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58 thoughts on “Open Thread #311

  1. 2 of Aaron’s rather recent posts is about Women who live in their bed,but ironically,that’s kinda my life right now outside the gym. as I get lower down in weight,I’m definitely feeling that energy drop. My sleep however is spread throughout the day rather than 1 straight block of the usually recommended 8 hours a day. (although I do sometimes get that IN ADDITION to the naps)

    Interestingly enough,I’ve read that this is actually how humans most naturally sleep. Its just that in the modern age of the 9-5 (which I thankfully don’t have to put up with right now),we’ve been conditioned to get our sleep in 1 big block instead of spread throughout the day.

    I notice that my sleep is especially good when I’m able to eat more vegetables during the day. My diet definitely meets its purpose in facilitating the weight loss and providing enough protein,but definitely not ideal right now. I bought ZMA recently to supplement Magnesium further,and its probably a meaningful reason for my improved sleep in addition to the veggies.

    I feel like Sleep is my most powerful tool right now to help me achieve my goals. Helps facilitate muscle growth and prevention of muscle loss while losing weight,and just the sheer fact of “Can’t be hungry/eating if sleeping!”,haha.

  2. What do you guys think of the current Chinese economic crisis? Real estate companies in China went bursted. Country Garden should be bankrupted now.

    I don’t know if the news is neutral.

    1. Well, China’s been overbuilding for quite a while, so it’s not that surprising.

      I suspect that Xi Jinping has also had a negative effect on the economy. He’s been slowly transforming China’s government from technocrat-run to run by people who are the most loyal to him. When loyalty to the leader becomes more important than ability, then ability suffers.

      I don’t think it’s a coincidence that China has had a miracle economy for around 40 years or so (with only fairly brief breaks), and is starting to experience more serious economic problems alongside the decline of the technocracy.

    2. I think on China, Sleazy has been proved to be wrong. It’s hard, I know, to be right all the times about future. But no, we won’t see Chinese domination over the world anytime soon. As a Vietnamese, it fills me with joy.

  3. You guys ever noticed that as some women age and gain weight they develop a “cackle.” Kind of like a witch? I wonder what causes this lol. General unhappiness maybe?

    1. With age, their voice changes so the annoying cackle of the 40-year-old and not-so-cool wine aunt was likely at some point the cute chuckle of a young woman plenty of guys were fawning over.

  4. I think I’m coming to accept that having a jacked panty-wetty physique is not in the cards for me genetically, after giving it the old college try for a few years. I’m hoping that I can just be lean and have other things going for me.

    1. I would love to look ripped,but at the very minimum,I just want to lose enough to weight to not be fat anymore and to reap QoL benefits. (both for daily life and athletics. Its harder to be athletic the more unnecessary weight you are carrying)

      I’m around 237lbs now (the scale is probably slowing down a bit because I’m gaining more muscle again. My strength in the overhead press just skyrocketed for example). I’m definitely not going to look very lean at 215lbs,but I suspect I’m going to reap a heck of a lot of athletic benefit getting further down to that weight.

      I’m already reaping quite a bit of new QoL benefit just getting to this point.

    2. My highest weight was 320lbs. Yeah,I legit looked like the stereotypical obese business man. (except I don’t even have a business yet,lol)

      Comparing my photos,there’s a giant world of difference between how I look today and before I started. I started out only relying on the scale for progress because you just couldn’t see changes in the mirror with lbs drop because its just too subtle to notice,but now I’ve gotten to the point that each new lb or 2 lost results in actually noticeable changes in the mirror. its why i don’t doubt that despite the weight loss slowing a bit,there’s no doubt that I’m losing more fat than depicted on the scale. I’ve had days where the mirror changes a little but the scale does not drop.

      the QoL benefits start out subtle because realistic weight loss is rather slow,but it really builds up overtime. When I got to 255lbs,I remember noticing myself having become faster in my Boxing training than I ever did in the past. I also seem to be able to jump high now without hurting my feet.

      I’m lighter than I was in high school,but my face is actually significantly leaner. Its not just the fact of being lighter,but more favored body composition in general. I’ve got a lot more muscle in me than back as a complete couch potato in high school.

