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Men are not the Gatekeepers of Relationships

One of the dumbest pieces of supposed wisdom relating to the sexes that are floating around is that women are the gatekeepers of sex, but men are the gatekeepers of relationships. Women often say that crap. It has very little to do with reality, however. Here is what is going on:

Your typical uncritical woman thinks that she is the gatekeeper of sex because she has a bunch of guys hitting on her. She says yes to maybe every tenth guy or so. Thus, she is aware that she is rejecting a fair number of men. (Of course, she is more than willing to exploit those men financially by letting them buy her dinner etc.) So, Stacy bangs a new Chad every once in a while. He pounds her like a pro and because he makes her vagina tingle so much, she’d like to keep seeing him.

Chad, though, can get laid with women with relative ease. A woman offering her pussy is nothing special to him. Heck, when he bangs some 7, it’s because it’s convenient for him, not because he’s so into her. Yet, Stacy does not view it that way. In her mind, she deserves such a guy for a relationship. The kind of guy she can get for a one-night stand is, in her mind, exactly the kind of guy who should want to settle down with her. She’s in for a rude awakening.

As Stacy gets pumped and dumped throughout her twenties, the belief forms that men are gatekeepers or relationships because they all want to have nothing to do with her after pumping her full of cum once or twice. In her limitless egocentrism, the perception is that she wants those men to commit, but they do not want to commit to her. She generalizes this to “all men” and then ends up with the piece of bullshit wisdom I opened this article with.

In reality, there would be a whole army of men of comparable (long-term) sexual marketplace value as Stacy. Heck, in the long-term, Stacy’s value will drop like a rock anyway, so many of the guys she turns down she would be unable to get later on. She does not think of cashing in her chips while she still can, thus ignoring all the men she turned down for sex and, unknowingly, for a relationship as well. She would realize this if she did not just try to get guys who are way out of her league and who only use her for a quick pump and dump.

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One thought on “Men are not the Gatekeepers of Relationships

  1. Even worse, hypergamy floats. Many women will try to trade up. They often leave good men for a chad. Only to be in total shock when chad didn’t stick around. Often trying to crawl back to mr beta after chad dumped her. Many women also mistakenly think that their sexual market value is raised by their education or career. Their hypergamy has no upper limit. Their demands for a potential partner will often only increase while they age. It’s not uncommon for women to actually raise their asking price once the chad’s are losing interest. Expecting Christian Grey to be interested in their frozen eggs. Often coming up with the ridiculous idea that men must be intimidated by them. And only Christian Grey would be brave and smart enough to date such a strong independent woman.

    It’s like trying to sell hotdogs at a 5 star all you can eat buffet.

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