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You Need to Accept the Harsh Truth (About Everything)

In a recent Open Thread we discussed whether women are really attracted to their husbands. I stated that most women are not, and based this on the observation that women flock towards a small fraction of men in online and real-life dating. Those men get all the action. It’s just another example of the Pareto principle in action: 20% of X get 80% of Y. One of my readers sent me an interesting comment via email, which I wanted to post here as it leads to a much bigger issue:

I enjoyed your recent comments.  I think one you touched on one of the most important truths to be revealed in the internet era — that most women find most men to be sexually unappealing.  And that a shockingly high percentage of married men have wives who were NEVER sexually attracted to them. In hindsight, this should have been obvious, but having been around before the internet was a thing, this truth was more or less obscured and hidden from the general public.  The high rate of female-initiated divorce was assumed to be the result of male infidelity; spousal abuse; and other misbehavior.  When in reality the key factor is female sexual attraction.

I think this comment stands for itself. A key observation made is that before the Internet, and before we could easily communicate with people who did not live in our geographic vicinity, anybody who suffered in life could easily have thought that he is to blame for his problems. In terms of marital discontent, given how rarely men are willing to admit shortcomings in their life, it is easy to see how Jim Cuck could have thought that only his wife detests him because all the other guys, even though they may look equally miserable as him, tell him how great everything at home is.

This post is not about women who think they deserve an Ultra Chad as a husband and who get more and more hostile as they realize that the man they married is not going to transform into a buff billionaire. Instead, it is about the dramatic change in perspective due to technology. Running a country, or the entire world, used to be so easy. You had state-controlled media and journalists who wrote what they were told. There was a very clear demarcation of what kind of topics and which opinions could be publicly voiced and what was off-limits and whatever was off-limits you could not easily get access to. You probably didn’t know any alternative to the mainstream opinion even existed.

You used to hear that your country was the best in the world and never did wrong, and all the wars it fought in the past were just. Then you got some propaganda that told you how bad and dangerous any other country was so that you would be content with your position in life. I am not exaggerating. German state TV, which I haven’t watched for decades, has a news show (“Tagesschau” on ARD) that was based on this very format, or at least did so in the 1990s. They’d often have some reports about how great Germany was, and there was aways time for a few minutes on some calamity that happened in some third-world country. When I then travelled abroad to a clearly wealthier country for the first time — I think I went to Copenhagen, Denmark — I was quite baffled. As I grew a bit older and saw a bit more of the world, it inevitably dawned upon me that, no, Germany really isn’t as great as state TV tried telling you and not the best country in the world to live in. Note that ever since the Marxist-Communist takeover of the West by the German Democratic Republic, state TV has been singing a different tune. They are all about “oppression” and all its shades now.

When I was a kid, I had access to a few books at home, a mainstream newspaper, and government TV. That was it. There was no Internet, and getting out of this bubble of disinformation was very difficult. Technology made this accessible to all of us. In contrast, today’s 13 year-olds have an ocean of information available at their fingertips. They can learn Calculus online if they want to, get news from other countries that may paint a much different picture than their local media (you can think of Russia, Saudi Arabia, or China what you want, but you have to admit that their take on Western issues is refreshing and often illuminating), and access more or less any book they might want to read. Today, it is much harder to suppress truth, but, of course, the mainstream still tries to. In a few years, you will probably have to go on the “darknet” though as censorship of the Internet is getting worse and worse.

Once the cat is out of the bag, it won’t go back in. Normies could easily learn that their government’s official version of history is ludicrously biased, if they wanted to. They could also learn not just about female behavior but human behavior as well as human psychology. There is no end to the number of available harsh truths. It is just a matter of whether you are strong enough to accept them. The normie version of basically everything is wrong. However, any black or red pill you swallow is only the beginning as there is a lot more to life than sex. Chances are that there are some of you who have grave misconceptions about more or less everything: history, women, economics, nutrition, exercise, and so on and so forth. Of course, you can lash out to anybody who questions any facet of your world view, but by doing so you will only ensure that you will stunt your personal development.

The comfort you may get from accepting normie beliefs is deceptive. Eventually, your misconceptions will crush you. Let me give you a simple example: Who is more likely to commit suicide — a normie who got divorced by his sweetheart who never loved him, a man who is aware of female nature and took precautions against divorce, or a man going his own way who is living life the way he wants it, given societal constraints? My money is not on the normie, that’s for sure. Similarly, there are people who commit suicide or fall into depression because they got laid off at work. They assumed their devotion amounted to something and that their manager would look out for them. Guess what: they don’t. You’re a “cost factor” to them. By the way, HR and business types don’t even know enough basic math to realize that the sum total of what you cost the organization is not a factor. HR types also use terms like “fully loaded cost” or “loading rate”, which all mean the same thing (again, ‘rate’ is misapplied). BigCorp does not care about you.

