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The Emptiness of Travelling and Travelling Sluts

The topic of women who love traveling recently came up in the comments, so I decided to organize my thoughts on this matter. First and foremost, traveling has become an utterly meaningless experience. In much of the world, you get basically the exact same products and services. If some woman tells you she loves flying from Europe to NYC “for shopping”, she’s full of shit. You can order almost everything online these days. In many cities you don’t even have to bother with shopping for groceries anymore. Just place an order and have a box with food for a week delivered to your door. You can live life largely without having to leave home nowadays.

Cuisine may be another reason to travel abroad. Again, barring the absolute high-end, you can essentially get everything everywhere, at least in any bigger city. To pick one example: there are multiple Bavarian restaurants, run by Bavarians, in Singapore. I can travel halfway around the world, and I’ll never be far from pork knuckle with sauerkraut. If I wanted Czech cuisine, prepared by some Czech guy, I’d get that, too. The world has indeed become a small place. Of course, your average tourist does not really care that much about food either.

Then there is sightseeing, and what a letdown that is! In this day and age, it is much more convenient to watch HD videos on YouTube than to go somewhere. Mass tourism makes the experience highly unpleasant anyway, so even though you will not get the same sense of awe when blowing up a 4K video on your huge wide-screen monitor, you will at least not have to endure enormous crowds of people. They are everywhere. A couple of years ago I traveled to Tuscany, Italy, at the tail end of the tourist season. There are quite a few lovely towns there. As you arrive, you may not suspect anything, yet as you enter any of them you are suddenly part of a bona fide swarm of locusts, at least half of them Chinese, that descended on those Medieval cities out of nowhere. It really sours the experience.

So, what are people travelling for, then? A big reason is social media. Because they have to keep up with the Joneses, they need to have their own selfie, taken in front of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or take their own picture of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The other reason is partying. I used to live in Berlin, so I have witnessed those crowds first hand. From May to September or October much of Europe and the rest of the world visits to drink, take drugs, or fuck. In the more popular touristy spots you can easily end up not hearing any German being spoken at all. Heck, at times it seems you are in a Spanish enclave.

Traveling provides a very convenient escape hatch for the modern thot. Low-cost airlines have lowered the price of entry so much that even the underclass can fly all around the world. Of course, if all you want is get wasted and party where all your countrymen party, you’ll get a ticket for 50 euros or so because the mainstream destinations have become incredibly cheap to reach. The Germans descend to Ibiza, the Brits to Magaluf, and the Spaniards take over Berlin. It’s all the same. However, while those people get hammered abroad just like they would at home, the benefit of not being at home is that you can behave in however bad a manner as you please. This leads to the second part of this article: the problematic behavior of women who love to travel.

A couple of years ago, a video made the rounds online in which some British slag takes two dozen dicks in her mouth in a few minutes, eagerly pulling the shorts of dudes down, sucking their junk for a bit, then moving on to the next one. Some guys are quite taken by surprise by her actions. It’s all just for a bottle of cheap booze. The video is floating around under titles like “18-year-old slut sucking 24 dicks on Magaluf for free drink”. Watching it is beyond bizarre. Do you think that same woman would have done this at home? In her local club, some sleazy dude may finger her on the dancefloor or bend her over in a bathroom stall, but she would not take one dick after another in her mouth for giggles like she and countless other women do.

I don’t want to make it sound as if I’m only making the claim that women behave poorly abroad. Plenty of guys have similar goals. They drink and party, and hope to get laid. For many guys, this isn’t so easy, so a trip abroad, say to Eastern Europe or Thailand, is also an excuse to fuck until your dick falls off from sampling the local hookers. Self-retrains is hardly a common virtue. So, if the average guy would not mind getting his cock sucked by some local girl while partying abroad, even though that is a lot easier said than done, then why would those guys assume that all the women traveling abroad are paragons of virtue? They are not.

Of course, the example of some slut sucking 24 dicks for a bottle of booze is an extreme case. Yet, what do you think the average woman does when she’s partying it up in a different city? Don’t tell me that all those shockingly unsophisticated minds suddenly turn into connoisseurs of fine art or architecture, that they are sluts at home, yet somehow turn into erudite scholars of history with an insatiable thirst for history aborad! They are just the same dumbasses abroad as they were back home. This time, though, there is very little social pressure to behave. What is worse, women traveling in groups may egg each other on to do more drugs and fuck more dudes than they would have wanted to.

What many guys don’t seem to realize is that your typical woman can travel even more cheaply than the low fares of budget airlines imply. I met women who flew into Berlin and who didn’t even bother to book a hotel. They stay for a long weekend or a week or so and their first objective is finding a dude to fuck and stay over. Some may stay for a few days, others are more ambitious and want to jump on a new cock every night. As a fallback, they may have one hotel room that is nominally shared between four or five girls. It’ll barely be used. Heck, you can pick up a thot like that at a club and she’ll ask if her friend can crash at your place, too.

Some women even maintain lists of the number of guys they have made out with, the number of cocks they have sucked, and the number of times they have gotten fucked. It’s just a competition between them and the biggest slut wins. This also explains some of the very slutty behavior you can witness. For instance, if Stacy is about to leave the venue with some dude, her friend does not want to be left behind, figuratively speaking. Consequently, her standars may drop a little bit because it would be too much of a hit for her ego if her friend would lead by a cock or two by the end of the weekend.

