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64 thoughts on “Open Thread #100

  1. some correlation is not causation fallacies:


    There is this statistic that the more partners a woman has, the more likely she will get a divorce. (for men this effect is less severe)
    Incels use this to argue that high partner counts are bad for women, because it destroys their pair bonding ability. And I guess there is some truth to this, but I think it is also a classic fallacy.

    If a woman was unable to form lasting relationships to begin with, you would see the exact same correlation. She will get from relationship to relationship.
    And what could install a very high need for a lasting relationship in a woman? Religion.

    In my opinion, a big part of the causation here is religion.

    Who is very likely to be a virgin pre marriage -> a highly religious/traditional woman.
    Who is very likely to stay with her partner even in bad times -> a highly religious/traditional woman.

    So religion can explain a big part of the correlation here in my opinion.
    So in my opinion it is not that a lot of sex destroys the pair bonding ability of these women, they never had any to begin with.

    You can argue that religion is a mechanism that suppresses a womans natural hypergamy

    2) There are statistics to show that prostitutes are more likely to have mental problems and drug addictions, and feminists (some) use it as an argument to bann prostitution.

    So they claim the causation is: woman gets into prostitution -> gets drug addiction -> gets mental problems.

    And there is some truth to this as well, as people often use drugs to cope with mental problems. e.g. a lot of physicians are alcoholics.

    But mostly, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Why would a mentally healthy woman get into prostitution, when she could easily find some simp to pay for her? Or just get government handouts?

    In my opinion, the main causation is the other way.

    A woman has some problems, and then she gets addicted to drugs, and then she becomes a prostitute to finance her drug habit.

    1. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.
      Now,I agree that religion is used to supress natural hypergamy but I would further stress in the female virginity part.
      No man wants a woman who gave away the gift of marriage to someone else.
      A lot of men try to convince others that it doesnn’t matter but to me it matters a lot.
      ” it is not that a lot of sex destroys the pair bonding ability of these women,”
      Well tbh a woman from New Zealand(frankly the most liberal country on this planet) commented once that ” a woman is always going to have a special place in her heart for the man she gives her virginity to…it is best that she be her husband!”
      Thank you for your time..hope you reply soon.

  2. Any good advice on stretching for muscle health and recovery? I’ve never really fooled with it too much, but my current thinking is that everyday habits and exercise can cause muscles to shorten and stretching can help lengthen them. Massage therapy may be better for breaking up scar tissue. I also understand that stretching is probably best kept for recovery days as stretching before exercise negatively impacts performance.

    1. It’s worth do to the stretching, especially specific parts of the body, but I am not sure if it has something with lengthening them.
      Yeah, don’t stretch much before workouts. Best time for stretching is after the workout, because your muscles are already warmed up. I am doing some of my stretches during rest between sets to save time, but in the way that they don’t negatively impact my performance. So after I am done with squats I continue with my workout on my upper/mid body and can can stretch hips and hamstrings during sets breaks.

      “Janda warned us about this with his explanation of “tonic muscles.” As we age, these muscles tend to tighten:
      Hip Flexors
      Innie Muscles of the thighs”
      From the article:
      I’ve sent you link to Dan John, because he knows the stuff better than me and anyone here on the forum.

      Also in your free time check out this guy if you are interested:

    2. Pickernanny,

      I read a book recently written by a navy seal and he recommended Joe Hippensteel, who apparently created a stretching regimen for elite forces

      Not much about him online, seems like he keeps a lower profile, his video bundle is $500 but you can find the videos online if you search hard enough. For me the stretch where I noticed I was the tightest and thus gained the most from were side bends.

    3. Thanks for the input, guys. I’ve started doing a few stretches on my recovery days and some yoga poses here and there. It at least feels pretty good.

  3. We had a pro-Covid-vaxx shill on this site recently. This reminded me of a rather peculiar encounter I had a long, long time ago when I worked in public relations. This gave me a completely new view on online discussions. Some of my colleagues worked on “influencing online sentiment”, which went as far as those people joining Facebook groups that had a handful people and of which one said something that may potentially be viewed as critical of the company or product the imagine of you were supposed to improve. They also had to work on “shifting the tone of the debate”. For that, they had handouts with key points, prepared by a senior regular employee. The actual work of shilling online was done by a bunch of lowly or unpaid interns. I’d assume that nowadays they would also use bots, but that’s probably more time consuming and more expensive than an army of interns.