Get up and question your beliefs! It would seemingly make sense to say that the younger you are, the more likely it is that you hold some completely wrong beliefs. However, this is only partly true. We now have red-pilled teenagers, thanks to the Internet. In contrast, a lot of the older generation who did not grow up with the Internet and instead believed what they heard in their state-controlled media are often the most naive people you can find. I think if you are reading my blog, you are already in a pretty good position compared to the average guy. You are at least partly awake already.

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57 thoughts on “You Need to Accept the Harsh Truth (About Everything)

  1. Yeah I have to admit when my first girlfriend broke up with me I was still bluepilled and very suicidal “she was the one, the love of my life, no point in going on now” if it wasn’t for my father, who just told me that no girl is special and I will find another one, I might not be here today.
    Today I am blackpilled and just have sex with prostitutes and feel much better.
    Some guys get depressed but if you fully accept reality it is very calming and freeing

    1. How difficult it was for me to get red- and blackpilled. I am the son of a single mother, grew up without a father, and listened all day to stuff about “bad filthy men”…


    2. My story is VERY smilar to Martin’s, even though I don’t know him at all.
      I’ve been perusing prostitutes as well for almost 15 years now (ranging exclusively from very hot to extremely hot ones, though), and eventually ceased having intercourse with non-pro women about 4 or 5 years ago. Sexually I feel absolutely great and deeply satisfied. Most of my friends are sexually frustrated, depressed or got locked down in marriages or similarly underfucked and suffocating relationShits. I can also attest to the calming and even invigourating effect of as much acceptance of reality as possible. In a way that’s sad though, and then again it isn’t. Of course, I’d be certainly a nice idea to have a great woman by my side in my life or even a family of my own – but not at any cost… (!).

    3. @ Lucretius Carus

      How often do you go and what % of your budget do you allocate. High end escorts are kinda pricey, aren’t they?

    4. GMoney:
      I live in Austria, a “high-end” escort here is 200€/hour. (Germany has comparable prices)
      For that price you get a young model level women.
      (example which I fucked last week:, she was actually hotter in real life, had a very nice face as well, and service was top notch)
      Paying more than that has diminishing returns (actually whores who call themselfes “elite” and charge like 500€/hour are not worth it, because you can get hot ones much cheaper who also give you good service)
      Service is kissing, blowjob without condom, sex. For swallowing / anal sex most demand extra pay but I’m not into that.
      I have a good job and make ~ 3x the median wage so I can afford around 3 escort sessions per week. I could afford more but I also have some other quite expensive hobbies, and also there are diminishing returns, having sex more than a few times per week is enough to satifsfy me, and more sex would only provide marginal benefits to my well being.
      I don’t really plan for the future, it’s againgst my philosophic ideals, but I also don’t see western society surviving the next 50 years anyways.

    5. Do you really fuck three escorts a week? I am not judging either way, but from my interactions with whoremongers, I think you’re an outlier. Figures I’ve heard are more in the region of once every one to two weeks, also from guys who could easily afford more frequent bookings.

    6. @Lucretius Carus: yeah most of my friends are married to ugly women and they seem to be miserable as fuck.
      one of them constantly points out hot girls to me when we are out (and his wife is not watching) like “hey did you see her? that ass”. you can really sense the frustration.
      while I most of the time doesn’t even pay much attention anymore to those women because I have fucked way hotter.
      It’s quite amusing and fun actually, little bit of Schadenfreude 🙂

    7. I hear you. I wish I could share some of my experiences with pros with more of my normie friends but I just hide that from them. I can’t say that every experience has been stellar, but I’ve had some mindblowing sessions with escorts that rival just about any sexual experience I’ve had via more conventional ways. The girls that have a reputation on review sites aim to please and pretty much every sexual act or fetish is up for discussion as long as the price is right.

    8. @ Frank,

      My story is almost identical to yours. My buddy is amazed at my views given my upbringing. I’d say that it’s like the Catholic school rebellion against a repressive upbringing. Or possibly we were just born with intuition and the ability to question society.

