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An Evolutionary Explanation for the Existence of Female Rape Fantasies

In a comment on my recent article An Evolutionary Explanation of the Perma-Horniness of Pregnant Women, I was asked the following:

How do you explain that there are so many women with rape fantasies?
Were women with rape fantasies more likely to survive?

I think there is a pretty simple explanation. Form genetic studies, we know that in the ancestral environment the vast majority of women managed to procreate, but only a small fraction of men. Apparently, it was also a reality that the consequence of tribal warfare was that the victorious tribe killed the men and abducted (“raped“) the women. Thus, women had an evolutionary advantage if they were able to learn languages more quickly, get used to new customs, got along well with men and women who are genetically different from them, and who had no problem with having sex with men they barely knew. The more malleable a woman was, the higher her chance of thriving in such an environment.

I suppose that the alpha males of a victorious tribe got to choose among the women of the vanquished tribe first, and then the men further down the hierarchy got their pick. They took the women and presumably had sex with them, even in a non-cooperative way, if needed. However, I would argue that women who found this kind of encounter exciting, or could at least tolerate it, as opposed to revolting had a much higher chance to survive and pass on their genes. In contrast, women who were more independent-minded may not have fared quite so well. In fact, I would argue that only in modernity did women manage to procreate despite having less-than-pleasant personalities. In the ancestral environment, any proto-feminist likely would have found a quick end.

It does not surprise me at all that many women have rape fantasies. It would probably be more surprising if they did not. Of course, this does not mean that they want to get raped, but there are situations in which a woman’s survival directly depended on her level of agreeableness. In the extreme, this meant taking the dick of a guy who killed her family and children. Perhaps this also explains why there are so many female psychopaths and narcissist, but that is a different topic.

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  1. Makes sense why modern women moving into new places seem so preoccupied with “building their network” while modern men learn to be cautious about who they bring into their personal tribe and make making money and hunting for pussy their main goal beyond that.

    What about the case of a rising civilization conquering a formerly powerful one and taking its reins? The classic examples are Germanic tribes sacking the decaying Roman Empire and establishing the royal families of Italy, France, and Iberia or various Turkic tribes conquering Persia and India and forming the Imperial dynasties but continuing their languages and cultures.

    Also, while Biblical texts talk about the Nephilim, a race of fallen angels who have bred with human women to form “superior races”, are they an allegory for members of a formerly powerful civilization that has joined a rising one, like the former Trojans founding Rome and “raping” the Sabine women?

    1. Noteworthy here is that female networks are very fragile. They spend a lot of time maintaining their supposed friendships, yet these women all bitch about everyone else behind their back. In contrast, as a guy you can reach out to some other dude you worked with two or three years ago and ask for his input or a referral and you most likely will get it.

      What exactly is your question regarding civilizations? I am quite sure they also took the women and killed the men. On a more general note, I think there is a general tendency that the conquerors take or adopt whatever is useful to them, provided they understand how it works. For instance, Roman engineering was a high point. Probably to this day we would not be able to build aqueducts the same way, and their roads are arguably at a quality beyond what we could produce — in contrast, the body mechanics of banging a chick are a lot easier to grasp; even IQ90 soldiers grasp them. The idea of a road, monument, or building lasting millennia is completely foreign to contemporary civil engineering.

    2. >>Also, while Biblical texts talk about the Nephilim, a race of fallen angels who have bred with human women to form “superior races”<<

      Grey Aliens.

    3. Aaron:
      I’m not sure if I’m missing the point of some joke here? We are definitely superior to the Romans in engineering, and can produce things superior to their roads and aqueducts.

    4. This was not my point. Instead, the issue is that we would be unable to replicate some of the Roman feats of engineering, even if we remove the limitations of only using technologies that were available back then. There are Roman roads that have survived to this day. Also, while we no longer use aqueducts as we have supposedly superior technology, I doubt that we could construct one. An interesting aspect is that the Romans constructed a network of aqueducts spanning their empire over the course of multiple centuries. Do you think our societies are stable enough to make it worthwhile to embark on a project that would take not years, not decades, but multiple centuries to complete?

  2. Regarding modern Western civilizations, it seems that a lot of smarter and richer Western men are marrying Asian women while leaving Western women to die alone with their cats. Do you see Asian societies gaining intellectual capital from a declining Western civilization in the form of the most productive men leaving to breed with their women? In this case, the conquest is in the name of love.

    Already, Chinese tech firms are trying to lure executives from DIEing Western firms to accelerate their innovation and growth. Do you see a movement of disillusioned Western men evolving beyond importing Asian pussy to moving to the source as their own countries are declining?

