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Honest Chinese vs Dishonest Western Dating

Some time ago a Chinese music video went viral in which a girl group sang that in order to date a guy, he has to have a house and a car. This was good for a chuckle. Here is the video:

As I remembered this, I did a bit of research on dating customs in China. You may have heard of the fate of “leftover women”, i.e. unmarried women who are 27 years or older, and the pressure on women to not waste their youth.

From what I gather, dating in China does not really exist. It’s more a matter of match-making. Parents may even get involved and advertise their single son or daughter on message boards and try hooking them up. The criteria are clear, obvious, and objective. A young man needs to have a decent job, own an apartment, and should be tall. In other words, it’s about height and money. Contrary to the above-mentioned song, a car is not necessary, particularly in large and congested cities. As you can see, the Chinese woman wants a provider who also gives her tingles due to his height. If in doubt, money is more important.

In order for a Chinese woman to be competitive on the dating market, she needs to be young, pretty, childless, and never have married. I bet that it is understood, given how thrifty the Chinese are, that she won’t have any debt, and tattoos are quite unheard of. Women are also aware of these criteria, so they want to cash in on their youth quickly, lest they end up being single and childless.

In the West, on the other hand, there are two lists of criteria. One is what women say they want, and the other what they really want. For the former, a “great personality” and a “good sense of humor” are mentioned very often. Actual dating behavior is a lot different. In their youth, your typical Western woman would rather get railed by a tattooed thug than Melvin the Engineer. Only once her looks fade will she “settle” for the kind of guy she would not have given the time of day to a few short years ago. Melvin’s great personality will be completely irrelevant if he is not able to service her student loans and buy her a house, though.

Men are a bit more blunt about what they want. Sure, some blue-pilled cucks will tell you that they want a “mature woman”, by which they mean that they have so little success with women that even a washed-up single mom with a severe personality disorder and a drug problem would be good enough for them. However, among manlier men, it is clear that we want young and attractive women who are as close as possible to the mythical debt-free virgin without any tattoos.

Western women generally act indignant if you say that you like your women young and sexually inexperienced. I once had a woman in her late 20s hit on me. I thought I better shut this down right away by telling her that I have a girlfriend. This changed her behavior quickly and her insecurity broke through. She then asked me, to my great surprise, how old that woman was. I shrugged and said she’s 19. She did not take this well and accused me of being a “pedophile”. Note that this happened in a professional setting in broad daylight, not in a club. Still, the stratagem of accusing guys who date younger women as pedophiles enjoys great popularity among the red-wine-loving fraction of women who share their apartment with some poor cat.

Women are incredibly superficial, in China as well as in the West. In the West, they are arguably more superficial due to the societal norm of spending a solid decade banging random dudes. Yet, if guys reject them based on the same kind of supposed superficial criteria, those women accuse guys of being shallow, or worse. I’d much prefer if men and women alike openly stated what they want. Arguably, women would have to drop a lot more of their bullshit on that front. Just do it like the Chinese, ladies! Of course, this entails that you will be judged just as objectively, but I guess this is why Western women prefer to lie about their preferences. They lie about what they like in men because they can’t face the truth that they need to compete based on looks. Attractive women have no problem with that. Ugly feminists, on the other hand, rather order another tray with fast food and pop anti-depressants instead of turning themselves into the kind of woman men desire.

The underlying problem could well be that Western women simply do not want to fulfill their end of the bargain anymore. As a guy you should be rich and good-looking, but for her, it has to be enough to just exist, and her personality is automatically great, no matter how shitty it is. It’s an expression of boundless entitlement and deeply entrenched narcissism. Those women don’t even do themselves any favors. They think they want to get pumped-and-dumped, and fat, and covered with tattoos, but in the end, they only end up depressed, which is powerfully proven by the astronomical numbers of women who need to pop pills to make it through the day.

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6 thoughts on “Honest Chinese vs Dishonest Western Dating

  1. STDs are growing at a geometric rate. I have a story to tell- in 1969 the Stonewall riots occurred by 1970 gays were liberated. In 1979 gay men started showing up with weird cancers and amoebic dysentery. In 2009 smartphones and online dating came along, now in 2019 I see increasing STD rates and HIV prophylaxis in the Er at a rate of 10-16 per month. Anonymous online dating is causing the same issue as the “bathhouse ” phenomenon in 1979- women (black>hispanic>white> jewish) and it is alarming. The ability of women to fuck like men with online dating is anoguolous to the homosexuals being released without abandon post stone wall. When I was growing up a girl with ten partners was bad, then in 2000 you had to accept 12-20. Now it is 20 in a year , think about that 20 men in a year- and that is a low count. Female sexuality unrestrained due to online dating is anongolous to gay men. I have met multiple women under 25 with 40 plus sex partners- all offed all their orafaces and none asked for condoms. This is the new reality gentleman- I hate condoms but I avoid anal. Keep you heads up players!

    1. The STD epidemic is indeed worrisome. I recall reading stories about cases of treatment-resistant gonorrhea. If I was a more religious person, I would now call this a punishment from God. In a way, it is. It just depends on what you believe God to be.

      High partners counts are horrible, but an even bigger issue is the increasing number of single mothers. In some areas, a large number of women on dating sites come with Tyrone spawn attached. Sexual liberation was quite the Trojan Horse for the destruction of society, it seems.

    2. “increasing number of single mothers”

      Ann Coulter stated a number where, if I remember correctly, 90% of incarcerated youth in the US comes from single-parent households (read: single moms).

      But yeah, it’s the second amendment that causes all the shootings, rrright? And it’s all the racism and the guns that causes black people to disproportionately contribute to gun-related homicide, rrright?

      Tell you what: Legalize drugs and remove the welfare state. Allow women to have abortions, but also allow men to redeem their rights and duties with regards to the kids. Watch what happens: No more ni**ers shooting each other in gang related, drug driven crime. No more incarcerated weed smokers. No more single moms, because now they gotta think twice about fucking Chad without a condom.
      Once you legalize drugs, price plumments (want proof? watch “Murder Mountain” on Netflix). A kilo of cocaine costs $200 in Mexico out of the farm, but New York street price is $40’000 or $100’000 if you sell it per gram. It’s all just “illigal shit premium”.

      Yeah, and while you’re at it, end the fucking FED and the government money-creation monopoly.
      Damn, we could do with a bit more anarchy and less government.

  2. > “For the former, a “great personality” and a “good sense of humor” are mentioned very often.”

    Which is to say – a man who is socially dominant.

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      Anyway, to resolve this problem, I just disabled Gravatar ‘hovercards’, which means that merely the Gravatar image is displayed, but no link. This measure should protect your privacy, even retroactively. In other words, your issue has been completely resolved. I apologize for any inconvenience. I agree that this is an unfortunate design decision by WordPress.

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