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“So, how Much Money do you Make?”

A commenter on this blog recently asked if women can sense how much money you have. For the most part, they cannot. They rely on information you provide. This has some interesting implications because deception is not the sole domain of the woman. Yet, faking wealth is a lot more difficult than faking good looks via applying makeup and getting a pair of fake tits.

The first big takeaway is that the average woman can only detect consumption, not wealth. This means that a guy who is funding his lavish or not so lavish lifestyle with debt will be just as attractive to her as, ceteris paribus, the same guy who uses money he earns to buy himself a BMW with cash. On top, the reckless spender might have narcissistic tendencies, which, by and large, are attractive to women. This implies that someone who only pretends to have money will likely do better than someone who really has money. You could even argue that women do not know the difference between debt and wealth. This is superficially true. If you roll up in a great car, wearing a nice suit, chances that some thot on the street will flash her fake tits at you are the same, regardless of whether you can really afford the lifestyle you portray or not.

The inability to distinguish between real and fake wealth is a matter of great chagrin of women. I have been involved with many women, most of whom just viewed me as some kind of fuck toy. As they did not consider me for a serious, i.e. resource-extraction-based long-term, relationship, they let their guard down around me. This lead to some unbelievable situations, like meeting up with some chick at a bar at the end of the night, and catching her spouting venom in the circle of her friends, complaining that guys in one particular club “all have no money; it’s their fathers’ money.”

The particular context of the previous example was that there is (or was) a particular club/restaurant in Berlin at Hotel Adlon, which is one of the premier hotels in the city. That woman and her friends went there repeatedly and seem to have believed that they’ll get some guy to spread his wealth if they only spread their legs in return. I was particularly surprised at the shortsightedness of those women because, obviously, it’s only a matter of time until wealth is passed down from father to son. Yet, they can’t even have that much patience. (By the way, those women were medical students from a solid middle-class background, so you better not bring up a social-class based counter argument.)

On the topic of faking wealth, I recall one guy who claimed that he gets laid based on exactly that. He would innocuously flash a Porsche key chain in the club and leave big tips. He does not drive a Porsche, though. Roughly, his setup was that he had a good job that entailed a lot of travelling, working on site at a client’s office four days a week. He sometimes, stayed in the city for the weekend, just to go out and party. Due to his job he couldn’t build much of a social life anyway. What is amusing about that guy, though, is that he could afford a Porsche. Yet, he realized that hinting at wealth that may or may not exist can get you laid just as well.

You may now object that, surely, women who play that kind of game would want to make the guy wait. Yet, that does not seem to be the case at all. Instead, a guy who is perceived as being wealthy will have multiple women chasing after him. If Stacy would fuck him on the same night, but Cindy has her eyes on him, too, do you think Stacy will keep her legs together? No, she will throw her pussy at him instead. To many women, sex means nothing anymore. It’s used as barter. If it is the only thing they can use for bartering, why would they let the guy wait? In the current year, female competition keeps women slutty. The woman does now know if the guy has any sincere interests or not, but this big baller, who may be fake or not, will be gone if she does not jump on his dick tonight. So, what else is she going to do? She has only one trump card, and she is going to play it no matter what.

Lastly, plenty of women have caught on the fact that you can have money without showing it. This is more of an issue once they wall is approaching, but it’s also obvious in the post-college crowd when there is no longer a big supply of guys around. Women have learned that guys with good jobs may not need to wear expensive suits. If they can’t assess if you have (fake) wealth, they will thus probe. An acquaintance of mine once got up early during a date because the woman asked him “what kind of money” he made. He found this really rude. However, that woman was just a bit more blunt than many other women are. Think about it: how long does it take for a woman, no matter where you meet her, to ask you what you do for a living, what industry you work in, or what company you work for? Those questions serve the exact same purpose. She wants to assess how much money you have, and do so quickly. If she’s looking for a provider, she needs answers fast because her time is running out. She does not want to waste weeks or months to figure out that you’re financially strained.

On that note, during my first time hitting the dating scene, very few women asked me if I had kids. The implication is that a guy who is divorced has to pay a lot of child support. However, when I rejoined the dating scene when my first marriage was breaking down, more than half of the women I met asked me if I had kids. I found it amusing that plenty of women still banged me no matter what and only afterwards I got probing questions. I chalk this down to being some kind of provider-Chad, ticking both boxes.

As a guy, you can rightfully feel indignant once you realize that women who are looking for a boyfriend are very interested in your money. I’d say it’s just par for the course. Women bring their youth and fertility to the table, and plenty of them deceive men with makeup and cosmetic surgeries. On the other hand, men trade their resources for access to a fertile woman in her prime. A woman who uses thick layers of makeup is just as off-puttig as one who bluntly asks for your bank statements. Yet, guys who gaudily flash their wealth can be just as off-putting, no matter if it’s real wealth or otherwise. There is a distincting between being rich and being wealthy, by the way. The latter implies intergenerational wealth and, thus, more refined manners. Thus, gaudiness is associated with the “nuveaux riche.” I think a woman who bluntly asks you how much money you have is roughly at the same level of a guy who would ask a woman, two minutes into the conversation, if her tits are real and if she minds if he checked them himself. In the end, the trade is clearly about fertility versus resources, but we go out of our way to at least give the pretense that it is not. This is why it is so offputting when people are crass about it.

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8 thoughts on ““So, how Much Money do you Make?”

  1. You may now object that, surely, women who play that kind of game would want to make the guy wait.

    I would. That’s what the science on this stuff says. The more easy a trait is to fake, the more female make a male wait (giving him time to out himself, uncover the lie/pretense).

    Yet, that does not seem to be the case at all. Instead, a guy who is perceived as being wealthy will have multiple women chasing after him.

    I’ve definetely seen this, but all of these guys were above-average looking, and/or taller than average.

    I don’t think a 5 guy can get a bunch of hotties chasing him around by faking wealth. Heck, i’d be surprised if a single one did, let alone a bunch.

    1. might as well been chasing those fakers based on looks and psychopathic tendencies.
      with the might be rich as a bonus.

    2. I was thinking of guys who are known to be well-off. They tend to have women fight over them. I have witnessed this plenty of times. That being said, all those guys were pretty attractive or at the very least not unattractive.

  2. Coincidentally, I stumbled upon a youtube channel that teaches women how to fake wealth:

    Regarding “all have no money; it’s their fathers’ money.”.It is my experience that although some girls are turned on by self-made men, getting most of one’s money from parents is not seen as particularly attractive. Have other’s have similar experience?

  3. lol so machiavellian at times. as brutal as the truth can be from reading this blog, at least it can starts the process towards some realism, reason, and sincere happiness/acceptance.

  4. Reminds of women who will not go out on a date for coffee or to a bar, only for meals, as that is how you are supposed to treat a lady. Haha… The level of entitlement is strong in many women, and grows stronger with age.

    Run, Forrest, Run.


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