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53 thoughts on “Open Thread #290

  1. Ok this is pretty weird. Apparently Belle Delphine has been getting paid millions by some dude to fatten up as fast as possible as much as possible.

    Didn’t bother researching to find out how true it is. But yah. Shes huge.

    1. Yeah,she’s likely gaining weight at a rapid speed,THEN plans to lose the weight just as fast,if not faster. well…assuming she succeeds,that is.

      Simple in concept (Be in a consistent Calorie Deficit and you’re guaranteed loss in tissue over time),but in practical execution,it takes quite a lot of time,effort,and planning to setup the conditions. I don’t think I need to elaborate further as Alek has already discussed it several times in previous threads.

      Delphine is probably gonna have to find a new way to make a living after this. (well…maybe she can appeal to the guys who are into fatties? large decrease in market,but surely still has a niche) Maybe the money she’ll get from that fat rich client will be enough to let her find a way somehow.

    2. Belle Delphine has aged visibly. The “naughty pre-teen” act she used to put on clearly no longer works.

    3. Where are you seeing her getting fat? I checked her Instagram and she has the same look she’s always had [no doubt filters and makeup and whatnot]. I think that tweet is fake, it’s from Jun 1.

  2. In light of Cheeky_James recent arrival and skimming through the conversations, and reflecting on some of my past encounters with women I wanted to try and touch on a certain aspect that may or may not be related to a lot of what men with a higher than average (mine is certainly not huge—though above average) lay count experience.

    I think when a guy sets out to bang a ton of women he inevitably comes into contact with a disproportionate amount of cluster B women by default. These are the types, in my belief, that tend to be the sluttiest. I’m not saying that the rules of hypergamy and modern cultural phenomenon don’t apply in these cases and that they’ll fuck any average Joe, but I find it incredibly unlikely that if you’re venturing about and banging a ton of women that you’re coming into contact with the most virtuous among them.

    Borderlines in particular, with which I’ve certainly come into contact with on several occasions (I swear these types gravitate towards me as some sort of savior archetype), have a certain flare about them that makes them both incredibly alluring and simultaneously soul crushing. If you don’t stick around to witness the full extent of the play that they put on, i.e. you bang them and move on quickly, you can mitigate a lot of the more unpleasant aspects of their personalities. However, having witnessed how dysregulated they can (will) become it is quite harmful to your own psyche and can even bring out narcissistic tendencies within your own self whereas before these traits were largely either suppressed or even non-existent.

    When they idealize you early on it’s as if they “love” you fully and unconditionally while elevating you to the heavens above, only to eventually become dysregulated, split, and devalue you so that you end up being cast down from the heavens into a fiery hell pit of anguish and self-loathing. One can become very jaded with just a handful of these encounters (perhaps even one). If you’re like me you want to keep the good times rolling with the more attractive ones, and sometimes you feel as though you can actually step into the role of the emotional regulator that they so crave and even help them. This is a massive undertaking and a essentially a full-time job. They’re constantly oscillating between idealization and devaluation, and fear of becoming fulling engulfed or enmeshed in their love object and then fears of abandonment, rejection and humiliation.

    It’s with these types and cluster B women in general that the love and sex bombing is just awesome. It’s a dynamic that can become addictive to the average man. You meet this sweet wonderful angel, she inflates your ego, and then suddenly she’s fucking you five times a night and then showing up with toys, butt plugs, and sexy leather outfits a couple nights later.

    I guess my conclusion is that I just wouldn’t be surprised at all if a lot of this “Chad-tier” sex is just Chad coming into contact with a lot of crazies. Should Chad ever find a good girl to settle down with then I somehow doubt that he’ll be able to recreate that same sexual dynamic as he did with all those cluster B women. I’m not saying that he will be sexually dissatisfied or anything, but it seems to be that the focus has shifted from getting as much porn-like sex as possible to seeing sex as more of a function for propagating his offspring and maintaining the relationship by that point.

    Also, consider that mental illness seems to be at an all time high in the West in general, and it’s spreading like a disease faster and further. It just stands to reason that the vast majority of women that sleep around and without first carefully screening and selecting a man are probably at least somewhat mentally ill to begin with. Sometimes I wonder if I did find a solid and mentally stable girlfriend if she’d just be too “boring” for me.

