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The Limitations of Humiliation Rituals

Some of you may have come across news regarding the new Miss Germany. If you were expecting a young, slim, hot blonde, you would be sorely disappointed. Instead, the winner was a 39-year-old and very unattractive Iranian. If the winner of a national beauty contest looks worse than the average 18-year old in your country then something has seriously gone wrong. However, the root cause is not stupidity. Instead, it is yet another example of the leftist’s need to debase our culture. Beauty supposedly does not exist so anyone can become a beauty queen, just as illiterate goat herders could simply put on a coat and become brain surgeons.

This kind of humiliation has gone on for a long time. Just look at our leaders: oftentimes, it seems that the men behind the curtain deliberately pick incompetents, and not just to make them easier to control. Just look at Joe Brandon! That guy does not know where he is 90% of the time, yet he supposedly is the president of the United States. Everyone can see that Sleepy Joe no longer has it together, and that is exactly the point. The press tells you that Biden is the most popular men who has ever lived and that the economy is doing great only to mock you. Clearly, you cannot trust your lying eyes.

However, picking incompetent leaders comes at a hefty price. Important to understand is that our supposed leaders are at best middle managers. Real control is wielded by others. While you can pick an incompetent middle manager in order to demoralize a country, or, in the case of a company, your workforce, this is not a winning long-term strategy. Yes, there are DIE (“diversity, inclusion, and equity”) grifters, but with their grifting they are chopping away at the stem of the money tree. This is quite obvious whenever someone from an “underrepresented minority” gets put in a position of power and ends up running a company into the ground. In the case of politics, we have incompetent puppet governments. These may be easy to control. However, they are ineffective at what they do. This strikes me as suboptimal if the reason behind picking these sock puppets was anything else besides creating chaos. However, the elites still want to push their agenda. I posit that the best leader would be a ruthless narcissist, which is the kind of politician we used to have in the past. Yet, you cannot elevate a carbon copy of Patrick Bateman into a position of power anymore as there is a plethora of government funded grassroot organizations and, similarly government-funded, NGOs who would cause too much trouble. The golem can no longer be controlled.

A misconception of leadership is that you can just force your will onto others. Instead, a leader needs to be accepted by his followers. This is clearly no longer the case in the West. As a consequence, there is widespread disdain for political figureheads. As a consequence, quite a few of the big elite-backed projects in recent times have failed spectacularly. The WHO, for instance, has tried to hype up about a handful of viruses recently, and none of them have taken off. There is more: Right-wing parties are surging in Europe. Men are dropping out of work. Society seems to unravel. If all of this was planned, I would love to see the reasoning behind it.

My interpretation is that there is significant cognitive decline in elite circles, which leads to them making utterly harebrained decisions. It is not conceivable that they want society to fully collapse because then their ride on the gravy train will end as well. A few weeks ago there was a major news story about a Boeing airplane losing a door mid-flight. Imagine you are a billionaire going to Davos in your private plane in order to pontificate about climate change: how relaxed could you be, knowing that the dumbed down labor force at the hangar might have messed up some routine inspections or accidentally damaged the plane? Elevating the ugly, incompetent, and stupid has a natural limit. It is similar to parasitism in nature. A parasite that kills its host will be in deep trouble if there is no other host to be found nearby. Thus, there is normally some kind of symbiosis or at least some kind of stable equilibrium. However, in the case of modern Western society, it seems that there is a significant imbalance. I have a hunch that the hosts will be fine in the long run, though.

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  1. “It is not conceivable that they want society to fully collapse because then their ride on the gravy train will end as well.”

    By the same token, I wonder how many non-elites are to the point of wishing for said collapse, despite all the horrors it will entail, because it seems like the only way to be rid of these parasites?

  2. There also another, more grim, reason why they chose an ugly iranian as Miss Germany. It is done in order to pave the way to ethnic cleansing of Germans in the long term. They put ethnic people everywhere in display to get people used to the fact that there will be no whites at some point in the future. My country has an African population of probably below 3%, but if you watch the commercials you would believe half of the people here are black or brown.

  3. I posit that the best leader would be a ruthless narcissist, which is the kind of politician we used to have in the past. Yet, you cannot elevate a carbon copy of Patrick Bateman into a position of power anymore as there is a plethora of government funded grassroot organizations and, similarly government-funded, NGOs who would cause too much trouble.

    And that’s why I’m not pro-democracy.

    Now about beauty pageants: there was this “Ukranian” (actually jewish) woman who recently won “Miss Japan”. I find it surprising, because Japanese are based, so I didn’t think that beauty pageants are bullshit over there in the same way they are in the other countries. I feel that none of the women on this photo are actually that good looking . You’ll see better looking women in Tokyo every day. Oh, and of course, being a jew she promotes immigration and tries to redefine the meaning of word “Japanese” so that it no longer has anything to do with ethnicity

    1. I wonder who is behind this beauty pageant. Probably, it makes more sense to view it as some kind of NGO that is primarily concerned with pushing an agenda instead of identifying the most beautiful (ethnic Japanese) woman living in Japan. As this article also points out, in the past they crowned a black woman Miss Japan. Based on what I know of Japanese society, I have doubts that such a choice is much appreciated by the wider population. Interestingly, this kind of subversive activity is also limiting, similar to the process I describe in the article. You can take over an organization and piggyback on its reputation for a while. However, you will not be able to indefinitely use it as a means of propagandizing viewpoints that are in diametrical opposition to the preferences of society.

