationship with a healthy-minded woman can admit) and throwing tantrums regularly.“

      Well every woman I’ve ever lived with will for the most part make “dramas out of nothing “ for a duration of about 3-5 days every 28 days or so. That’s pretty regular. Those dramas can range in size depending on how the man reacts to the situation.
      The tantrums could be due to
      – on the rag
      – cluster B
      – testing boundaries / power dynamics , control etc

      All hot women are generally testy imo. They grew up princesses ? They want to get their own way and love the power battle to do so. It’s in their nature. They don’t have physical strength so they will use their wits and tactics. (Eg tantrums) Being able to handle that and maintain power and control in his favour is the measure of Alpha (leader , dominant).

      So the criteria now is Hot, very conservative sexual history (“smart”), educated, financially stable ,high in logic ,rationality and reason, compliant and not testy, minimal tantrums please.. hmmm ok.

    13. Nice false dichotomy, Jane! There are attractive women who are mentally stable. As you surely know, there are also unattractive women with a rather elevated sense of entitlement and a bad temper. You probably want to pick from the former demographic.

    14. “Every woman I’ve ever lived with…”

      Who? Your roomies, aunts, sisters, etc.? I haven’t lived with a significant other yet, but at least I’m not a woman pretending on the internet to be a playah. LOL

    15. Oh and lots of books . Written by science professionals with PHDs in the field and backed by research studies etc,.. fucking feminists all tho no doubt!

    16. Probably you should have burnt the bullshit books you have read on this topic. We are long past the point where “science” is generally seen as valuable. There is simply too much crap being put out nowadays.

    17. Aaron re
      “Probably you should have burnt the bullshit books you have read on this topic. We are long past the point where “science” is generally seen as valuable. There is simply too much crap being put out nowadays.”

      I burnt the PUA books 🙂 but theres still some insightful reading out there in the science field imo. if I may I’d put forward 2 excellent ones (no doubt they will be scrapped immediately as feminist hogwash but anyway fuck it here goes)

      The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine
      That’s book is the closest thing to an “owners manual “ I’ve ever read.

      And this one
      The Chemistry Between Us by Larry Young PHd and Jason Alexander
      There’s a great study in this “the twins study” re womens Alpha selection.

      That’s it. I have to take my blue pill again now and replug back into The Matrix. Gotta get back to that providing and dining on Chads still hot and tasty Leftovers (nomnomnom!) ..

      To quote Cypher
      “You know, I know this steak doesn’t exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize? Ignorance is bliss.” 😀

    18. @cheeky

      You are making some big assumptions about my parenthood or lack thereof.

      I dont like to give away too much personal info, but I have much more experience with that than you think.

      And still, its not invalidating my main point.

    19. Yarara
      Hey no offence, when I read not demanding and 2 young kids together in a sentence I just had to presume. You must be lucky and have those good kids i hear about(!).

      Researching more on google it looks like the jury is out in the scientific community . Studies are showing 3 outcomes
      (1) women are better than men at multitasking
      (2) both sexes struggle equally
      (3) women aren’t better they are just doing more work (!!)

      Maybe it’s correlation / causation .
      I know one thing, in the real world , they tend to be calmer and keep their cool more when multitasking . Which I guess for all intents and purposes makes them “better “. The parenting example I think is clear imo.
      Another would be Eg a busy emergency department will typically be managed by women in all hospitals around the globe. The doctors treat the patients one at a time in theatre. The women manage the fracas outside and all around.
      It could be said an army medic does the same but the situation is a bit different . Other factors at play.
      Interestingly where I live the majority of paramedics seem to be women also.
      Again generally dealing with families and patients in a high stress environment.

    20. I have not encountered all those women who keep a cool head no matter the pressure anywhere, but if they exist in your part of the world, then good for you.

    21. Aaron –
      spend some time in a busy hospital ward , ED or childcare centre in your local area that’s all I can say. Women can cop a whole lot of pressure in these locations and keep calm.