  3. After having played Resident Evil 2 (Remake) for a few hours, I am not sure I enjoy it very much. First, the game looks great, and runs very well on my laptop. I can play it at 1050p with FSR and high texture quality, achieving an image quality and level of performance that is probably somewhere between the base PS4 and the PS4 Pro. The atmosphere of the game is great, and I also enjoy the gunplay, but the main gameplay loop just does not appeal for me.

    On paper, the concept seems OK, i.e. you need to find your way through various areas by solving puzzles and finding hidden pathways, and intermittently you have to fight off zombies. The problem, though, is that it seems that you cannot kill any of the zombies at all. They go down in something like two to five headshots, on the easiest setting, which is already absurd. However, they do not stay down for long. Thus, you never feel safe. I can get the appeal of this kind of gameplay, but this is a bit too tiring for me. I much more enjoy gameplay loops where you get some respite every once in a while. Looking for some items or carefully exploring some room once more, in case you have overlooked something, when there are always some enemies around, though, creates more stress than needed. I can see how this game becomes more fun in subsequent playthroughs as you will know what you need to do.

    1. Zombies will in fact doe for good. A way to make sure is once they go down you can start slashing at their legs with a knife. It’ll take quite a few slashes but they will not be able to get back up easily with this approach because 3-4 slashes usually stuns them and eventually a leg will just cut in half and they’ll only be able to crawl.

      Another good strategy for permanently deleting zombies is letting them get close range while equipping the shot gun. This is risky but gets easier with a few practices. You just aim at their heads and melt them. With the lickers, just don’t get stresses when you’re walking around them because they will jerk and hiss and start approaching you as you attempt to get around them. However, leaving them alive in certain areas is not great, and some new ones will spawn in once Mr. X is active, making it sometimes not feasible to avoid them by walking. If you’re playing on standard or assisted you will easily have enough resources to take out the majority of the enemies, even if things start to looks slim at times.

      Also, this game sort of is like a 3D metroidvania.

  4. Found an interesting comment while browsing reddit,allow me to share:

    For online dating, I definitely think it is for most women unless they’re also a gym rat. They think you’re a narcissist (most of us are lol, I know I am) and that you’ll only care to talk about yourself more than them.

    I think in person it’s totally different. A jacked man who’s confident enough to approach a woman has much better chances than most.

    I was separated from my wife for a short period, I’m a 230lb 6’3 bodybuilder and I did absolutely horrible on tinder/hinge/bumble. Like almost 0 matches and the ones I did were bots. So I started going to bars and clubs even though I don’t drink at all and I really didn’t struggle at all. **Even would pull girls I know I swiped on tinder and they didn’t swipe back lmao**

    That last sentence is the especially interesting part. You know,looking back on my previous interactions with women in college,so many of them seemed aloof over text/social media (often would not respond or require double texting. I wasn’t even trying to hit on them,just trying to get a group project done.) yet were warm when I interacted with them face to face. (or hell,they seemed warmer when talking to the phone than over text)

    Were they playing games or simply terrible at communicating over text? I have no idea.

    Although you have released a book about Online Dating,do you still hold the same view as you do Aaron about it being a generally inferior way to meet women? I’ve never tried online dating,but given how my interactions have tend to gone over online in the past,I get the feeling its still much better to meet women in social circles. Seems like you will deal with a lot more games interacting from a distance.

    1. I think that if you have the chance to meet women IRL you should do so. Online dating has some very obvious disadvantages, such as the really poor male-to-female ratio or the fact that you basically start from zero when you finally meet her. Furthermore, some guys come across a lot better in person than in pictures. This is particularly true of height. A guy who is 6’3″ or above stands out immediately in the real world but on an app he is just a guy with a picture of himself.

  5. Anyone tried bard yet? I tested it the same way as chatgpt and bing chat. And zero feminism detected 😀 very nice. You ask it about differences about the differences between hot girls and average chicks, and it just outright tells you.

    1. Here’s what Bard Says:

      There are many differences between average and hot girls. Some of the most common differences include:

      Physical appearance: Hot girls are typically considered to be more physically attractive than average girls. They may have features such as symmetrical features, clear skin, and a well-proportioned body.

      Confidence: Hot girls are often more confident than average girls. They may be more comfortable in their own skin and may not feel the need to seek validation from others.

      Social status: Hot girls may have a higher social status than average girls. They may be more popular and may have more friends.