    9. @Aaron:
      most weeks it’s 2x, as I figured doing it more often has diminishing returns, as my
      sex drive is actually not that high anymore.
      But I also had some weeks when it was like 4x, but only when a new one was available or I was super
      horny for some reason.
      Lot of the customers have wifes/girlfriends, so they probably cannot do it a lot without the wife
      But I also think most men just cannot afford to do it more often.
      As I said I make 3x the median wage, with an average salary I could maybe afford 2-3 per month, at best.
      Also what I have observed is a lot of them are still bluepilled, so they see it as somehow
      wrong (but still do it) but try to limit it as much as possible
      You also have to keep in mind it’s quite hard to get accurate numbers because most men are not honest about it

    10. @GoodLookingAndSleazy

      >>My story is almost identical to yours. My buddy is amazed at my views given my upbringing.<<

      There comes always a time where you see the world for what it is, even if you might try to convince yourself otherwise. ;=)

  2. I remember reading an interview with a historian. They were publishing a book in the U.S. and got word from some gov’t official that the chapter on the Armenian Genocide by the Turks has to be removed because Turkey is an ally and they wouldn’t like that chapter. They tried fighting back, but in the end they were forced to condense the chapter to a mildly-worded paragraph.

    So that’s how much of history if written.

    1. @aaron: that’s quite a remote risk, and I’m not rich enough to be a target I guess.
      Those escorts surely have some really rich men as customers, so they would probably target them and not me.
      But for some minimal wage job secretary or other “normal” women I might actually be a target for this so I think with civilians the risk is much higher.
      Also these women are way hotter than average, so I am sure they could find some rich idiot to marry them if they wanted it.
      Actually one of my favourite escorts just disappeared few weeks ago, and the women who runs the agency wrote in the forum that she “fell in love” and got pregnant.
      So, maybe this actually happened to some poor guy.
      He probably knows nothing about her whoring historie.
      But anyways, I always remove the condom myself and flush it down the toilet so that’s quite save.

  3. This might sound gay. But for me fucking an escort is satisfying but the feeling you get when you fuck a women who “likes” you free different. There’s some this feeing of having someone lust after you. Which you don’t get when you fuck an escort. We honestly live in fucked times where these are our options.

    1. This might sound gay. But for me fucking an escort is satisfying but the feeling you get when you fuck a women who “likes” you feels different. As we know, There’s the feeing of having someone lust after you which you don’t get when you fuck an escort. We honestly live in fucked times where these are our options.

    2. I think you’re absolutely right! If the woman is crazy about & hot for you, then you won’t need any lube at alland she might even be willing to keep up with your active level of horniness. 😉

      One crucial aspect for me with any escorts & prostitutes is knowing in advance that I’m gonna be leaving the date/shag as a FREE man – I’m not gonna get harrassed, blackmailed or otherwise pestered by her or anybody associated with her. I don’t have to solve her problems, meet her (usually for the most part) shallow besties or finance her life. I also don’t need to “obsess” about her and if I don’t want to ever see her again, I can easily do so by not hiring her anymore. Knowing all of this makes me even hornier in advance and while doing the deed.

      I think with decent pay sex the secret is to not consider it as something out of the ordinary special. In the end she’s just a regular, albeit hopefully hot women, you like and with whom you can easily shag right now. A great guy who fucks whoes is still an awesome guy! So, if you are a great guy and feel that way and you know how to treat her and fuck etc. her well, chances are she will willingly tune in to that and take that good emotional experience as a nice perk alongside with your dough.

      From my personal experience at least I can say that the pay sex was more likely to be really hot when compared to sex with a regular girl (no matter how hot). Of course, if you wish to deeply bond with a woman and/or impregnate her then this special level of passion or intensity cannot be replicated with a prostitute. Even though I had experiences that came dangerously close, because I didn’t treat them differently from women which I liked or would have died to put my dick in, but they rejected me.

    3. @Lucretius Carus

      Which country are you indulging in pros (if you don’t mind answering)? Assuming prostitution is illegal in your neck of the woods I think it’d be really cool if Aaron let you do a guest post on how to go about meeting/finding hot escorts and developing a business relationships with them. I’d sure appreciate the info. If prostitution does happen to be legal where you’re from then nevermind 😉

    4. I warmly encourage such a guest post. As far as I know, he deals with prostitutes in countries where this is legal. However, I would imagine that there are some red flags to avoid that may not be obvious to the inexperienced. I would be most interested in how an experienced customer selects the women with whom he decides to enter a business relationship with.

    5. There is plenty of bad sex to be had with women who “like” you. Also, probably the worst blowjobs you can get are from non-pros.