    You may now say that it is not likely that you have a paid or unpaid shill show up here and spout nonsense like “mRNAs are the greatest thing since sliced bread” or “trust science!”, without any kind of engagement with critical arguments at all. Yet, those PR companies have access to essentially free labor and it costs them nothing to let a bunch of interns spend 10 hours a day on blogs and forums where critics gather. It takes them little more than a few minutes to drop a comment and then they move on. The fact that they are more focused on pushing their fake narrative instead of actively engaging your points is also an indicator that a shill is at work because it’s simply faster for them to use their “talking points” from the handouts they received and quickly type something up than to craft an individual response.

  4. After reading up on all the millions of deaths due to Covid I thought things couldn’t get any worse. Yet, I then came across this absolutely shocking peace of news:

    “Iran’s parliament voted to mandate that among the Islamic Republic’s official foreign policy goals is the destruction of the state of Israel. The mandate was passed on the anniversary of Qassem Soleimani’s assassination, which was Sunday.”

    Really, the Iranians only want one thing and it is disgusting! I am in a state of utter shock and dismay and I hope, from the bottom of my liberal heart, that the jews will be protected by their “iron dome”. Furthermore, I pray that the United States will never decline economically or militarily. It would be such a shame if anyone of the roughly 1.666 times six million inhabitants of Israel were to suffer any harm once the bull they have been dragging through the international arena can no longer defend them. I’m also glad that the Iranian Supreme Leader clarified that he indeed does not want Jews to suffer any harm. He wrote: “Eliminating the Zionist regime doesn’t mean eliminating Jews. We aren’t against Jews. It means abolishing the imposed regime & Muslim, Christian & Jewish Palestinians choose their own govt & expel thugs like Netanyahu. This is “Eliminating Israel” & it will happen.”

    Phew! Regardless of those reassuring words, fellow goyim, let us all pray for Israel!

    1. Surely they’re referring to this happening only in a video game. Must be a teaser for the upcoming Prince of Persia title. In it, you are required to take down the hooked nose demon and its minions which represent the apex evil in the world and restore balance to the ‘land of sands’ — or something. In any case, pray for Isn’trael.

    2. whats up with you and jews?
      it is getting ridiculous at this point, i live in israel and i get triggered, are you implying i did something to you?
      also israel turned into covid vax experimentation ground with all the vax rate going on.

    3. I absolutely do not imply that you did something to me. That would be ridiculous.

  5. Well, it looks like the Dems grabbed the Senate majority (assuming Kamala is the tiebreaker). Looking forward to national lockdowns in the U.S., gun reforms, the normality of pedosexuality and more conflict with Israel’s enemies. There is no political solution.

    1. Won’t happen. There are quite a few right-leaning dems that won’t support the more extreme bills. It’s why they never got universal healthcare passed the last time they were in power. People are in for a rude awakening if they are expecting a whole lot of change.

    2. If you showed people in the 1950s pictures and footage of homosexual parades and trannies from present day, they’d shit themselves or never believe it could happen. I guess pedosexuality is where we draw the line, huh? And Obama loved drone striking the hell out of the Middle East, that possibility is extremely likely again. You don’t think the U.S. would push for lockdowns similar to what the UK has to put up with? And who are these right-leaning Dems who always obstruct the extreme Democratic agenda anyway? Many of the so called Republicans tilt left as it is.

  6. Aaron,

    Do you think it would be worth it to get leg lengthening if I’m already around 5′ 10? I am in great shape and have an ok face but I feel like it’s my height holding me back from getting the hotties. The only issue is I’m almost 36 so I feel like my prime days of slaying are already kinda over and I have been with approximately 150 women. What are your thoughts?