      Attention from others: Hot girls often receive more attention from others than average girls. They may be approached more often by men and may be given more compliments.

      Expectations: Hot girls may have higher expectations than average girls. They may expect to be treated better and may have more demands.

      It is important to note that these are just general trends and that there are always exceptions. There are many average girls who are confident, popular, and have high social status. There are also many hot girls who are not confident, popular, or have high social status.

      ChatGPT would shame you for your toxic masculinity and ask you to repent by wifing up a blue-haired cum dumpster.

    2. Bard also adds a statement at the end that sounds as if it came straight from ChatGPT. A more correct statement is that more attractive women tend to enjoy a higher social status, ceteris paribus, than plain Janes.

    3. >Confidence: Hot girls are often more confident than average girls. They may be more comfortable in their own skin and may not feel the need to seek validation from others.

      This part might be somewhat more questionable though. I do agree with you and Aaron about the false notion of hot girls having worse personalities than average looking girls,but they still seem to suffer the common issue of having a lot of insecurities (I think Aaron mentioned a specific example of a woman not refusing to cowgirl because she fears he slightly uneven nostrils might turn you off,lol) and struggle to show obvious signals.

      In Aaron’s previous blog,I think also recall you talking about having a young hot (19 yrs old you mention at the time?) best friend who throws subtle signals then shit talks the guys if they don’t catch it.

      But you guys have a lot more experience in this field,so perhaps you guys can elaborate further.

    4. I noticed that part too, however I’m just happy that it is anti-woke and that feminists would have breakdowns if they saw this text.

  6. Bard on the question of old young chicks and older men:

    – A study published in the journal “Evolutionary Psychology” in 2006 found that women were more likely to be attracted to men who were 15-20 years older than them when they were looking for a long-term partner.

    – A study published in the journal “Archives of Sexual Behavior” in 2008 found that 12% of women aged 18-24 were attracted to men who were at least 15 years older than them.

    Women may have been less likely to report that they were attracted to older men because of the social stigma. There are a few reasons why this might be the case.

    First, women may be afraid of being judged or ridiculed by others for their attraction to older men. Second, women may feel like they are not supposed to be attracted to older men because of the stereotype that older men are predatory or manipulative. Third, women may feel like they are not supposed to be attracted to older men because of the stereotype that older men are not as attractive as younger men.

    As a result of these stereotypes, women may be reluctant to admit that they are attracted to older men. This can lead to underreporting of attraction to older men in studies.

    It is important to note that not all women feel this way. Some women are not bothered by the social stigma and are open about their attraction to older men. Additionally, the social stigma is slowly starting to change, and more women are becoming comfortable admitting that they are attracted to older men.

    Meanwhile, chatGPT will tell you to stop being sexist and go pick up a blue-haired post-wall feminist.

    1. Damn. That really is quite a contrast. Chat GPT would usually just cop out on these sorts of issues and say some shit about how it’s important not to say things that may be deemed offensive, and not to make generalizations yada yada. Meanwhile, the thing literally has no qualms about making generalizations itself so long as it fits a certain criteria i.e. being woke and gay.

  7. Google Bard on women’s nagging behaviors:

    There are a few evolutionary theories that attempt to explain why wives nag husbands. One theory is that nagging is a way for wives to assert their dominance over their husbands. In the past, women were often seen as being less powerful than men, and nagging may have been a way for them to gain some control over their relationships. Another theory is that nagging is a way for wives to get their husbands to do things that they need or want them to do. For example, a wife might nag her husband to take out the trash or to help with the dishes. Finally, some people believe that nagging is simply a way for wives to express their frustration with their husbands. When wives feel like their husbands are not pulling their weight in the relationship, they may nag as a way to get their attention and to let them know that they are not happy.

    It is important to note that not all wives nag, and not all husbands are nagged. Nagging is a behavior that can be caused by a variety of factors, including personality, communication styles, and relationship dynamics. It is also important to remember that nagging is not always a bad thing. Sometimes, it can be a way for couples to communicate effectively and to get things done. However, when nagging becomes excessive or when it is used to control or manipulate, it can be harmful to a relationship.

    If you are concerned about your own nagging behavior, there are a few things you can do to try to change it. First, try to identify the triggers that cause you to nag. Once you know what your triggers are, you can start to develop strategies for coping with them in a more constructive way. For example, if you find yourself nagging your husband when he comes home from work, try to come up with a plan for how you can communicate your needs without being critical. You might also want to consider talking to your husband about the issue. Let him know how his behavior makes you feel and ask him for his help in finding a solution.

