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Getting a Taste of What You Think You Want

In the hey-days of the pickup industry, I got the occasionally genuinely bizarre request, e.g. guys who were relatively old virgins telling me that they want not just to have sex with women but they had very specific ideas about having multiple fuck buddies around. One told me about a very particular practice he was familiar with from his extensive studies of pornography, and he wanted to experience this in real life. It seems PUA marketing worked well on those people. While I certainly cannot blame any straight guy to want to have sex with women, seeing that it is a biological urge, it is a bit less obvious why someone would earnestly want to purse a goal that goes well beyond that.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to dream big. Yet, there is a big difference between an ambitious high school athlete wanting to be an Olympian, however remote a goal this may be, and someone who never went for a jog in his life fantasizing about running a marathon, let alone winning a major one. The same is true with guys who have avoided women all their life, for whatever reason, and suddenly get the idea in their head that it would be great to see multiple women at once. Even if they could get to this point, without any of the intermediate steps, they have no idea what this even entails, which is why I cannot take such requests seriously.

A couple of years ago someone messaged me on LinkedIn, a young guy about to enroll in an engineering degree. I think he just messaged a few people for advice, perhaps only due to geographic proximity. The brief exchange started pleasantly enough. He told me that he wanted some professional advice about his chosen career in software engineering. He followed this up with a few questions, all of which could easily be answered via an online search, which made me wonder if he was just following the blueprint of a course on networking. Instead of answering his dumb questions, I asked him if he has written any code in his life yet, anything at all. Well, it turned out that he had not, and from that point onward I simply ignored him. He got the idea in his head that he wanted to be a software engineer and expected to learn everything he needed at university. However, in my view, anyone with a serious interest in this field picks up programming by himself before starting a degree program, and not uncommonly such people mainly attend university only to get the credential.

No matter what you want to do or aspire to, surely it is a good idea to get a taste of it beforehand. Otherwise, chances are that you are only going to get disappointed. This is a feeling quite common among video game aficionados if they get caught in the industry’s hype cycle, but a string of high-profile busts surely helped cure a large part of the current crop of gamers from this ailment. Any hardcore virgin who barely interacts with women, for instance, should perhaps just spend a bit more time with the fair sex. I would not be surprised if this somewhat lowered his motivations in that regard.

When I was a bit younger, I thought that it would be great to one day afford a Porsche. Back then I quite liked the iconic design of the 911 but also the more recently introduced 718. Nowadays, I don’t even find the design of the 911 that appealing anymore, but some variants of the 718 Cayman I still really like. Anyway, as it so happened, I got the chance to sit in a high-powered 911 GT once and, to be quite frank, I did not particularly enjoy the experience. I get that this car appeals to people who want the sports car feeling but I find sitting in a nice Audi, VW, BMW, or Mercedes Benz a lot more pleasant. A brief ride in a Porsche cured me from entertaining unrealistic notions of that kind of car, just like banging a hooker would bring a virgin back to reality and make him stop idealizing sex, or even women in general. Quite simply, anything you taste may turn out to be not nearly as great as you imagined it to be, and before making any grandiose plans, get at least a morsel of experience in it. This may save you a lot of time, money, and energy.

7 thoughts on “Getting a Taste of What You Think You Want

  1. I usually do the several girls/fuckbuddies in parallel, I have a main girl I see at least once a week, and one or two secondaries who I see less often but still with a certain regularity.

    The most important downside I would mention is the time investment. I simply have too much work and too little time to invest in girls more than once or twice a week. If I try to do it, it messes up my capacity to get things done and I fall behind on some of the lesser goals I put for myself.

    1. I’m sorry for asking, and you don’t have to answer. What are you like financially. Are you doing better than average for someone in your field, less, make more money than typical for your field?

      The reason I ask is that the only time I could have a ton of lays and a roster I literally had to prioritize it to the point of not having time for making money. Just surviving.

      Even the chads I know (actual literal chads) who can make more money if they wanted to, are typically way underperforming in terms of finances and career. Even for them banging lots of chicks is a serious time investment.

    2. Well, i cant say I am a 1%er, but I am comfortably in the top 10% income bracket.

      I wouldnt say I am doing noticeably more money than others in my main work line, but I have two additional jobs in the academic field (university and private organization) which are part time and quite flexible, and add about another 30% to my regular salary.

      In addition I tried to invest in a small business on the side, with a partner, but that project died with the lockdowns and I have not tried again.

      The girls are not interfering with my income, but they suck up most of my supposedly free time (they are my hobby, pretty much).

    3. I wouldnt say I am doing noticeably more money than others in my main work line

      Yeah, that’s why I was asking “for your line of work”, because I intuited that you’re probably in some high-paying professions.

      So in your case your skillset is so well-paid, that even if you’re not busting your ass off (working overtime), you still make more money than most people, so you can spend time on chicks, whilst still doing good financially.

    4. Mi main job is relatively well paid, but i am busting my ass anyway there, and with my part time jobs. Thankfully all of them have a degree of flexibility that allow me to accomodate all of them.

      In addition, I consider my part time jobs more like a sort of lucrative hobby, since I enjoy them very much. Also, the fact that I dont depend on their income allows me to speak my mind more freely in an institution like the university, which nowadays seems to breed intellectual conformism above all else.

      Lastly, I live a very austere life with little unnecesary luxury or waste. Most of my income is being saved for future projects.

    5. Yeah sorry about that, I didn’t mean to say you don’t work hard. Just that your skill level allows you to make good money while still having hours left over in the day for pursuing other things.

      Great to hear youre saving up to invest in other ventures.

    6. Its ok, I did not read it that way. But I did not want to leave other readers with the wrong impression that it is easy or effortless to make decent money.

      The real secret I think is to be a bit spartan in your income to spending ratio, not wasting money on unproductive or misguided luxuries, especially when women are involved in your life. I once wrote a post or two about it, long ago.

      Perhaps we should do a repost or rewrite here, since the forum will be going offline soon.

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