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Open Post: The Female Long Game

Martin left a great comment on the fate of a friend of his. Surely, many of you have heard variations of it or know of men in your wider social circle who went through something similar. However, as too many men have had their life ruined at the hand’s of scheming women, you can’t share such stories often enough. Here is what he wrote:

A buddy of mine got married ~5 years ago to a russian woman.
(and no, she wasn’t hot, just average)
They married so that she could stay in Austria.
First red flag already there..
(of course my buddy ignored my warnings that she is just using him to get into Europe)
Three years into the marriage, buddy told me that she started to act very “strange”.
She got very distanced, told him she needed “freedom” and “space”.
The typical woman bullshit when she is not attracted to you anymore but not honest about it.
Then all of this culminated when he found evidence that she had sex with another man.
(it was not 100% evidence, but in my opinion, very clear, e.g. he found a bill
of the day-after pill on her tablet)
So, I told him, he needs to get a divorce. I really tried to be as objective as possible
in helping my buddy. I even considered that he didn’t tell me everything, and he also
did something wrong in the relationship, just to be fair.
But considering all of the evidence, divorce seemed to be the best option.
I told him, just to suck it up, divorce, and then he would only have to pay alimony for
5 years and then be free again.
But his ego got in his way. According to him, getting a divorce would “to admit my mistake and that I have failed”
It’s the sunken cost bias in action.
But it gets better.
My buddy (still married) left the country, to work in another country also in Europe.
In that other country, he found a new girl interested in him.
But the idiot told her that he was married, so the girl wanted to have nothign to do with him.
I told him, he should not have told her that he was married, just get a divorce, and then maybe do something
with the new girl.
And then, my buddy came to visit me in Austra, and droped the bomb.
“My wife is pregnant!”
I was like, WTF man, didn’t you want to get a divorce just a few months ago?
Then he told me the story, that his wife told him that she couldn’t get pregnant because of some
biological reasons… and the idiot believed her and fucked her without a condom.
So now he has a kid, and a wife, and he didn’t want either.
If he gets a divorce now, he was to pay for the kid for the next 25 years.
His life is ruined.
Because he makes quit a lot of money, and she doesn’t make any, he has to pay her now
almost 50% of what he makes for the next 25 years.
And all of that for a few times of sex.
For that money, he could have fucked a very hot escort twice a week, without any bullshit.
Never trust women.
Don’t marry.
Get a vasectomy (unless you REALLY want children)
Escorts are much cheaper than marriage in the long run

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