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Do Clubs Have a Future?

I remember that even years ago we had discussions on my forum about the accelerating decline of clubs. There were many more clubs closing than opening. Largely, this development was driven by online dating. Before the mass adoption of smart phones and the subsequent rise of dating apps, women needed to dress up and go to a club or a bar to get male attention. With online dating, she only needs to open a dating app. Before Covid-19 and the attendant lockdowns, clubs were already not doing very well anymore. You can bet that plenty of clubs and bars have gone bust already due to state-mandated lockdowns, and plenty more will join them. Yet, what do you think will happen once (if?) we open up society again?

I keep hearing that in some parts of the Western world, the Covid lockdowns have caused women to aggressively look for a relationship. This is similar to what they used to do in autumn or winter, when it started to get cold. Suddenly, putting on a slutty mini-skirt and heading off to a club was not longer that attractive due to sub-zero temperatures. Now that we are in the “dark winter” the elites have forced on us and going outside is getting more and more of a hassle, more women want to avoid that and get a boyfriend for convenience. However, other guys tell me that Covid did not change all that much for them as they can still meet women during the day and via dating apps. Anecdotally, women seem to also more strongly react when guys hit on them, I mean in a positive way. This could be a consequence of them not seeing the same amount of men around as they used to so when a reasonably good-looking man shows up and asks them how they are doing, they suddenly get very excited.

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Now that we have not been able to go out and socialize for about a year, people have been changing their habits. Sure, in some places there are illegal parties but that is more the exception rather than the rule. In any case, those who want to can still meet women and get laid, and women can still find guys. Thus, the enforced lockdowns may turn out to be the final nail in the coffin of night clubs. They were only ever a middle man. Guys went to clubs to meet women and the other way round, and clubs set up an environment that would make it difficult to meet women because if it was too easy, for instance by playing less loud music, you would of course leave earlier and spend less money.

Due to Covid, the role of clubs as essentially superfluous middle men has been exposed. Clubs will probably not disappear completely. However, I would be very surprised if we did not see significant numbers of club closures and many fewer nighttime options for going out. The new middle men are dating apps, if you need them. Also, amusingly enough, the old tradition of hooking up your friends seems to be enjoying a renaissance. I can’t even remember when the last time was, before Covid, that a woman asked me if I knew of any eligible bachelors I could introduce a friend of hers to. Granted, this is just anecdotal, but I think this is again happening much more often than it used to.

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5 thoughts on “Do Clubs Have a Future?

  1. It seems clubs started declining hard around 2017 for some reason but my friends and I agree it was still fun even in 2014. It’s funny b/c after the lockdown two girls I had previously dated contacted me, I hung out with them once but they were no longer attractive so I just ghosted them. One of them was REALLY hot before too, it was kind of sad seeing her deteriorate to such a condition.

    1. In Europe, I think the decline was quite obvious from 2010 onward. However, what really killed them was the refugee influx. There is apparently little that makes girls want to stay at home like getting sexually harassed by the men they desperately wanted to have in their country weeks prior. You could forget about bathroom pulls in that kind of environment. Of course, refugees had to get let in because otherwise the club owners would have been called ‘raycis’ and that’s not really an option either. The Covid-19 were simply the final nail in the coffin.

  2. They’re still around, albeit in different forms. Gone are the typical danceclubs and megabars. They’ve been replaced by smaller lounge-type bars and recreation-type bars; think arcades and bowling alleys that are more oriented towards young 20-somethings instead of families and kids. Back before I got married, I use to meet women online, and then take them to these lounge-type bars where we could quietly sit and have a conversation without having to yell over music. I think the main difference now is that you use to go to bars to meet women, and now you meet women before showing-up there. They’re more about dates that you’ve already secured and less about meeting someone to date.

  3. It’s not just only dating, it’s also Netflix and more high-quality Youtube videos or stuff on the internet in general. So people don’t want to go out that often anymore. Also, the fitness trend leads to more people quitting drinking and smoking ergo less alcohol getting sold in night clubs.

    Also, it’s young people that party a lot, but more and more of those go to university and just cannot afford the high prices in clubs (they already have expensive rent and jobs get paid worse). A lot of major upscale clubs got closed where I live but also we have a lot of new cheaper college venues that are booming because they don’t charge for the entrance, have cheaper drinks, and use the venue in other ways in the daytime (Yoga classes, dance classes, comedy shows, etc.)

  4. “They were only ever a middle man”

    i can’t agree with you that clubs were just the middle man. Sure, for a small part of women it was the middle man, because there was nothing else to be approached sexually in a familiar environment or to check the market value. Now you can do that online.

    But going out, partying, getting their mind of, is a basic need of many people. But not a lot are aware of it. People met with friends at eight or nine, had a drink or went out to eat together. We exchanged news that lately happened, went to the club around eleven o’clock, had a few drinks there and at some point you were done talking because there was nothing left to talk about. So we partied.
    The part “getting her into mood” was for me always taken over by the club or the party. Many women went out with the goal of having a good time. Then if you were the guy who was in the right place at the right time, anything was possible. Just like you describe in Sleazy stories.

    “for about a year, people have been changing their habits.”

    Yes and there has been an interesting research with 1044 participants (gender: 27,1% male, 72,7% female), from the university of East Anglia about the first lockdown in the UK. Keep in mind, the research has started in april 2020 over 12 weeks, so we have to assume the data now in january 2021 is worse.
    In short: It finds that young people, women and those who are overweight were more likely to adopt unhealthy behaviours!
    Full study can be found here:

    I think whats really interesting, income change since pandemic has stayed the same for 48,1% and 40% are (still) not employed and household income is for 78,4% not lower than £1,500 net per month, BUT they still did not keep up with a good diet and physical activity.

    There are more interesting things they found out, but in short: the current situation is fucking up most women and we will see more when the research team will be updating the research.

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