    1. You say you’ve been with about 150 women. They probably were reasonably attractive, at the very least, because you don’t find many men who rack up notches just for the sake of it. That’s something for guys with little to no experience who think they need five or ten lays for whatever reason. Yet, as they have sex with more women, they get pickier and their standards get higher. With your level of success, I’d be curious to learn more about what you think you’re missing out on. Are you talking about women who are impossibly hot, the kind of which you only see on computer screens (hint: makeup, lighting, and filters work wonders) or real-life women whom you somehow can’t get? Guys who have had a lot of women don’t normally think that they need to fuck a particular one. Instead, if they didn’t get her, they’ll end up with two or three others who look similarly good and forget about the one hottie they didn’t get. Also, after a few dozen lays it’s more common that guys no longer idealize this or that woman they can’t get because they have learned that most women have issues. Some hottie you’re pining after could be batshit insane. Note that this is not an example of sour grapes because women who focus a lot of effort on their appearance tend to exhibit some rather erratic personality traits. That’s why you end up banging most women just for one night or at best for a few weeks before you want to move on.

  7. Yes you are right most of them were reasonably attractive 5.5-7 range or whatever but I feel like I suck at keeping the hottest ones around. Then again some of the not so hot ones don’t stick around either so maybe it’s just all women in general do that these days? Some of the women who were my exact physical type turned out to be THE MOST crazy and annoying! So maybe I should be glad I didn’t get some of them and be happy with what I got! Also, as I’m seeing a lot of the women get close to 40 most aren’t that attractive anymore so what would be the point of it to get more used up roasties.

    1. In your 30s you can still get women 10 years younger than yourself, so don’t be too defeatist about it. Your other points are valid, though.

  8. What are you guys reading at the moment?

    I’m reading Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy, but I’m 200 pages in and bored so far.

    Seems like to the average snowflake his descriptions of violence are “ground breaking”. Kind of shows you how sheltered most people in the West are.
    “Omg someone just kills people for now reason!!! How evil!!!! I cannot comprehend it!!!”

    What books/text did most affect your worldview?

    For me it is “the selfish gene” by Richard Dawkins, this is basically THE blackpill book in my opinion. (he also has a chapter on sex which explains genetic reasons for different mating strategies)

    Then “power nihilism” by James Theodore Stillwell
    This is a book about morality / moral nihilism. We are brainwashed from a young age in the current universalist slave morality, so it took a while for me to get rid of all my unfounded beliefs.
    e.g. for a long time I had this confusion: “If I treat these people like an asshole, should I not also treat my own family like that? Isn’t this a contradiction?”
    but I still had the universalist axiom: “you must treat everyone equal”.

    also “capitalism and freedom” by Milton Friedman. He has a chapter which basically explains why communism inevitably leads to tyranny. This rid me of any leftist illusions I still had when I was younger.

    So these are the books I would most recommend.

    1. I get this question a surprising number of times in lame “icebreaker” questions in corporate settings. Thus, I’m reading Yuval Noah’s book “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” and find it really well written and thought-provoking (lol). I know that Jew. I watched one of his online lectures for ten minutes and was really put off by it. However, if you bring up an obviously Jewish author and mention a normie book, all the others pretend to play along, nodding approvingly. Once I was in a meeting in which, I kid you not, four out of nine people claimed they are reading that book at the moment. [EDIT: No, I did not read that book. I just pretend to.]

      But back to what I’m really reading: I am about to finish “The Turner Diaries”, which is an incredibly prescient book. I warmly recommend it. It was written by the jogger-hating, anti-semitic, white supremacist, reactionary, racist William Luther Pierce in the late 1970s and it reads like a commentary on contemporary events. Strangely enough, you find leftists who believe that without books like his you wouldn’t have blacks rioting and so on. You’ll only find it as a samizdat version online, sadly. Afterwards, I’m going to read its (spiritual?) sequel Hunted.

    2. Just googled this book and you can still buy it on amazon… actually kind of surprised by that.
      Few years ago I started buying physical books again as I fully expect most of them to be banned in the next few years.

    3. It is not on I saw that it is on, but that seems to be an unauthorized copy of it, sold by a grifter.

    4. By the way Aaron you should read “might is right” by Ragnar Redbeard…. I guess you would like it. Seems like they banned it from amazon. But you can still get copies from other sources.