      Anyway,I anticipate even greater QoL benefits getting down to 215lbs. Can’t wait to experience it!

    3. 5’10ft. I suspect 180lbs would be the ideal target in terms of leanness for me,but I have to consider the possibility I may not have time for that. even just 200lbs is fine. I still remember Alek and Sleazy’s discussion about being careful not to min/max on fitness and they’re absolutely right. If I want to maximize my gains,its probably optimal for me to get to like 170 and then bulk slowly from there,but that’s a consideration for a probably much later future,AFTER I’ve achieved more important goals first.

      Right now,just getting to the point where I’m not fat anymore will be good enough for the time being.

    4. Well it depends on how difficult it is. Like if you’re on a roll and you get to 190, I wouldn’t go “190 is good enough, let me stop losing weight”. It’s more like if you hit a plateau at 190 and it seems you have to put more effort and complexity to break the plateau, then it’s like “not worth spending 5x effort for the last 15% of benefit”.

      So again, its about whether you hit a plateau, and whether the extra benefit is worth the extra effort. But you have no idea where such a plateau hits. You might hit 180 and still be in full momentum and still losing weight without changing anything, so…

    5. If I’m lucky enough that my current diet takes me all the way down there,I’m definitely milking it for all its worth!

      Hopefully I’ll gain access to better resources once I’m around 200lbs. I talk about how nice it is to be in the position where I ONLY have to worry about the diet. but my circumstances are definitely not truly perfect/ideal.

      If you remember our old conversation that you only get the 2 choices between Cheap,Healthy,and Delicious with food these days. I’m thankfully able to still get the latter two,but not to the ideal extent I wish right now. I’m still going on ahead though as these factors aren’t important as the mere fact I can achieve my deficit and live relatively stress free to facilitate the fat loss as best as possible. The other factors are probably a lot more important for gaining than losing,so if I ever choose to bulk,will probably only do so if/when I’m already living a financially liberated life.

      BTW,have you finished gaining back all your gainz Alek? I think you said previously you’re working back to your previous fitness levels.

    6. If you remember our old conversation that you only get the 2 choices between Cheap,Healthy,and Delicious with food these days

      Oh thank you for remind me of this, I keep forgetting to update that claim. I am happy to report my claim is now wrong. Things have advanced quite a lot.

      – I visited a bodybuilding shop, and discovered they have 40 varieties of zero-calorie sauces, and they’re fucking delicious. I also found a few in a beauty shop for women. The latter also has low-cal sprays to replace oil or spray things you put into an air-fryer

      – I also found they now produce an amazing assortment of high-protein (low-cal, low-carb, just high protein) breads which are fucking delicous.

      I’m currently eating a “hardcore bodybuilding diet”, but it feels like I’m eating junk-food every day or eating out in restaurants. Things have improved quite a lot. Diet food used to taste like shit in the past. It’s advanced quite a bit.

    7. Alek, if you have the time, would you be able to share a rough outline of your menu(s)? I’d to get some ideas, and I’m sure many others would too. 🙂

    8. “I keep forgetting to update that claim. I am happy to report my claim is now wrong.”

      Alek,since we’re talking about updating past claims,do you find that it is still true,that women find skinny dudes with little muscle more attractive than burly/big bear (somewhat fat with muscle underneath) dudes?

      I looked at myself in the gym mirror today with my shirt on. With the right clothes,I definitely meet that Big Bouncer look with a commanding presence. This is not just purely from my own impression,but from how random folks generally react to me. I’ve even had my MMA instructor joke to me not to kick his ass. lol. (of course,that doesn’t mean I actually can,before I sound like I’m tooting my own horn. lol)

      I still do not like what I see when the shirt is off,but shirt on,dare I say it,I don’t think I look half-bad. I still have some fat on my face,but the negatives seem to be at a minimum at this point. This is only my guess,I could very well be way off,but if I had to guess my bodyfat percentage,it would be 30% with a good chunk of muscle underneath. (My arms are huge and I can definitely touch the muscle underneath,especially when flexing)

      I still want to lose more weight,mostly due to the fact that I’m unsatisfied with how (relatively speaking I mean. I’m far better than before. I’ve found that I can now Deadhang with ease when it was nearly impossible for me in the past.) unathletic I am at this weight. With the things I look forward to doing in the future,I definitely can’t stop here.

