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Are Women in Clubs of a Lower Quality?

Blog reader Yarara left an interesting comment on my post “How Women Turn Chads into Misogynists” that sparked some discussion. He wrote:

I am not calling you wrong, but have you considered the possibility that you have some selection bias due to the female pool you predominantly tapped into (figuratively and literally). While my lay numbers may not be as high (upper double digits) as yours, and I have seen most of what you describe in real life, my vision of women is not as bleak as yours. I very rarely go to clubs. It occurs to me that the club scene exposes you to a somewhat self-selected lower standard of women.

The claim that women in clubs are bigger sluts or trashier or less virtuous than regular women, i.e. those who rarely if ever go to clubs, is quite common. Yet, there is a lot to unpack here. In general, Yarara is right, but there is more to this question. I will focus on two aspects: 1) a lower quality in terms of personality and 2) lower physical quality. Yarara presumably only hinted at 1).

First, I readily concede that the biggest whores are to be found in clubs. If you want to meet some chick with tattoos who bangs dudes in exchange for a line of cocaine, you better check out the bar/club scene because that is where they congregate. Furthermore, it is also the case that women who are a notch below prime-caliber whores also enjoy going to clubs. By this I mean women who focus a lot on their looks and who are of easy virtue or, as some academic paper I recently skimmed called them, “coitally experienced”. I’m of course talking about sluts who happily jump from one cock to another. They have had a lot of casual encounters and having a one-night stand, or getting bent over in a bathroom stall, is normal for them. In fact, waking up the day after without some dried cum on her thighs is the exception.

Related to sluts are women who happily cheat on their boyfriend or husband. Sure, you find them in clubs and bars as well. This is the point where the argument that women in clubs are “trashier” or “low-class” fully breaks down, though, because in this category you have a lot of professional women. No, I’m not talking about women who professionally lie on their back, but about women who routinely travel for business. She’s in London or Berlin for business, her hubby is at home, and consequently, this is the perfect opportunity for getting some random dick on the side. In this category, the women are solidly in the middle class.

The club audience does not just consist of coke whores, sluts, and cheaters, though. Instead, you will also find a lot of pretty regular women who dress quite modestly. Sure, they dress up a little bit and put on a lot of makeup, but they lead regular, dead-boring lives. They are milquetoast. They may go to clubs only on special occasions, for instance when it’s a birthday of one of her friends or if she’s out with some colleagues and couldn’t resist peer pressure to tag along. With such girls, you need to tone your game as well as your expectations down. You may even have to content yourself with just her contact details, hoping to set up a coffee date in a few days, as she has never had a one-night stand.

Some clubs I used to go to religiously. I was a regular, which meant that I also knew other regulars, or at the very least recognized them. Most of those people were guys. In contrast, it seems that girls are a lot more likely to go to a club during their horny days. Those may likewise be pretty normal girls who are far from the moral depravity of a chick who has had more dicks in her mouth than she can remember.

A big mistake many guys make is assuming that a woman who dresses somewhat conservatively is automatically a good girl. The girl-next-door types can be huge sluts as well. Also, very few women dress like sluts all the time. Sure, they exist, but you would be surprised how boring a chick who dresses like a hooker whenever she goes out may normally look. Maybe you’ve once picked up some slut in a club, went to her place, and the next morning, she put on jeans and a nondescript sweater, and she looks like a completely different person.

Let us now move on to the second aspect, the physical quality. I don’t think that anyone would claim that women in clubs are generally of a lower physical quality. Some would even argue that you need to go to clubs to meet the hottest women. Yet, there is a bit of nuance here as well. Alek Novy repeatedly made the point that most “hot” women you see are simply 6s or 7s in their sluttiest, tightest clothes with the most whorish makeup.

It is generally not true that you need to go to clubs to meet the hottest women. Sure, the average quality of the women is arguably higher. The big reason is that it’s a self-selecting crowd, meaning that the fatties and uglies choose not to go to them, and so do older women as they can no longer compete against younger, more attractive versions of themselves. Yet, those women are invisible to you during the day anyway, so the club crowd may not appear to be that much more attractive. (It obviously still is.) I think you can meet plenty of attractive women in clubs, but you will also meet plenty of attractive women outside of clubs. The concentration is simply higher. Another aspect is that really attractive women don’t necessarily need to go out to meet guys because guys proposition them anyway. This does not work for the 7 in a tight skirt and a ton of makeup whom you mistake to be a 9 when you are horny. However, a genuinely attractive woman is attractive even without makeup and slutty clothes. Thus, they get so much attention that they do not need to go to a club.

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One thought on “Are Women in Clubs of a Lower Quality?

  1. A lot of the good girls don’t go to clubs. They are usually taken out of the dating pool at a young age by other men. There is also the other group of good girls that don’t do nightclubs because they are just too busy and have other hobbies. You’ll often find that these are the girls that go out and do fancy dinners with their friends and turn it in early for the night.

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