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Younger Men Who Are Unwilling to Settle

The other day I came across a video on YouTube by a “self-declared high-quality woman”, some wall-hitting broad from Australia who is approximately a Six and believes that because she is a doctor she deserves a top-shelf guy. Of course, top-shelf guys have their pick. Chances are that they rather get someone young, sexy and demure than some cat lady in-training who believes that she is his equal.

She droned on about the difficulties of finding a partner who is able to meet her standards. Her hunt is going so badly that she even had to increase the age range she is considering. She used to only want guys who are a few years older. Now they could also be 10 to 15 years older. Sure, older guys tend to have more money, and when the wall is approaching, why be stingy?

Yet, there was one statement that showed that she does not understand how the sexual marketplace works. She said something like the following:

Younger guys do not want to settle down. I had to learn this lesson the hard way.

This gave me a good chuckle.

No, the issue is not that younger guys — we’re talking about guys in their late twenties to early 30s, so hardly young guys in absolute terms — do not want to settle down. The issue is that all the Chads she has met were ever only interested in a quick pump-and-dump. I can readily imagine how this went down. Chad is out of the door. Then she calls up her gaggle of similarly harebrained girlfriends. Chad’s cum is dripping out of her vajayjay and she’s all excited when she gets advice from her pussy posse on how to reel Chad in. After all, there are not so many muscular guys with the monster cock who are flush with money. Meanwhile, Chad only banged her because she was available and it happened to not have been a great night. Thus, sometimes you end up banging some Seven you don’t even bother to ask for her name. By the time she fantasizes about a future together, he has forgotten about her already, if it weren’t for that nasty itch on his cock which he has to get checked out in the STD clinic.

There are younger men who are more than willing to settle. Yet, those “nice guys” don’t compare favorably to Chad. Some of those guys have become MGTOWs, just like some Chads. Once even the safe option is no longer available, the suffering of those woke, empowered women will be glorious to witness. I’m keeping my popcorn ready.

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3 thoughts on “Younger Men Who Are Unwilling to Settle

  1. Again it’s all bullshit at the end of the day and that’s why I go to the gym and keep a stellar body at 30 years old. These type of women always go for me and I always get what I want out of them.

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