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When the Mother is Slimmer than the Daughter

I already mentioned that I hardly noticed any attractive women on my last trip. As I was staying in a typical hotel for business travelers, and could only depart on Friday, I also got the chance to make yet another observation, due to tourists flocking in on Thursday evening. Instead of mostly lone business travelers as it was the case during the week, there were quite a few families with kids around during breakfast on Friday, and mostly they had just one kid. What struck me was that there were several instances where the mother was slimmer and in better shape than the daughter, without any exaggeration.

In the past, I met quite a few guys who never managed to have sex with a young woman. All they ever got, at best, were the desperate wall-hitters in their mid-30s who were trying really hard to find guys for a one-night stand in order to trap them with a baby, in case that guy surprisingly turned out to have his life together. In order to elevate themselves, those guys love to claim that those women are “hotter than their daughters”, which is, of course, total bullshit. Perhaps this is a good line to flatter the ego of those women, but it has little to do with reality. Once I spoke to a guy who wanted to tell me that those women in their mid-30s he gets are really in shape and, akshually, preferable to chicks in their early 20s due to all their “experience” and “maturity”. I pointed out that surely he would agree that young women have much better skin that not only looks better but feels better, too. I mention this case because me pushing back on his claims seemed to have triggered something in him, and he even said that he has no experience with young women. He then banged a few young hookers and once his career took off, he exclusively dated women in their early 20s — and that was from a guy who used to tell me stories about women in their early 40s who really are in shape.

Ceteris paribus, older women are obviously not more attractive than younger women who are half their age. With a bit of luck even a somewhat chubby 20 year-old still has the glow of youth whereas her mother most definitely will look quite worn out. Obviously, there is a reason why women get less attractive as they get older. This is nature telling you that such women are barren. You cannot have children with them, so why would you feel attracted to them? Still, it is quite shocking to see how much some young women let themselves go, and when you notice a flabby 20 year-old next to her mother who is more than twice as old but visibly still works out, I wonder what has gone wrong, seeing that the mother should lead by example.

Married women who remain in shape do so out of self-respect and because they want to look good for their husband. Of course, older women on the prowl hit the gym in order to marginally increase their chance of getting their hands on Chad cock one more time, with varying levels of success. In contrast, young women who completely let themselves go and try to hide their fat rolls with baggy clothes must have fully internalized the garbage messaging from mainstream media according to which a woman can be “beautiful at any size”. Of course, if she is beautiful no matter how she looks — and lacks the intelligence to figure out that this is a contradiction as this is only logically possible if the word “beauty” loses its meaning — then she may as well just not bother with any kind of exercise at all, eat whatever she wants, and enjoy her diet of drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. She may even believe that she does not want children or should not want to have any. Thus, she will be able to rationalize away all all her relationship issues and implicit negative feedback as no Chad will come knocking, and if he accidentally bangs her, he will not come back. Her slim mother surely will have an understanding of her daughter wasting her life but due to believing that she should be her daughter’s friend, she will never say anything.

3 thoughts on “When the Mother is Slimmer than the Daughter

  1. I was just about to make a similar comment, as I had another of my street walks yesterday. It seems anyone in shape is either a 19-20 year old, or a 40 year old. Like all the in-shape females I saw were either 19-20, or moms.

  2. I had this shit happen to me with my first proper girlfriend, the one I lost my virginity to. Obviously, there was some of the “lowering the standards” factor going on, but I was really attracted to her and she was antifeminist, anticommunist and all that jazz, so she clearly was at least above average intelligence for a young girl; she was also about 8 years younger than me so she still had the glow of youth that Aaron mentions. She had recently gotten fat and told me it was because the emotional issues brought about by her sister’s recent death, so I rationalized that at some point she would slim down and become the petite cutie I saw in her pictures during her prime.

    As it turns out, her “mother”, who was in reality her childless aunt that adopted her from her troubled sister long ago, was in excellent shape at 40 yo. It helped of course that she never went through a pregnancy and that she married her sugar daddy at 23, so she neved had any ordeal whatsoever, though she did make the effort to eat well and exercise to look good for her pensioner. Unfortunately, she also instilled in her “daughter” that she should also marry a rich older guy so I got dumped shortly after meeting the hot MILF. I took it hard, but to be honest it was for the best, the girl wasn’t wife or mother material really.

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