    If you are struggling to change your nagging behavior on your own, there are a number of resources available to help you. There are books, articles, and websites that offer advice on how to stop nagging. You may also want to consider talking to a therapist or counselor who can help you to understand the root of your behavior and develop a plan for change.

    My favorite is the last part.

    If you are struggling to change your nagging behavior on your own, there are a number of resources available to help you. There are books, articles, and websites that offer advice on how to stop nagging. You may also want to consider talking to a therapist or counselor who can help you to understand the root of your behavior and develop a plan for change.


    1. It is interesting that Bard assumes a cis-normative red-pill phantasy world without same-sex marriages:

      It is important to note that not all wives nag, and not all husbands are nagged.

      Also, the second half of this sentence is a bit redundant because if not all wives nag then it is implied that their husbands do not get nagged by their (non-nagging) wife. The last paragraph furthermore assumes that the person asking the question is a woman. Man, it seems that Google laid off a few too many of their ultra-leftist engineers.

    2. I’ve heard Google was caught flat-footed by Microsoft’s advances in AI (ChatGPT etc). Since the latter is also known for being woke and brain-damaged, Google may figure they can better catch up in terms of market share by not similarly hobbling their own AI products. Once they are comfortably in the lead they will no doubt concede to the “valid and important concerns” of the usual suspects.

    3. Are Western girls more promiscuous than Eastern girls?

      The Bard said:

      There is no clear evidence that Western girls are more promiscuous than Eastern girls. There are many factors that can influence a person’s sexual behavior, including their culture, religion, education, and personal values. It is important to remember that everyone is an individual, and we should not make generalizations about people based on their geographic location or cultural background.

      Some people may believe that Western girls are more promiscuous because they are more likely to dress in revealing clothing, drink alcohol, and go to nightclubs. However, it is important to note that these behaviors are not exclusive to Western girls. Many Eastern girls also dress in revealing clothing, drink alcohol, and go to nightclubs.

      Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide how they want to express their sexuality. There is no right or wrong way to be sexual, as long as you are safe and respectful of yourself and others.

      Here are some studies that have been done on the topic of sexual behavior:

      A study published in the Journal of Sex Research found that there was no significant difference in the number of sexual partners reported by women from Western and Eastern countries.
      A study published in the journal Social Science & Medicine found that there was no significant difference in the sexual attitudes and behaviors of women from Western and Eastern countries.
      A study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior found that there was no significant difference in the sexual satisfaction of women from Western and Eastern countries.
      These studies suggest that there is no clear evidence that Western girls are more promiscuous than Eastern girls.

  8. Throw up with this one:

    It is also important to note that the term “promiscuous” can be harmful. It can be used to shame and stigmatize people who have many sexual partners. It can also lead to people making negative assumptions about someone’s character based on their sexual history.

    It is better to avoid using the term “promiscuous” altogether. Instead, we should focus on respecting people’s sexual choices and encouraging them to make safe and healthy decisions.

    1. I would not be surprised if those “scientists” used a definition of promiscuous such as “more than 5 sexual partners” so that they could claim that Western and Eastern girls are all the same. Research from the social sciences have to be taken with a grain of salt, given how heavily left-leaning those people are. Some just outright fabricate data and evidence.

  9. Anyone else notice a parallel between IT companies and chicks?

    I’ve been looking at job postings lately, and most lower tier companies act like chicks.

    They have these huge lists of what the candidate should be a master at. Like you look at the lists and go: why would this person not go apply directly for a senior or principal role at Google or something?

    I asked bard and chatgpt and they gave solid answers. Like for example that it might just be someone in HR copy pasting and listing technologies they don’t even understand.

    Or that they might be trying to sound more impressive by having such requirements.

    I then asked chatgpt “isnt that just like what women do” and it shamed the fuck outta me.

    1. I wouldnt dare have that thought. That would make me toxically masculine 🙂

      To be fair though, I think even guys sometimes act like chicks in business. They get really delusional. Average business owners believe that employees should be grateful for the chance to interview with them, etc etc ..

