Young, Attractive Women Have Largely Disappeared

We have talked before about there seemingly being fewer and fewer young, attractive women around. This is not much of an exaggeration. This week, I am in one of the larger Western European cities for a business trip, and it is quite obvious that the times have changed. I am staying in a centrally located hotel and there are a lot of people in the area. On top, I had to attend a few events, one in the evening. Yet, I can count on one hand the number of really attractive women I have noticed. One objection may now be that I was not actively looking, which is true. However, you notice attractive women, and people in general, even if you are not actively looking around as they simply stand out.

In four days, I saw a grand total of three women, in a city with well over one million inhabitants. I think a careful estimate is that I have crossed paths with a few thousand people, so this is surely a rather low number. One was a possibly attractive woman but I could not really tell because she was wearing pretty baggy clothes. It was a young, white woman who seemingly had taken fashion cues from rap videos. I noticed her because her face was very neotenous. Then there was some other woman, perhaps a Brazilian. There was some non-white admixture. She was very tall and she likewise wore clothes that made it impossible to guess what she might look like underneath. Yet, looking at her arms, you could deduce that she was in shape. She was probably the only genuinely attractive woman I noticed during my stay. The last one was more of an edge case. She was slim, had a symmetrical face, yet she had fallen prey to the leftist mind-virus. As a consequence, her hair was badly colored, she had piercings, and visible tattoos. It was quite tragic to look at her, noticing all that wasted potential. She could have roped in some beta-buxxer with that face and body, and now enjoy a comfortable life but with the kind of life decisions she had made, that will no longer be possible.

I have wondered if me no longer noticing many attractive women is due to me getting older, but I really don’t think that this is the case. Obviously, I am not a fifteen year-old boy who gets a boner when eating a peach. Yet, I can still assess if a woman (or a man, for that matter) is good looking. You look at facial symmetry, height, weight, and so on, and that’s about it. I think objectively there are fewer women, and this is not just due to society actively promoting ugliness.

Part of the reason why there are fewer attractive women is also that the native population has fewer children. Thus, each year there are fewer and fewer young and potentially attractive women. Before you claim that this is raycis’, keep in mind that white women are generally considered the most attractive. Among brothas, for instance, having a white girlfriend, even a fat and ugly one, is a huge status symbol. Also, I have it on good authority that the masses of Indian H-1B immigrants in the US are rather keen on getting their hands on some white woman’s “bobs and vagene”. Having fewer white women around means that there will necessarily be fewer attractive women. By this I obviously do not want to make the claim that women of other ethnicities cannot be attractive. Clearly, I am only reporting on the stated and observed sexual preferences of non-white men. Asian women also rank very highly, at least on par with white women, but you will not meet them in meaningful numbers in the West, so this does not affect my argument in a meaningful way.

It would probably be a bit of a stretch to say that people are generally getting uglier, but there are plenty of indicators pointing in that direction. For instance, we know for non-politically-correct studies that people are getting shorter. IQ is dropping, too. Life-expectancy is declining, and was even before the vaxx killshots were rolled out. I would not be surprised if the faces of young men and women are less symmetrical than they were ten or twenty years ago. In that case, the physical degeneracy of our people only mirrors society overall. It is a sad state of affairs. Perhaps this is also why young men are having less and less sex. It just natural that they do not want to approach women they do not consider attractive.

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  1. Aaron,
    “I have wondered if me no longer noticing many attractive women is due to me getting older, but I really don’t think that this is the case”.

    I’m in the same situation as yourself. I do my best to observe if there’s any attractive women when I go about my day especially grocery shopping. The only conclusion I can deduce is that men reach a level where their interest in woman has dropped so much they don’t care for them that much. There’s a novelty and something magical about learning how to picking up women and trying to demystify the pick-up process. Once you get some experience under your belt that novelty and magic is long gone. You can’t quite get it back anymore.

  2. The fact that masks are now the norm has also made it a bit harder on making the decision to approach in daily life if you ask me. I was in the groceries yesterday myself,and I saw some interesting looking (presumably high school or college aged) women,but wasn’t very enthused upon them removing their masks. (at least they’re not obese,I can definitely give them that!)

    Granted,even if that were the case,I would not have approached anyway regardless,because I can’t afford the distraction right now. (or maybe that’s me making an excuse for lacking the balls to approach at the moment. Interpret my words however you wish,haha) I think I’ve spoken here before of the relationships I’ve seen and how toxic they can get. I don’t think being depressed after a fight with a girlfriend is going to help me with my current weight loss goal. (Daily life stress actually plays a good factor in your Fitness. its not just about having the motivation to do the work in and of itself,but also on the body’s tendency whether to shed fat or muscle when losing weight.)

    1. Are masks still commonly worn in your part of the world? Here in Europe, they have almost completely disappeared. I would guess that less than 1% of people still wear a mask when they are outside. Your point is valid, though, as it is not possible to adequately judge a woman’s attractiveness if she hides 75% of her face. You are also right that relationships, even non-toxic ones, can distract you from goals you doggedly pursue. I think that in general men should first get their life in order first before looking for a girlfriend. One-night stands can be quite distracting, too, of course.

