Featured Reader Comment: For Guys Complaining about “Negativity” (by Alek Novy)

Here is another great reader comment. Alek Novy has a few words for people who complain about “negativity”. While such people are, in my opinion, concern trolls who do not deserve any attention, Alek’s eloquent comment certainly does.

The number one reason guys don’t get as much success with women as they can… is because they have been mislead their entire life about female nature.

Society goes out of its way to hide women’s “flaws”. And when I say “flaws”, i don’t mean that “women are flawed”. It’s just that society hides these features of female nature as a marketer would hide product flaws.

They’re not really flaws in a negative sense in my own estimate. I hold no grudge against women for having them (I assume Aaron is the same). Just how evolution shaped women. Are we “flawed” because we can get a hard-on even seeing a fruit that resembles an ass?

With that said, NOBODY EVER TALKS ABOUT THIS STUFF in the mainstream/anywhere in society. Aaron is doing a job of battling 20 years of BRAINWASHING when a reader comes here. Of course he has to be direct and focus on just listing/discussing all the “flaws”… BECAUSE the reader stumbling her WOULD HAVE NEVER HEARD ABOUT THEM otherwise.

It only seems “negative” to you privileged unempathetic clowns… because you can’t put yourself in the shoes of the intended audience. To you all of these things are “common sense”.

“Yeah yeah, we know that women pretend to dislike sex with johnny cuck, and then go bang bikers in bathroom behind johnny provider’s back… gosh aaron why are you so obssesed about this, it’s as if this is the only defining feature of womanhood, darn, why do you keep talking about it”.

BECAUSE ITS NOT INTENDED AT YOU. It’s intended to people who’ve never heard about it. You’re so used to being on this side of the fence, you have no idea how oblivious the average guy is. He’s never heard of *any* of these flaws.

There are trillion-dollar industries out there spreading propaganda the other way. Every government forces this propaganda through the school system. Boys/guys never hear about this stuff that’s been kept away from them. That’s why counter-propaganda has to keep listing all the things that were hidden away from the masses.

As it turns out, society/mainstream is all about hiding flaws. So if a blogger is about exposing “things society doesn’t tell you/hides from you”, by MERE consequence, all the things he’ll talk about will be flaws. But that’s society’s fault for having suppressed them.

7 thoughts on “Featured Reader Comment: For Guys Complaining about “Negativity” (by Alek Novy)

  1. Hi Alek,
    these are two questions I’ve always wanted to ask you:
    1) What kind of niche are you in?
    2) What do you think are the main niches in which one could rack some serious numbers? I’m asking this because I can’t see how one can transform the passion for reading in an activity to meet women, for example.

    1. The swingers niche is one where you are pretty sure to get laid. But you must generally have a girl to bring to the party, to begin with…. 😉

    2. Dude, think with your freaking big brain for one second and chose something you like. Do you have any personality?
      Get. Your. Life. In. Order. (AKA Fix your goddamn foundation.)
      Pick something with a social element and some chicks. No, collecting stamps doesn’t fit.

      After you fixed your foundations, pickup goes something like this:
      1. Walk up to an interested seeming woman and see if she wants sex.
      2. Repeat step 1 with different women until you get laid.

      Does that sound impressive to you? Something you need to “master”?

    3. Dude, think with your freaking big brain for one second and chose something you like. Do you have any personality?
      Get. Your. Life. In. Order. (AKA Fix your goddamn foundation.)
      Pick something with a social element and some chicks. No, collecting stamps doesn’t fit

      An excuse guys sometimes use is to say “But i’m not in love with/passionate about anything, should I pretend to get chicks”.

      To that my questions would be “what are the last 15 hobbies you tried?”.

      The reason I would ask this question?

      If someone says things like this, I know he hasn’t actually gone out into the real world and given this stuff a try.

      Some of these guys think something like “Oh, so I need to be so in love with and passionate about something that I dream about it day and night”…

      NO… Neither Aaron or anyone has ever suggested that. You’re misreading the advice on purpose to have an excuse not to try when you say “oooh oooh but i’m not passionate about anything”.

      All that Aaron says is that it’s much easier to specialize in a scene when it’s something you genuinelly like. I mean this stuff is simple guys.

      Like if you’re into rock n roll and don’t like the electronic music scene… don’t try to to specialize in the latter.

      You can go into the rock scene, work your way up and start finding way to infiltrate the status points. Like volunteer for a place that hosts bands… and slowly work way up to being a promoter for such places… until you know every rock chick in town by name and every venue owner knows you and all the bands come up to greet you before they get onto stage.

      THERE’S AN EXAMPLE FOR YOU guys. Don’t expect me to spoon-feed you further. For spoon-feeding you can always book a consult with Aaron.

      Now, you don’t have to be OBSESSED about rock music. Just like this music over other kinds of music.

      — Why the try 15 different hobbies? That’s how people discover a passion. Nobody knows their passion until they try it. You just need to find it interesting enough to try it. You might try amateur comedy, yoga, fitness events, business events… and find you actually REALLY love one of those scenes.

      Or you might not find a single one that you “love”. You don’t need to love a scene to leverage it to get laid though. Just have a genuine LIKE. And if you leave the house and test enough scenes, YOU’LL FIND ONE.

    4. Isn’t it better to follow the opportunities you have to meet women than to find some niche you like even though you might not like that niche much.

  2. It’s not about the niche, it’s about the method. Everything I’ve shared can be done in any niche that qualifies. I’ve given hundreds of random examples (that aren’t my niche)… like you can go into photography enthusiasts niche, dancing classes, startup seminars and networking worlds, yoga & spirituality world, fitness enthusiasts world, the underground rock scene, the rave scene… anything really. The methodology is the same.

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