    In this case, such men have “an evolutionary advantage if they [are] able to learn languages more quickly, get used to new customs, got along well with men and women who are genetically different from them, and who [have] no problem with having sex with [women] they barely knew”.

    On the flip side, I can see more white men on the opposite end of the spectrum devolving into this (in case they don’t kill themselves):

    1. I don’t see large-scale white migration to Asia happening unless western society more or less completely collapses.

      As you noted, it’s more common to “import” Asian women than to move to Asia. Plus, most Asian countries aren’t really enjoyable for people who are used to western comforts. Countries like the Philippines, for example, may be nice to visit, but not to live in long-term.

      Other countries, like Japan, South Korea, and urban China, are more up to western expectations. However, the language and culture are still a huge barrier. The westerner who’s lived in an east Asian country for years, even decades, is more or less a trope at this point. Most westerners who try to learn east Asian languages give up because it’s too much effort for them.

      Plus, if you look at the long-term white residents of east Asian countries, they tend to be of a low quality. We’re talking guys who moved there to be English “teachers” (really tutors or teaching assistants), and are still in that position, earning low wages decades later. Highly qualified western professionals only tend to stay for a few years, and then move back.

      China also has the problem of a repressive government. Westerners are used to being able to say, for example, that the government’s tax policy is stupid without risking their job or their freedom. It’ll be hard for most westerners to adapt to that.

      Japan and South Korea don’t have that issue, but the other issues I mentioned exist there as well. And all of them tend to have very collectivist cultures which are hard to understand and adapt to for westerners. Even those westerners who live in those countries long-term tend to feel isolated from the locals, and the local friends they do manage make tend to be those who are either “foreigner groupies,” or those who have lived abroad themselves for a while, and so are used to western cultures.

      Watched like half a minute of that video before I turned it off in disgust. Typical wiggers. 🙁

    2. >>Plus, if you look at the long-term white residents of east Asian countries, they tend to be of a low quality. We’re talking guys who moved there to be English “teachers” (really tutors or teaching assistants), and are still in that position, earning low wages decades later.<<

      Reminds me of Ryan Boundless.

    3. I have on more than one occasion in NYC, met a British man (or a European one formerly living and working in London) who has married an American woman who happened to be working, studying, or traveling there.

      Do you think the English gentleman is the remnant of a greater age that is now up for grabs as the United Kingdom slips into economic stagnation and totalitarianism for North American and South Pacific white women with money?

      I’ve even met black American women who found boyfriends (even husbands) from Southern Europe who are more than happy to bail their poor job markets.

  3. Sorry I am late to this conversation, but work has been crazy lately. Upshot is I am making a
    shitload of money 😉

    There are two things being mixed up here, I think. On the one hand, rape fantasies. I think those fantasies have little to do with our evolutionary past, they are only thinly veiled dominance fantasies. A lot of women have “rape” fantasies, but it is just that, a fantasy. If you start probing just a little you will find out that in her fantasy the guys who rape them are guys who they would like to fuck anyway. In the fantasy, the “rapist” is always a desirable guy, they are always raped by Brad Pitt or Sean Connery in his prime, or whatever, but i doubt anyone fantasizes being raped by Quasimodo, or by a 300 pound smelly truck driver. In real life, a guy who rapes them will do it exactly for the opposite reason, because they would NOT have sex with them. Most women like men who are dominant and assertive, and rape fantasies fall squarely in this box.

    (Just btw, I have experienced this several times during my dating career. Plenty of girls like it rough. Once one had me “rape” her at gunpoint (gun was not loaded). A couple girls even asked me to “rape” them while they were passed out or sleeping, they wanted to wake up either with my dick in her, or with cum on their faces or dripping from their pussy. )

    On the other hand, there is the issue of forced sex in our evolutionary past. It is true that women were often the main prize, particularly in war between hunter-gatherers. So women who quickly adapt to the new status quo will indeed be favored by selection. The fact that women like dominant men is almost certainly related to this, if the guy fucking you and his tribe just massacred your previous man and his tribe, you can easily conclude he is more alpha and therefore a better match regarding general evolutionary fitness.

    One more thing to note here, is that even if you rule out the conquest and forced assimilation, even in peaceful societies, women have more ephemeral social networks because they are the ones who leave the clan to go join someone elses clan. Thats how you keep genetic diversity and prevent inbreeding. Look at our close cousins, the chimpanzees. When you see a troup of chimmpanzees , you will find that the males are all closely genetically related, but the females are not. In human civilization, we made it a formal arrangement and called it “patriarchy”. (the real, actual definition of patriarchy, not the nebulous, nonspecific shit feminists make up nowadays)

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