    6. The best sex I had was with a prostitute.

      For me, big part of the enjoyment of sex is how attractive the woman is.
      My girlfriends were always plain janes, I never managed to fuck a “normal” woman who
      was very hot.
      And most of the prostitutes I had sex with were very good at faking it.
      And around 10% of the time, she was actually into it (she got wet, which is not fakeable as far as I know)
      Also, lot of “girlfriends” don’t put a lot of effort into pleasing you, but some
      of the best escorts I had learned over time (I repeatably booked them) exactly what I liked.
      With one it got so good that I had to stop booking her because I feared that I would get
      Now I have a policy of only repeating a good one after a break of a few weeks
      (and also, variety is the spice of life!)

    7. Also a big advantage of pros is:
      – no fear of getting her pregnant (this is a very BIG one for me, with “normal” women I’m always paranoid)
      – no psycho ex boyfriends

    8. Haven’t there been cases of hookers impregnating themselves to trap a guy with a baby. I recall reading about a case where supposedly the woman sucked the dude off and inserted his sperm. She got pregnant and sued for child support. I could imagine that the bj wasn’t even on the house.

    9. @aaron: that’s quite a remote risk, and I’m not rich enough to be a target I guess.
      Those escorts surely have some really rich men as customers, so they would probably target them and not me.
      But for some minimal wage job secretary or other “normal” women I might actually be a target for this so I think with civilians the risk is much higher.
      Also these women are way hotter than average, so I am sure they could find some rich idiot to marry them if they wanted it.
      Actually one of my favourite escorts just disappeared few weeks ago, and the women who runs the agency wrote in the forum that she “fell in love” and got pregnant.
      So, maybe this actually happened to some poor guy.
      He probably knows nothing about her whoring historie.
      But anyways, I always remove the condom myself and flush it down the toilet so that’s quite save.

    10. Anybody knowingly marrying a hooker should get locked up for his own safety. It could well be that she simply used the skills she gained on the job to reel in some unsuspecting dude, though. The outcome will be the same, though.

    11. By the way, I just looked up recently how much I would have to pay in alimony in that case.
      Alimony in Austria scales with your salary, so it’s quite insane actually.
      So at my current salary, I would have to pay ~600000€ in the first 20 years of the childs life.
      That’s almost a fucking appartment in a good area of Vienna.
      So I guess, I should be more careful.

    12. Alimony scaling with income is some of the biggest bullshit there is. Then again, it does reflect reality inasmuch as the woman’s needs tend to scale with the money her partner makes.

    13. Man, it’s time I got a vasectomy!

      I’ve been considering it for over a decade. I’m 99.99% sure I don’t ever want kids, but that 0.01% is what kept me from doing it. I’m 37 now, so it might be time to pull the trigger.

      Anyone here had one done?

    14. A few of my clients have. I have even had a few consultation sessions with guys who want to get my feedback on their situation and whether I think a vasectomy is a good idea, i.e. that was the only question they wanted to get advice on. Also, I’ve been coaching a few guys who had gotten a vasectomy before booking their first session with me. I have not heard of anyone who regretted it, but I got the occasional “I wish I had done it sooner”-comment from guys who either went through a pregnancy scare or had a girlfriend who trapped them with a baby, or tried to, and they now pay alimony.

  4. to answer Aarons questions how to find good escorts:

    – use the local escort review board
    – always do a reverse google image search on her pictures. if they are fake don’t book her.
    – agency escorts are more safe once you found a good agency.
    – independents are more risky, but some of the best ones I had were independents
    – if an escort advertises herself as “elite”, she is probably not worth the money
    (there are exceptions, but most of the time these “elite” escorts are just golddiggers who want to get the most money for the least amount of effort)
    – in germany/austria, there are also Sauna clubs which have the big advantage that you have a huge selection of girls and you see them naked before you decide
    – go to the gym! having a nice body helps a lot. escorts are still normal women and they react in the same way
    – also: fucking shower lol. some customers seems to be really stupid, they come smelling like a pig and wonder why they get bad service

    1. Oh, btw. Is there a screening process from where you’re from? It seems like in the States every decent ho puts you through a gauntlet of screening criteria. $400 seems to be the asking baseline rate, too.

    2. I think it came up before in discussions on here that if prostitution is illegal, the price goes up while quality goes down. If $400 is indeed the base rate in the US, this would confirm at least the former. I have also been told that the quality of hookers in the US is pretty bad, which would not surprise me.

