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Hamas War Brides and the Evolutionary Realities of Womanhood

The ubiquity of smartphones may be a net-negative on society overall, but it also draws attention to aspects of reality our hostile elites are either oblivious to or would much prefer to pretend that they are not real. The narrative of the strong, empowered woman is a good example. It is fully obvious that women are physically weaker than men, and by a very significant amount, yet this is the kind of truth whose utterance would get you kicked out of polite society.

As it so happened, there is a war going on in Palestine, and on the first day, the Hamas raided a basic bitch rave peace festival, killing the men, and capturing the women, or at least the nubile ones. The women were taken like cattle. It ended like this:

Hamas undoing decades of feminist indoctrination in a few minutes.

You can also watch a brief video here. These women are cowering and huddling together. Some are crying. You can bet that those women were strangers one or two hours ago, but fate brought them together. Now they are bonding at a staggering pace because they realize that mutual support improves their chance of survival. None of these women is standing up to their captors.

It seems that we do not know what happened to these women. There was one Jewish-German woman who got shot and paraded around, though. Perhaps she was a bit too confrontational for the liking of the average Hamas soldier. Of course, I do not condone violence towards women, or war in general, or any other barbarity such as misgendering someone, but it is clear as day that there is an atavistic program in the female brain. If they get captured by an invading force, they will bond with other women in the same situation and they will also do their best to get along with their captors. Surely, similar atavistic programs exist in men. You probably know that it is not that uncommon that enemy soldiers get asked to dig their own grave, and then they get shot. Why would they dig the grave in the first place, seeing that they know that it is not just random hole they are digging but a hole just for them? It is likely an evolutionary program that tries to placate your captor.

Assuming those women get handed out as a reward to various Hamas soldiers, you can bet that they would quickly come to grips with reality. They will have as many children as they can, and this will keep them busy. Their husband will set very clear rules for their behavior, and put them in their place. I am now wildly speculating, but I could even imagine that any of those empowered women would end up enjoying her life, taking care of five or six little Hamas babies, a lot more than her life of pushing PowerPoint presentations around.

I can’t help but think that being faced with the reality of men simply stealing women would prevent absurd ideas from gaining any foothold in society. Do you think medieval women would have been receptive towards tales of strong, empowered women who can anything a man can do, but better? Those feminist propagandists would have ended up on the stake, powerfully demonstrating that their teachings are nonsensical and do not survive contact with reality.

Interestingly, there has been a shift in meaning of the term “rape”. In the historical meaning of the word, the women above were “raped”, i.e. abducted. This meaning seems to only survive in one particular context, i.e. the rape of the Sabine women in Roman mythology. In short, concerned about a lack of women among them, the mythical founders of Rome threw a big party, inviting the Sabines. They killed the men and kept the women. Oh, look at the faggy Wikipedia trying to rewrite history, insinuating that the modern meaning of the word “rape” is the only meaning this word ever had:

Modern scholars tend to interpret the word as “abduction” or “kidnapping” as opposed to a sexual assault.

No, you faggots! Modern “scholars” chose to distort the meaning of the word “rape”. It comes from the lat. rapere, meaning “to seize”, and a raped women was, for the longest time in history, one that was simply abducted. The aspect of having sex with her against her will was not part of the meaning of the word, which has interesting implications, and it may also explain why foreign-born rocket scientists think it is their right to sexually molest Western women in public. The original meaning of the word seems to imply that it was the duty of society to protect women because otherwise, they would simply be taken away by anyone who desired them.

The woke women in the picture above will surely find a way to live with their captors. Stockholm syndrome is real, i.e. a kidnapped person (woman) developing sympathy for or even falling in love with her (male) captor, and it surely taps into the same evolutionary mechanism as an abduction. Some of those women may even happily spread their legs for Hamas Chad, and likely they would quickly try to appeal to those Hamas warriors they find the most attractive.

Modern feminism is about 70, perhaps 100, years old. Human evolution dates back over 60 million years, and was a response to pressure from the environment. As it turns out, even decades of brain-washing, and even inter-generational brainwashing, amount to absolutely nothing once reality comes knocking.

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