Housing Density and Social Decay

I just came across the video below, which shows some of the most densely populated areas in Asia and thus the entire world. It immediately stood out to me how clean those areas were and how orderly people behaved. Just watch a few snippets of this video to see what I am referring to:

As a thought experiment, I would like you to consider what you think a similarly large Section-8 area in the West would look like. I do not think that it is much of a stretch that we would have a situation not unlike the Judge Dredd movie reboot (2012), with lawless societies forming. However Dredd paints too rosy a picture because I cannot even imagine any kind of semi-sustainable organization emerging. In the movie, a powerful crime syndicate led by a non-masculine woman runs things. This stretches belief somewhat, of course. In reality, you would have complete chaos with piss and shit everywhere, people doing drugs in the open, and so on. Any public area would resemble the most rundown parts of Los Angeles or Philadelphia

I do not think that it is much of a stretch to say that the current model of forced multicultural Western society is sustainable in the least. Just this morning, I came across a video taken in Milwaukee showing someone with a non-specified skin color ramming a stolen vehicle in to a school bus as children were departing. This may seen extreme but in any large Western city there are areas where policemen or firefighters get attacked, i.e. the people the government sends to solve a problem are seen as the enemy. In the case of the police you can perhaps make the argument that this is an example of a turf war, with local clans clashing with police, which provides a semi-plausible explanation but of course not a justification. Yet, with certain demographics attacking, for instance, medics I fail to see how to make any rational explanation. Of course, the problem is that we are dealing with people who lack the ability to think in the long term and simply lash out at the supposedly overreaching leviathan.

While I would love to be proven wrong with regards to the claim that Western society cannot sustain large settlements anymore, I do not think I will, at least not in my life time. We in the West apparently take a functional or semi-functional state for granted but it is absolutely the exception. Most of the world is run by an extremely short-sighted kleptocratic elite whereas our elites are perhaps a little bit less kleptocratic and a little bit less short-sighted. Well, they were in the past. Due to moral decay among our elites, out societies are likewise going to hell whereas no similar large-scale societal decay is happening in Asia.

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