Ebook Release: Online Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls on Dating Sites and Apps

With Covid-19 causing our political leadership to panic and locking us down, picking up women is now a bigger challenge than ever before. You can’t do day game, you can’t do club game, and you can also forget about social circle game. This was motivation enough for me to put some extra time into my book on online dating, Online Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls on Dating Sites and Apps. It is now available on! Alternatively, get it on,, or any other local Amazon storefront.

On the product page, you can access the table of contents and read the first few pages of this guidebook. The total length is around 35,000 words. You know that I don’t like fluff, so you also know that there is a lot of content in this book. Here is a quick summary:

Online Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls on Dating Sites and Apps is a book for any guy who wants to get better results with online dating. The goal is to get you to have more sex with more women while spending less time and money. To put it differently, once you are done with this book and you keep spending the same amount of time on online dating, the expectation would be that you meet more women, have sex with a higher percentage of those women, and, if you so desire, have more sex with the women you have sex with. Furthermore, all of this should come with less of an effort.

This book provides a framework for success that will successfully guide you through your online dating adventures. It first provides relevant knowledge for you to prepare yourself well (Chapters 2, 3, and 4). This is followed by describing scenarios that you can use as the basis for your own interactions in real life (Chapters 5 and 6). The level of detail is such that you can just follow those descriptions. You will make a few adjustments based on your individual situation, but otherwise you can execute the presented game plans as they are.

Unlike with previous releases, this book is currently only available as an ebook as it is significantly more time-consuming to release a paperback. The cover image is currently only a placeholder, which I intend to replace eventually. However, I can upload updates to the files on Amazon for free, and if you buy the ebook, you will also get updates for free.

20 thoughts on “Ebook Release: Online Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls on Dating Sites and Apps

    1. No problem, man. I’ve read it already lol. I liked it a lot! Funny thing is I had a Tinder catfish account a while back and it got banned cause I upset some women with my trolling. Tinder requires a phone number to sign up so I either need to generate one from an sms app or change my sim card (I’ll figure it out).

      I really liked your advice and suggestions, btw. I never even thought of many of them. I’ll leave you a review on Amazon soon. Thanks.

    2. I’m happy to hear that you like that book. You can use a throw-away prepaid SIM card if you need an extra phone number. Here in Europe you can get those even for free. Many even come with free credits.

  1. Hey Aaron,

    Just finished reading the book and I must say that I really enjoyed it! I’ll be sure to leave a review.

    In the book, you talk about downloading all of the popular apps and a few more niche ones. Which ones in particular did you use?

    I’ve only used one app (tinder) for the past year and a half and have had some decent success with it.

    1. Great! I’m looking forward to your review.

      I only used mainstream apps and sites, including some regional ones. The big names are Tinder, Bumble, Plenty of Fish, and OKCupid. Friends of mine use niche sites for goths/emos. Doing a bit of research probably pays off, but make sure you stay clear of obvious scams, i.e. any site that charges you for membership upfront with an unclear value proposition you may want to stay clear of.

  2. I’m sorry but this book it’s not for me. With all respect Mr. Aaron.

    FaceandLMS told me to not use any kind of online dating app or website.

    I’ve done all kind of catfish profile, i know how everything works.

    By the way, i’ve done tinder experiment with own pictures, i changed the location to India, the results was….0. My own kind don’t want me.

    And… f*** arranged marriage.
    Hookers exist for a reason.

    1. FaceAndLMS told you that you’re way below average in looks. Yet, you’ve had club sluts throw themselves at you. You may not be happy with how you look. However, you are a lot better off than you realize, as we’ve been trying to tell you for quite some time.

    2. UPPER and OVERALL:
      ⦁ Norwooding, Crown-thinning.
      ⦁ Acne and unhygienic skin.
      ⦁ abnormal flat back of skull
      ⦁ Pockmarks and discolouration
      ⦁ Middle-eastern/South Asian apperance in latest pictures.
      ⦁ tall, masculine skull
      ⦁ eyebrow thickness is good and masculine although the actual hair is somewhat sparse. In some pictures, your eyebrows look thick with good hair-density but they look unkempt and scruffy and very “ethnic” (middle-eastern, south Asian)
      ⦁ browridge, masculine.

      ⦁ EYES: scleral-show under pupils
      ⦁ EYES: upper eyelid exposure
      ⦁ EYES: non-straight, drooping lower eyelid
      ⦁ EYES: palprebral fissure length (horizonatally) is not attractive; the palprebral fissure width is too wide (vertically); rounded “Doll’s” eyes.
      ⦁ Negative Orbital Vector
      ⦁ No downard-pointing medial canthus
      ⦁ Misshapen, bulbous “wings of the nose” and drooping nasal tip.
      ⦁ flat, low cheekbones
      ⦁ overprojected nose => rhinoplasty
      ⦁ From the profile angle, your jaw
      ⦁ maxillary forward growth: average.
      ⦁ from the profile angle, it seems as if there is too much maxilliary downward growth below the point of the nasal base. your nasal base ends too high up because there is too much lower-face growth below the nose.
      ⦁ oversized ears
      ⦁ nasolabial folds
      ⦁ Eyespacing
      ⦁ Forward-growth of the maxilla is average. It is not recessed at least.

      ⦁ Ramus has good height potentially but it is invisible and too inclined => Jaw angle implants.
      ⦁ Poor gonial angle
      ⦁ Forward growth of lower jaw is good
      ⦁ Philtrum-length to chin-height ratio

    3. I’ve enjoyed some of FaceandLMS’s work where he’s tried to present the general scientific consensus on appearance and attractiveness, as well as some of his pop culture examples which exemplify this.

      I don’t give much for his ability to evaluate appearance at such a detailed level as you write about, Lisbon.

  3. Hi Aaron,

    I recently read this and must say, well done! Although I think approaching in person is largely more effective and it’s much easier to get hotter women, I have used online a fair bit over the years and think you hit the bullseye with this book.

    It’s brutally honest, packed with actionable steps and gives guys the correct mindset you need for success online. I’ve tried leaving a review on amazon but apparently I’m not “authorized,” for whatever reason?

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Mitchel! I’m happy to hear that you like this book so much. Did you submit the review on the site on which you’ve bought it? There may be some restrictions in place so that, e.g. if you buy something on, you can’t review the item on Also, I recall reading that you need to have made purchases of a certain total amount, possibly even within some timeframe, to be allowed to leave reviews. We can thank online gurus who use cheap Indian labor to get fake reviews for those measures.

  4. It’s a great book and I think may guys would benefit from it. The brutal honesty is what separates it from the “herd” of bullshit marketed by people trying to make a quick buck. Online dating is tough but can be useful if done properly.

    I found out I couldn’t review because I haven’t spent enough money on Amazon lately.

  5. I am just half way trough with the book, but I already applied one little hack and got quite a boost from it. Fun to read, too. Would definitely recommend you guys to check it out!

  6. Hey Aaron,

    I was wondering if you would come out or are planning to release a print version of the book. I find looking at screens exhausting, also I find it easier to reference in a print book.

    1. It is on my to-do list. Yet, it is very time-consuming to release a paperback so I cannot make any promises at this point.

    1. Feel free to book a consultation session. You are also welcome to post a picture of yourself in the most recent Open Thread, if you feel comfortable with it.

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