      Another example – an airplane.
      96.6% of pilots are men (US stat) they are up front with the co-pilot and navigator (maybe) doing the technical and systems. They will be multitasking sure ,they’ve even got to manage the auto-pilot.
      Who is looking after the 200-400 passengers in the back though, multitasking and keeping calm? The women . (And some gay dudes).

    22. Jane, you can move on. How about you opine a bit about why matriarchal societies are superior to patriarchal ones, and that men are completely superfluous in the grand scheme of things?

    23. Would you disagree that women have better abilities to read body language than a man also? And better verbally?
      Under brain scans studies re above an average woman has 16-24 sectors of her brain lighting up whereas the average man has 6-10 . They are better at reading people and have the edge verbally on average. Men are more direct vs women indirect speech wise no?

  8. I’m stating the argument for settling with a “good girl” who has 1-3 LTRs only is not solid. Because there’s no way to know For sure that what she’s telling you is true about her history anyway!
    Unless there is some new online “database” I haven’t heard of … “’ where you plug in a name, social security number and it spits out an accurate result.
    You will never know for sure unless she keeps a journal and you read it or hack her phone.

    1. You’re pulling a pretty absurd fallacy, I don’t know what it’s called. But this idea that unless you can do something 100%, then not do it at all, that’s fucking retarded.

      So because you can’t have a 100% on paper-guarantee, then just go for the chick who unshamedly banged 100 dudes in bathrooms?

      I don’t know if you’re playing the “autistic cards” like similar commenters, or just pretending to be dumb, but let me break it down what the “2-3 LTRs” rule of thumb means.

      It’s not autistically literal. It’s a rule of thumb. Is it possible that a girl did the 2-3 commited relationships after high-school, and never had a known hoe phase, but she SECRETLY banged a few guys on vacation here and there. OF COURSE.

      Nobody (unless hyper autistic) takes the guideline to mean “and she never saw a penis outside those 2-3 LTRs. It’s just that the ODDS are very very low of her being hyper hoe. Is it still theoretically possible? Yeah. That doesn’t therefore mean “Oh well since it’s theoretically possible she banged 50 guys in between the LTRs, then just go for the outright blue-haired slut anyway”.

    2. Even a girl who have 3 LTRs and secretly bang some dudes may not be a LTR candidate.

      I have heard a Vietnamese female youtubers said that after having sex for the first time, something in the women gets activated, like sexual hormones or sth, that makes her crave to have more sex.

      Her solution is no sex before marriage and women are better off with romantic and platonic relationship.

      Pretty convincing if you ask me.

    3. CQV, in an ideal world yes. If you can’t find it, then girls who engaged in serial monogamy are an ok compromise.

      Its also a realistic compromise, in that there are plenty of girls who didn’t have a hoe phase and just did serial monogamy. There’s no reason to accept girls who had explicit hoe phases though.

    4. Alek
      Thanks for clarifying. My position was never ‘go for a known slut with 100 notches, merely every woman has a past and that a guy may never know for sure how many she banged on that vacation. Some acceptance is required of her past there will generally always be hookups etc as you seem to agree. And that women are emotional creatures and generally tantrum for what they want, especially the hot ones.
      And that no prostitute is “into “ anything with a client even Chad. Just a realist , an old fella scratching his head a bit about Black Pill and this strategy of opting out of the game and probing. generational differences i guess. Thanks for the time and the back and forth. Carry on 🙂

    5. Jane, by merely repeating your positions you do not strengthen them. Again, imagine some escort had a crush on Brad Pitt and he just so happened to book her. Do you think she would hate having to spread her legs for him? Now, consider some guy books her who kind of reminds her of Brad Pitt. Surely, I do not need to spell out the implications for you.

    6. Aaron.
      Nope it doesn’t work that way. The Brad Pitt-alike is still paying her for her money in exchange for use of her body and sexual services. That makes all the difference. They will switch off and put on an act regardless. For Brad Pitt himself ,the movie star ..hey who knows. Maybe he’ll get a freebie and sex will be enjoyable..if she can still feel anything from having sex with a man.
      An analogy would be a plumber clearing shit out of a toilet. It doesn’t matter how good looking that toilet is ..he’s still clearing shit and for the money.
      All prostitutes and pornstars are severely damaged goods it’s the nature of the work they do.