    2. Companies usually get a ton of applications from bad candidates. They need a way to filter out all the bad applicants so the department manager doesn’t waste time interviewing them. Usually the first applications that go to the trash bin are ones that do not mention formal education in CS or SWE. If they REALLY have a lot of applicants then keyword scanner is also used to select those CVs that include most mentions of technologies from company’s tech stack or satisfactory employment history.

      At higher tiers the employment in coding is acquired through recommendations rather than public job ads, and is much easier than having to go through the HR filter.

    3. I have found that recommendations or referrals are also hit or miss. Quite often, people just recommend their friends instead of “the best person you have ever worked with”. This seems to be particularly true of women, with some submitting CVs of their friends that have almost nothing to do with the open position.

    4. Asking for CS is fine. I’m talking about and that asks that you have a bazillion projects in 57 different technologies, for a junior position.

    5. Btw, chicks also give a similar excuse for why they have huge lists of insane “requirements”. So it is very analogous again.

    6. The other day someone in HR asked me to describe what I look for in a candidate, and when I told “them” that I strongly prefer people who are clearly very smart and who have done similar work elsewhere, I got some raised eyebrows. I now probably have a note in my employment file about me not valuing “diversity” strongly enough.

    7. Btw, I am seeing the same trend in anything digital, not just software, just to be clear. Digital marketing companies and design companies are just as insane.

      For example a marketing agency will be like:

      – We’re looking for an intern who’s proficient at these 23 different professions
      – Minimum 3 years of experience

      Yet each of the things they’re asking about takes FIFTEEN years to be proficient at, and there’s not enough hours in the day to become proficient in all 23. So the ad is literally lying. No such human being exists.

      You may have “dabbled” in all 23, but no way you’re good, in fact you probably suck in most of the 23 if you’ve only been at it for 3 years.

    8. I’m not really making excuses. I’ve been burned by the HR firewall in the past but I understand that most employers get more applications than they can process, especially when hiring for junior positions. Coding has continually been hyped as a good career for making money and there are plenty of people flooding the job market at lower rungs of competency.

      There is a joke that when you place a job ad for junior position, the first thing you do is throw the first 25% and last 25% of applications in the garbage bin because you don’t want unlucky people in your company.

    9. The tide is currently shifting but not too long ago junior positions were seemingly almost impossible to get for “non diverse” applicants. The HR reasoning was that these are the ideal entry points for underachievers who are oh-so required for the modern workplace. I even know of one large company that completely ignored male applicants for junior roles as they were “earmarked for women and minorities”. Of course, this was not racist in the least because all white men are born oppressors, or something along those lines.

      I think you will have a much better chance applying for regular positions. Of course, you need to build up a portfolio but I have seen it plenty of times that even applicants without formal work experience were leveled as regular engineers, e.g. “Software Engineer” instead of “Junior Software Engineer”, based on their interview performance.

    10. There is a joke that when you place a job ad for junior position, the first thing you do is throw the first 25% and last 25% of applications in the garbage bin because you don’t want unlucky people in your company.

      Sure, but again, how does fake requirements help with that? If anything it has the OPPOSITE effect.

      Smart people are generally literal. So if an ad says “You need to be a master at 53 things”, actual smart people are like “oh well, I can’t apply for that”.

      The more intelligent someone is, the more they know what they don’t know. When your criteria is “you have to believe you’ve mastered 53 things” you’re basically filtering for idiots. Because it takes a low IQ to be that delusional.

    11. Well, there are two kinds of ads. One is where the recruiter just dumps the entire tech stack on the job ad and then choses candidates for interview who have the highest number of matching keywords in their CV.

      The other kind is where the recruiter is explicit that you need to be extremely proficient or have several years of experience in particular technologies. Former is much more common than the latter. I have no explanation for the latter kind of ads other than the recruiter being a ditz.

      However, I estimate the latter to be no more than 10% of total job postings and that is probably because such positions never get filled so they just accumulate and pollute the listing.

    12. And then there is a fuzzy area between the two such as asking for 2 years of programming experience. This is unfair towards those who just graduated, unless it counts university as an experience, but the junior tier is so overcrowded that most companies will still be able to find plenty of candidates unless the requirements are so out of whack as to ask Google Principal Engineer skillset as an entry requirement.

    13. And then there is a fuzzy area between the two such as asking for 2 years of programming experience.

      I don’t think that’s an unrealistic requirement. Just to clarify, my issue was just about chick-level irrational requirements, things that aren’t even possible.

