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This TV Show Demonstrates how much Looks matters

The YouTube channel IncelTV hosts the following clip, which was shared with us by blog reader Lisbon. It contains scenes from a dating show called “Take me Out” that seems to be designed to boost the ego of women and shatter the ego of unattractive men. Have a look:

As cruel as this TV show may be, it is a very powerful reminder that a “great personality” and other hogwash women tell you they want in a man is nonsense. They want good-looking guys. A good piece of advice regarding women is to not care about what they say and instead focus on what they do. For instance, if she tells you that she loves you, yet spends an hour each day on Tinder, looking for Chad, she is obviously full of shit. Similarly full of shit are women who don’t mention looks at all as something they look for in a guy.

The most interesting scene in this video was about a broke, unemployed woman with below-average looks who turned down a guy with a solid middle-class job. She thought it was boring. This is the effect of the welfare state. In earlier times, women had to be slim, nice, and frugal in order to appeal to a guy. Today, they have the welfare state, so they can be fat, nasty, and broke. It does not matter because she gets free housing and money to blow each month, paid for by the likes of the guys she happily turns down. In that particular woman’s case, you can also see that women’s liberation only leads her to a life of misery. She has nothing to offer, yet nothing is ever good enough for her.

Every woman in this show is too picky, based on the assumption that they are indeed single. Now, think about it: the average guy would be happy to even date a below-average woman. Yet, all those below-average to average women on the show rather hold out for Mr. Perfect instead of settling for a guy while they look the best the will ever look. The tragedy is thus twofold: yes, those unattractive guys deserve some pity, but those women do, too, because they go on national TV with a banner on their forehead that states, “I’m single because nobody is good enough for me.”

The TV show “Take me Out” thus shows us that looks matter — when it comes to men. Desperate men, supposedly, would take absolutely any woman. In this show, guys don’t seem to even have the chance to turn down women at all. Only the women can do that. Probably it would lead to unpleasant pictures if Chad told some fattie that he’d rather jerk off with a Fleshlight than go on a date with her. Looks matter when men are judged. Now, look at the women again: how many of them look the best they could? There are a lot who could shed plenty of pounds. Yet, just because they are fat and relatively unattractive does not mean that they’d lower their standards for male suitors. Looks matter for those women, but men are sexist if they want women to look good. It’s a lovely double standard.

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One thought on “This TV Show Demonstrates how much Looks matters

  1. Just imagine a show where a chick is subjected to constant male humiliation (which is just saying the truth in male language).

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