    2. Absolutely fascinating, I hadn’t previously heard of this double-attack on Japanese identity! Just to think that the “elites” would have the stupidity to dare pulling something like this off is baffling.
      The (((Ukrainian))) broad looks like your typical Ukrainian whorish gold-digger. Yes, she somewhat looks “sweet” (and I admit I’d bang her once or twice), but there is absolutely nothing special about her. Ridicolous!
      The African-American “Japanese” girls is even more ridicolous!

  4. “I posit that the best leader would be a ruthless narcissist”

    May I ask if you’ve heard or happen to be familiar with the “Toxic Champion Mindset” concept,Aaron?

    In the broader sense of the idea,its interesting to note that many “negative” personality traits,serve actual useful purposes in niche circumstances. Sociopathy is not something you want in the civilian populace,but its extremely useful in soldiers during war.

    There was that age old saying about how in order to be a good leader,you need to have the ability to be a good follower. Unfortunately,just because you have all the traits to make for a good follower/”Beta”,does not necessarily mean you have the traits to make for a good Leader.

    For the record,I use the term “Beta” here not in derogative sense like we are familiar with in the Manosphere,but in the way more modern scientific research defines them as,here’s a link: (Its also a great article as a whole on the concept of Leadership/what it really means to be “Alpha” I’d say)

    Basically the more we’ve learned about wolf behavior the more complex and fascinating it’s become For example the Alpha may be the leader, but the Beta is the pack’s protector, enforcer and ‘goon.’ The Beta is also expendable. The rest of the pack has far more complex roles and services to the needs of the family.

    1. There is a big push by large organizations to hire easily controllable people into first-line and middle management positions. These people get told that they need to be “servant leaders” but not actual leadership skills that would get you into real positions of power. I am often baffled how incredibly meek those people are. They are leaders because they have been given a certain position but in a real-world context, they would not be accepted as leaders. We see the same in our politicians. A guy like Trudeau or Scholz, in their youth, would only get beaten up in high school but not been seen as having any kind of natural authority.

    2. Trudeau, especially young, had chad halo though. Do chads get beaten up? I though only ugly/autistic kids do

    3. Trudeau strikes me as extremely effeminate. Thus, I cannot see him as a leader of men. If he came across back then as he does now, he probably has been told a lot that he is a “faggot”. On that note, I recall that he has been doing well in elections due to the female vote, and it has been a very unfortunate fact of democracy that female voters are a lot less concerned with leadership and competency than male voters.

    4. Being Chad,unfortunately,doesn’t make you immune to being born in horrible living conditions. A good looking guy born in the ghetto is going to be forced to learn to fend for himself. He’ll probably have it a bit better than a less well endowed guy (just because he’s less likely to attract negative attention to himself),but probably not by much. Plenty of professional athletes come from this kind of background actually.

      Mike Tyson got bullied,and he was already bigger than most adults at the age of 16. Same goes for me actually,I was consistently one of the biggest and tallest kids at my high school,and it still didn’t stop me from getting bullied unfortunately. I think one of my mistakes though was not fighting back soon enough. If you sent me back in time with everything I know now,I would have trashed the first bully who tried to test me and that might well have been enough to keep me off radar for the rest of my school years.


      I suppose that’s the difference between a real leader and a “manager”. Those orgs just want managers for the purpose of task delegation to keep the cogs running,but not somebody who could actually make a real difference.

      Since we’re talking about weak/meek “leaders”,I think one of the absolute worst positions you could take up if you fit that disposition is becoming a high school teacher. I still remember one of my teachers,who got constantly disrespected and his authority dismissed by my rowdier classmates. He’d have had a much easier life as a librarian or some other more solitary job at the school.

    5. @ Aaron,

      Guys that “got beaten up in highschool” sounds like a lot of managers I’ve worked under. Some cops I’ve had negative experiences with also.

    6. That’s actually a public theory about why we have some bad abusive cops out there. they failed to stand up for themselves in their youth,and now they want to take out their inner frustrations on innocent less-powerful people. Somehow they don’t realize that they have become exactly what they hate.

    7. Exactly, this brings us right back to bullying. It is very common for bullies to have been bullied themselves in their youth. Rather than dealt with the problem directly like you did, they joined the proverbial “dark side.”. Seeing bullies as winners, rather than the losers and cowards that bullies are. The cycle will continue and they will create ever more bullies. But the optimist in me sees at least some coming out better like you did. And yet there are others who may just get completely wrecked by these experiences.

