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A Friend’s Bizarre Tinder Date

A friend of mine from Berlin recently told me about an utterly bizarre date. The guy itself is quite interesting. Judging by how he dresses, in his spare time, you’d believe him to be a bit of a leftie, yet he has shifted hard to the right in recent years, after experiencing first-hand what it’s like to live in a leftist utopia like Berlin, where 1/3 of the working-age population lives off welfare, probably well over a third has some kind of b.s. makework job, and the rest has a proper job. The city has been turning into a complete dump, because cleanliness is apparently a Nazi value, and so is upholding law and order. Berlin being what it is, it attracts the most “woke” people from Germany, progressives from the first world, and “doctors and engineers” from the Middle East and Africa with advanced degrees in applied subjects such as Petty Crime, Robbery, or Drug Dealing. It’s a wonderfully open society; your heart lifts as you walk down the street and witness urban decay. Every time I visit, the city looks even worse.

My friend can’t easily move. He works in politics and thus his opportunities would be severely limited if he left Berlin. A realistic option he has is Brussels, but that is an even worse shithole, as difficult as it may be to imagine if you have not been there. My friend being pretty busy means that he just does not have the time to got to clubs and bars to party. If he’s mingling socially, it’s to “network”, not to hit on women. Sometimes, ambitious female interns and junior staffers hit on him, though, but he tends to find the personality of those strong and independent who are able to do poorly paid internships because of daddy’s thick wallet rather off-putting.

His only realistic option is online dating, which he does. His approach is largely based on the strategy described in my upcoming book on that topic. He has dates, he gets laid. Sometimes, though, he meets women who are so messed up that even he is surprised. In a previous post I mentioned that some women want you to proclaim your support for open borders as a condition of having sex. He doesn’t even raise an eyebrow when he encounters this. However, a woke women from the United States, an exchange student from UC Berkeley, even made a guy as battle-hardened as him wonder what is going on.

They meet at a bar. It’s clear that she’s down to fuck. He expertly deals with the feminist bullshit she spouts out, viewing it as hurdles to take in stride if you want to get laid in the current year. Being a man who knows what he wants, he senses when the time is right to go for the kill and bluntly says to her, “OK. Let’s go to my place.” She looks at him like a deer in headlights. Then she nods and smiles. You’d think that that was it, but then she said that she had one condition. Her condition was that if she lets him “penetrate” her, which was her wording, then he also has to let her fuck him (!) with a strap-on dildo. He looked at her, not saying a word. Then he laughed, got up, and wished her a nice evening.

In our phone call, he said that he wasn’t sure whether she was serious or whether she was only “shit testing” him. He leaned towards her being serious, based on the piles of feminist bullshit she unloaded on him in about half an hour. He was already not particularly into her, but thought if it’s an easy fuck, he’d do her. She was also a bit heavier in real-life than on her profile pictures, because that’s just how modern women are. In the end, he didn’t care to find out if she was serious and ended the date right there.

The most interesting part of this interaction was that there are women who are so deluded that they think they can make absurd demands. My friend was particularly baffled because that chick was pretty average looking. However, he mused that she must have met a lot of cucks, and never any guy who put her in her place. That seems certainly plausible, and it also explains how you end up with women who, instead of slimming down and working hard on securing a provider, study bullshit subjects at university and think they can fight for women’s liberation by pegging men. It’s part and parcel of living in clown world.

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10 thoughts on “A Friend’s Bizarre Tinder Date

  1. Something like that happened to me a few months ago. During foreplay she was grabbing a dildo and played with herself. We where having Sex and afterwards she wanted to give me a massage. Touching my butt was ok, but then I had a finger inside. I was turning around, she had that dildo in her hand and looked at me and literally said: “what’s wrong? You fucked me, I wanna fuck you”

    I don’t know what her thinking was, maybe strong independent women practice sex equally and fuck too.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story. I thought my friend’s experience was an extreme outlier. How did you get out of that situation?

    2. I grabbed the dildo, threw it out of the bed and made out with her. I think she then realized I’m not into that and she shouldn’t try again, because I was way stronger than her.

      Imagine a skinny guy and a curvy feminists who maybe uses handcuffs before and then brings out the strap on. He has no chance than to suffer 😀

  2. I visited Berlin a couple of summers ago and remember thinking the city had a more pleasant atmosphere than American cities – perhaps I only saw more scenic tourist areas. It could also be that conditions in the U.S. have degraded my sense of what is normal. In some places (Bay Area, Portland, Seattle) city centers are now filled with tent colonies and one can’t go out in public without being hassled by drug addicts.

    1. Oh, some of the US cities have definitely been turning into hellholes. What I am reading of San Francisco is downright shocking. Yet, feces and needles on the ground are very common in Berlin, too. What is different is that due to the harsher climate, tent cities are not viable. That does not mean that the homeless don’t exist. They are just a bit more out of sight.

  3. A girl I used to see kept asking me to let her use a butt plug on me. I always said no and she said I was a prude. She even mentioned that her gay friend really liked prostate stimulation as if that would do anything to change my mind.

    And yet she was shocked when I told her I didn’t want to see her anymore.

  4. Hi Aaron,

    Could you write a post about what motivated you to write a book about online dating? I am surprised you did, because in your other books you underscore the benefits of meeting women in real life. Is the book a collaboration with others who have more experience with online dating? Either way, hope it will be released soon!

    1. I have some experience with online dating, but I got some input from others as well. In addition, I helped quite a few people with optimizing their online game.

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