      If I were to be really minimalistic,my guess is I can actually afford to settle at 215lbs and be reasonably content with how I look in the mirror and probably the further athletic gains I’ll make.

      But in terms of women,assuming face and height (and every other conceivable factor) are more or less even,are the lean dudes,even if they have little muscle,still going to outbat me?

      Reason I ask is that before I read your writing,its been my impression that the skinny dudes with no muscle have it bad,only above the obese dudes with no muscle. Since evolutionary speaking,women are supposed to be attracted to strong men,right?

      This discussion is probably not going to yield practical information (If you’re at 30%,you will always benefit getting down to 15% or even just 20%. so its maybe this is moot.),but I’d be interested to hear from you about this if you’ve discovered any new information.

  5. Synthetic Man has been busy streaming woke-garbage-tier games like some substandard recent AAA title whose name I have already forgotten, Starfield, and, as I am writing this, Forspoken. In the case of Forspoken, it could well be that he gets more viewers on his stream who stick around for a bit than anybody who was shilling this game when it came out.

    1. I watched the Baldur’s Gate review but haven’t kept up with his streams lately. Mostly busy playing games in my free time in between lifting, cooking and eating. His schtick seems to be firmly rooted in shitting on woke garbage, but I’d actually enjoy more reviews on good games personally. Of course, there was the TotK review, but he had to revert back to schizo ranting about BBC Gabondorf to appease his fanbase.

    2. Btw, we were briefly discussing anime recently. There were a few I tried getting into, but it seems to be a recurring theme that there are way too many beta soy cuck protagonists. One show called Rent-a-Girlfriend, which I assumed was going to be a harem style waifu show filled with petite sluts sporting gigantic tits, turned out to have one of most pathetic protagonists I’ve ever witnessed. It showed him jerking off to thoughts of his ex-girlfriend getting fucked by another dude, getting nauseous and throwing up when she later gets jealous of his rental chick and invites him up for sex, and then crying in front of both his ex and rental chick within the span of a few minutes. Japanese guys seem to be completely emasculated to some extent.

      I’ve since decided to watch the super Chad-tier Berserk to hopefully cleanse my palate.

    3. I have to shill Dead or Alive 6 once again: One reason why I like this game so much, apart from its really solid mechanics, is that it is full of very attractive women. There are also a bunch of stereotypical token male characters such as a black dude, a wrestler, or some spic who was, funnily enough added to specifically appeal to the US player base. It is soothing to play such a game. It is also a glimpse into a parallel universe, hinting at what we could have without those cultural Marxists meddling in our games.

    4. I checked out some footage and it looks pretty solid. I’m glad you’re digging it!

      I have a pretty funny story about fighting games actually. Back when Dragon Ball Fighterz came out I had a buddy that was really into it. I’d hang out with him like once or twice a week and we’d practice the game. I mean like, actually sit down and study it and tried to become good at it. Then after awhile of that he had this college aged guy over who only ever played games like Madden and the like. He had never played the DBF game in his life and was kicking the shit out of us. It was about at that point I had decided to give up on fighting games and only briefly considered playing MKX before opting out entirely.

    5. You hint at an often underappreciated part of fighting games: they are not just about technical skill but also about your mindset and instincts. Perhaps completely coincidentally, this is also the only genre where blacks are not uncommon among high-level players, albeit not among the very top. The guy you mentioned probably had pretty good instincts about spacing, when to apply pressure, and when to try to exploit your opponent’s overeagerness. This is probably most pronounced in Virtua Fighter, which has the concept “yomi”. This game has a rock-paper-scissors system, and at a high level, it is all about anticipating your opponent’s actions and getting into their head, at least based on what I have read about this game. Players with a strong “yomi” are generally able to prevail over players with better technical skills but worse instincts. However, there is also a class of players who do not really care about this, and who are referred to as “1Ps” in the Japanese community. This means that their skillset is based on sparring against the AI, and they are infamous for more or less ignoring the opponent and instead treating a fight as a sequence of situations for which to find good solutions. Some of those players have won major tournaments.