      One last book recommendation(!)
      Chapter 1 is all any guy needs to know about prostitution. Filmed or otherwise.

    7. Now there is the separate case of the High Class Escort. The premium hottie that moonlights while she pursues male models , chads, rich guys etc in her normal life. As you did a post about.
      Can she enjoy the sex with a client ?
      Presumably she’s a 8-10 and if he’s a 7 , I’d think no. But the proposal is what if he was a Brad Pitt-alike ? A 10.
      Presumably she pursues and fucks this quality guys in her normal dating life. She already gets sex. This guy is paying her now. It wouldn’t be in her best professional interest to “enjoy it with the hot guys “it’s a business after all. Maybe she’s new ,young and dumb and she does.
      Is there any evidence that points to this , true stories of High Class Escorts crushing on a client? I can’t think it happens very much in the real world..

    8. Your comments give me serious late 2000s, early 2010s flashbacks. Squirting has been debunked well over a decade ago. She is just emptying her bladder.

    9. Gross. i dated a squirter. I once caught an eye full of it as it was happening. It looked white. Didn’t look like piss. Didn’t smell either. The constitution of it also looked different. Hence, why I didn’t realize it was predominantly piss. Had a look and it seems you are correct. Cunt pissed on my bedsheets. To think I was ever remotely turned on by her squirting. Ugh. Fucking gross.

    10. herkerderker-
      I’ve had a squirter and made similar observations , it was white-ish and didn’t smell like piss. Also there wasn’t much of it.
      It only happened a few times also. If it was bladder release wouldn’t it be more frequent??
      I think Tommy Lee might be the authority on this from his accounts in the book “The Dirt” and his gf “Moose” . He also verifiably has a massive shlong.

    11. I have come up with a solution.
      Betas of the world , get together and harness your superior intellect and computer skills !
      Hack Tinder and those dating apps and shut that shit down permanently. Hit those server farms hard.
      Don’t turn your back and let the Chads win!
      It will be ‘Revenge Of The Nerds 2023 ! 😀
      Nuke the site from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure. Boom.

    12. Alek
      Re your reply
      “Is it possible that a girl did the 2-3 commited relationships after high-school, and never had a known hoe phase, but she SECRETLY banged a few guys on vacation here and there. OF COURSE” etc

      I can’t seem to wrap my head around something here. Maybe it’s my autism but please indulge me just a little further.

      Re the criteria of selection

      Let’s assume you meet a new girl outside of your social circle and are interested in pursuing something with her. She’s hot , smart and ticks all the first boxes you have.

      What exactly is your method of determining her sexual history and number of LTR partners before you make a decision she is acceptable to you to proceed ahead. I’m really keen to know this. For my own benefit also. Please help me guys anyone else with the knowledge can chip in also . Thanks

  9. Aaron,
    “You cannot fix those women. The only valid move you have is to disengage. Even better, after you have been burnt once, you should know what red flags to watch out for and avoid such women altogether”.

    1. How did someone like Johnny Deep who has fame, money allow his relationship to get to this point where Amber was reckless? Its not like he lacks any options in the dating market. Unfortunately, I did not pay attention to this court trial. I’m not a fan of Hollywood or celebrities.

    2. In the past you’ve talked about women who are bipolar and/or borderline experience BPD burn out with age. When a woman experiences BPD burnout does this mean they are more pleasant to deal with and perhaps a little bit more stable and suitable for relationships or are they still a lost cause despite the BPD burnout?

    “When your woman throws tantrums at you, you should assume that the relationship is basically over”.

    3. Why is that? At this point, is there a way to get her to comply?

    1. 1) Jonhny Depp also has a dick and this is the problem. Elon Musk is another very well-known guy who seems to think with his dick a bit too much. He once was in a relationship with an artist named “Grimes”, and she does not come across as the most stable person.