    8. Brings us back to my comments on these 2 old Open Threads:
      That’s why I’m so glad I got this out of my system in high school. I don’t have a need to prove myself like so many other young (and sometimes not-young) men out there by putting themselves in needless danger. Its one of the reasons I’m very pro on the idea of standing up for yourself against your bullies in school as a youngster if you have the opportunity to safely do so. (well,as “safe” as it can get. violence will always have an element of risk) Plenty of the men I describe never did so while they had the chance and it haunts them for a large part of their lives,if not the rest of it. There’s nothing to do but try to overcome it if you’ve missed the opportunity,but its a heck of a lot harder than having the proud memory of successfully standing up for yourself at the moment of truth.

      And unfortunately,a lot of normally good Self-Defense advice actually go out of the window in the School environment. There’s an unreasonable asshole at a random bar who is trying to look for an excuse to fight you? You can walk or run away from such a person,and you don’t have to come back to that specific bar.

      You can’t do that with a school bully classmate who you will be forced to see/interact with on a daily basis. You will have to find a way to get that issue handled,and often times it will have to be by inflicting great physical pain on the bully.

      I go into much greater detail on the whole issue in this reddit post of mine however:

      Fighting is obviously dangerous,and Self-Defense instructors are right to promote avoidance and deescalation,even if it involves swallowing pride in the process. As an adult,especially in places you don’t HAVE to frequent,this is the right move.

      Unfortunately,School where you’re STUCK in the same place as the bullies,is one of those circumstances where this advice doesn’t apply. The social dynamics of a shitty school environment is really not that different from a ghetto and a prison,where “losing face” can really have dire consequences to your general quality of life. (and even your personal safety) (3:45 – 4:55)

      I’ve mentioned this kid,James Sapphire here,before. and that timestamp I would say is an excellent demonstration of what I mean by the above. Obviously,this kid made absolutely horrible decisions to lead him into those horrible circumstances in the first place,but ONCE he was there,he should have been WAY more concerned for his “street cred” over his physical face. His backing down getting recorded and exposed to the entire school resulted in him becoming everybody’s literal punching bag until he dropped out.

      There’s just no room for being weak,ESPECIALLY if you intend to “live your own way”. Someone I’ve spoken to in the past put it this way:

      This is really bad as a teacher but I think every kid should know how to handle themselves. Even if you are some super woke vegan non binary kid with 20 pronouns. Learn to handle yourself at least enough that if someone want to fck with you it always come at a cost to them.

      I think that about wraps it up. Here I am writing novels again. lol

  5. Splendid analysis, Sleaze!
    The mid to upper mid-level elites have fallen victim to drinking their own kool-aid. I guess there’s a comparably applicable warning for drug dealers and it goes like this: “Don’t get high on your own supply.”

    It is my assumption that the dialectic destruction and dissolution of literlly every- and anything IS the core chacteristic of modernity itself, and thus intended and has been planned over the course of centuries and decades to a certain degree. But hitting the sweet spot in order to transform the mess of disoluted “prima materia” into the creation of their new “one perfect world system” is a hard thing to do. So, if literally everything around you – both visible and invisible – breaks down, this would also affect the ability to actually transform anything according to oes’s own will.
    Perhabs this is what some people like to call “te cunning of reason”.

    1. Have you or Aaron read anything by Julius Evola? I’ve started reading “Ride the Tiger” recently and it touches these things a lot

    2. I am aware of Julius Evola. So far, I have read parts of Men Among The Ruins and Revolt Against the Modern World. I will have a look at Ride the Tiger as it seems very relevant to topics I am thinking about a lot these days. Thanks for the recommendation.

    3. Yes, I have read the basic works Evola. Personally, I do not subscribe to his overall neo-pagan worldview. But he is obviously highly knowledgeable in esoterics and metaphysics and his analysis on the inherent problems within modernity is as spot on as anything.

  6. Heh, remember reading a tweet by an Iranian-Swedish guy where he said something like “If they were going to pick an Iranian to be a beauty queen, why did they have to pick an ugly one?” 🙂

    By the way, Aaron, you’ve got the acronym wrong. It’s not DIE, it’s DEI. I believe it stands for “Doesn’t Earn Income.” 😉

    1. >>>By the way, Aaron, you’ve got the acronym wrong. It’s not DIE, it’s DEI. I believe it stands for “Doesn’t Earn Income.” ????

      I heard another translation of DEI – “Didn’t Earn It”

    2. It should be DIE because the sequence is “diversity”, “inclusion”, “equity”, i.e. first you push for diversity quotas, then you get those people in, and then they get a piece of the pie. Of course, the acronym DEI was used because DIE would be a bit too telling.

    3. They all make sense when you think about it. “Didn’t Earn It” reflects how the employees were hired for positions they didn’t earn, “Doesn’t Earn Income” is what they do for the companies, and DIE is what the companies who lean too heavily into it will eventually do. 🙂

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