    5. By the way also read his “21 Lessons for the 21st Century,” Yuval Noah Harari
      Or just read this article:
      There he straight up calls for a leftist technocracy:

      “So what to do? We need to fight on two fronts simultaneously. We should defend liberal democracy, not only because it has proved to be a more benign form of government than any of its alternatives, but also because it places the fewest limitations on debating the future of humanity. At the same time, we need to question the traditional assumptions of liberalism, and develop a new political project that is better in line with the scientific realities and technological powers of the 21st century.”


      “you are way too stupid to make decisions for yourself, you are nothing but a meat puppet, so better let daddy government decide everything for you, it is just for the best”


    6. Just to clarify, I did not read any of that guy’s books. I clarified this in my other comment. The intended sarcasm apparently got lost in the original wording.

    7. I thought you read it just to understand the current trend of leftist idiocy… I sometime do read articles/books from them… just to understand the enemy.

      By the way, his logic is priceless:

      “ok so we have no free will, and evil companies have all the data, so they will exploit us”

      his solution:

      “give all power to a technocratic government and let them decide for us”

      because no government in the world ever abused its power. 😀

    8. Plus, the technocratic government will indirectly be run by corporations. A few weeks ago I saw someone quip that since the United States has decided to give personhood to corporations, they could just assign cabinet posts to corporations instead, i.e. Goldman Sachs for Finance, Exxon Mobil for Energy, and so on, and of course AIPAC (I’m sure they enjoy “legal personhood” as well) for the Interior. That would not be much different from today. It would be a lot more honest, though.

  9. Here is graphic footage (beware) of the shooting that happened last night:

    Cucker Carlstein refused to show the footage during his monologue to avoid making this woman a martyr. This is clearly an example of why we need more gun control, and there will be plenty more to come. Anyone have the footage of the guards letting the white terrorists into the building?

    “They played us like a damn fiddle!” -Kaz Miller

    Time to get back to playing my video games.

    1. independent of the political side of this:

      a government which cannot stop a mob of getting into government buildings… seems to be quite weak/cucked to me.

      The Chinese would shot/execute these people.

      They probably have a laugh at this shit show

    2. It’s one thing to chimp out and burn down your own cities and businesses while terrorizing your fellow citizens, but it’s actually quite admirable to me when people organize and head straight for the seat of power to try and stop a fraudulent election. They should have booted up call of duty on PC and dragged out all the traitors and shot them.

    3. Btw, Trump urging his supporters to show up here then denouncing violence and calling for peace and love, telling them to go home — what an impotent fucking excuse for a leader. He’s responsible for the that woman’s death. I don’t know at all if this is true, but I’ve heard the shooter was even Pence’s body guard.

    4. That would make sense as Pence has proven over and over that he’s a backstabbing cunt.

    5. It doesn’t matter if they are left/right and/or if their issue is valid or not.
      When people use force to get into a government building they need to be shot. You realize those people could be terrorists?
      This just seems incredibly weak to me and shows they have lost control of the country.

    6. Oh and I think most of these people are LARPing.
      If the really think the election was stolen, and they weren’t cucked, it would be time for an armed revolution.
      So they either don’t really believe it and/or are cucked.

    7. Oh, there were definitely some Qcel LARPers there. Look forward to some more angry boomer/Qcel violence to be used as justification to cuck us even more by cracking down on the 2nd amendment. What’s that other word that rhymes with cucked? That’s what us on the right are.

    8. If you hand over your guns you deserve the tyranny you will get, in my opinion.
      Freedom is not what someone gives to you, but what you take. You don’t ask someone to be nice and give you freedom. You put a bullet into their head.
      When they go for your guns it is time to stop the LARPing and time to start the shooting.

    9. Basically, if you are not willing to actually use your guns to stop tyranny, you are just a LARP, nothing more. I would say 90% of the people on the right are like that.
      They are cucked, just a little bit less cucked than the left.

    10. Yea, well who is gonna be the first person through the door, so to speak. When that woman tried to jump through the window she payed the price. I’m not trying to go Rambo here. We need our Caesar. We need a leader. Trump was not our guy. There is no traditional political solution. Elections are compromised. The demographic shift is inevitable. Things will get way worse and more desperate before the fighting starts. People are too fed, high and entertained to put their lives on the line.

