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Missing Pantyliners Make me Wonder if Western Women are Filthy and Disgusting

One of the aspects I like very much about my girlfriend is that she is very clean. I hope I don’t embarrass my sweetie now, but I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that she has a panty liner in her panties every single day, no matter if she is on her period or not. It’s not that vaginal discharge is much of an issue to her. She just wants to keep her clothes clean. (She needs a bit of prodding to keep the kitchen clean, but that is another matter.)

On the other hand, with plenty of the Western women I have dated, hygienic standards were much worse. I even remember women who only bothered with tampons or panty liners when they noticed some blood stains in their panties. This completely grossed me out. I recall one chick who bought piles of panties because she threw them out when they had gotten soiled. Another one was a bit more, um, relaxed when it came to matters of personal hygiene. That plenty of her panties looked gross did not bother her at all.

One girl introduced me to her system of organizing panties. She had “regular panties”, “I might get laid”-panties, and “period panties”. Sure, that is one way of solving this issue. Another is to not be a filthy disgusting pig, ladies! In all seriousness, how many of you guys do not wash your dicks? You may not be obsessive about it, but most certainly none of you likes to have a smelly cock — and that is regardless of whether you might get some action or not. It’s just a matter of personal hygiene.

Considering how filthy many of the women were whom I dated, I am wondering if there is a general cultural problem. I’d say I have sampled a wide range, from all strata of society, and with a clear bias towards the middle-class and college-educated crowd, so it’s not as if I was exclusively picking up dirty skanks. Thinking about it, even the rooms or apartments of many women are messy. They may make an effort if they want to convince you that they would make a good girlfriend. However, the amount of chaos you may walk into if you came along and she just had to have a one-night stand with you can be staggering. In contrast, while I do know some guys who don’t keep their place entirely pristine, it is certainly true that the vast majority of apartments or houses of guys I have visited are kept in excellent shape.

Sometimes you wonder how kids get raised these days. How can it be that we have young women growing up who think nothing of having blood, or a mixture of blood, cum and regular vaginal discharge, drip out of their pussy and only using a tampon or a panty liner if it really seems necessary. They can’t keep their house in order either. Heck, there are women who are so disorganized that you would need to hire a maid if you lived together with them. To those women, it almost seems like a badge of honor to live in a pigsty. Clearly, housework is way beneath them.

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5 thoughts on “Missing Pantyliners Make me Wonder if Western Women are Filthy and Disgusting

    1. they do that because they have to.
      Here’s the cold hard truth: Men are the beautiful sex.

    2. My personal pet peeve is how many women have a stinky breath. It’s unique to my part of the world. But it’s girls who spend 1 hour on average with makeup.

      You couldn’t do 2 minutes of brushing your teeth?

    1. Compare Eastern vs Western Europe the girls teeth. They spend a lot more time on makeup, but less on dental hygiene.

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