      Let me give you an example of an ad that makes sense to me

      You’ll have an ad that says something like this:

      – We’re looking for someone who does technology A

      – If you’ve done projects in industry X, that would be a super bonus, but not a requirement, just a really nice bonus

      – And if you’re also familiar with “management tool x”, devops practice y, and technology Z, that would be a great advantage

      Let me give you an example of an ad that seems like a chick wrote it

      – You need to be proficient at Technology A.

      – Must send a minimum of 7 links to highly-successful projects built on Technology A (no older than 10 months)

      – Do the frontend, backend, devops, ux, ui, and customer support technologies as well, and be proficient at all of them

      I mean, I get a company being piss-poor and wanting all-in one, but someone who’s proficient at everything, and somehow get this experience in less than 40 years, lol? And then excited to work for some shitty no-name company? Make it make sense.

  10. Aaron, were you able to stick with RE2 or did you drop it? If I had to hazard a guess it seems like your RE “journey” has been quite disappointing.

    1. I’m currently on a business trip so I cannot play the game, but I will likely drop it. I am getting an itch to play RE4 again, though. There is an excellent fan-made HD mod for the original game, which I happen to have bought for a few bucks on Steam years ago — it goes on sale for $5 very often. Synthetic Man played this mod on his channel a while ago. On that note, he mentioned on his stream that he got shadow-banned. This was probably YT’s gift for him reaching 100k subscribers.

      In general, I am getting very picky when it comes to vidya. If I sink two or three hours into a game and I don’t feel compelled to continue, then it is probably not for me, or at least not at this moment. I mentioned Mr. Driller before. It too me multiple tries, over several years, but now I like it. Similarly, when BotW came out, I dropped it quickly, probably largely because it looked like a gigantic game I just did not have the time for. However, with the recent hype surrounding TotK, I looked up some BotW footage, and now I think that perhaps I should give it another chance.

    2. I think you’d probably be overall pretty unenthused with the last couple Zelda games. I’m not sure if it’d even be worth your time to get it running on an emulator. I think that generally the larger the game, the less satisfying the gameplay loop is. Once you’ve got a few of these types of games under your belt such as The Witcher 3 and Dragon’s Quest XI, for example, you usually end up feeling like you’ve had your fill of them.

    3. It has been three years since I played a big game, i.e. Dragon Quest XI. The gameplay is pretty braindead but I found it quite relaxing. I have a few more games on my backlog so it will be a while before I give BotW another chance but gameplay that is not fully engaging all the time is not that much of a problem if the main goal is escapism, with a strong undercurrent of relaxation.

    4. In that case I would also consider the fact that TotK makes BotW look like a tech demo. I’d probably skip the latter altogether at this point unless you really feel like you’d want to play both. However, Idk why you would considering they’re essentially the same game and the stories for each of them are pretty bland.

    5. I was just playing some TotK and realized another important aspect in terms of improvement over its predecessor. There’s a much better rewards and incentives system integrated within TotK. Considering that in pretty much all open world games you end up hoarding a bunch of useless crap that you end up selling for currency that you probably don’t even need, TotK has seemingly addressed this issue almost entirely. Therefore, there is a much greater incentive to explore and collect things in this game. For one, there are multiple forms of “currencies” that serve different functions. And two, virtually everything you collect can either be sold for rupees (certain items such as clothing/cosmetics cost exorbitant amounts in this game), or you can just fuse the items with arrows, melee weapons and shields for either a bonus to damage/defense or even special properties. Anytime there’s something to pick up it gives you a sense of worth, whereas with BotW and pretty much all open world games there is very little reason to attack an enemy camp, for example, because the shitty item in they’re guarding as well as the enemy spoils are useless. You just end up avoiding such situations. TotK invites you to turn over every stone in comparison.

    6. This appears to be really smart game design. TotK is only the second open-world game by Nintendo, and they are already pushing this genre forward instead of just resting on their laurels. TotK could have been a lame, iterative sequel, but that is not really the case at all.

    1. This is a pretty interesting development. I notice more and more backlash against all this woke bullshit. Bud Light is suffering massive losses due to having pushed a tranny as the face of their brand. Just today I read that Target has ordered stores in conservative areas to banish their pride propaganda to the back of the store (in case you are not aware, in addition to pride year all year round, we also have pride month again next month). Even Larry Fink is getting some pushback for the ESG policies he has been trying to force corporations to adopt.

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