    11. I’ve seen footage of that, even from different angles, but I’ve gone through so much material that it would be difficult for me to track it down again. [EDIT: Here is one:

      Too bad that the communist jackboot is also on the neck of our beloved vidya. That industry has been doing downhill for a ong time already. Thankfully, I have enough marvelous games from the 1990s and early 2000s to play and master to last me a lifetime.

    12. This is the best video of that murder I’ve seen. How come Fentanyl George’s accidental passing triggered nationwide protest, yet this cold-blooded murder is apparently business as usual. She was also a veteran. I guess this is also a good indication of how the ruling class views black and white lives. Black lives matter, they tell you. The murder of this white woman in the video tells you that white lives don’t.

  10. I know quite a few of the readers of this blog are libertarians, and I also was a libertarian in the past, but I don’t think libertarianism would ever work, so I’m no longer one, now I’m a right-wing authoritarian basically.
    (basically I went from full on leftist to libertarian to right-wing authoritarian)

    This article sums up some of my points:

    basically, libertarianism would quickly become feudalism.
    (because you would quickly get extreme inequalities, and then people would mob up against each other)

    Also read this article:

    basically, without a government which has the monopoly of force, you will get warlords, and consolidation of power will lead to feudalism (and then probably to democracy, after a violent revolution)

    Basically, libertarianism is based on the non aggression principle.
    now the problem of this principle is, it is against the mechanism of life & natural selection itself, using force to subject other organisms to ones will.

    The idea is basically “can we please all we nice to each other and not steal from each other”, not very different than the leftist “if we are all nice and altruistic, communism would work”

    The meme “taxation is theft” which libertarians like to mindlessly repeat like a mantra, is also bullshit obviously.
    Because both property rights (and from this follows what theft is) and taxation are social constructs, nothing else.
    Kind of ironic when libertarians say having to pay property tax is theft…. but when you ask them “why do you own this property?”, they point to a piece of paper created by the same government they hate so much.

    Now this doesn’t mean I want a leftist nanny government. Just want to point out, some form of government is required, and we should not fall for idealistic nonsense, or we are really not much different than lefties.

    1. I think this was partly planned and then masterfully exploited by the establishment. Antifas were also bussed in and some have already been identified as known domestic terrorists. It was a 4D chess move, just not by Trump: Some GOP senators were about to question election results. Then there their little fake storm-of-the-bastille event takes place and the procedures get interrupted. Yet, when they continued later, only a minuscule fraction of the once 140 or so GOP senators who wanted to question election results did so. Any resistance would have made them look as if they were siding with protesters which, for whatever reason, is really bad if you are a Republican but is encouraged if not mandatory if you’re a Democrat. There are already memes floating around with pictures of cities burning down due to joggers acting out being labelled “mostly peaceful protests” whereas a bunch of Trump supporters sitting on the chairs of the capitol constitute the “worst day in the history of the United States”.

    2. Oh, that’s the same video I came across. I didn’t see this post before I had written a comment with a link to the exact same video.

    3. “Yet, when they continued later, only a minuscule fraction of the once 140 or so GOP senators who wanted to question election results did so.”

      You’re kidding. We really did get played if that’s true then. Btw, the link you posted from above has been removed. Go figure. Makes what you say seem more plausible.

    4. Speaking of getting played, there are pictures of that viking guy floating around at an earlier BLM protest holding a sign that says ‘Q sent me’. What if Q really was just another 4D chess move all along? Those idiots are already coming up with new theories and remaining blissfully ignorant and optimistic. Many are still yet to wake up and face reality. Btw, I bet there are going to be many arrests made. Not of swamp creatures, but of Trump supporters who showed up to this shit show.

