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Economic Success and Success with Women

After I published my article “A Friend’s Bizarre Tinder Date”, Sleazy’s Gal, who happens to know that guy as well, asked me if his love life has gotten more successful after getting his new job. The context is that he made a career transition that took some time to get going. He quit a decent job in a different industry, perhaps too prematurely. For a while he was unemployed, then he worked part-time and, finally, he got a pretty nice full-time gig. During his struggle, his live-in girlfriend moved out. To him, it came out of nowhere. As he later learned, she “monkey-branched”, i.e. while she was still living with him, she began looking for a new guy and broke up with my friend as soon as her new relationship had stabilized. Women are cold and calculating like that.

A guy’s luck can turn, however. After my friend found himself gainfully employed again, and in a position with a bit of public visibility on top, women were suddenly a lot more interested in him again. It’s as if a switch had been flicked, which made him turn from being a pariah into an in-demand product. To me as well as any of you, this is not really a big surprise. After all, if you make a decent amount of money, you are suddenly a good provider again.

What surprised me, though, was the question Sleazy’s Gal asked. Let’s repeat it:

“So his love life has gotten more successful after getting that job?”

Well, of course it has. Why wouldn’t it? I was not quite sure whether she pretended to be surprised by this or whether she was generally oblivious to it. She would not be in a relationship with me if I was some broke loser. Female hypergamy is a fact. Yet, it’s a fact many women still have a problem acknowledging. After all, they don’t want to be seen as gold diggers.

There is another explanation: it could very well be that some women don’t even reflect upon what they are attracted to. They are drawn to guys with money and power, but because they bullshit so much that they are attracted to “personality” that they start believing it. How financial success makes a guy more attractive is similar to how a woman slimming down makes her more attractive. Suddenly, members of the opposite sex start paying attention.

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