      2) They may just have less energy as they age, which means that they no longer have the capacity to completely fly off the handle. Also, older women will find it a lot more difficult to engage in reckless behavior as she no longer has free booze, drugs, and cocks thrown at her.

      3) There is a downward spiral with those women, and her behavior will just get worse and worse. Once she has thrown a tantrum over nothing, she will throw more of them, and before you know it you will be dealing with a woman who acts as if she is possessed by a demon 80% of the time. I even read stories about guys whose wife had completely split, i.e. they were nasty all the time, and they still clung onto the fantasy of somehow getting her old self back, not realizing that this had only been an elaborate facade. It was never real. The monster she turned to, in contrast, is.

    2. So, Elon Musk and Johnny Deep didn’t learn from their past mistakes and choose to stick their dick in crazy. You figure they would avoid and refrain from dating such women by now.

    3. That’s why red pill and mgtow communities are important to educating women. And why feminists want to shut them down.

      The issue (with the musks and the depps) is that as a man you’re taught your entire life to take responsibilty and women aren’t like that. One man simply doesn’t have a big enough sample size to figure out the patterns.

      So when depp/musk sticks his D in one crazy, he’s not gonna go “Oh i can now recognize crazy and avoid in the future”. He’s going to blame himself or say she was an anomaly, a one-off.

      That’s why it’s so important that men exchange notes, and why crazu women want to shut down all venues where men can share notes on women.

    4. @Alek
      Men need to recognize crazy before sticking their dicks in. Fortunately, I’m able to recognize bipolar borderline crazy sluts without banging them just from interacting with them. Sometimes, it may take a few interactions.

  10. For some reason I just thought about this for the first time in a bit. Awhile ago someone on here posted a link to a study about how something like 10% of women watch canine porn.

    I believe I dated a cluster B girl who watched canine porn.

    Anybody have that link by chance?

  11. “Awhile ago someone on here posted a link to a study about how something like 10% of women watch canine porn.”

    Lol. What?

    1. I forgot who posted it. He simply posted “take the dog pill”, and under that posted the link to the study. I used this site’s search function, but couldn’t track it down. Can’t find the study either.

    1. This struck me as an excellent article. Thanks for posting it! Of course, BPD is a spectrum, but probably most women are on it, however slightly. The trait of fearing abandonment is quite interesting in this regards as I have met very few women who were fine with me just letting me spend some time by myself. This is most certainly a general phenomenon. Commonly, it is expressed by women getting upset that you want to spend some time playing video games all by yourself, even if we are talking about a 90-minutes session as opposed to an 8-hour binge session. This is more of an issue of possessiveness and a sense of being entitled to your spare time, but you could certainly also interpret it has her not wanting to feel “abandoned”.

  12. I’ve talked about how the first woman I ever dated seriously would do things like this, however I don’t think she was any where near full blown borderline. I can think of three occasions off the top of my head when she tried to pry me away from some activity for sex. Once was when I was playing REmake 2 for the first time which was the first single player campaign I had indulged in in years, whereas she had probably gone through about six of them by that point in our relationship. Another was when I booted up my modest studio to work on some music and was just getting into the flow of it. And finally, of all times, was when I was in the middle of cooking on the stove top. She really expected me to turn off the stove and fuck her, which I did, but then I made sure to throw her into doggy position and get off within a couple of minutes to then resume what I was doing (lol).

    I think what has happened to actual borderline women is that they inherited some kind of genetic predisposition from their cluster B (or what have you) mother, for one. Then, while they were infants the mother completely failed to console the child properly. An infant is essentially fully emotional at this point in their development and needs to be praised no matter what kind of emotion they are exhibiting, whether it be anger/frustration, pain, happiness, sadness etc. Instead, the mentally ill mother cannot be bothered with the child at regular intervals for whatever reason and the infant gets left alone in the crib for hours or perhaps even entire days at a time, for example. This results in abnormalities in the brain as the child never develops fully from an emotional standpoint, and never bonds appropriately with the mother. The fully grown adult with BPD thus has real abandonment insecurities that last a lifetime. The thing about this is it can often times not manifest and not be obviously apparent to a lot of people. The caveat to this is when it comes to romantic encounters. This is where the BPD really shines!