    3. I think it’s standard procedure for pros to ask for a pic of your ID, a work number to call your from to verify employment, and preferably some references from other pros you’ve seen. It’s a real turn off. I haven’t actually went through the process myself because it makes me feel sort of uncomfortable tbh.

    4. Na this never happened to me.
      But because its illegal in the US they probably have to do it to avoid police.
      Time to move to a less cucked country I guess.
      Altough in Europe the situation might soon change for the worse if they adopt the Swedish model for the entire European Union. Fuck this world lol

    5. Those hurdles seem sky-high. Who wants a hooker to call up their boss. I also can’t recommend sending out scans of your ID as ID theft is common.

    6. Lmao I think I’ll stay put here. However, some travel may be in my distant future. But yea, that makes sense with the legality issues and what not.

    7. I’ll be honest, I find these discussion so fascinating, that I can’t wait until I can join in lol.

      I’m serious. I can’t wait until I start perusing paid sex, so I can have informed opinions on this stuff. I’m actually looking forward to it. What’s limiting me is my current stage in starting a business. The moment I have the time/disposable income, I think banging lots of paid hotties will be my next project.

    8. We are cheering you on, either from the sidelines or as we’re getting up from a hotel bed.

    9. @Alek: if you can get hot girls quite easy via the “normal way” wouldn’t you prefer that?
      I mean I have to be honest, if I could get hot girls easily I probably would not have started with my whoring hobby.
      But I only had plain janes as girlfriends, and a big reason for me is that I just hate the entire approaching/dating/… stuff you have to do to get women on a consistent basis, I’m very introverted and prefer to be alone most of the time, so I basically only got a girlfriend when she made it super easy for me.
      (and it seems to be the conclusion from most guys here anyways that if she “makes you work for it” it’s not worth it)
      I guess it depends how much your business makes. At some point your time becomes worth so much that even one hour to get a girl from a club would be to much.

    10. @Alek: if you can get hot girls quite easy via the “normal way” wouldn’t you prefer that?

      Nobody on the planet gets hot girls that easily, not even the hottest mega-ultra-chads. Free sex is never as easy as ordering a pizza, eating it, and going about your day (as it is with escorts).

      Here’s the thing… Many years ago I decided I’ll only go for a chick if she makes it easy, and I’ve only had easy lays. But here’s the part that’s not easy.

      In order to meet 1 of these easy lays, i have to go do 20-30-40-50-60-70 hours of socializing, before I bump into one of these chicks who just throws herself at me. If I look at her in a vacuum, that lay was “easy”. However, as an introvert who hates socializing and not getting shit done… wasting those 20-70 hours feels like nails on a chalkboard.

    11. I think the best you can get is bumping into a really horny chick in a club and banging her in a bathroom stall minutes later. What is also very efficient are subsequent hook-ups with a fuckbuddy. Some women indeed just come by, you bang, and she disappears again. Yet, none of this is as time-efficient as banging a pro. It would be if there was no shortage of horny women at the club who are totally into you, or you had access to a dozen fuck buddies with flexible schedules — and you could skip the initial hookup altogether.

    12. @Alek: yeah you are right.
      I sometimes lose touch with reality and start to dream about how cool it would be to get those hot women for free but as you said no on really gets it for free.
      (unless some ultra chard born into wealth but that’s only a few 1000 people on the entire planet)
      Nice that you pointed out how many hours of socializing are required just to get one lay. Which can work if you actually enjoy being in clubs, socializing and that stuff but I really don’t enjoy it at all.
      Most of the time after one hour I get like the feeling of “please give me a shotgun so I can kill all those drunk retards” it’s not good for my mental well being.
      When I was in my 20ties I could tolerate it but not anymore.
      I’m also very intellectual in my interests and have an 138 IQ which doesn’t make socializing easier but overall I see it as a quite big advantage so I don’t want to use it as an excuse… but making smalltalk with the average club girl feels like being in kindergarden.

    13. The Ultra Chad fraction may even be lower because it is not necessarily the case that the hottest guys are the wealthiest. However, there are plenty of relatively well off guys around. I had the privilege of partying in very exclusive night clubs, as a guest of clients of mine, and have seen how proactive women can get when they think they are going to get laid by a rich dude. Trump was right when he said that you can just “grab them by the pussy”. More correctly: they want you to do that. Heck, they may even take their hand and put it on their crotch if you are — no pun intended — pussy-footing around.

    14. Well, I can totally imagine how for an extrovert it would be a sweet deal. So you go out, have fun and get laid… woah sign me up. They derive satisfaction from the going out itself.

