Putting ‘fake sex’ with Prostitutes in Perspective

In response to a statement about sex with prostitutes being fake, a new reader, Derick, left the following comment on my post “Fucking Prostitutes is for Winners, not Losers!“:

That pornstar you jerk off to is even more fake but you love it nonetheless. Think about how good it would be inside her pussy as opposed to just your hand. LoL. The sex with well-paid pros is about 20 times better than a regular thot. Particularly because they know what they are doing and they takes measures to please you and not the other way around. The average woman is expensive to feed day to day let alone in divorce. For which you have to beg her to put out. To the hell with that.

I did not consider this angle, but it is a very valid one. I think it is safe to assume that more or less every guy who does not have access to women via one-night stands or within the confines of a relationship has a curated list of porn starlets he regularly jerks off to. Of course, it does not get any more artificial than that. Another aspect is that you can’t control your biological response during sex. Will your orgasm feel less real just because you paid for it? It will certainly feel real once you bang her and, more importantly, if the prostitute is turned on by you, she will also show a physical reaction to you. If this is missing, then she’ll hopefully at least fake it really well.

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17 thoughts on “Putting ‘fake sex’ with Prostitutes in Perspective

  1. That’s a real good point. I bet the guys who are complaining that “sex with sugar babies” isn’t real, have no problem getting super hard erections and orgasms watching porn, which is basically a video recording of the same thing.

    Most porn scenes are a sugar-baby type girl getting paid money to fuck a guy she’s usually not super-attracted to (most of the time, most scenes).

    1. The “being real vs fake” thing about sex is ruining males. As soon men would stop caring and finally open their eyes about that, we will all benefit as society.

      Also, sugar babies arrangments are often chosen by men who seek sex but who are reluctant using hookers or going for a trip to a sex tourism country because they need the act of it being “real”.

      Even many escorts are forced to offer girlfriend experience because a lot of guys cant just get off if “it is fake”. Thats just non sense

    2. Yeah, I always wondered about that. That whole “girlfriend expeirence” genre of escorting was always so freakishly weird to me.

      Can’t tell if these guys were brainwashed by society, or do they genetically need to feel this. I’m leaning toward the former. I think it’s just societal brainwashing.

    3. @Alek:
      GFS just refers to a specific set of services, mostly french kissing.
      I also prefer the GFS kind of thing, but I’m under no illusion that she loves me
      or bullshit like that.
      I just prefer to make-out, then have sex, and then just lay down in bed with a hot
      girl touching her tits and body, while having some interesting discussion.
      (actually some of the escorts I had sex with were very rational and smart women)
      This after sex feeling is the most relaxing to me and it’s even better than the
      sex itself, it’s a state of complete relaxation to me.
      That’s what I understand the term GFS means.
      But a lot of customers who want the “GFS experience” are like you described, they want
      to be “validated”, or they want the she is “also into it”.
      These are also the idiots who buy presents for the escorts and fall in love with them,
      or want to marry them to “rescue them from the horrible whoring lifestyle”
      With one escort I talked about this and she told me those customers are the most annoying,
      they often become stalkers or they lick her pussy for like hours (while she is thinking of her
      shoping list), because they “need to get her off” to feel “like a real man”
      some men are really strange, I guess that’s what years of feminist programming
      does to you.

    4. Oh, that actually makes sense. I would pay more if I had to for it to include making out. I can’t even imagine sex if I am just ramming her like a sex doll.

    5. On the making out thing. The chicks I’m into more I like to make out with during sex. And occasionally I’ll even lick their pussy (and enjoy it).

      But there are chicks that I’m not into as much. And with them I’d rather not make out. I’m actually a little repulsed by the idea of kissing this category of chicks. In my ideal scenario we start off with her sucking my dick, then she turns around and I ram her… yeah kinda like a sex doll, but a very realistic one :)) These encounters have more of a “use her as a cum dumpster” feel.

      It seems I’m attracted to distinct body parts rather than the woman as whole with her soul and shit :)). To boil it down: a pretty face stimulates my desire to kiss and a nice ass stimulates my desire to fuck. But a pretty face with a crap body is basically a waste of a pretty face in my book. I’m so sexist and misogynistic! :))

      Also when I had longer term “relationships” I noticed that as I begin to lose interest in the chick the sex turn more into “cum dumpster” sex for me.

      Anyone have similar experiences?

    6. I think that’s not too uncommon. Also notice that this goes both ways. Chicks you hook-up with for a one-night stand may be a lot more, er, outgoing than a woman you’re seriously dating. However, it could well be that women who need very little convincing to jump on some stranger’s dick are wired a bit differently. This is probably a big factor as well.