The bottom line of all this is simple. If a girl tells you she “loves traveling”, a red flag the size of China should go up in your head. With a bit of digging around, you’ll probably find plenty of evidence of her antics abroad on social media. Also keep in mind that plenty of women are quite proud of their sluttiness. Some chick you are just hooking up with may even boast about all her exploits, at home and abroad. I met sluts who told me the number of guys they have fucked. Supposedly, they thought this was proof of their sexual prowess. Yet, if you are not used to hooking up with girls, all of this may be foreign to you. Indeed, if you are the kind of guy who only gets to audition for the provider role, the biggest slut may pretend being a prude. Of course, if you are only after a pump-and-dump, this does not matter much.

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17 thoughts on “The Emptiness of Travelling and Travelling Sluts

  1. Wholeheartedly agree that mass tourism is turning beautiful sights to crowded hell.

  2. I was pretty young, hiring folks to work in my department when I realized… “lots of travel” = flaky employee.

    It wasn’t until I got older that I realized “lots of travel” meant lots of dirty sex – for girls, at least.

    Some guys get laid when they travel because they are excited or they drop inhibitions… and some guys are pro-level travel hunters like the Daygame Euro Jaunt types (I have done well in China/Japan)… but mostly this is about chicks getting laid.

    Men don’t do that well, in part, as they don’t know the territory when they travel… men that don’t know their territory look inexperienced, are easily outclassed by local guys, and can’t handle logistics. If you suck at home, you’ll mostly suck abroad (not “suck a broad,” that’s the opposite of what I mean).

    Women, on the other hand…

    I have been a daygamer for several years now. I fuck a lot of tourists. Single girls… and married girls… they like adventures with adventurous boys.

    1. The amount of sex an attractive girl can get is far what even the most successful guys in their prime can get. Just think of that “24 dicks in two minutes” video! She’s just a regular girl. Guys do phenomenally well if they can get laid, on average, once every two times they go out. For a young slut, that’s nothing.

  3. Moreover, even if they travel, girls spent most of their time behind their smartphones screens. Making a few pictures, uploading them on Instagram, WhatsApp,…is always a huge social boost. It leads to making their friend jealous or getting the attention guys.
    To see how they come across to local guys, uploading a few pictures on tinder, gather a few matches and if they feel like it, getting fucked.

    1. Oh, absolutely! Any girl you are potentially interested in dating who tells you she’s been an au-pair you can reduce to a mere pump-and-dump right away.

    2. True that! And arguably, one of the worst, just seemingly innocuous things you as a father could ever allow your daughter to do. Travelling the world on their own is usually beneficial for boys but
      too often a sure path into debauchery and decay of morals for girls.

  4. Social pressure affects women a lot…fitting in at home is different to fitting in abroad.

    Women don’t want that social pressure and want to be free of consequences.

    This is good if you have game. Just dont expect them to be the same when if you see them back at their normal surroundings


  5. I brought this topic up in the other thread and largely agree with your post. I think the sluttiness applies to a particular demographic, think lower-class British girls with slabs of makeup on.

    However, I don’t believe ‘I love traveling’ always equals ‘I am a slut’. There are simply people that love traveling, for reasons that I don’t understand, and apparently you don’t either. This applies to both men and women. For example, I know a young couple that drove across the middle east for a year. Another that sailed across the world for a few years. Pensioners that travel through Russia on bikes. Parents and young children backpacking together for months in Indonesia. The list goes on and on. Those people get something out of travel that I cannot grasp.

    Then there is another very common reason for travel that has not yet been mentioned: sun. People from northern Europe love to visit southern Europe to soak up the sun (and ruin their skin). And with cheap flights the territory for sun lovers has been greatly expanded.

    *Some people make a clear distinction between going on holiday and traveling, and the points I made may apply more to either of these categories.

    1. Aaron is referring to a specific demographic. Yes, he is oversimplifying by saying that all young girls who “love to travel” are sluts. Yes, it’s collectivism.
      But if you are here to defend the small minority of 21 year old chicks who genuinly like to see new places and don’t get dicked down while travelling, then ask yourself, why they are a minority in the first place. This blog is pointing fingers at a much bigger problem of which slutty chicks is just a side-effect of: The decay of western civilization.

    2. What Neutral said. Said differently, “exceptions prove the rule”.

      Btw, i won’t even bother to read the comment that neutral is responding to. Just visually i can already tell that it’s a chick. They always do this. Come on the blog, pick a “male first name” as their handle, and post that same type of comment (even the number of paragraphs and formatting is always similar)… they post this as a new thread defending some female imperfection.

    3. “Exceptions do not invalidate the rule”

      That’s such a good way of phrasing it. I wonder why I haven’t come upon this variation before. I’m gonna be using that from now on. Thank you.

  6. Spot-on article, Aaron!

    “Traveling provides a very convenient escape hatch for the modern thot. Low-cost airlines have lowered the price of entry so much that even the underclass can fly all around the world.”

    I would say this points to an even more fundamental issue: Being able to cover long-distances cheaply and quickly, be it by owning a car or traveling with low-cost airlines facilitates female promiscuity. Simply by increasing their “sexual outreach”, i.e. their ability to be seen by or rather present themselves to more potential male suitors in regions where they are anonymous. In a similar way as the internet and dating sites did, which in this sense are also just means to be approached by more men over wider distances 24/7 – here even without any social surveillance. Before the internet, cheap cars and travel, the “sexual outreach” of a woman was limited to her social circle and immediate region of the city she was living and working in.
    If one thinks about it, these factors might have even boosted promiscuity to an even greater extent than the introduction of the pill in the beginning of the 70s.

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