    1. I have to say, I recently rejected a ~40 year old who was into me. Met her at a meetup, she was obviously into me, made lot of compliments, and invited me to her home.
      But I was just not attracted to her at all.
      Then I looked at facebook pics from her, and when she was younger she was actually kinda hot. Well, too bad for her.
      But I have to say it was feeling quite good to reject her.

  5. Probably the toughest thing for me so far is unlearning the things l was taught as a youth.

    For example, l was raised to believe that honesty was a virtue. Now l understand that honesty gets you punished while lying (i.e. telling people what they want to hear) is an effective way to navigate through life.

    Another example: l used to believe that anything was possible with enough effort. Now l know that essentially luck, genetics, cheating, and social leveraging is the lion’s share of nearly all high level successful outcomes.

    1. Your point on honesty is a very good one. Also, don’t ever expect anyone to repay you a favor. I’ve met plenty of people who seemed all too happy to fuck you over for some trivial short-term gain. Also, any verbal promise anyone makes, in particular in business, you can just ignore. I’ve had a few encounters where I got the “we treat people like an adult”-spiel, with some token concessions, but as soon as you wanted to get repaid fairly, it was all about what was written in the contract.

    2. Holy shit, you guys are so fucking right. I remember in college hooking this dude up with beer because he was under 21. This was a get together I wasn’t even invited to. I thought he would help get me into his fraternity (they had already shown interest in recruiting me). He did nothing to help me. He may have even worked against me.

      When I shared a master bedroom in college with this dude I was cool with his girlfriend spending the night almost every night. He even admitted later that they fucked while I was asleep. I was thinking I would get some type of payment in return. He was a prick to me.

      I always work my fucking ass off at my jobs thinking it would keep management off my back. Doesn’t work. They still fuck with me, maybe even more so. Kissing ass or being a hot chick work better.

      Well, human being’s closest relative in the animal kingdom are chimps, are they not? Whales have more fucking morals that us. I stand up for myself now, but it would be harder on me to compromise my principles than live with guilt. This way I have no regrets at both ends, whether being a man and standing up when it’s appropriate, or avoiding being a piece of shit.

  6. “Normies are wrong about almost everything” very true lol. May I add the old saying – do as I say not as I do. The amount of hypocrisy in this world is astonishing, along with self-interest and self absorption, to the point where it is just accepted as commonplace. And to GoodLookingAndSleazy’s “Whales have more fucking morals that us” is all too true in my anecdotal experience. The days when older people recall a sense of communal mortally and cohesiveness seems completely alien, not sure if it ever existed. The amount of self absorption is what really gets me though, for instance in Australia we’ve been having a terrible bushfire season as some of you might have heard. It has been raining heavily the past couple of days and all you hear and see is people complaining about the wet weather. Like FFS do any of you dumb fucks have any perspective outside of your immediate experience.

    1. I have to agree with this. Climate change is a good example. I personally don’t care about it, and when I’m asked I don’t pretend that I do. Even if the worst predictions come true (which I heavily doubt, in my opinion probably not much is going to happen), I don’t give a fuck. And I don’t think that I have an ethical obligation to care about it. I didn’t ask to be born, so I don’t see myself having any obligation to anyone. But when asked, I don’t pretend that I care. I’m honest. Even if people see me as an asshole as a result.

      But how I see most people, they are all self absorbed virtue signaling hypocrates. They only pretend that they “care a lot about it, and it’s the most important problem of our time!”, then they blame politicans for not fixing the problem. Obviously, it’s always easy to blame someone else.
      But if you acutally observe the actions of those people, how they conduct themselfes in their lifes, you have to come to the conclusion that they don’t give a fuck either.
      They are continuing using airplanes for clearly non-mandatory things like vacations, they continue to use cars for non mandatory transportation. They don’t make any attempt to change their lifestyle.
      So basically you have to translate what they are saying to:
      “yeah it’s a big problem, but I won’t give anything up to fix it, but all of the other people should give up their first wirld lifestyle!”
      really, fucking idiots. I cannot tolerate most people anymore because of this.

  7. @AaronSleazy – “Also, don’t ever expect anyone to repay you a favor.”

    Definitely this. Don’t even expect anyone to even thank you for the favor you gave. I find those networking and social behavior books like “give and take” and “never eat alone” a bunch of BS. People are transactional, self-interested and shameless.

    These virtues or platitudes Like “be honest” or “do unto others…” may have worked in the era before the 70s but not today. Anyone who spouts those platitudes is definitely a “do as I say not as I do” person.

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