      On a related note, Dead or Alive, the premier fighting game for men of culture, uses a rock-paper-scissors system similar to Virtua Fighter, but it is more aggressive. In VF, e.g., a guard wins out over a punch, but the result is neutral, i.e. your life bar remains unchanged. In contrast, in DOA “holds” are used to counter attacks, and these reduce the life bar of your opponent. It feels great to correctly guess the move the AI opponent was going to make and counter it. The risk/reward aspect is well-balanced, and so far I have not tired of turning an attempted punch of the AI into a throw. It also helps that the AI seems quite fair, unlike the horrible cheating AIs in 2D fighting games.

    6. “Perhaps completely coincidentally, this is also the only genre where blacks are not uncommon among high-level players, albeit not among the very top.”

      You know what, that actually explains a lot. I could not for the life of me figure out why this guy was one of the best Street Fighter players:

    7. I have come across interviews with top-level black players in the FGC community that seemed retarded. Yet, those games apparently tap into some primal neurocircuitry in them. On a related note, in an article with a based martial artist I read that you should avoid getting into a brawl with a black person as they easily switch to being totally ferocious and fight as if their conscious mind has shut off. If you have no experience with this, you can end up in a really bad spot, and presumably also if you have been exposed to this kind of violence before. This reminded me of Mike Tyson biting off Holyfield’s ear in a title bout, which is utterly bonkers, yet makes a lot of sense from this perspective.

    8. Also, thanks for explaining the r/p/s mechanic within DOA. This might sound off the wall, but those strong instincts that allow you to win out more often than not over your opponents (or even just the AI) effectively translate into a form of precognition.

    9. Precognition is a possible explanation, but it is essentially a form of mental modelling of your opponent. I have only experienced glimpses of this, but the principle is simply that you guess what your opponent would do in response to a certain attack, and then you also know that he knows, so how consider how this would change his approach, etc. In the end, it has to be fully internalized as those games are too fast to reason through it like in a chess game. Amusingly, some people think that the AI in Virtua Fighter is cheap because it tends to exploit your weaknesses the same way, over and over, until you learn how to deal with it, at which points it will also change. This is also what a semi-competent human player would do, and which is sometimes called “cheesing”. It’s a strange term. Basically, people who could not figure out how to react to a simple combo by you and thus were hit over and over try to mess with you and tell you that you can’t really play the game properly. It is laughable when you think about it.

      I had some pretty interesting moments with the DOA AI at the higher difficulty levels. It played aggressively at first and after I had learnt to deal with it, it completely changed and did not do anything for a while, trying to bait me into an attack and, in the course of a single round, the fight went from trying to land combos to a much slower and much more tactical game of pokes and whiffs. I found this really impressive. This is also what a good human player does, i.e. when they notice that their attacks no longer work, they often also change their play style on the fly. It is quite unbelievable how good a game DOA is, considering that it is essentially an “eroge”. I would not be surprised if a fair number of players spend most of their time in the character viewer, jerking off to the fantastic character models, instead of actually playing the game.

    10. Was it game theory that purported that the darker skin races (mostly blacks) have some gene that generally makes them more aggressive? I’m not sure.

      “…in an article with a based martial artist I read that you should avoid getting into a brawl with a black person as they easily switch to being totally ferocious and fight as if their conscious mind has shut off.”

      I find this subject pretty fascinating. I suppose this is what they mean when the right refers to blacks as “chimping out”. Given this revelation, it’s astonishing when you realize that most of the migrants arriving by the boatload throughout Europe are seemingly all men of fighting age. Often with left-tards in wait with open arms and welcoming signs. Do you ever see many women, children, or elderly folk?

      Anyway, on the subject of fighting games, where do you think Japanese guys generally fall on the spectrum between being in their head and tapping into instinct? Do you think there is a way to consciously hone this skill? I can see it spilling over into other areas of life.

