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Gloating Over the Misfortune of Ex-Girlfriends

I had an interesting conversation the other day. Some guy told me that he looked up a few of his exes and a few girls who only led him on. Some took advantage of him when he was young and naive, others turned out to be crazy and had to be let go. He was happy to see that most of them have done rather poorly for themselves and indulged in browsing their social media accounts, gloating about their misfortune.

The bigger picture is that this guy has been dating women in their 20s, which is when they have their highest sexual market value. This is due to laws keeping us from dating 16 and 17 year-olds, and college-age girls commonly being out of reach if you are no longer at college. Thus, the next best option is going for the “young professional” crowd, i.e. women who believe all the nonsense about “stimulating corporate careers” and that they can sleep around without any consequences whatsoever.

If you dump a woman in her 20s, chances are that she is either at the peak of her sexual market value, or already past it. Consequently, she will almost invariably fare worse in the future. After all, if a guy is looking to settle down, why would he pick, say, a 28 year-old over a 24 year-old? If he can get a younger woman, he will invariably go for the younger one. Exceptions are when guys have been successfully brainwashed by mainstream propaganda bullshit and believe that older women are more “mature” and that they are “pedophiles” if they get harder erections when they are with a hot, young woman as opposed to some used up hag.

If women accepted the reality that their looks are rapidly declining, they would probably make better decisions. I can’t even fathom their thought processes, but that is because I look for a rational explanation for irrational behavior. Let’s say you got a nice and cushy job that pays you very well and, on top, it’s a guaranteed job for life, something like those workfare government jobs for women. Why the heck would you quit that to join a start-up that pays worse and which may go bust before the end of the year? That situation is comparable to the one women are in who drop a reliable boyfriend in order to see what’s out there.

I have to admit that I looked up a few women I met over the years myself, in the context of my Sleazy Stories books. Looking at some of those profiles made me sad. At others, I thought that it serves that bitch right. There were very few whom I thought had made good decisions about their life. Sure, there is some poetic justice when the most stuck up bitch you have ever met is ten years older and posts heavily photoshopped selfies that fail to make her look even remotely attractive.

Upon reflecting on my thought processes, I said to myself, “Man, you’re better than that.” Sure, gloating is a justifiable emotion to feel. However, it is much more appropriate to feel pity, if not sadness when you look at a gallery of women who squandered everything they had, no matter how much or how little it might have been. I’d say that as a man the prefered course of action is to be indifferent to the self-inflicted suffering of women.

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7 thoughts on “Gloating Over the Misfortune of Ex-Girlfriends

  1. This is the typical reaction I tend to see on the MGTOW reddit forums and comment sections on youtube. Guys having a good hardy har har over the misfortunes of post wall single women. Now that you mention it, indifference does seem to be the optimal choice. Simply because you’re not investing emotional energy or thought into it. Either way, it probably isn’t good for your mental health to find amusement in such matters. With exceptions, of course.

  2. Upon reflecting on my thought processes, I said to myself, “Man, you’re better than that.”

    I am not”better than that”, you are a better man than me. I love seeing bitches who treated me sideways 5, 8, 10 years ago and seeing how shitty everything is for them now-it brings me joy.

    1. It’s a natural process… I think it happens after a certain number of cases.

      – Like after x number of lays you find your mindset switches in terms of y.
      – After x cases of schadenfreude you notice you become indifferent (with a mix of pity)

      I probably gloated for the first 20-30 cases or so… no idea on the exact number.

  3. Pity is the right response. Over the long haul women suffer as much or more than men from elite social programming. They only have a short peak window, after which comes 40 years of invisibility. If they don’t have a family when young, it is not good. Really it is very sad. For a man, the frustration of a bad experience with a woman lasts 1-10 years depending on the event. After that time, one can look back on the situation with a bit of equanimity.

    The reality is that women do not have it good post-35, unless they are married to a productive man and have 2+ kids.

  4. I dont usually gloat (but i confess having indulged in it on some occasion), but there is educational value in seeing how choices and opportunities taken/not taken played out a decade later.

    I recently looked up a girl I was absolutely madly in love with during my high school years…. not only would I not touch her today… by the looks, I think she might have turned out lesbian…?

  5. I once had a massive crush on this German Model. I used to call her a Teutonic Goddess. About a couple of years ago, I came across an interview she made with the BBC. She was about 30 at the time of the interview. Needless to say, I lost all interest in her at that time. If that is the plight of a model, what to say of the average Jane.

  6. literally banking on this panning out in my favor in the long run. some times i fantasize about girls coming back and being at that point where I move on. What a waste of my time and ideally I look forward where I forget about them altogether engrossed in whatever Im getting into qith my life.

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