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The Rollercoaster of Neurotic Women

Most of the women I encounter in my professional life are far from attractive, and not because they are past their college days. Instead, the issue is that I have been working fully remotely for a while so I don’t even get to see the ditzy and generally more attractive “office hostesses” and receptionists who get paid for being young and reasonably hot. Instead, I get to interact with women who have a supposed professional career, and there seems to be a strange negative correlation between being career-minded and unfeminine. It is not so strange when you think about it as it has to do with those women simply being a bit more masculine.

Now, imagine my surprise when I logged into a conference call and spotted a pretty good-looking chick there. Probably some horny dude hired her because he had a gender quota to fill and if he’s got to hire a woman then he may as well hire one he can stand to look at. It could very well be that I only perceive her as attractive in contrast to the hags and fatties and lesbians I get exposed to. I wish I was kidding but I am not. Two days ago I had to sit through a corporate video stream. I was late because I don’t care enough about this, and the first thing I see is a fat, black chick with short hair (lesbian?) who talks about why we need more BIPOCs in the company. You can’t make this shit up.

I told my wife about that conference call and remarked that I now have a colleague who is pretty attractive. The reason I mentioned this to her is that she has caught a glimpse of some of the women I encounter on screen. I even have a folder with screenshots of women with a resting bitch face, which would make for a great deterrent to female careerism. Anyway, we just chatted briefly about it and that was it. Yet, a few hours later it struck me that I could not have mentioned this to the typical woman. I recall one slightly deranged chick I was hanging out for a while. When she thought I was looking at some other chick, she would hiss at me whether I’m fantasizing about fucking her. It was really as bizarre as this sounds.

Neurotic behavior among women is a major issue in relationships, but good luck finding a woman who is not neurotic. Imagine making a random comment that is just that: a random comment, or zoning out because you feel like zoning out without getting asked whether you’re getting bored of her. One woman I knew was so messed up that she freaked out over every perceived sign of inattention. If she messaged you on your phone and you didn’t respond within a few minutes, you’d trigger a tirade of accusations, going all the way to accusing you of fucking some other chick now. It was genuinely bizarre. She made up for this via love bombing but this got tiring pretty quickly.

I don’t think neurotic women improve as they get older. If anything, they only learn to mask their insecurities, and once the mask comes off, you’ll only get hit harder, sometimes literally. This is one of the reasons why you should take red flags seriously, particularly early on as this is when she is putting her best foot forward to reel you into a relationship. Any kind of unwelcome behavior from her should make you run for the hills. An example I’ve heard a few times is that women whom you have only met a few times insist that you delete your dating apps whereas she keeps pining or Chad online.

In general, however, I think that if you value your sanity, you are better off not engaging with women as there are too many basket cases around. Go try finding a chick who has not been brainwashed by the globohomo-educational system! I bet they are about as rare as those mythical debt-free untattooed virgins, because there is arguably a large overlap between those two demographics. Statistically speaking, the majority of women you meet will welcome you in their life in order to emotionally abuse you as an outlet for their neuroticism.

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2 thoughts on “The Rollercoaster of Neurotic Women

  1. We talked before about women who give you hell after having a ‘bad dream’ about you fucking other women, but I don’t think it will be topped anytime soon when about a half a year ago I caught hell from a chick I wasn’t even dating because she did a tarot card reading on our ‘relationship’ and determined it was an unfavorable reading.

    1. This made me laugh out loud. Now consider that the vote of such a person is worth as much as yours. Well, at least this was a good point to raise before voting got replaced by printing stacks of ballots. Culturally, we are well overdue for a reset, but not the “Great Reset” kind or drooling idiot overlords fantasize about. This reminds me that I haven’t checked up on Biden gaffes for a few days.

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