    2. Yeah. They’re much less common nowadays,and there are a few establishments around that you can get away with not having a mask (the gyms I’ve visited being among them thankfully. That would be so silly though,being required to wear a mask in the gym when you need to be able to breathe after a tough workout. lol.),but its still mostly part of the norm here. Not surprising that the Philippines is a little behind on the curve here given the issues with this country that I voiced out in the past.

      I’ve read some posts (I think it was on reddit,but not sure on this one. Could an incel forum.) where people who were born less fortunate on the looks department are actually relieved about the masks becoming part of the norm. But its not about dating,its simply about the treatment from day to day in public. People can be real nasty to folks they perceive as beneath them,unfortunately.

      I have not gone through this experience myself outside of school (At least not with adults. I’ve had immature kids calling me fat and being rude out of nowhere in the past. Hasn’t happened in quite awhile though thankfully,so what I’m doing is definitely working),but I can sympathize. If wearing a mask prevents randoms from being nasty to them,then I’m alright with them staying as part of the norm. although I would like it better if the requirements to wear them on any occassion is loosened up even further.

      But its definitely an inconvenient obstable for any situation you might want to pick up. Presumably though,I’m sure hobby niches are going to be a lot more lax with them (just like the gym),and if you see those people regularly as a part of that niche,you’ll see them with their masks off eventually if not immediately. The public cold environments (like a Supermarket) is where this is most inconvenient.

  3. What about Miami or California? In Miami, it seems that people really take care of their appearance, so perhaps it is not too pessimistic to claim that attractive women have almost disappeared.

    In my region, fat girls are everywhere.

  4. Aaron, what have your observations been in rural vs. urban Europe regarding ratios of attractive women?

    1. In my part of the world, the problem is that countryside demographics are skewed towards both ends. On the one hand, there are a lot of older people, including a very high percentage of pensioners, and on the other, you see families with kids. It is common for young men and women to move out after finishing high school, and they normally move to the next big city, which is also the default option for pursuing higher education. People overall, at least the indigenous population, appear to be much healthier on the countryside, though, largely due to these people normally being better off than their counterparts in the big cities.

  5. Good thing this subject came up again, as I wanted to share a diet hack I accidentally discovered thanks to this. Didn’t want to bump the previous thread.

    Basically I’ve started losing weight somewhat easily and it’s all thanks to the situation on the streets. How so?

    Well after those street tours and noticing how out of shape all these girls are, I got disgusted. And disgust is a powerful emotion.

    Whenever I get the inclinication for comfort food, I get a PTSD style flashback in my mind from what I saw on the streets and put the food down.

    It does wear off with time. So I will have to do “disgust top-ups”. Like walk down the street and remind myself.

  6. I would throw in that Western societies and countries influenced by Western trends have been getting uglier by the decades.
    To compare just look at photos from roughly 100 years ago of urban areas like Berlin, Paris, London, Rome, Milano, New York City etc. and focus on the people – even poor or modestly wealthy persons were dressed with a certain sense of style and structure.
    Nowadays this doesn’t even apply to many of the well-off.

  7. Aaron what county was it?
    Have you not been to Barcelona ??
    Holy fuck the concentration of hot women there is off the charts. I’ve heard from friends that Talinn in Estonia has the hottest women on the planet although I’ve never been . The average Eastern European women I’ve seen have been scorching though I’d place a good bet on Talinn.
    Sweden even??

    1. This woman could afford to lose quite a bit of weight, and her face is not particularly attractive either. The only thing she has going for her are big boobs. She is not my type at all.

    2. I don’t like to rate women on a scale because I do perceive women holistically by taking account their personality and strengths. But it is undeniable that some women are in fact exceedingly beautiful compared to the general population.

      I think Sleazy would agree with me that Turnbo’s beauty is superior to your lady. I think you don’t understand very well the skeletal structure of the face and the body to appreciate the wonder of Nature.

      Turnbo has high cheek bones and very well-defined jawline. Her face is very symmetrical and proportional. I used to study drawing before but I don’t need that much to see the beauty of a woman, or a man.

      I would conclude by saying that Turnbo is on par with one of the most beautiful women in our time, Jennifer Connelly, though I prefer Connelly because she radiates feminity and tenderness.

  8. Very interesting that you don’t the Estonian Blonde attractive at all? She is totally my type.
    Cute , petite with big breasts = a yes from me 🙂
    Chelsea Turnbo ..she looks quality but not my type ,no curves and a big horse mouth (too much gum showing). Different strokes I suppose.. maybe a cultural thing.

  9. I lived in the Vancouver area (British Columbia, not Washington) from 1991-97 and I noticed that while there were lots of attractive East Asian women most places and times, attractive white women were usually only visible from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays. Additionally the City of New Westminister, to the southeast of the City of Vancouver, was some kind of ghetto for ugly people. It was if the authorities had rounded up the ugliest people in the province and forced them to live there! Also people in B.C. generally wore bad attire and were badly groomed, except for recent Asian arrivals.

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