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Modern Technology Can End Arguments Quickly

I found this brief article in my notes. Originally, I wrote it many years ago. The woman this article about was firmly in the cluster B of personality disorders.

Some of you are probably familiar with this phenomenon: your girl gets upset about some trivial nonsense, and flies off the handle. You try arguing rationally with them, but quickly learn that this is a waste of time, since the point of her arguing with you is not about any issue that is supposed to be solved rationally. Instead, she maybe “feels” that you’re not paying enough attention to her, and throwing a tantrum might be a good way to stop you from “being a self-centred prick”, even if all you wanted to do was reading a book for once, or if you told her that you’ll take the trash out when you’re taking the dog for a walk, but not right now. There are more disturbed women out there who throw tantrums in order to heavily manipulate you. You’re supposed to feel sympathy for her, which she strategically uses to get her way with you. Women like that belong to the so-called “Cluster B” of personality disorders.

No matter what the case with your woman is, there may be a neat way out of such moronic arguments. I really don’t care much about technology, but this is one area where I found it to be of great help. Namely, the solution is to pull out your smartphone and record her! It seems that women who have problems with impulse control are deeply afraid of being embarrassed, so recording them as they throw their irrational fits hits them right were they are most vulnerable: their fragile ego.

When some chick was throwing a tantrum over some utter nonsense the last time, I could not help but laugh at her, since I find it amusing when a grown woman acts like a three-year old. She didn’t stop. In fact, she got even more upset. Thus, I thought I could put my new phone to good use, told her to “smile” and recorded her. It didn’t take long at all until she realised what was happening, so she calmed down right away. But then she panicked because she doesn’t want any kind of evidence recorded, begging me to delete the video I had recorded of her — and was still recording. To the outside world, she’s of course a mature, sensible woman who is in control of herself. She would not want any evidence to the contrary to come out.

I shrugged and was glad that her tantrum was over. She did not take it quite so easy, though. I had put my phone into my backpack, and what happened next was that as I was walking into the kitchen, she lunged towards the backpack, grabbed the phone, and sprinted into the bathroom, locking herself in. Well, my phone is of course locked, so her attempts to delete the incriminating evidence were futile. She got mad again, and threatened that she would destroy my phone if I did not delete this video in front of her.

Probably, you do not want to date such a crazy woman, but if you don’t yet know how crazy your chick is, you may end up in a situation where she throws a tantrum out of nowhere. Perhaps, recording her will help you to get out of it. You want to leave right after she has calmed down, though.

2 thoughts on “Modern Technology Can End Arguments Quickly

  1. Aaron,
    Are most fights, arguments and conflicts with Cluster B women often about yearning for excitement since they find stable relationships boring?

    1. I think seeking excitement is the primary motivation for Cluster B women to start a fight. This is most obvious when those women actively look for something to be upset about. Out of nowhere, she may ask you something seemingly innocuous. For instance, she may ask you whether you have been playing some “useless” video game in your room but when you her that you did some work on the apartment or looked up something for her, she then shuts up, but with a tense expression, inwardly seething. This will only lead to her trying harder, which can be quite bizarre.

      An almost cliched case of a Cluster B woman trying to start a fight is when you watch a movie together with her and she asks you if you find some actress on the screen hot. Your best move is to ignore her completely, telling her that you want to watch this movie, not talk about it. Well, an even better move would be not to get involved with such a woman in the first place. Anyway, if you say that you do indeed find the chick on screen hot, she will blow up in your face, but if you deny it, she may fly off the handle regardless, for instance by telling you that she “knows you” and therefore knows that you are fantasizing about banging that chick in the movie. Then they can have their toddler tantrum, getting a kick out of being able to act in this completely unhinged way.

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