    As you can glean from the article I linked to above mental illness has become quite PC in recent years, so it can be quite difficult to gather accurate information as a guy who might get entangled with such women. I’ve read from non-PC sources about the relationship dynamic with BPDs and how the interaction plays out. Since the fully grown woman with BPD never fully matured emotionally for whatever reason they’ve in turn failed to develop object permanence. When they first latch onto a guy they take a snapshot of him in their mind (narcissists do this too) and kind of paint onto him an emotional image of her mother figure. She’s idealizing the guy such as how an infant idealizes its mother. The “love” she feels for you is intense at this stage in the relationship and you are perfect in her eyes. Since she has no real sense of identity she will probe you as to what you like and become what she thinks you want. Some women with BPD are very physically attractive and actually quite intuitive, and can very easily, assuming she has found the correct flavor of victim (let’s assume where are talking codependents), say the “right” things to convince them that they’re both “soul mates” or “twin flames”, or some other shit.

    Inevitably, and unfortunately for the men caught under this spell, the BPDs lack of object permanence will eventually kick in. Let’s say that after a night sex bombing you go out for a quart of milk to help replenish your seminal reserves. Well, that hour while you were gone you “cease to exist” in her mind. She’ll forget about all the sweet moments you shared and plans you made for the future and then start to make all kinds of crazy assumptions like how you’re cheating on her. When you get back from the store she has split on you and you are now an abusive asshole who cheats and lies and there is no convincing her otherwise. It’s literal black and white thinking. On the flip side, if the guy figures that all he has to do is prove to her that his love for her is undying and she’ll finally turn back into that loving sex kitten he fell for then something else really interesting will eventually transpire.

    Women with BPD also suffer from something known as factor 2 psychopathy. Unlike factor 1’s (as seens with narcissists, I believe) they still have all three aspect of empathy (cognitive, emotive, empathic), but are unable to regulate their emotions at all. But this form of psychopathy will kick in during bouts of real or (very important) PERCEIVED rejection, abandonment and humiliation. So, the interesting thing is that it also kicks in when the guy does everything in his power to prove that he would never do these things. The reason being is something along the lines of the infantile part of them having split on you and unconsciously perceiving that you are trying to rip them away from their internalized image of their mother figure (yes, they’re that crazy). The double bind here is that there is no consoling these woman. It’s just not possible as if you give them space (even if it’s just to go to work to make money to support them) then you are rejecting them and triggering their abandonment anxiety, and if you smother them then they see you as a threat to their internal fantasies.

    The only thing these women can really do, regardless of what the mainstream is now claiming these days, is to become celibate and go into hardcore therapy, usually in the form of DBT, for like a solid decade. Most BPDs will never be able to pull this off. It’s essentially an incurable illness and it’s quite painful to watch play out especially when the chick is very young and pretty. The only solution is to go full no contact, which is another discussion.

    As a final remark, full blown narcissists and BPDs are a match made in heaven. This is probably the most “stable” scenario for a BPD to have a more long lasting relationship. But again, this is a totally different discussion.

    1. To further elaborate on the whole “mommy fantasy” thing, it’s that they are “photo shopping” an internalized image of you in their mind and unconsciously trying to relive their infancy in the hopes of finally healing from their trauma by using you as an avatar. The shared fantasy goes something like: I’ll love you unconditionally like a child would a mother, and in turn you will do for me the inverse. However, the F2 psychopathy will kick in you get too close, for example, for reasons stated above. The narcissist is much more capable of navigating this shared fantasy and “controlling” the BPD.

      Also, it seems that BPD mostly affect women regardless (again) of what the mainstream is claiming these days. Men who fit into this bracket are probably closer to what’s known as covert (vs overt) narcissists. The BPD is essentially a failed narcissist, not to be confused with a collapsed narcissist (totally different).

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