Putting ‘fake sex’ with Prostitutes in Perspective

In response to a statement about sex with prostitutes being fake, a new reader, Derick, left the following comment on my post “Fucking Prostitutes is for Winners, not Losers!“:

That pornstar you jerk off to is even more fake but you love it nonetheless. Think about how good it would be inside her pussy as opposed to just your hand. LoL. The sex with well-paid pros is about 20 times better than a regular thot. Particularly because they know what they are doing and they takes measures to please you and not the other way around. The average woman is expensive to feed day to day let alone in divorce. For which you have to beg her to put out. To the hell with that.

I did not consider this angle, but it is a very valid one. I think it is safe to assume that more or less every guy who does not have access to women via one-night stands or within the confines of a relationship has a curated list of porn starlets he regularly jerks off to. Of course, it does not get any more artificial than that. Another aspect is that you can’t control your biological response during sex. Will your orgasm feel less real just because you paid for it? It will certainly feel real once you bang her and, more importantly, if the prostitute is turned on by you, she will also show a physical reaction to you. If this is missing, then she’ll hopefully at least fake it really well.

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3 thoughts on “Putting ‘fake sex’ with Prostitutes in Perspective

  1. That’s a real good point. I bet the guys who are complaining that “sex with sugar babies” isn’t real, have no problem getting super hard erections and orgasms watching porn, which is basically a video recording of the same thing.

    Most porn scenes are a sugar-baby type girl getting paid money to fuck a guy she’s usually not super-attracted to (most of the time, most scenes).

    1. The “being real vs fake” thing about sex is ruining males. As soon men would stop caring and finally open their eyes about that, we will all benefit as society.

      Also, sugar babies arrangments are often chosen by men who seek sex but who are reluctant using hookers or going for a trip to a sex tourism country because they need the act of it being “real”.

      Even many escorts are forced to offer girlfriend experience because a lot of guys cant just get off if “it is fake”. Thats just non sense

    2. Yeah, I always wondered about that. That whole “girlfriend expeirence” genre of escorting was always so freakishly weird to me.

      Can’t tell if these guys were brainwashed by society, or do they genetically need to feel this. I’m leaning toward the former. I think it’s just societal brainwashing.

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