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Is the Vaxx Wiping Out Japanese Creators?

When I claimed, in early 2020, that Covid was bullshit, and warned people of taking the vaxx, I was far ahead not only of the mainstream but even of the lunatic fringe. Yet, I was proven right. Today, only the mentally ill seem to be lining up for their vaxx booster shots. The damage has been done, though. In this post, I want to quickly highlight a few rather unusual deaths in Japan, for which no good explanation was given. Until proven otherwise, I will remain convinced that these creators were killed by the vaxx.

The first one is Kentaro Miura, the creator of Berserk, which is possibly the greatest manga of all time. He died in May 2021 all of a sudden. The cause of death was an “acute aortic dissection”. I wonder if this aortic dissection, i.e. tear, happened due to a blood clot. Surely, a fat blood clot exerts extra pressure on an aorta, increasing the risk of tearing.

More recently, we lost Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball and original artist of the Dragon Quest series of RPGs, which I hold in very high regards. His style was very distinctive. This guy died at the age of 68, which seems early given that Japan has one of the highest life expectancies in the world. The average is 84 years and a 68-year-old probably has a statistical life expectancy of closer to 90 years.

The other day, Mutsumi Inomata died. I did not know who she was but I was quite familiar with her work as she was the creative genius behind the super-sluts of the Tales-of RPG series. She had a great hand for creating 11/10 waifus. The female lead of the Tales of Xillia duology is probably her best work. Mutsumi Inomata only made it to the age of 63.

I would not all be surprised if these three people all had their life cut short due to the demonic vaxx. It may sound strange for today’s generation but there was a time when people did not suddenly and unexpectedly die, and certainly not at such relatively early ages. Of course, we only hear about people like the above because of their creative work, but there are countless others who have died all of a sudden and at an age where you would normally not expect it.

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