Capitalist Backing of Female Empowerment

Have you ever wondered why the mainstream backs women so strongly and eagerly lashes out at men? The reason is quite simple: even though there is an income gap — not a pay gap — between men and women, in relationships, women largely control how the money is spent. Her money is her money, but your money is their money, and don’t think otherwise, you misogynist pig!

Many men are quite frugal. They rather save money than waste it frivolously. Sure, not all men are like that, but you will find very few men who spend money on baubles or consider shopping a hobby. Men buy something if they need it. They don’t waste hours looking for stuff they might want to buy. Instead, you put money you don’t need away to build up a nest egg. However, a very large part of the economy consists of manufacturing and selling goods. What would happen if a lot of the crap that is being manufactured is no longer demanded? That’s easy, the inflated economy would shrink a little bit. People would lose their jobs; stock prices would collapse. In unhinged capitalism, mindless consumption is seen as a clear positive.

Because our economy is geared towards hyperconsumption, women are great for capitalism. Capitalism loves women because they spend so mindlessly. Feminists unwittingly prove this when they bitch about the “pink tax”, the observation that products targeting women cost more than the otherwise sometimes indistinguishable product targeting men. If women were smarter consumers, they would not pay more for fancier packaging. Yet, because they do, this crap gets put on shelves.

Product for men are not cheaper because of “patriarchy” but because men are smarter shoppers. Men don’t pay 50% more for some widget just because it’s more expensive. I can’t even fathom how stupid that is: complaining about a “pink tax”, yet buying all that crap when they could just buy a cheaper competitive product. Those women buy something even though it is more expensive than a perfectly equivalent alternative. Thorstein Veblen would be very amused by that.

As long as wastefulness is such a big part of modern life, you can bet that big corporations and their enablers, corrupt politicians, will keep pushing female empowerment and encourage mindless spending. They only look at their bottom line and see that women spend happily, while men are more frugal. Thus, TV and mainstream media don’t target you, they target women, so don’t get too upset about TV shows making fun of men. I wonder what would happen if women realized that they are taken for a ride by society. Well, that would require a bit of introspection, so that is more of a theoretical possibility.

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One thought on “Capitalist Backing of Female Empowerment

  1. The most twisted part is when I’ve seen them being programmed to call themselves rebels……by the mainstream.

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