    11. I think the Japanese are high on the autism scale and they also seem to be ruthless when they compete. I don’t think you will find borderline retarded Japanese players in the FGC who end up in the top 8 based on raw instinct. In fact, the exact opposite seems to be the case. I recall reading about one of their absolute top players, Tokido, being among the top 0.5% of high school graduates in the country. In contrast, the Western FGC seems pretty low-brow. This also makes me wonder how the Japanese perceive their foreign competition when they travel abroad to compete in tournaments.

      I am not sure that I am the best person to talk about fighting game skill. I was able to completely wipe the floor with AI opponents in the DOA 6 arcade mode on the first three difficulty settings on my first try (the third one is “normal”), before I even looked into the in-game tutorial. However, to my great surprise I recalled some of Kasumi’s moves from having played DOA 2 on the Dreamcast two decades ago. This character felt really familiar to me. Now that I have begun going through the very detailed in-game tutorial, I can beat the AI on the second highest difficulty setting, albeit not consistently yet. This is only possible because fundamentals matter a lot in this game, just as in Virtua Fighter. In a 2D game like Street Fighter, with its absurd special moves, I don’t nearly fare as well. When you encounter some opponent for the first time, you don’t even know what kind of moves they can do and how you need to approach them, which leads to anybody serious about this game needing to study match-ups and learn multiple characters to be competitive. In contrast, in DOA and VF you can pick anyone you like and stick with that character.

    12. I was talking to my buddy about what you were saying about blacks and fighting games (in general) and he went right to DOA3 talking about how amazing it was. Btw, I’ve also noticed that there is a subset of black dudes that are crazy about Shounen anime.

  6. Finished a book called “Quit Drinking the Easy Way” by Allen Carr a few days ago. I have to say, it was probably the most compelling self help book I’ve read. I have had little to no desire to drink since finishing it.

    1. For some alcoholics there is the very real issue of life threatening detox. I assume the book deals more with the psychological aspects of addiction. Lots of people can suffer through the acute phase of addiction only to forget how awful it was and go straight back to it after the post-acute withdrawal symptoms, such as depression, kick in and linger for months or years.

    2. Correct, I know a dude who goes to sleep with beer on his nightstand. It’s a part of his lifeblood now. Stage 4 cirrhosis, jaundice, he’s still drinking.

      I can definitely see how that could be the case for him and others.

      For myself, I simply reverted back to the person I was the first time I sampled my Dad’s beer. I no longer like alcohol upon completing the book and following its instructions.

  7. Aaron,
    Do you remember me telling you about a particular situation about a coworker who’s into me? She’s the girl who is married who’s husband makes more money than me, and unfortunately its difficult for me to meet up with her for lunch because our schedules conflict and so on? Well, today at work we were mingling and having small talk. Somewhere along our conversation she told me that if she’s ever having a bad day or found herself crying that I’m someone who she can come up to and cry on my shoulder. I wasn’t sure how to interpret this. I’m clueless….

    1. I think I’m more clueless than you, but I’m pretty sure she wants to fuck you. Might want to lay off though. You don’t know where this could lead.

    2. @GoodLookingAndSleazy
      She’s not into her husband. She’s only with him because he’s a good financial provider. She told me in the past that if she wanted to cheat on him she can easily do it. In fact, she said “Chris…if I wanted to cheat on my husband it be so easy. I can have you pick me up at my house and he wont suspect anything. I would just tell him that you’re either my Uber or my just my coworker who’s giving me ride to work.”

    3. She is basically telling you what you should do. A good response here would be to ask her, with a smirk, when you should pick her up the next day.

    4. Bro, she will definitely fuck you. It’s the other repercussions you need to concern yourself with. I’m sure Aaron has experience with this. Take Aaron 😉

    5. @GoodLookingAndSleazy
      “It’s the other repercussions you need to concern yourself with. I’m sure Aaron has experience with this.”

      I’m not sure if he has, but he definitely has some stories that he’s heard of.