    7. @Aaron:
      in my experience, seeling your pussy attracts mostly 2 kinds of women:

      – the totally desperate who have no other skills, and who are also very materialistic and want the high life. most of the girls who come from eastern europe are like this. they are like 80-90%

      – very smart and calculating women, who know that their looks are their best asset and they want to cash in on it, but they still want to be independent (instead of marrying some rich dude).
      most of the native Austrians I fucked were from this category, plus some of the smarter immigrants. they were like 20%

      but If I think about it, the dumb whores are probably even a higher percentage, lets say > 95%, because I have a huge selection bias because I never go to the extremly poor/desperate ones.

    8. in my experience, seeling your pussy attracts mostly 2 kinds of women:

      While your theory of the 2 types of women to sell pussy “makes sense”… it doesn’t seem to jive with the mathematics of it all.

      In surveys the majority of chicks say they’d bang a guy for money. And I think fully 20-30% of college students advertise on sugardaddy websites. Those are the ones just shamelessly advertising.

      But then again, maybe you mean girls who would do this as a full-time career? Not just girls willing accept money for a fuck? Because the number of girls who fit into those 2 categories you mentioned, are much smaller than the girls who would accept, or have accepted cash for access to their pussy.

    9. @Alek: yes I mean only the women who officially advertise as whores, via working in a brothel / escort service

      I agree with you the number of women who are “inofficial” whores is MUCH higher, probably almost 100%

      It’s obviously hard to get a number on the inoffical ones

  2. Kissing is mostly standard these days.
    The influx of lot of hot women from Eastern Europe really increased the quality and lowered the prices.
    Most only want extra for anal and swallowing (if they do it)
    For 150€ you get one hour with a hot girl which includes kissing, sex how often you want, blowjob without condom.
    Even cumming in her mouth seems to become standard.
    For 250€/hour you can get a full porn session with anal and swallowing as well.
    I am not into that but it’s available

    1. “Even cumming in her mouth seems to become standard.”

      Is this really a desirable practice though? If this behavior is becoming standard then I’d mostly just be interested in bending over a tight ass and ramming her pussy with a condom. I certainly am not interested in making out and it probably isn’t wise to have your dick sucked by a chick that regularly does so without protection and swallows. Maybe I’m being a prude or paranoid, but I doubt it.

    2. The idea of paying for a “girlfriend experience” is one I can’t quite wrap my head around. Sure, I understand the appeal in principle as the promise is to get a more realistic experience. Yet, if you step back and think about it you realize that these guys pay extra to, for instance, make out with a woman who may have swallowed the load of a thousand guys.

    3. What is the average income needed to survive and be somewhat comfortable in Europe? About 2,500€/month?

      Assuming that’s so, a chick would need to give full service 10 times in a month. That could be repeat customers or 10 new guys per month, those are the two extremes. It should be somewhere in the middle of the two.

      I’m trying to think of how many new Johns a pro picks up in a year.

    4. You’d have to narrow this down to specific countries or even regions within a country. An untaxed 2,500 EUR/month would allow for a pretty good standard of living for a single person in most of Europe, particularly if we are talking about young, single women. However, in this demographic you can expect to have a significant percentage of women who love to spend money. This is close enough to the porn industry where you have countless cases of women who made a lot of money for a few years, blew it all (no pun intended), and ended up on welfare, or worse. Plenty also pick up a nasty cocaine or meth habit.

    5. @Pickernanny: the distribution of clients/whore/month is really quite wide I think.
      There are part timers who have like a few customers per week and also have lot of repeat customers, and then there are whores who have like 10 per day and mostly tourists, so always new ones.

      You also have to consider when it comes to STDs, the total number doesn’t matter so much because whores have to get mandatory tests (in Austria it’s 1 / week), so what really matters is how many customers she had since her last test, which is a much lower number.
      (of course you have to avoid the totally desperate whores who don’t get tested, but that’s quite easy)

      (the number could be lower than that of many girls who are in clubs and have lot of unprotected sex via ONS)

      I’m not really scared about STDs as I always use condoms, and from kissing you can get herpes but I’m sure I already have it, the only way to avoid it is basically to never kiss. 30% of the population has it so if you have sex with more than a few girls you probably also have it.

      From my experience, 80% of the whores I fucked are the typical “blow it all on handbags and drugs” girls, but 20% also were very smart.

      e.g. one was a 25 year old, and she invested most of the money she made into 2 different appartments she rented out (if she didn’t lie to me, but she really had no reason to)
      she also told me she got breast implants and used her big tits also to manipulate man in her real job to get them to sign contracts.
      she was very smart and calculating. probably the smartest women I have met in my life.
      she even had the awareness that her looks won’t last forever so she had lot of urgency to cash in on them.

      but most of the whores (especially the ones from Romania) are not smart. they are just materialistic

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