    5. One of the more extreme takes on the Jan 6 rally was that it was risky to go there because it would be the perfect place to drop a few bombs, taking out Trump and his hardcore supporters. You may think that this is completely outlandish. However, some Democrats have publicly stated that they would nuke their constituents. Here’s the take of Eric Swalwell verbally attacking second-amendment aficionados:
      To quote, “And it would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes. Too many of them.” Somehow he still has his Twitter account and that tweet is still up:
      He added, “Don’t be so dramatic. You claiming you need a gun to protect yourself against the government is ludicrous.” In other words, when the government sends their Antifa and BLM goons to kill you, you have to let them it, bigot!

    1. This is straight out of 1984.
      We should block people who spread lies.
      And who determines what is a lie?
      The existing government of course!
      We should just create a “ministry of truth”!
      Oh and we also need a “minstry of love”!
      It is just for the best!

    2. Reality is really unfolding exactly like in the book:

      – control language/bann certain words: check
      – rewrite history: check
      – create government certified truth: check
      – create large scale surveillance mechanisms: check
      – force people to believe in illogical bullshit to show party loyalty: check
      – creating artifical groups/separation of people so they endlessly fight each other: check
      – desctruction of the nuclear family: check

    3. And obviously when the media only shows videos of black people being killed, when the amount of white people killed is twice as much…. and this leads to mob violence….. it is just the truth guys! 😀

    1. Oh btw, looking forward to mass legalization of immigrants, open borders, possibly DC and Puerto Rico becoming states, and the neutering of populists by and large. The 1st amendment is already rotting in the ground.

  11. Any tips and advice for a 21 year old man(I am beginner in all these things like sex,dating,mating) on how to lose my virginity and a decent amount of sexual experience before settling down??

    1. You’d have to share a lot more about your personal circumstances. To get you started, check out my book Minimal Game, which you can get for $5 as a Kindle ebook.

    2. Ohh.
      Thank you so much Mr.Aaron for approving my comment.
      I saw your blog from the recommendations section of goodlookingloser and just subscribed almost half an hour ago.
      Yes,I have come across your book and will definitely read it.
      Now….my circumstances are really different.
      I came across this incident some 9 months ago when a guy replied to me on 9GAG that “it isn’t that you are virgin and you are waiting for a relationship…it is that you never got an opportunity” and this really put in a mentally disturbed state for 10 days.
      Those 10 days were horrific.I cried a lot on those nights.I had come across something which was against my beliefs.Plus the loneliness of a lockdown was really scary.
      I was crying so bad that I asked for a Psychiatrist’s help at 2 am.
      That was in April/May2020.
      I searched for a lot of stuff on the Internet on this topic.People telling me that they were having sex with single mothers,they were havong casual sex etc really disturbed me.
      So fast forward now,at 21 now that I am above the age of consent in my country I am seriously thinking about losing my virginity and having a good amount of sexual experience but yes,I am 20 kgs overweight too.
      I had signed up on a few days ago but then deleted it.

    3. You may have some other issues to sort out first. Starting a regular exercise regimen and losing your excess weight would be start. Set yourself a goal and work towards it. If you just want to lose your virginity to see what it’s like, go see a hooker, and start looking for a girlfriend only after you have gotten some sexual experience first, which could be a combination of pay-for-play and casual hook-ups. If you want personalized advice, you could also consider booking a consultation session, but first see how far you get with Minimal Game and the pointers I’ve just given you.

    4. Good Morning Mr.Aaron!
      Yes,I will apply all those above mentioned pointers.
      I have identified the flaws in my appearance alongside my weight.I am working on them.
      You mentioned that there must be other problem and I think that it is my conservative upbringing.
      Now,sorry I did not mention this earlier but I wasn’t brought up in the West.
      Here in the East,sex is not really a taboo but nothing about pre-marital sex is taught and I thought to myself that everything is after marriage.
      Now when I am seeing that modern,young adults from my “patriarchal” country are also indulging in it,I was intimidated.
      Regarding getting a hooker,I understand your point but isn’t it like playing tennis against the wall??
      There is no emotions and chemistry at all.There is no yearning of the opposite mate.
      And yes,thanks for mentioning it.
      For me it is not just about losing my virginity but also getting my sexual needs met.
      Infact I am very much interested friends-with-benefits arrangements with older women and I do want to participate in orgies and sex parties.
      I have bought your book yesterday on Kindle.

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