    6. Normally, women who want to cheat on their partner don’t even tell you about him. Your case is a bit unusual as you are dealing with a co-worker and you know that she is married. I am sure that if you had met her outside of work, she would not even mention her husband.

    7. I’m actually going through a similar situation. My hair dresser is very cute and seems to be into me. Her husband is a built marine. I don’t need that shit in my life. Maybe if she leaves him. Until then……..

    8. @GoodLookingAndSleazy
      I’ve had quite a few women in the past who’ve cheated on their partners, and we never once got caught. It takes some well planning on the logistics. In addition, you have to find out if her husband keeps track of her via iPhone. I’ve once had a coworker in the past who once told about an app on the iphone where he’s able to track every single step of his girl and vice versa. I’m not sure how this works. I have an android.

      I’m not sure what part of San Diego you live in, but you can go to Carlsbad or Escondido, Chulavista …

      Is her husband an active Marine or Honorable Discharge? I’ve meet a lot of veterans and I also work in conjunction with veterans and I’ve notice that a lot of these veterans are usually very mellow, they dont have this tough persona as many people think.

    9. I’ve had married women display interest in me. I’ve never gone for it though, for fear of the repercussions. Not only her husband flying into a murderous rage and coming after me. There’s also the possibility she would think she’d fallen in love with me and want to leave her husband for me.

      “Come on! She wouldn’t just blow up her marriage and screw up her kids lives on a whim like that!”

      Yes, she would.

      “She knows you’re just a bit on the side and that she’d be much better off staying with her husband.”

      No, she doesn’t.

    10. @Chris

      “a lot of these veterans are usually very mellow, they dont have this tough persona as many people think.”

      – I would like to interject that this does not mean you want to mess with them. The most dangerous folk don’t look for or instigate trouble,but they’ll make you deeply regret it if you start something with them.

      Its also worth noting that just because you could kick somebody’s ass,still does not make the trouble worth it. Dealing with the law and/or a long term vendetta isn’t a joke. GLAS is right to be cautious.

      That’s why I’m so glad I got this out of my system in high school. I don’t have a need to prove myself like so many other young (and sometimes not-young) men out there by putting themselves in needless danger. Its one of the reasons I’m very pro on the idea of standing up for yourself against your bullies in school as a youngster if you have the opportunity to safely do so. (well,as “safe” as it can get. violence will always have an element of risk) Plenty of the men I describe never did so while they had the chance and it haunts them for a large part of their lives,if not the rest of it. There’s nothing to do but try to overcome it if you’ve missed the opportunity,but its a heck of a lot harder than having the proud memory of successfully standing up for yourself at the moment of truth.

      It really sucks to learn that “Monkey-branching” is so common among women. So many of them are so afraid to be alone,they’ll glue themselves to a guy they consider disposable,and ironically,the only people they’ll then be able to attract are men of questionable character. (and then they complain wHeRe HaVe aLl tEh gUd mEn hAvE GONE!!!)

      Part of the reason I hope to see Sleazy’s book on relationships come to surface one day in the hopefully not-too-distant future. Would help to know to find Women of genuinely good Character if you genuinely want to settle down one day.

    11. @Maou
      “The most dangerous folk don’t look for or instigate trouble, but they’ll make you deeply regret it if you start something with them.”

      I don’t want to dive to deep into details about my work, but I’ve criticize some of these veterans about their work performance and other stuff and every time I’ve criticize them they have always gotten butt hurt. They are so sensitive. I’ve been called into the office by my superiors because someone got their feelings hurt. I have tough skin, and I can handle very harsh criticism. Even my superiors can handle some of the criticism I give them and they get butt hurt.

    12. Lots of people seem to have this misconception that Martial artists and dangerous badasses are supposed to embody this “Samurai/Sage-like discipline,demeanor,and calmness”. After all,that’s what we see in cliche movies. the wise old MA master.

      But having dived a bit into the community and gotten some training myself,these guys are just as human as everyone else. Its also a misconception that Martial Arts/Combat Training in itself instills Character Development. Not true. Plenty of successful badass fighters out there are utter failures everywhere else in their personal lives. Physical training CAN be used as a tool for Character development,but its something I believe you have to purposely/mindfully do if that’s really one of your major purposes.

