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Why Women Often Get Bitter in their 20s

On a recent coaching call, a client told me that he sometimes meets women via online dating who seem fundamentally pissed off. He could not quite explain why that is because the preceding exchange online did not raise any red flags. However, there is a big reason why you encounter such women, and it has nothing to do with you. Instead, they simply are generally pissed off with life.

Imagine the typical woman from age 6 up to the end of high school. They hardly ever have to exert much of an effort because school is geared towards a female learning style. Then there are scholarships to study at university, based on having a pussy. “Any degree is a good degree,” those women were told and they believed it. Of course, they still take out student loans on top because they can — and believe they won’t ever have to pay them back anyway. Work was supposed to be a brief diversion to tide them over until Prince Charming comes along.

At the latest after graduating from college, slowly the reality sinks in that adult life is not all fun and games. Suddenly, most of the time is taken up by work and getting to work. What is worse, most jobs are not all that great. This is especially true for those diversity jobs that may be well-paid but not provide much in terms of feeling a sense of accomplishment. That’s hard to get excited about your job if you are getting paid for warmig a chair.

What is worse, dating is suddenly hard work. There are no longer a ton of guys around and, with the lack of spare time, meeting some schmuck to get a free meal out of them takes a huge chunk of time out of her already rather packed schedule. Yet, as the wrinkles under her eyes multiply, eligible guys are harder and harder to come by. It’s not just that Prince Charming does not show up. Sooner or later, not even Tyrone can’t be arsed to get off his couch anymore.

Imagine you are born with all the privilege in the world and you are on easy street. Yet, as you get a bit older, you suddenly realize that your best years are already behind you. This must be a devastating realization. A woman in her mid to late 20s who does not have any serious prospects for dating lined up is in for a world of hurt. She is wondering what is missing in her life and what is wrong with her. She can’t quite explain why she feels such a sting when she hears about one of her former besties from college getting married and pregnant. Her time is running out and she has to make things happen fast — and then she meets a guy like you from Tinder. You’re not Prince Charming. You may want to put your dick in her a few times before you move on, and that’s about it. Of course, she’s getting bitter after having gone through this over and over. She does not know how to make a relationship work. She’s spreading her legs just like she always has, but the guys are not sticking around. It slowly sinks in that there is no light at the end of the tunnel for her anymore.

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10 thoughts on “Why Women Often Get Bitter in their 20s

  1. I remember the meme was that women start getting bitter in their mid 30 now it is suddenly drop to late twenties even mid?

    1. In their 20s it’s more about “diffuse” fears and discontent seeping in. In their 30s, they realize that they’re fucked.

  2. Another kind of dating failure/romance-related bitterness for a woman in her 20s is if absolutely *no one* courts her. She just waits, and waits, and waits…only getting more and more unattractive as the years go by. It’s tragic.

    1. She gave us a hint, possibly an unintended one, by stating that those women “only get more unattractive”. They’re pretty unattractive, to begin with.

  3. I am in my 40’s and I live in South Beach, so I date a lot of women in their 20’s. From what I can tell the bitterness starts around 24- 26. I have dated 18- 19 year old foreign women and American women and they still have a fun demeanor- even the chicks looking for a green card. American women over 25 are fucking masculine and try control everything- they are no fun at all. Another note- I keep running into women who seriously dated men significantly younger than them. 25 year old women who were dating 20 year old guys, 33 year old women who were dating 27 year old men. I think this phenomenon is due to the masculinization of American women- it is fucking weird.

  4. Dude. This is spot on. I work for a University and recently had a 25 year old PhD student stalk me for a period of a few months. Now mind you this woman is married and everything. Yet, was fucking stalking me and having her little PhD friends check me out too and were communicating when I was around.

    Now did this woman ever smile at me? No. Just a perma-scowl when she would come by and stare at me….which she did repeatedly. She would walk by where I work consistently and also time up her schedule to whenever I came in to work and whenever I left. I started to wonder, if this woman was trying to set me up to accuse me of harassment or some shit? Mind you this woman and her friends are feminists and all attended the womens march….so you get the idea.

    Any who one day I get in early to work and this girl was waiting for me and decided to walk right into my path to try to get me to react to her….so I just looked at her and looked back straight ahead and kept going. LOL She flipped the fuck out and the next day had chopped her hair off. She gave me a dirty look while showing me she chopped off her hair. Again I was like WTF, I hadn’t even talked to this woman, nor did I want to. This was all on her on vocation.

    The funny thing is she saw me with a foreign girl a few weeks later and started running around trying to get my attention again. Only this time her and all of her little friends dyed their hair red. LOL I was like man that looks like shit.

    You can tell these married women married beta bitch boys and they resent them because they control their husbands. It is so sick man. The men must be totally clueless that their women are trolling for attention and dick from other dudes. This is not the first time one of these married women have come on to me while at work and I am guessing it won’t be the last.

    Dude I enjoy your writings. I am going to come in and write on occasion.

    1. Thanks for your comment! It’s a great illustration of female mating behavior, which is built on getting attention and hoping that guys pursue them. I think you should consider yourself lucky that she did not turn against you and cook up some charges of inappropriate behavior. Sadly, this is not an uncommon phenomenon in the modern working place.

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