      I’ve also gone through the phenomenon that you speak of. I’ve been surprised by it at times because I’ve sometimes had the impression that folks do not not have a high opinion of me (Really have to work on getting out of that Impostor Syndrome mindset,haha) and would dismiss what I have to say on the topic. Instead,they get very emotional.

      There have also been times that I’ve been with people I highly admired/respected act shy around me,which is always a flattering surprise to be honest.

      From what you’re saying,it seems that your coworkers probably respect your abilities in general. (maybe some of them only begrudgingly. If you are able to earn the grudging respect of your enemies,I feel that’s one of the signs you’re doing things right) and thus,valid criticism from you is something they can’t help but take seriously.

      Taking your ego out the door to benefit from constructive criticism has always been easier said than done of course.

    13. Hi Chris!
      I remember this case. This woman clearly into you, and if you only managed to spend time alone with her, I think it would be easy for you to bang her. “Crying on your shoulder” is a pretense for cuddling, which will lead to making out, which will lead to her stroking your dick, etc.

    14. I’m 6’1 which is 1.86m I believe.

      Now it all makes sense. So pickernanny was right when he was giving that analogy of a guy who’s not balding telling guys who are severely balding to not be insecure and just shave their head. You literally can get laid 2x more easily (or with younger/hotter chicks) at the same effort and all else being equal.

    15. Where I work there are a lot of contracted workers from all over the US. This frumpy little 28 year old Mexican chick that’s built like a coal truck was bragging about her policeman fiancé who is like 6’2’’ (she’s literally 5 foot even). I interjected and told her that when she gets home she should run up to him with her arms extended and say, “up…wanna go up, daddy!” It’s rough out there.

  8. @Chris

    I have an Android too. I live in the center of San Diego. Escondido is close. But I’m always worried about the husband checking the phone/having access. My aunt caught my uncle that way. Even his son (my cousin) found out. My friend got caught the same way. That same cousins brother’s wife has given me strong signals. What a fucking world we live in……….

    Anyway, my hairdresser is in Japan visiting her husband. Not sure how long he’ll be there. If he’s stationed there a while this may be a prime opportunity. He might be fucking around on her too. This kind of thing happens all of the time in military towns. I remember being in Miramar (where Top Gun used to be). And a Marine asked me if I liked a certain girl. I asked if she was married. He said, “Dude, everybody here is married.”. It’s like a whole degenerate culture. I think there is even a term for these cheaters.

    1. I have come across the term “Suzie Rottencrotch”:

      You’d get letters from home — and everybody’s girlfriend was “ Suzie Rottencrotch. She’s off fucking everybody in town while you’re here and your mother’s probably fucking everybody in town too.

      It is probably a sign of the more masculine culture in the military that the woman is blamed for infidelity. She is Suzie Rottencrotch if she bangs another dude, and if you bang some other chick, then they are also Suzies. However, it is also quite obvious that many more military men get cheated on than women. One, it is mainly women who instigate cheating and, two, there are obviously many more women who are alone at home while their husband or boyfriend is in the army, than the other way around. The US has made great efforts to get women into the military, but I don’t think there is a noticeable number of women in the combat units.

    2. Many legitimate tough dudes out there who are absolutely terrible with women. Last I heard,Logan Paul is getting married to a complete skank,isn’t he? I’d be so embarrassed if I was in his position.

      Long before him,UFC Fighter tito Ortiz married a porn star if I’m not mistaken.

      I guess there’s a reason for that old distinction of Lover/Fighter in fiction.

    3. I had to look up Tito Ortiz. He did not just marry some porn star, but the most successful porn star in history, i.e. Jenna Jameson. This is a is a pretty obvious low-IQ move. In the case of Logan Paul you can perhaps say that he was just too naive to figure out that he was getting entangled with a slut. After all, she let him wait a day or two or whatever else she considered “a really long time”. However, the same defence does not work if we are talking about a woman who served as the face of the porn industry for about a decade.

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